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Weekend Giveaway: $200 American Express Gift Card

by | Aug 6, 2011 | Decorating Inspiration

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Weekend Giveaway: $200 American Express Gift Card

Deco headboard, via Dwell Studio, from my Retro Bedroom Design Board

Let the giveaway games continue.

As long as we are having a Giveaway Weekend (Pick your Prize!), we might has well keep the fun going, right? More chances to win something is always a good thing.

So I have a fun giveaway for you today from Apartment Guide! They are the awesome company who sponsored me for the EVO conference and the ones who are running that fabulous Your Picks. You Place. $10,000 Sweepstakes I’ve been telling you about! That sweepstakes is almost coming to a close so you have just a couple more days to vote for my Retro Design Board (vote once a day) and be entered to win! Did you see my Retro bedroom board? I think it is pretty nice if I do say so myself. Check it out!

Weekend Giveaway: $200 American Express Gift Card

Awesome chair, from Dwell Studio, also on my Retro Bedroom Design Board

But today Apartment Guide is offering one lucky reader of The Inspired Room a $200 Gift Card. Sa-wheeet! I bet you could buy something amazing with a card like that, now couldn’t you?

Weekend Giveaway: $200 American Express Gift Card

Remember when I had my own gift card from Apartment Guide earlier this year and I bought my dining room lantern? Oh how I love that lantern. It makes the room and makes every day happier for me. $200 is good to us like that, it is so much more fun to spend free money. And Apartment Guide is good to us like that to offer us such fun prizes and a great resource too for everything from help with Apartment shopping and inspiration for your place.

What would YOU do with a $200 gift card?

So what are you waiting for? Enter to win the grand prize $10,000 sweepstakes AND while you are here at The Inspired Room you can enter to win the $200 gift card to spend as you wish on some fabulous project or last chance summer fun.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Winner will be announced next week.

To Enter the $200 gift card giveaway:

  • Leave me a comment telling me what you’d do with a $200 gift card
  • Like us on facebook (Apartment Guide and The Inspired Room)
  • Give my design board and the sweepstakes a shout out on Twitter @aptguide #yourpicks.
    Four entries, leave a comment for each. Four chances to win.

Ready. Set. Go. This giveaway will end on August 10th, 10PM PST. Winner will be chosen at random and American Express gift card prize will be sent to the winner directly from the good people at Apartment Guide.

Apartment Guide is owned by Consumer Source, Inc. Apartment Guide partnered with bloggers such as me to participate in its “Your Picks. Your Place.” Sweepstakes. As part of that program, I received compensation. They did not tell me what to select or what to say about my featured design boards, or what to say in my blog posts about the “Your Picks. Your Place.” Sweepstakes. Apartment Guide and Consumer Source believe that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Consumer Source’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Sweepstakes ends at 9:00 PM on 8/10/11, subject to the Entry Periods outline in the Official Rules. Must be a legal resident of the U.S. in the 50 states or Washington, D.C. and 18 years of age or older. Sweepstakes subject to full Official Rules available at Void where prohibited.


  1. Maureen

    It would be a great help in redoing the bathroom but it would be a great help in paying for gas for the car.

  2. jackie s

    i’d use it to fund getting an ipad.. or just finish re-doing our dining room and office

  3. jackie s

    like you on facebook!

  4. jackie s

    like apartment guide on facebook!

  5. jackie s

    tweeted! @earthymama924

  6. Alison

    Hmmmmm… I would absolutely buy a *new* coffee table with that gift card. I’m redecorating on a non-existent budget…. selling off stuff I already have, and turning that money around (via craigslist) on used (and revamped by me) furniture. I’d love nothing more than to top the space off with a brand spanking new coffee table, center stage. Glass… or white marble maybe. Clean, chrome-y goodness.

  7. Alison

    Also, liked you & apartment guide on facebook. ;)

  8. Rachel

    I would get a new light fixture for the dining room!

  9. Rachel

    I liked Inspired Room on facebook!

  10. Tracey

    Ooh, $200 bucks burning a hole in my pocket….let’s see, I think I would put it toward new carpeting. Yes, I know everyone wants hardwood throughout but I still like carpet in the majority of our home.

  11. rachel

    I would spend $200 bucks on some new back to school clothes for me. Why should the kids get all the new clothes?

  12. nest of posies

    i would use it for our front porch. it’s so ugly right now, any spruce up would help. LOL. it needs a new paint job, desperately…so i would use the money to paint a painter.

  13. NancyO.

    I need a new water heater so it would probably go toward that…

  14. NancyO.

    I “liked” The Inspired Room on facebook.

  15. nest of posies

    i like you on FB, already.

  16. NancyO.

    I “liked” The Apartment Guide on facebook.

  17. nest of posies

    i just liked apartment guide on FB

  18. Stacy

    I would love to buy a new light fixture for the bedroom. I am so tired of the ceiling fan!

  19. Carolyn

    I’m in the middle of decorating my living room (moved into a new house and didn’t have any furniture in it!!) so all of the money would go towards that! Probably accessories and pillows and curtains at this point!

  20. Monica De Silvestro

    We are in the middle of a kitchen renovation, so I would probably put it towards a new over the range microwave. That way I can get rid of the dinosaur we now have :)

  21. Barbara (WA)

    Gee-whiz, where to start. I think I would most likely use it towards new bedroom carpeting…

  22. Erin

    I would buy three bar stools for our (current) stand up bar.

  23. melissa s

    A new living room rug.

  24. Erin Tobias

    I’d use it towards a leather chair for my living room…

  25. Meredith Gardner

    I’d use the money for paint and picture frames! Thanks!

  26. Rachel

    New kitchen chairs would be wonderful.

  27. Sarah

    Put it towards the car I’m saving for!

  28. lizinwfb

    Definately it would go towards bedding!

  29. Bri

    I would love to get some tile for the bathroom remodel I’ve been planning.

  30. Jessie

    I’d use it for plane tickets to go visit my dear friend. She just moved away and is expecting any day now!

  31. Kate

    I’ve bought fabric to have a great old chair recovered, so I’d love the gift card to pay for reupholstering!

  32. Emily

    I would use it towards getting my little boy’s “big boy bed” ready, or if it could be on me – for fall clothes :)

  33. Teri Brilhart

    I’d buy more books! Or maybe some shelves… :)

  34. cindy hicks

    since I’ve been unemployed now for almost 3 years, I’d probably use it for something practical (ugh), but I need a new floor in my small bathroom, where the tile has peeled up and has a stain on it. So that’s what I’d buy with the $200!

    Practical, but definitely necessary!

  35. beth

    I would love to have a new rug for my den. I just finished scraping the cottage cheese off my ceilings ,painting walls and trim, redid my fireplace (copied from Layla) got new slipcovers and now need a new rug! Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. Arianne

    Wow, $200 I would probably put it towards the new kitchen floor that we still haven’t got done. :) Those darn on-going projects that last ffoorreevveerr! ;)

  37. Ashley

    I would buy paint for our new home!

  38. Ashley

    I voted for you on Apartment guide!

  39. Emily

    I would buy a rug for the living room with the $200 gc!

  40. fawn

    I’d put it toward an upcoming trip. :)

  41. Elizabeth

    I have a baby on the way… so I’m sure I could find something for his/her room :)

  42. Nisa

    I’d use it to buy either an entryway or dining area pendant light!

  43. Shelley

    Hello! Thanks so much for this opportunity to win something! How fun! I would use the gift card to buy paint and hire someone to paint our stairway/entry area. We usually paint ourselves, but scaffolding/heights get to me. We haven’t repainted since we moved in in 1997, and since 6 kids roam these halls, it more than needs it!

  44. Nisa

    I liked The Inspired Room on Facebook! (I’d buy either an entryway or dining room pendant with the $200)

  45. N.

    I liked Apartment Guide on Facebook too! (I’d buy either an entryway or dining room pendant with the $200)

  46. Kelli

    I’d spend sprucing up our master bedroom. We’ve been focusing on our kids’ rooms lately and our room remains in shambles. I think we deserve to have a pretty space of our own!

  47. Cassie

    I am in the middle of turning our third bedroom into a multi functioning room, I could soooo use that to organize and spruce things up in there! =D

  48. teresa

    I would buy a new rug for my foyer!!!

  49. Kelli

    I “like” Apartment Guide on fb

  50. Kelli

    I “like” the Inspired Room on facebook!

