My Book Page Wreath {LOVE Etsy!}

My Book Page Wreath {LOVE Etsy!}

Almost two years ago I laid eyes on my first book wreath. Except, it wasn’t MY book wreath. It was Lindsey’s book wreath. I didn’t have a book wreath of my own. {insert violins}

Until now. Two years have past but I finally have a book wreath to call my own.

A couple of weeks ago, my dear friend from church, Kat, MADE me a book wreath. YES! OH HAPPY DAY! That is MY KIND OF CRAFTING! I love the idea of people MAKING ME STUFF I’ve always wanted while I have lunch and take a nap. It is really for the best, I might accidentally GLUE my finger to the wreath form anyway!

I am in awe of its beauty. My husband is happy because the pages are made out of a Star Wars book.

My Book Page Wreath {LOVE Etsy!}

It is full, luscious, ruffly and absolutely beautiful.

My Book Page Wreath {LOVE Etsy!}

Last week, Kat made another book wreath for my married daughter. And before she could take it home, I stole it and hung it in my house.

Don’t worry, I’ll give it back. I’m just BORROWING it.

This wreath is completely different from mine in the way it is folded, rather than rolled. I love them both just as much.


Good things come to those who wait.


  1. Love your book wreath!! So pretty and so simple:)

  2. You are a great friend! The wreaths are gorgeous and you are so sweet to share.

    I’ve met some of the best people at Etsy. It is a wonderfully creative place to sell.

  3. Beautiful! Book wreaths are so fun, and it seems like they are easy to personal and make meaningful just by the book you choose to use. A fall decorating idea, perhaps?

  4. Wow — that is so beautiful, and so unique! I have never seen anything like it! Thanks for sharing — I just might add one to my home. :-)


  5. Lovely book wreath! Etsy is indeed a great place to find great talent!

  6. Love the different styles of the wreaths. Wow! What great friends you have!!

  7. I’m not a big impulse buyer, but I do love books..and wreaths! So, although from the reading of your post, to the clicking over to Etsy, to the clicking of submit only took me a few minutes – I still feel it was planned :) Thanks for passing on your great find/gift!

  8. Wow! They are both beautiful! I have to try this!

  9. THAT is amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it. Isn’t it amazing what talent and creativity there is out there?

  10. This is the first one I have seen with folded pages and the two tone look. Both are beautiful.

  11. I love your wreath! & I love that you’re supporting your friend just because she’s your friend & you believe in her :)

  12. I made one just a few weeks ago and love it too! I love how no two are ever the same! :) So great!

  13. Awww :) tickled for you&daughter &for Kat in her new venture! Yep, have dealt w some Etsy owners&they are wonderful humans on top of being crafty or generally having a great artistic eye, be it for art, handmade or vintage (my downfall). Sooo happy for you all. And it sure speaks to the kind of people *you* are, the depth of caring&friendship even your readers feel from reading your posts here&@(in)courage. BTW, I know she’s waaay better, but how’s our girl with the nifty new side zipper? :) love to u & yours, dear Melissa. -s-

  14. This is absolutely beautiful. The patience you must have to complete this project is beyond me! I would have thrown a tantrum and given up.

  15. What pretty wreaths! I love all the book projects I’m seeing online, but I’m not sure I could desecrate a book like that. But I guess if it’s a book I’m not interested in, it would be ok ;-)

  16. Both are really nice. I’ve not seen the folded style before. Oh the possibilities with crafting and books and book titles. Now I’m not sure if your husband loves Star Wars or is happy to see it made into a book-destroying craft. ☺ I craft with books, too and am always happy to find great old books in the cast-off bin at the flea market. Free is really terrific.

  17. It’s so beautiful. And a great way to reuse old books.

  18. I totally just made one today! I love them, there are so cool!

  19. I love them – especially that one with the folds. So fun!

  20. Now THAT’s the kind of love that makes the world go ’round! Your friend made you something beautiful, you shared it with us, and hopefully good things will come back to her!

    I just love a win-win story. :)

  21. I just bought one for an author friend of mine that just signed with an agent. Her book is coming out next September and this is the perfect gift because the wreath will be the pages of the book that inspired to write her story. Love this and thanks so much for introducing us to Kat!

  22. I made a book wreath after seeing Lindsey’s here at your site. I have it in my room and I love it. Even my granddaughter calls it the beautiful fluffy thing. I’m glad you got such a nice gift.

  23. I made mine with old sheet music (I’m a musician)
    I get so many compliments on it!

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