  51. Cassie

    I already “like” the Apartment Guide on facebook. :)

  52. teresa

    Liked the Inspired room on Facebook!

  53. Cassie

    I now “like” the Inspired Room on facebook! :)

  54. Sara

    I would use the $200 to add to the pot for the perfect wedding gift for my sister. I am planning on antique shopping in VT for a great piece of furniture for their home. My sister is a poor PhD student ready to be a grown-up with grown up things this would help!

  55. heather

    We are in the process of re-doing our upstairs right now to convert a bedroom into a playroom for our toddler. I would use the money to furnish out the room with fun, colorful accessories like laps, frames for her artwork, curtains and a tbke and chairs that are just her size!

  56. heather

    I “liked” apartment guide on FB!

  57. heather

    I also liked Inspired Room on FB!

  58. Elise

    I’d get a crib for our nursery! We’re expecting to adopt in the next few months and cribs are expensive! :)

  59. Mary

    liked Apartment Guide on FB

  60. Mary

    Liked The Inspired Room on FB

  61. Mary

    I’d put the money toward hardwood floors – we’re getting ready to redo several rooms.

  62. Kelly

    Would love some new art!

  63. leslie

    wow! that’s be a tough choice! It’d either be something fun for the basement that we’re having to re-do because of water damage earlier this year, or a momma roo for the new babe November!

  64. brooke

    I’m want to redo the bedroom, so I’d pick something that would make a great piece to do the rest of the room around.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. Alissa

    I think I’d buy a bench to put on my small front porch. Or some planters to put on either side of my front door. Something to increase my curb appeal!

    Great giveaway! :-)

  66. brooke

    I like you (on facebook!)

  67. brooke

    I liked Apartment Guide on facebook

  68. Cathy

    I “liked” the Inspired Room on facebook even though I’m not so good with the facebook stuff. Love the Dwell retro chair you used in the room.

  69. Ashley

    If I won the $200 gift card I would put it towards a dining room table! (We just moved from an apartment to our first house and it REALLY needs some furniture!)

  70. Gloria Kressin

    I’d put the $200 towards our living room renovation!

  71. Judy

    I’d buy a new sparkly chandelier for the dining room (and move the current light fixture to the eat in kitchen area)

  72. Judy

    I like Inspired Room on facebook already.

  73. Judy

    I like Apartment Guide on facebook.

  74. Sara

    I’d plan a day of thrifting if I won! I’m working on our master bedroom, kitchen and office currently.

  75. Lauren

    I would probably buy groceries, baby stuff and a table saw so I can actually get something done around here.

  76. Trish D

    Ooh, how fun! I’d upgrade our living room with new curtains and a pillow or two – it needs some color! :)

  77. Trish D

    like Inspired Room on FB

  78. twelve30

    If I were lucky enough to win, I would put it towards a guest bathroom makeover – it’s next on our list! Thanks for a chance to win!

  79. sangeetha

    My powder room needs a makeover – this would go towards that budget

  80. kathy h

    Well, I have so many things I need to buy, but getting new sheets is next in line… or maybe I’d put it toward a new Kitchenaid mixer..hmmm….so many things to buy..

  81. jerusalem

    With $200 I think I would get a fun rug for the kitchen and new lighting for my boys room.

  82. jerusalem

    I liked AG on FB!

  83. jerusalem

    I liked IR on FB

  84. Glenda Childers

    I would choose some new art pieces for my vintage Chicago apartment.


  85. Renee

    Already liked the Inspired Room on FB!

  86. Renee

    I would spend the gift card on back-to-school clothes!

  87. Julie

    I’d do a mini remodel on the bathroom. I need to paint it, buy a new shower curtain and rugs — maybe towels if there is any money left over.

  88. Amber

    We moved into our apartment over a year ago and I spent a lot of time fixing up all of the rooms but our living room. I couldn’t quite figure out what to do with it until recently, and I’m sure it has felt quite neglected. I sure could use $200 to help me out! (to a student, $200 is a HUGE sum :))

    Love the giveaway!

  89. Amber

    I like the inspired room in facebook!

  90. Amber

    also “like” apartment guide.

  91. Ellen Justice

    I’m closing on my first house on August 30th, so the $200 would definitely go towards buying paint, fabric, and general home decor!!

  92. Paula

    Great giveaway! I’m coming out of retirement and going back in front of the classroom again so a gift card would come in very handily as I try and update my work wardrobe.

  93. heather ritchie

    Wow, I’m not even sure what I would do with $200 but you better believe I’ll find something to spend it on. I think either an accent chair for our living room or some patterned pillows or curtains. I need some pattern in my life right now. Ooooh, or maybe an accent table for the living room or a bench for the foot of the bed! I told you I could find something to spend it on ;)

  94. Dianne

    I would put it toward my “new couch” fund.

  95. Deb Martell

    Hunt for more fun things to paint!

  96. Naomi

    We are redecorating our master bedroom. Everything is going. I would use the $200 for two night table lamps which I have already decided on.


  97. ClassiclyAmber

    What would I do with it? It’s not flashy or decor-related, but I would put it towards our moving expenses!

  98. ClassiclyAmber

    And – I already like y’all on FB, of course~!

  99. Lauren Davison

    New bedding!!! :)

  100. ClassiclyAmber

    And – I already like y’all on FB, of course~! [again]

  101. Simply Sara

    We are working on one of our bathrooms, so I would use it to help with that!!!!

  102. Naomi

    Like The Inspired Room on Facebook.

  103. Simply Sara

    Fan of apt guide on FB

    Sara Haga Gore

  104. Simply Sara

    Fan of yours on FB

    Sara Haga Gore

  105. Lesley

    We need a light fixture in our living room, so I would use it to buy that!

  106. Tersa S.

    I could use some seed money toward a new rug for our family room!

  107. Tammy aka

    I would use the gift card to go to IKEA and get lots of storage systems for my office makeover I just started!

  108. laxsupermom

    I would use that $200 to finish up several projects that have stalled out around the house. You know how you can tear into a project and then realize you don’t have the funds to finish it quite right? I have a couple of those going on right now. Thanks for hosting this terrific giveaway!

  109. Meg

    My son needs uniforms for school, so as much as I’d like to spend it on pretty things, it would most likely go towards uniforms!


  110. Jennifer Willms

    I would put it towards the Merill kitchen island at Pier 1! Love it!

  111. Jennifer Willms

    I “liked” the Inspired Room on Facebook :-)

  112. Teresa

    I have a long to-do list for our home, and therefore MANY potential uses for this gift card. Paint, decor, furniture, you name it! Thanks for the opportunity.

  113. Juliann

    I have a small crafting corner in my closet that could use a facelift. But I would probably use it in a practical way to buy much needed back-to-school clothes for the kids.

  114. Gabreial

    We need new lighting in our dungeon bedroom! I would love to get some new lighting.

  115. Noelle

    I would love to finish up some projects around the house before school starts!!! Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!!!!

  116. Payal

    I would put it toward a new kitchen sink and faucet.

  117. Amber B.

    Oh how wonderful! I would use the gift card to buy new drapes for my kitchen. I’ve had current rods for weeks now, and need to finish my update at long last!

  118. Amber B.

    Oh how wonderful! I would use the gift card to buy new drapes for my kitchen. I’ve had current rods for weeks now, and need to finish my update at long last!

  119. Missy

    I would buy paint and other fun things to finish up my son’s bedroom.

  120. Kari

    Oooh, so much to do in my home so little money!! I would love to finish my master bedroom decor!!! :) thank you!!

  121. kelly in georgia

    I would either buy plants for the pots on my deck or an adirondack chair for the deck (or two if I could find a sale on them!)

  122. Kari

    I like the inspired room on FB @ kari.schmidt1

  123. Kari

    I like the apartment guide on FB @ kari.schmidt1

  124. Shaina

    I would use the money to get a closet organizer for my office/craft room. That room needs to get organized so I can actually craft in it!

  125. susan

    I would love some industrial vintage or marine style lighting for my planned “industrial/farm” kitchen-zinc,copper,&sheetmetal backsplash wall with ooold 30×48″cupboard on wood casters next to a recycled commercial pot sink :) Then again, need a new windshield, taillight, ummm…..-s-

  126. Christy

    I would LOVE a $200 gift card and would use it to buy some new accessories for my room!

  127. Stephanie

    We recently purchased a new home and have been looking into decorating ideas – which is how I found your site! I would definitely use the $200 to paint the kids new rooms. Apparently the sellers had girls (walls are pink and purple) and this won’t work for our two boys :)

  128. Christy

    I “like” the Inspired Room on facebook!

  129. susan

    I already like u on Fbk :)

  130. susan

    I already like Apartment Guide on Fbk :)

  131. susan

    I tweeted! :) (snoozeq1)

  132. Kristen

    I would totally buy that side table I have been dreaming of, or a new chandelier, or a new chair, or a camera lens…basically I’m undecided!

  133. Kristen

    I like both of you on facebook

  134. Rachael

    I would use the gift card to start redecorating my daughters room. She is outgrowing the baby room and ready to move to a big girl room!

  135. Hayley Hay

    I would spend it on some new clothes :) or a camera lens!

  136. Elisha

    We still have the original light fixtures in our 1900 house, and *most* of them still work. If I had a $200 gift card, I’d buy a new light for our master bedroom, since it only half works (1 bulb out of 2).

  137. Melinda

    I am redoing my living room, so I would use the $ to buy some new decor!

  138. Michele Laramay

    I would go on an overnighter with my husband.

  139. Ashley Taylor

    I tweeted about the sweepstakes.

  140. Ashley Taylor

    I tweeted about the design board.

  141. Ashley Taylor

    I would probably buy school supplies for our homeschool.

  142. Barbara F

    I’d by some fun outdoor furniture for my new screened-in patio room.

  143. Mami2jcn

    My daughter’s birthday is in 3 weeks and I would use this to buy her a new deluxe toy kitchen!

  144. Mami2jcn

    I like Apt Guide on FB with my username Mary Happymommy.

  145. Mami2jcn

    I like The Inspired Room on FB with my username Mary Happymommy.

  146. Mami2jcn

    tweeted about your design board and the sweepstakes–

  147. Paigewhitley

    I need a new lamp for my bedroom and a new light fixture for my kitchen. That’s what I’d do with the money if I won.


    Love your blog! I would use the $200 to treat my special guy to a night in a hotel and dinner. : )

  149. Suzie

    I’d use it for some living room wall decor, like a unique clock or something. The possibilities are endless! :)

  150. sarah

    it would definitely help our new floors to be realized in our bathrooms.

  151. ronnell

    I already Like on FB! I would probably buy some paint for the master br and maybe some flooring! Fingers crossed!

  152. Terry Pitzer

    I’d use the gift card to buy the wood and paint to reproduce Pottery Barn’s Architectural Ledge (retail $350) for my great room wall. My wonderful son-in-law is going to help me make it!

  153. Christine

    I’d probably put the money towards painting my kitchen cabinets, new door hardware for my interior doors, or towards a backsplash in the kitchen.
    Thanks for the opportunity

  154. Jessie

    I would use the $200 to decorate the sons room-little brother is moving in :)

  155. Jessie

    Liked you on Facebook :)!!!

  156. jennie w.

    I would buy school clothes. Sadly, for my children–not myself.

  157. Lora W.

    I would by some curtains for our living room. I’m sure the neighbors are tired of looking at us watching tv. =)

  158. Lora W.

    I just “liked” The Inspired Room on FB.

  159. colleen b

    i would buy new bedding.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  160. Carmen E.

    I am in the middle of re-doing our bedroom so I would definitely use it towards that!!

  161. colleen b

    i like apartment guide on FB; colleen b.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  162. Carmen E.

    I already like you on FB! :)

  163. colleen b

    i like the inspired room on FB; colleen b.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  164. Tom S.

    I would buy my girlfriend whatever she wants for our new place…there is too much to list!

  165. Laura J

    I’d buy fabric for the den curtains I have planned

  166. elz

    I’d probably buy bookcases or a desk since I am turning the play area into a “school” area for the new school year!

  167. Deborah S

    This would give me a good start in re-doing my daughter’s room into my very own craft room. Ahhhhh…

  168. Carly

    I would use the gift card towards a new rug for our family room!

  169. Danielle D

    I’d use it towards the purchase of a new rug for my living room.

  170. Brandi Pittman

    I would buy materials to make a window seat with surrounding bookcases. I’ve been dying to get started on this project!!

  171. Sarah S.

    I would love to win this gift card! I should use it to get my living room carpet cleaned but I know I’d really go out with my girlfriends instead!

  172. Megan

    I would like to buy a chandelier for my scraproom. I’m the only girl in our family of boys (4 kids, 1 hubby) so a feminine touch would be nice!!!

  173. Megan

    I already “like” you on facebook!!!!

  174. Kim

    Oooh…I would use it for a wonderful light fixture for my living room or entryway.

  175. Bethany

    This is a great giveaway! I would probably spend it on the landscaping that we want to do outside this fall. Thanks!

  176. Milehimama

    I would do something in our bedroom. It’s very sad and needs help, fast!

  177. Lindy

    If I were lucky enough to win this GC I would buy gooseneck barn light sconces for my kid’s bathroom in our new house!!! Please pick me!!! Thanks to the inspired room and apartment guide for this giveaway!

  178. Lindy

    I ‘like’ you on FB!!

  179. Lindy

    I ‘like’ apartment guide on FB too!

  180. Judy

    I’d buy new bedding for my master bedroom. Way overdue!!

  181. Amber K

    I would definitely update my office/guestroom! And maybe a couple of cute throw pillows for the living room too. :o)

  182. Amber K

    Already “like” you on facebook. :o)

  183. Lindsey

    I liked you on Facebook!! And I voted for your room in the contest. LOVE your retro room. WANT

  184. Lindsey

    I’m in the process of turning one of our rooms into a guest room/office/craft room – on a very small budget! So I would definitely use the gift card toward that purpose. Maybe toward a great desk/craft table – or amazing supplies!

  185. Lindsey

    I also liked Apartment Guide on facebook

  186. Kevin E

    I would put the $200 toward a loft bed for my daughters room!

  187. Kevin E

    I like both of you on Facebook!

  188. Jackie

    I would buy my girls back to school clothing.

  189. Dee

    I’d use this gift card towards our kitchen renovation! :)

  190. Dee

    I like both your pages on fb as Dee G :)

  191. Beth O

    I would spend the $200 on finishing my new bedroom. Lamps, storage, bookcases, side tables, etc, etc, wait I need more than $200, lol…well anyway it would help, thanks for the chance.

  192. Michelle

    I would love to say that I’d use it toward painting cabinets, but really, my husband is starting a business and we’re not bringing in any money yet, so I would probably end up using it on every day type stuff.

  193. Michelle

    Wow – $200.00! I’d buy the Vera Wang quilt (Love Knot) that I am resisting!

  194. Jessie C.

    I’d get new coffee table for our living room.

  195. Jessie C.

    like (Apartment Guide and The Inspired Room) on FB
    Jessiekatie S

  196. Audra

    Thanks for the opportunity! If I won the gift card I would start buying a gallon of paint and some new window treatments for my living room.

  197. Jessie C.

    I entered to win the grand prize $10,000 sweepstakes, for $200, I’d get new carpets and curtain, table for our living room.

  198. Audra

    I liked the inspired room on facebook:-)

  199. Audra

    I liked the apt. guide on fb!

  200. Lora Klaus

    If I won a $200 gift card, I would…1. be amazed because I never win anything…2. use it to help in the remodel of my very early 80’s kitchen that daily taunts me that it could be beautiful if only I would help it LIVE!

  201. ERO

    New material for curtains in my living room!

  202. Amy

    I’d get some patio furniture!

  203. Mary G

    Wow! I have no idea what I would would buy, but it would be awesome! We are getting a new place and I need stuff for it!

  204. Mary G

    I just had to like you!

  205. Mary G

    I just had to like them!

  206. Andee

    I’d love to have a $200 gift card to splurge on some fabric for pillows at TL!

  207. J

    There is so much $200 could do for a thrifty gal like me! I think the first thing I would do is buy fabric to recover my dining room chairs (currently getting a paint upgrade as we speak!)

  208. J

    I “like” The Inspired Room on Facebook!

  209. J

    I “like” Apartment Guide on Facebook!

  210. Sunday Burquest

    I would use the gift card for supplies for my new business :)

  211. Sunday Burquest

    I “liked” apartment guide on FB; I already Liked YOU :)

  212. Sunday Burquest

    Oops, I could have left a separate comment for already liking you on FB :)

  213. Angela

    I have been entering the $10,000 sweepstakes everyday. I would use the $200 to pay for the installation of my new light fixture for my kitchen. It is a beautiful green tiffany style chandelier. It will look so amazing in my new kitchen! Thank you for the opportunity to win such great prizes.

  214. {darlene}

    I would use it toward a rug for my boys’ room that I SO need to finish! :)

  215. Maggie

    I would use it for new lighting for either my kitchen, hallway, dining room…so many choices.

  216. {darlene}

    I like you on facebook

  217. Patti

    I would buy a new lighting fixture for my bathroom.

  218. Claire

    I’m moving to a 170 year old house! The $200 gift card will help me buy soup to nuts on my renovation.

  219. gwen fletcher

    o im sure i find just the right things with a free $200.

  220. Heather B

    I would finally get some curtains up in our west-facing bedroom where my husband sleeps because he works nights. Oh, and some curtain rods would probably be needed, too.

  221. MaryBeth

    I entered the sweepstakes and with a $200 gift card I would purchase a new area rug for our newly finished walkout area.

  222. MaryBeth

    I liked Apartment Guide on FB

  223. jenna

    I’d give it to my daughter to spend on the home she just purchased!

  224. MaryBeth

    I already had liked Inspired Room on FB.

  225. MaryBeth

    Tweeted about sweepstakes and your boards.

  226. Denise

    I would put the money towards buying a new sofa for my livingroom.

  227. Ashley

    I would buy this all white bedding set I have been eyeing and/or I want to make this sand dollar mirror that I saw in Martha Stewart Living this past month. I think it would be cute for a tropical bathroom. Hope I win!!!!

  228. Franki Parde

    I would donate my gift, if I won, to the “Navy Seal Foundation” to help in a small way the families of “Seal Team Six.” God bless their souls. franki

  229. Marianne

    I liked the apartment guide on facebook!

  230. Marianne

    I liked Apartment Guide on Facebook.

  231. Marianne

    A already liked The Inspired Home on Facebook.

  232. Marianne

    I would probably use the $10,000 to get replace some very old rugs in my home or replace the dining room set that falling apart.

  233. monique

    Yay for give aways!!!! Thank you for being so generous. With $200 I would buy paint for our new house! Cain’t wait to put some inviting color on those walls. We move in at the end of the month. :)

  234. Chandra Salisbury

    I would use the $200 giftcard to buy items for the bathroom in the home I’m moving to. We’re moving into my son and daughter in laws home while they are in Korea in the military. They can’t rent home right now and it saves the getting a storage unit for all their stuff.

  235. Christine Aldinger

    oh 200 bucks i’ll say rugs for family room but i am sure once i start to shop i will change my mind 100 times!!!

  236. Cindy

    I would buy chairs for my patio!

  237. Lindsay

    I’d buy new fabric for our dining room chairs.

  238. Annie B

    It has been a long Summer! I live in GA and we were hit by the Aug tornadoes so we have had an extra long summer while the schools are being repaired. I am a substitute teacher so I have been out of work a long time. I am enjoying my time with my kids but I sit in my house and obsess about the things this house needs! I would buy a new chandelier or a new area rug with $200!

  239. Jamie

    I would buy a glass light of some sort for my living room, my ugly ceiling fan needs to go! Hope I win.

  240. Liz

    I would refresh with new pillows. Or, maybe a chandelier for above my armoire. On the other hand, I need a new entry rug…

  241. Chandra Salisbury

    I liked you on Fb

  242. Marie

    With a $200 gift card I’d buy a rug and fabric for curtains for our first nursery!

  243. Chandra Salisbury

    I liked apartment guide on Fb. I may be needing them if it doesn’t work out to move in with DIL. I really hope that works out in sept though. I really need that for my sanity!!!! I can’t stay living with parents. They need to give up home and move into something smaller period. Can’t keep doing this!!!

  244. Ashley

    We just closed on our first home this past Thursday so there is SO MUCH I could use that $200 on! A new fridge is definitely at the top of this list!

  245. Ashley

    I liked The Inspired Room on Facebook.

  246. Shauntelle

    If I won the gift certificate, I’d use it to start decorating our master bedroom. Right now it’s still a pile of items we haven’t figured out a place to store yet, but I’d like to get in warm and comfy for the fall. :)

  247. Amanda C.

    If I won the $200 I’d buy some Chalk paint.

  248. Amanda C.

    I liked Apartment Guide and the Inspired Room on Facebook.

  249. Joanne

    I would definitely use that money to give my main bathroom a ‘facelift’!

  250. patty

    For $200 I’d possibly get a new duvet cover from anthropologie.

  251. Jen

    I would put it towards the fire pit I am eyeing for our lower patio!

  252. scouty

    With $200 I would buy fabric for cushions for an antique wood/wicker set I am refinishing!

  253. Jen

    Like the inspired room on fb

  254. Jen

    Like the Apartment guide on facebook!

  255. AJ

    I would buy new covers for my tired old sofa and loveseat (only 11yrs old). Wow… it would just make me happy if I won. Thank you for the chance to win and “thanks” to Apt Guide for being so generous to offer this prize! AJ


  256. AJ

    I “like” Apt Guide on Facebook. AJ


  257. AJ

    I “like” The Inspired Room on FB!! AJ


  258. Jennifer

    I would buy paint and put my hubby to work!

  259. Jennifer

    I like The Inspired Room on fb.

  260. Jennifer

    I liked apartment guide on fb

  261. Michelle

    Hmmm…new bedding…no, maybe some fun kitchen tools…no, invest in my ministry…nope, buy something nice for my husband’s birthday – he’s been through a tough couple of years with medical issues and it would be so nice to spoil him a bit!

  262. WendyK

    With $200 I would buy painting supplies to paint my 80s oak kitchen cabinets white and some nice new cabinet hardware to go with it.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  263. WendyK

    I also “liked” you on FB.

  264. Carol Ann

    Wow, $200? I would put it toward Christmas gift shopping!

  265. Arlene Selser

    So many things to do at the new townhouse, but right now I keep thinking that this would go towards outfitting the interior of a new closet we put in the entry way. Rack for coats, shelves for baskets to hold hats, gloves, etc and maybe a unit with a pull out drawer.

  266. Toni K

    $200 Gift Card? Wow! I don’t know exactly what I would do, but I would have fun deciding between crafty stuff and Christmas gifts ;)

  267. Maggie

    I’d put it towards decorating my sewing room in a Victorian sitting room style!

  268. Debra C

    I would use for gasand chalk paint.

  269. Debra C

    I would use it for gas and chalk paint.

  270. Toni K

    I liked The Inspired Room on Facebook :)

  271. Debra C

    Already liked you on FB.

  272. Debra C

    Liked AG on Facebook.

  273. Amy N

    I would use it to buy a new area rug!

  274. LindaS

    I need new dishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  275. Holly F.

    I would buy the subway tile I’ve been eyeing for my kitchen that is too young to be retro and too old to look good.

  276. Cindi

    A storm in the late spring, took our glass topped
    table from out deck and broke it to pieces…
    I would love to purchase a new bistro table and chairs
    for our deck. Great outdoor sales are beginning right now!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  277. Cindi

    I “Like” Apartment Guide on Facebook.
    Again, many thanks…
    Cindi H.

  278. Cindi

    I “Like” The Inspired Room on Facebook!
    Thanks bunches…Cindi
    Cindi H.

  279. Ali

    With 200.00 I think I’d take care of my bedroom windows- we need drapes!

  280. Kfloveinme

    If Im the lucky winner, I would get a table & an oval mirror to put by an empty wall that I have in the apartment. And I will fill the table with pictures of all my loves… the fiance, family & friends.

    kfloveinme at gmail dot com

  281. Chelsea Tolley

    With a $200 gift card I would give my Master Bedroom a face lift with a coat of Beeswax yellow and new lighting!!

  282. Chelsea Tolley

    I liked the Apartment Guide on FB!

  283. Chelsea Tolley

    I also like The Inspired Room on FB!

  284. Holly F.

    I’ve “liked” you on fb for quite a while now. :-)

  285. Holly F.

    And, now I “like” Apartment Guide.

  286. Melanie Nelson

    I’d use the $200 on curtains for my living room! We’ve lived here for 17 months and I still don’t have curtains up. Or I may buy some wall art for the eating nook. What fits on a round wall?

  287. Linda

    I’m sure I would pick something practical and something decorative for my little girl’s room. She is the love of our life at 7 weeks old and we love to spoil her. :)

  288. Diane

    There are sooo many things. But, I’d have new cushions made for my family room sofa and don’t laugh…get a new bike helmet.

  289. Anne

    I would use the $200 gift card toward a new refrig, our’s decided it was just too hard to cool down :)

  290. Anne

    I “like” The Inspired Room on FB :)

  291. Lanelle Lambert

    New fabric. Decorating my master bedroom and just found the parfect one. Finally after a lot ao searching.

  292. Tiffany

    I would buy a few household items: steam mop, griddle, and fabric to make some curtains in my kitchen!

  293. Elizabeth L

    I am renovating a home to sell it – this would go towards the new floors, paint, toilets and sheetrock we have to have!!

  294. Vicki O'Dell

    I’m actually dying to spruce up a few rooms here for fall/winter. I can think of eleventy different things I could use $200 dollars on. A new light fixture over the kitchen sink is at the top of my list!

  295. laura

    We’re just now moving so I would use the giftcard to pick up all of those last minute things one thinks of when moving, cleaning and organizing.

  296. Vicki O'Dell

    I liked both pages on Facebook!! :)

  297. Jenn R

    I would probably splurge on some new artwork for my bedroom. Possibly get some school clothes for my kiddos!

  298. Diane

    I do very much ‘like’ you on FB :D

  299. Carmen Goddard

    I have been wanting a new bed frame – this would help :) Thanks

  300. Diane

    I also ‘like’ Apt. Guide on FB

  301. Janice Cooper

    Our living room is in bad shape. I would use it to paint the living room or put it towards new carpet and blinds.

  302. Emily

    Well, since I just moved, I would use the $ to buy a few things for the new house to fill in a couple of empty spaces.

  303. Linda

    Ahhh. What WOULDN’T I do with 200 bucks. Maybe buy paint…big bang for the buck!!

  304. Kellie

    A new light for my kitchen please!

  305. Janice Cooper

    I “like” the Apartment Guide and The Inspired Room on facebook. FB name Jan Peoples

  306. Sharon W

    What would I do with $200? WOW, maybe buy paint for my living room(22 foot ceilings) which takes a lot of paint. Or finish my Master Bath walls, all tiled and no paint…do you see a common thread running through this?

  307. andrea

    two words…new bedding. we’ve had the same bedding for six years, and i’m dying for something new! fingers crossed…

  308. Hope Evarts

    I “like” you on FB!

  309. Hope Evarts

    I would def. get a new conforter and duvet for my King sized bed. We’ve had a ratty old electric blanket as our “bedding” now for **5** years!!!!

  310. Hope Evarts

    I “like” the Apartment Guide on FB!

  311. jennifer

    I would use it towards a new light for my dining room or painting in the kitchen

  312. jennifer

    like you on “FB”

  313. jennifer

    like Apartment Guide on “FB”

  314. Tim Miller

    Buy my wife a bike helmet – then head for the grocery store

  315. Connie

    I liked you both on FB!

  316. Connie

    I’m in the process of making myself a craft space in my tiny apartment. This would definitely go towards that!

  317. maggie

    Hmmmm…a $200 gift card….I think I would look for a new light for my dining room or new drapes or fabric for drapes for the living room!

  318. gretchen

    a new light for my kitchen! or perhaps drapes for the family room.

  319. Debbie

    I would definitely overthink the $200 to death, but would probably end up using it for some new frames for my hallway

  320. Debbie

    I liked you on FB :)

  321. stacy

    i would either buy paint or put it towards a bathroom vanity. our bathroom leaked and we had to tear the whole thing out. really more than a leak, haha. so we are starting from scratch and its taking a long time

  322. Teresa Kaufhold

    There are so many projects my house could benefit from…but with a $200 gift card, I would start doing some
    spucing up in my rec room/family room. I plan to rearrange the furniture, and my couch either needs replacing or covered with a slipcover. I also need more lamps in that room, so the gift card would help with that! Thanks for the chance!

  323. Anna

    I just moved into a new house and I would put the $200 card toward a new rug for our family room! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  324. roryjean

    I would use it to make a tufted headboard for our bedroom. Fingers crossed!

  325. BeckyB

    I would get new lighting for our house entry and hall! Thank you!!

  326. Lisa K

    I’d use the $200 gift card to make an upholstered headboard. “Liked” you both on FB. Love your blog! Thanks!

  327. Emily Childs

    I would get some curtains to pretty-up our bedroom!

  328. Scottie

    I would choose something for my new nursery–gender-neutral for a few weeks still :)

  329. Tracy

    I would buy a few stools for my kitchen area. I really need additional seating and this could fit the bill!!

  330. Emily

    STRETCH–there are SO many little projects to be done in our new (1983) home–I would stretch every penny to make a statement!

  331. Michelle

    I am getting ready to move and I would use that money to buy paint, b/c no matter what new home we choose I know we’ll need it!

  332. Heather

    I would finally get the awesome chair for our master bedroom that I’ve been dying to get!

  333. Jennifer Marie

    I would buy some new decor for our living room with the money if I won!

  334. Jennifer Marie

    like you both on fb (Jennifer Messner M)

  335. Jennifer Marie

    sorry was supposed to separate (first one can be like apt guide on fb -Jennifer Messner M)

    This one can be like you on fb (Jennifer Messner M)


  336. Heathahlee

    I’d either get tile for my kitchen or new ceiling fans for the living room! Woot! : )

  337. Heathahlee

    I like Apartment Guide on Facebook!

  338. Heathahlee

    I like the Inspired Room on Facebook, too! : )

  339. susan

    Wow, that 200 bucks would go a long way toward us doing our bathroom makeover…it’s from 1948, and it’s peach and burgundy tile-HELP!

  340. jane

    I have so many projects I am working on now but fabric would be my starting point!

  341. Patty Esposito

    I love your blog. So inspiring ; )
    I would use the money to purchase drapes for my family room.

  342. Melinda

    So many projects…but a light in my entry would be perfect

  343. Lexie

    We are closing on a new house in need of lots of love in 2 weeks! $200 could help that bold purple dining room I’ve been hoping for!

  344. Hannah

    I would either go practical and get 2 new twin mattresses for our upstairs room, or splurge and get myself a new pair of boots! :)

  345. Stephanie

    I’d use the $200 to rent a commercial steamer to get this nightmarish wallpaper off!!!

  346. Liz Runge

    We just bought and moved into our first home, so I have lots of projects a’brewin. I would love to build (the the hubby’s help) a built-in pantry to create a little extra space. :)

  347. kelly

    I would buy something purty!

  348. Amanda S

    My boyfriend and I recently moved in together so I would definitely fix up our bedroom (so I can tell a girl lives in there also) We need a new comforter and lamps.

  349. Amy B

    I think I’d use the $200 towards a new mattress! Boring, I know.
    Thanks for the giveaway fun :)

  350. Amy B

    I “like” you on FB :)

  351. Amanda S

    I like both pages on fb as amanda sakovitz

  352. Amanda S

    I like both pages on fb as amanda sakovitz #2 for my fourth entry. forgot to split them up, thank you!

  353. Andi T.

    I don’t even know! We moved into our house 2 years ago, and there are so many little things to get done… but, I also could use some new clothes :)

  354. Andi T.

    I like you on Facebook (Andi Bauer Trautman)

  355. April was in CT now CA

    We finally have a dedicated guest bedroom since recently moving and I’d use this toward finishing it up. I’m so excited for our guests to have a bright, cheery space to make themselves at home while they’re visiting and this would definitely help me achieve that goal!

  356. Trish

    With my $200 card, I would throw a big back to school bash for my family & friends! Great excuse to get together & enjoy the grill & chill in the pool!!! :)

  357. Trish

    I “like” the Apt Guide on FB!

  358. Trish

    I “like” the Inspired Room on FB!

  359. J. Morrow

    I would love to finish up diy household projects with that giftcard…it would be a blessing!

  360. baltimoremom

    Lamps! With drum shades! If I won, I would get myself over to Homegoods and do some major lamp shopping.

  361. Netty

    I would use the money to finish my daughters big girl bedroom!

  362. GinaE

    I am sorely in need of a new chair in the living room. Many thanks for the chance to win!!

  363. Taryn

    I would buy a new chair for our living room- the old one needs to go.

  364. Janice

    Ooooo… I’d probably put it towards refreshing my bedroom – linens!

  365. Marla L.

    I would paint my kitchen and dining room!

  366. Amy L

    I’d get new bedding and maybe some curtains for my bedroom.

  367. Melanie G

    I would finally be able to put the finishing touches on my dining room!

  368. cathy z

    Finally get a new comforter!

  369. Megan

    Ooo!! $200! I would put it towards new flooring in the kitchen. One day will have enough to get that lovely blue carpet out of there and put in something much easier to wash. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  370. Wendi

    I have promised and promised my son that I would redo his room, I need some inspiration to get started. Girls rooms come easy to me, boys rooms take more work, but I think a $200 gift card could get the inspiration flowing. Thank you for the opportunity.

  371. Wendi

    I like The Inspired room on FB.

  372. Vickie

    It would go for a new comforter and pillows in my bedroom!

  373. Tamara

    Husband and I went looking at couches it might go toward that. But I really want new flooring before a couch…so it might go toward that.

  374. Vickie H.

    Maybe toward some lamps or just new lighting. Thank you for hosting!

  375. Vickie H.

    Liked you on FB!

  376. Vickie H.

    Liked Apartment Guide on FB as well!

  377. Carrie at lovely etc.

    With 200 bucks I would either get a new area rug or a new light for my kitchen. Great giveaway!

  378. Becca

    I would love to get a sitting chair for my bedroom. I think it would be nice for reading, plus I have a friend who is a new mom and I think she would love a quiet, private place for nursing while visiting our place.

  379. kaylan

    I’d buy paint so I can do a little makeover in my apartment.

  380. kaylan

    I liked The Inspired Room and Apartment Guide on Facebook!

  381. Linda Braden

    I would use it for my son’s bedroom redo. He’s entering high school in a few weeks and it’s well past time to grow up his room!

  382. Jennifer

    I am repainting all the rooms in my house–they are icky, flat, used-to-be-white walls that are now more of a grimy grey. I would love to have $200 to buy a new shower curtain, towels, and such for my boys’ bathroom. Fun!

  383. Elena

    We need a new bed, so I would buy one if I won.

  384. Elena

    I like Apartment Guide and The Inspired Room on Facebook as Elena Istomina

  385. Sharmin

    Oooh – what a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win! I’d splurge on a nice reading lamp.
    fingers crossed!

  386. Mary Feagley

    I would purchase some molding materials for our bedroom.

  387. Mary Feagley

    Liked you on Facebook.

  388. Nicole D

    I’d buy a new bed spread & some pillows.

  389. Amy L.

    I would decorate for Fall! It’s almost time!

  390. Nicole D

    Liker of apartment guide & inspired room on fb.

  391. Leslie

    I would buy material to reupholster a my dining room chairs and make new pillow covers. If I can find a deal I would get a used coffee table and lamp that I could refurbish

  392. Nicole D

    shared on twitter-!/lil_lady_dz/status/100352393400696832

  393. Leslie

    I like Apartment Guide on FB :)

  394. Maureen

    With the gift card I would buy some Beadboard Wallpaper to put up in my dining room under the chair rail…I’d also buy some paints for my upcoming Laminate Countertop Painting Project! AND I’d buy some stencils and stencil brushes for my border project (also in the kitchen)
    Keeping my fingers crossed so I can fun all of my projects!

  395. Maureen

    I like The Inspired Room on Facebook!

  396. Maureen

    I like Apartment Guide on Facebook!!

  397. Paige

    Such a fun giveaway! I would use the money for some new bedding.

  398. Helen Stockwell

    I would use it to by myself a new Dyson vacuum.

  399. Helen Stockwell

    The Inspired Room Facebook follower

  400. Suzanne

    I would use the $200 to buy some kind of media cabinet to store all my dvds and cds.

  401. KO

    actually an airline ticket to attend a friend’s wedding!

  402. Suzanne

    “Liked” The Inspired Room on Facebook. :-)

  403. Suzanne

    Also “Liked” the Apartment Guide on Facebook.

  404. KO

    I am also a liker of you on FB

  405. Schmidty

    I would do a bit of kitchen/cookware/gadget upgrading. I need a mandoline and a microplane, and some new linens, towels, and potholdres.

  406. Schmidty

    I liked your facebook page (Rust Hawk).

  407. Schmidty

    I am a current follower of Paprtment Guide’s FB page (and have been voting in their giveaway too!)

    • Schmidty

      Umm “Apartment Guide”. /sheesh

  408. Traci

    This would come in handy for our new baby arriving any week now! <3 Traci

  409. Traci

    I liked the apt on fb. Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  410. Traci

    I like (LOVE) you on fb! Love, Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  411. Tara

    I would buy new fabric for window treatments in our family room.

  412. Deanna G.

    I’d get some new bedding!

  413. Deanna G.

    I like Apartment Guide on Facebook. (Deanna Cali)

  414. Deanna G.

    I like The Inspired Room on Facebook. (Deanna Cali)

  415. Alyssa L.

    I would get some blackout curtains and other miscellaneous items that we’ve been meaning to get since we’ve bought the new house.

  416. BrendaTn

    I would probably go with my first thought and give it to my daughter. She is on a tight budget with her being a stay at home mom and 2 small kids. She loves to decorate.

  417. carmen

    Paint for my many projects or materials needed for work on my back yard or new slipcovers for my 2 thrifted chairs or school clothes for the kids or…

  418. carmen

    Liked you on facebook!

  419. carmen

    Liked Apartment Guide on Facebook!

  420. Jennifer

    With $200, I would have to say….some bedding @ dwellstudio or pinecone hill. Have been eyeing a few different duvets…and would love to get them, but can not see spending $200 on just that…this would be great! Thanks for the giveaway! Liked Apartment guide and already voted for ya! ;-)

  421. Heidi

    We need new curtains! The hubs and I just bought a house and all of our windows are currently naked. Some of them shouldn’t be naked… oh hello neighbors!

  422. Sharon

    I would hire someone to hang a light for me in our entry. It is verrrry high. LOL!!

  423. Christina

    Oh I would get my shopping on at Home Goods! ;)

  424. Lisa

    I would put it towards outdoor patio furniture.

  425. Catherine

    I would buy a bookshelf for our apartment living room!

  426. JeongEun

    I’d buy a bedding set. My white down comforter is too boring.

  427. JeongEun

    I like you both on FB

  428. JeongEun

    I like Apartment Guide on FB.

  429. Lynda Del

    I’d buy some bedding from Home Goods.

  430. Lynda Del

    I LIKE BOTH on Facebook. ID: Lynda Castillo

  431. misty

    I would use it to buy a new border for my kitchen. I am tired of looking at the current one. I need a simple, neutral border so I can install my new Uppercase Living vinyl wall letters :D.!/mistydawnrigdon

  432. mitz

    … i would up date my family room… thanks for the opportunity..

  433. Kelli

    I would buy fabric for recovering some parsons chairs we just bought! They are currently purple and in some need of a little updating. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  434. Andrea Schuneman

    If I won $200 I would use it for new curtains for my living room!! Thanks Apartment Therapy and The Inspired Room

  435. Andrea Schuneman

    I like The Inspired Room on Facebook!

  436. Andrea Schuneman

    And I like Apartment Therapy too… this giveaway

  437. Lori

    I would love to buy a cool new mirror for my powder room!

  438. VHiggins

    I would get a new side chair for our living room from IKEA, maybe even a headboard too!

  439. VHiggins

    I like Inspired Room on Facebook ^_^

  440. Angelika

    I would get fabric and make curtains for the room I’m moving into at mom’s. A new set of bedding from urban outfitters. And a new light fixture for the room to replace the hideous current one – I’d like a cute little girly/fun chandelier or something! And then all the supplies to make one of those subway(?) signs with Jen and the ladies, ha :)

  441. Angelika

    I also “liked” the apartmentguide page on facebook

  442. Angelika

    …and I liked the Inspired Room facebook page (I’m surprised I hadn’t “liked” it before, I just assumed I had!) No twitter, so only three entries for me!

  443. Nicole Young

    We just got a new cottage to renovate. The list is LONG. But I would put the money toward our new flooring budget. YIPEE!!

  444. Barbie

    I would use the gift card to buy paint for my bedroom.

  445. JayB

    I would probably buy a couple of things to prepare for a a new apartment I’ll hopefully be moving in soon!

  446. Christie

    Take my hubby out for our anniversary coming up!

  447. Christie

    I liked Inspired Room on FB!

  448. Cathy B

    I desperately need new bed linens, but I just busted my ankle this week and am also battling inoperable spinal tumors, so really should use it on necessary vitamins, supplements, and protein shakes that I need while trying to strengthen and heal my bones… Thanks for a great giveaway!

    Cathy B
    pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  449. Cathy B

    Like Inspired Room on FB!

    Cathy B
    pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  450. Cathy B

    Like Apartment Guide on FB!

    Cathy B
    pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  451. Cyndia

    I would spend $200 toward fabric to make drapes for my guest room. I’ve been hoping guests would stay away until I finally get something beautiful hung on the windows!

  452. kel mcnichol

    I would like to finally go and scour some thrift stores and find some coolio items to make over!

  453. April V.

    Well, we are just about to move into a new place so I am quite sure that we could spend that $200 on area rugs (new place has no carpet) and other miscellaneous doodads to make it just right.

  454. kerri

    I’d buy a floor lamp for the living room – ours is beyond ugly!

  455. Beth Moore

    I’d put it toward a new slipcovered couch for my livingroom…. because my dog is busy (as I write) munching on the one we currently have! :-)

  456. Amber Freeland

    With a 200 dollar gift card I would finally get around to the most neglected room of the house… my bedroom! Refurbish furniture, new comforter, shades, lighting and everything else it takes to make it a dream even before I fall asleep there!

  457. Stephanie

    I want to spruce up my porch with cute accessories! Love your look!!!

  458. Heidi

    Woo Hoo! Gosh, my to-do list is so long I don’t know how I would decide what $200 would go towards… new blinds in the dining room? New family room rug? Paint for the kitchen? Hmmm… :)
    Thanks for hosting, Melissa!

  459. Heidi

    Just gave a shout out on Twitter, too @heidimilton

  460. sarah

    I’m currently redecorating all the kids rooms in my house. The two oldest boys are moving in together to make room for their little brother who will be here in November. Would love some $$ help :)

  461. Kristi Reneau


    I would put it towards a rug for my living room!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  462. Brany

    I would put it towards food, or new shirts for my husband.

  463. Lori

    I would buy paint for my living room… Oh my does it need some Sherwin Williams love!! :o)

  464. Whitney

    I would use the $200 towards window treatments in our apartment. It looks so bare and cold right now. I’ve been dying to add some warmth through the window treatments…as well as make it easier to sleep in on Saturday mornings! :)

  465. Whitney

    I like you on Facebook.

  466. Theresa N

    I’d use it for paint in my kitchen.

  467. Stacey P

    I’d spend the gift card for pretty and functional organizing items for my home office.

  468. Karen

    We are in the midst of a major re-do of our guest bathroom (long overdue). I’d buy a faucet or ceiling fan and can lights! :-)

  469. Hilary V

    I’d use it to add some color to our living room

  470. Hilary V

    Like Inspired room on FB

  471. Hilary V

    Like Apartment Guide on FB

  472. Tammi D

    I would love to win to go buy the paint and accessories I need for my newly completed bathroom!

  473. April

    I’d use a $200 gift card to buy some fabric and accessories for my master bedroom and guest bedroom and the quilts I plan on making for them this year.

  474. shel

    The bathroom nears completion and the only thing left is to install a new floor. $200 would buy the tiles I need to complete my bathroom floor. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  475. shel

    I like Apartment Guide on Facebook: Michelle Hudak

  476. shel

    I like the Inspired Room on Facebook: Michelle Hudak

  477. Megan

    I would put an extra $200 toward the never ending task of painting my new home!

  478. Mary Lindsay

    i would go thrifting! :) and honestly i would use part of it to buy groceries for the month

  479. Megan

    Liked The Inspired Room on Facebook.

  480. Megan

    Liked Apartment Guide on Facebook.

  481. megan

    New living room rug!

  482. Shanna Oakley

    I would use $200 to buy wall decor for my house we just bought 2 months ago. Bare walls = sad face.

  483. Shanna Oakley

    I like you on facebook!

  484. Shanna Oakley

    I like apartment guide on facebook!

  485. Lisa

    I would buy some artwork for my bedroom wall.

  486. Kristen

    I just bought my first house and it is a project house. I would use the $200 towards new carpet that is badly needed!!

  487. Colleen in Dallas

    I think I would buy fabric for living room window treatments.

  488. Jennifer S

    I would use it towards new furniture in the living room. We recently had lots of water damage due to the water heater leaking (while we were on vacation of course), so I’m going to be replacing things, and sprucing up the room.

  489. Rachel V.

    I’ve been wanting a new chair for my office/craft room, but other things like back-to-school have taken priority. It would be so awesome to have some extra $$$ to splurge on the new chair!

  490. Nicole C.

    We have desperately been saving for a small wedding next year, so no pennies have been spent on our apartment! We would use the gift card to dress the windows and create an oasis patio space perfect for the end of summer and beautiful fall weather!

  491. Nicole C.

    I liked Inspired Room on FB!

  492. Nicole C.

    liked Apartment Guide on Facebook!

  493. Laura

    I would buy paint and accessories to finish my office!

  494. Shelly

    I’d spend $200 to update my bedroom or beautify our patio. I love your website~have been hooked since meeting you at Relevant last year! :) Thanks for the inspiration *and* fun giveaways!!

  495. Shelly

    Liked you on facebook.

  496. Shelly

    Liked Apartment Guide on FB.

  497. Katie

    I’d use it to start my brush/paint supply.

  498. Andrea Wood

    I would use the $200 for new family room accessory decorations. What a generous giveaway! :)

  499. Enica

    We’re moving to a new house and would love to use the $200 to help decorate our master bedroom.

  500. Enica

    Liked Apartment Guide on FB.

  501. Enica

    Liked The Inspired Room on FB.

  502. The Chatty Housewife

    I think I would spend it on the bedroom. We need a new duvet and new art.

  503. Megan Soehnlen

    I would use the $200 for new decor for our house. My husband is still in school so we’re on a tight budget but this would certainly help! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  504. Karen G

    I’d use it to buy an antique book cart or pillows and finishing items. What fun! THank you!

  505. Holly L

    I would use it to buy a new area rug for my living room…the carpet in my apartment is not aging well!

  506. Holly L

    Liked The Inspired Room on facebook.

  507. Holly L

    Liked Apartment Guide on facebook

  508. Megan Brooke

    Love your blog! I would spend the $200 gift card on a makeover for my bedroom. I’ve had the same color scheme and a lot of the same pieces for years. Would love to change it up :)

  509. Krissi

    I would buy some IdeaPaint and get some creativity flowing in different areas of the home. Especially for the school room and office :) Maybe kids’ rooms, too!

  510. james young, II


  511. Lisa

    I am just starting a living room makeover and could definitey use an extra $200 towards that!

  512. Jennifer

    We’re moving back home to the States after 3 years of life in rural South Korea – in early December! There’s so much involved in a move like this that $200 could go towards anything from gas to groceries to space bags to all kinds of last minute purchases.

  513. Marissa

    With the $200 gift card, I would buy a new headboard for my bed.

  514. Marissa

    Liked Apartment Guide on Facebook

  515. Marissa

    Liked The Inspired Room on Facebook

  516. Helen Keeler

    I would use the $200 towards beding and redoing my bedroom. [email protected]

  517. Tina M

    I’d like to buy a new couch!

  518. Tina M

    follow both on facebook

  519. jessica edwards

    redecorating my daughters room

  520. Teresa

    I would use it for some new light fixtures for my kitchen!

  521. Jackie

    Whoohoo! This is great! We just moved into a new house that is much bigger than our 2 bedroom starter home was. I’d use the $200 to get some fun accessories! I need stuff for every room, and this would definitely help!

  522. pamela anderson

    I desperately need a new end table.

  523. Lisa P.

    I would use it for a new front door that has windows to let in some light into our foyer.

  524. Peg

    I would either buy an entry way runner or new light fixture for my dining room……a give-away is such a sweet surprise! :)

  525. delena McGuire

    we just got new furniture. I’d use ths for some throw pillows and maybe a new lamp

    mcirish02 at hotmail dot com

  526. delena McGuire

    I like apartment guide on facebook
    mcirish02 at hotmail dot com

  527. Meghan

    I would buy a new rug for my home office that I am converting to a nursery.

  528. Suzanne Kaiser

    My boys rooms need a touch up – new paint, new bedding, and new shades. An extra $200 would go a LONG way. Thanks for having the giveaway!

  529. Suzanne Kaiser

    I like Apartment Guide.

  530. Suzanne Kaiser

    I like The Inspired Room on face book.

  531. Joyce Harrell

    I would get some new accessories for my bedroom….it needs some freshening up.

  532. Tracey Byram

    I´d get a new bedset and reading lamp for my bedroom.

  533. Tiffany

    Wow! We just finished remodeling our bedroom/bath so I would buy new rugs and accessories. :)

  534. Selinda McCumbers

    I’d put it towards a dining room table!


  535. E at Act Fast Chef

    Oh gosh, there is so many things I could do with a $200 gift card! But I would probably buy all the frames I need to complete my gallery wall…
    Or maybe some new throw pillows for the living room…
    Or both!

  536. Shannon

    I would spend $200 on fabric for new curtains for my condo or just buy curtains!

  537. KC

    Oh this prize would be a great start on redoing my 16 yr old son’s room. (still can’t believe he is that old hehe) He has had the same ‘fishing’ motif for 6 years now, and I think it has actually been that long sice he went fishing. I would love to do him a really cool ‘grown up’ room.
    Good Luck to everyone.


  538. Brenda

    I would love a new rug for my family room! Awesome giveaway!

  539. Brenda

    I already like you on Facebook! It would be a family room rug for me!

  540. Natasha

    Curtains for our family room. The sunlight is blinding in the daytime.

  541. tara


  542. Nicole Donaldson

    My husband and I are getting out of the military and getting a new apartment and the 200 dollars would be so helpful to start us out on making it feel like home :)

  543. Liz M.

    I’d use it to get some upholstery supplies! I really want to learn to reupholster!

  544. Liz M.

    I like you on FB!

  545. Liz M.

    I like Apartment Guide on FB!

  546. Annie

    I would buy some new outdoor stuff….pillows, lanterns, planters. The list goes on and on. :)

  547. Karen

    curtains for my living room! maybe the off-set will help ease the cost a little so they will pass through the ‘finance committee’.

  548. Steve Stone

    I would update my family room.

  549. sandra

    i’d buy a nice area rug for our new hardwood floors!

  550. Cheryl M

    I would love to buy new living room curtains …. I’ve had the same ones now for about 7 years and I’m soooooo tired of them……

    Don’t facebook or twitter….

    thanks for the chance to win!!

  551. Amy A.

    I need a new dining light!

  552. Amy A.

    I like Inspired Room and Apartment Guide on Facebook!

  553. Amy A.

    I like Apartment Guide on Facebook!

  554. kate

    I would buy frames and shelves with a $200 giftcard. Love love love that headboard!!!

  555. Rhonda

    My son’s room definately could use some updating.

  556. ewhatley

    Wow, an extra $200? I might get a new comforter for the master bedroom.

  557. Kristen

    I’d but a braided rug I’ve been eyeing!

  558. Kristen

    I’d buy a braided rug I’ve been eyeing!

  559. Kristen

    I liked you on facebook

  560. Kristen

    I liked Apartment Guide on facebook.

  561. Kristen

    I gave you and AG a shoutout on Twitter!

  562. brian

    Facebook fan

  563. Ashley K

    I would use it on a new bed set! I have such an old comforter and I’d love to get something new to complete my room!

  564. Ashley K

    I like the apartment guide on facebook!

  565. Ashley K

    I like the inspired room on facebook!

  566. Tasha

    I would paint several rooms that need to be painted:
    dd bedroom, laundry room, entry way. That would get me good and started!!!


  567. Steph A

    I’d like to buy new pillows and bedding!

  568. Steph A

    I like you both on fb! stephanie a….

  569. Deebi27

    One of 2 things: a new indoor cooking grill and a new microwave for my hubby (old one is rusting on the inside…yuck!) OR use that $200 gift card to get supplies to finish a down the to bare walls bathroom. Both would make me sing from the tree tops. Thanks for the chance to sing!

  570. Leah Graves

    I would buy new bedding for my bedroom. My husband and I seem to spend every penny on bills and thing for the kids. It would be fantastic to have something extra just for us for a change!

  571. Leah Graves

    I like both the apartment guide and inspired room on FB (Leah Hurley Graves)

  572. Sylvie W

    I would add lush pillows to my living room. Imagine burgundy pillows embellised with beads and metallic decorative cord. Basically, I Dream of Jeannie’s Bottle meets The Arabian Nights.

  573. Crystal

    This is so exciting! I would use the money to create two beaded lanterns for my new apartment, and I’d also buy fabric to make curtains. Woohoo!

  574. BizzyMom

    I would love to buy new curtains for my home! Especially my kitchen/living area.

  575. BizzyMom

    Hi. not sure if my comment posted but I would love to buy new curtains.

  576. Brandy E.

    I’m really cheap so I could probably manage to do a lot with mine. Since it’s moving quickly into fall here I would probably concentrate on the outside though. A firepit, some nice hardy mums etc would make my yard a lovely place to be. :)

  577. Teresa

    Oohhh, what could I do with a $200 gift card??? Art!!!! I need some peices for my bedroom. I would also finish my laundry room out! Shelves, blinds, roman shade… etc. etc.


  578. luckylifepath22

    i would buy some curtains, pillows and plants to spruce up my apartment

  579. luckylifepath22

    i like the apartment guide of facebook
    fb name: elle lifepath

  580. luckylifepath22

    i like the Inspired room on facebook
    fb name: elle lifepath

  581. kait

    just in time to enter – whew!! this gift card would be a life saver right now as i just got a new house and there is so so much to do to make it “home.” i think i would take the $200 and put it towards a grand bookcase for the entrance. actually, thanks to ikea i could get not only the bookcase but maybe a book as well!
    fingers crossed!

  582. kait

    p.s. i now like apartment guide on facebook!

  583. kait

    p.p.s. i was already a facebook fan of the inspired room :)

  584. Jeannine

    If I won, I’d put the money towards wedding expenses. I have so many DIY projects in mind!

  585. Jeannine

    I liked The Inspired Room on Facebook!

  586. Jeannine

    And I just liked Apartment Guide on Facebook, too!

    (thanks for the extra entries!)

  587. Jeannine

    I just tweeted about the giveaway,too! (@smallchic)

  588. Emmy

    I would get a new comforter, new sheets, new pillows, and new pilowcases:) THANK YOU:)!!!

  589. Emmy

    I like Apartment Guide on facebook Emmy S. THANK YOU:)!!!

  590. Emmy

    I like The Inspired Room on facebook Emmy S. THANK YOU:D!!!

  591. Jeannette Harkin

    I would take that gift card and spend it on a mini spa day for myself. I would go and get my hair done and my nails and a pedicure…that sounds great to me and right now I sure need it!

  592. Amber

    Oh my gosh, so glad I didn’t miss the chance to enter! I would love to re-do our guest bathroom and my kitchen with a $200 gift card, those are two rooms that guests definitely see so it would be great to make them extra inviting and “inspired” :) Thanks!

  593. Amber

    I like both you and Apartment Guide on Facebook (Amber H)

  594. Emma

    I’d use it to decorate the new house we’re moving into in just three (three!!) weeks :)

  595. Emma

    Liked Apartment Guide on Facebook :)

  596. Emma

    Also liked The Inspired Room on Facebook (from my blog’s page, Verbal Melange).

  597. Shelly

    Liked The Inspired Room on FB and Apartment Guide! :)

  598. Shelly

    With $200, I could think of ALL SORTS of things to buy! Turning trash into treasure, a new rug from PB, light fixture, tile for my bathroom reno…..etc.
    I could go on and on!!

  599. Kendra

    I would use it to buy some lamps and a new rug for my living room.

  600. Kendra

    I like both pages on FB ~ Kendra Mason

  601. Kandi Smith

    I would use it toward the cost of new living room furniture. My home desperately needs it.

  602. Michelle Spayde

    Hmmm, think that I would buy a cover for the couch in our sun room, and maybe some pillows.

  603. Michelle Spayde

    I like the Apt Guide on Facebook

  604. Michelle Spayde

    I like the inspired room on facebook

  605. Gaines Simmons

    Hello, how are you? thank you for this opportunity. I would use the gift card to buy some groceries. I am following.

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