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Get Your Fall On September 16th: 4th Annual Fall Nesting Party

by | Sep 13, 2011 | Decorating Inspiration, Fall Decorating

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Get Your Fall On September 16th: 4th Annual Fall Nesting Party


So I have FINALLY set the date for our #fourthannualfallnestingparty!!! Yes ma’am I might be a little slow on the draw and throwing this out there all impromptu like,  but I’m as excited as EVER about fall being here! So let’s see whatcha got for fall, shall we?

Remember, fall nesting around THESE PARTS is not about being READY for fall. It is about getting in the MOOD for fall.

You know me, I like to let my seasons evolve slowly. I make things easy on you, and on me. We do things all simple and easy around here. I won’t make you get out your fancy skill saw to carve your own miniature wood pumpkins by Friday, don’t worry. You are OFF THE HOOK. Take time on that.

Let’s just do at least ONE thing for fall, be it some simple thing you change or decorate at home to signal that fall is on its way, or share an idea you loved from last year or a project you intend to do this fall. And then LINK IT UP Friday or over the weekend or even next week. That way, we all get a little inspired. And if you don’t blog, you can share it with me on facebook. Or, just talk about it in the comments on Friday. Whatever. Just BE A PART. Don’t be a lurker.

I promise you, you can NOT hang out at THE INSPIRED ROOM this time of year without getting inspired for fall. No way. I will not allow it. All you summer lovers will be converted to my ways, if I can help it. It is my mission. My goal.

We kick things off Friday with the much anticipated yearly {although so impromptu, sorry for messing this up!} Fall Nesting Party and then starting October 1st we’ll be all about getting inspired for the fall and winter holiday season with 31 days of inspiration for the holidays. It is going to be awesome.

Get Your Fall On September 16th: 4th Annual Fall Nesting Party

So. Friday. We are getting our fall on.

I have to admit I’ve already had a fall drink at Starbucks. I’m actually not as fond of the hot pumpkin spiced latte as I am about gingerbread lattes or pumpkin scones. BUT the pumpkin frappuchino? TO DIE FOR.  Perfect for the in between summer and fall weather. There you go. Now you want one. You are welcome.


  1. Lisa

    I am so ready for fall (even if the weather keeps getting confused)! I am going to try really hard to participate if I can get my post pre-scheduled and my phone cooperates with me (I’ll be at a women’s conference Thursday night through Saturday). Even if I can’t get the post accomplished I’ll love checking out everyone else’s. LOVE autumn ♥

    • Melissa

      Oh have fun at the women’s conference!!

  2. Wendy

    This strategy sounds great. We just ended yet another midwestern heatwave, so jumping into a full-fledged prep for Fall seems a bit much. I can’t wait to see your images for inspiration and read your enthusiastic point of view.
    Since discovering this site, it is one of my favorites. :-)

    • Melissa

      Well thank you Wendy. Since your comment, you are my new best friend :-)

      • Wendy

        It is absolutely my pleasure to be your new bestie. ‘Cheers’ to you & me!

        • Melissa

          cheers BFF!! :-)

  3. Tammara

    I look forward to this annual event so much! the inspiration is so abundant and it just makes me happy seeing the turning of the seasonal clock in other people’s homes. Thanks for doing this!

  4. Rona

    It was actually in the 70’s in Las Vegas today! I turned off the A/C and opened the windows.

    I love adding autumn touches to our home. I’ve got to make a stop at Big Lots.

  5. Lee Ann

    You are getting me all excited about Fall… And I have to agree with you about the Pumpkin Spice Latte, it leaves a little to be desired, but the Frappuccino… Now it’s the BOMB!

    • Melissa

      Glad you agree :-)

  6. Chatelaine

    This will be so fun! What is better than Autumn hot drinks and decorations? We’re even going to have Fall like temps at the end of the week. That makes me smile!

  7. Kathryn

    I’m a bit of a lurker but I’ve been convinced to come out of hiding to join the fall nesting party! I’ve set aside Saturday morning to try and sort out the chaos of my flat and bring some fall inspiration to it!

  8. Glenda Childers

    I am looking forward to fall . . . my favorite season.


  9. Vee

    So is that the button we can snag for our sidebar? I’m doing at least that much. As for fall decorating…clueless…so may be just following your wonderful participants around. Seriously, Melissa, I do love your autumn parties!

    • Melissa

      Thanks Vee…yeah, I always forget about making all the buttons. I put a smaller one on the post in case that helps. I’m not so good at my party promos, clearly :-) Glad you’ll come along anyway!

  10. Heather

    It’s definetly feeling like fall here in Southern Ontario with a frost last night!
    Can’t wait till Friday to share what’s been added to make things a little more autumnal.
    Fall is the best season. Too bad it’s followed by a long Canadian winter.

  11. Franki Parde

    Yah, Rah, FALL!!! franki

  12. Casey

    I used to work at Starbucks and was pretty surprised to find out people didn’t know this: you can add ANY syrup to pretty much ANY drink!

    So don’t feel constricted to what is on the menu. Feeling like a Pumpkin Spice White Mocha? You can do that. Or a Gingerbread Americano? You can do that, too.

    But my favorite is the Pumpkin-Spice-No-Water-Chai. Everyone go try one, right this second. You’ll be happy you did.

  13. Rachelle

    Yes, now I do want one. I’m on a diet you know, you can’t just throw that out there and make me crave it. Especially when it’s right on the way to pick up my oldest from school..

    excuse the drool. ;)


  14. Crystal

    I just started following your website and will definitely be participating in the Nesting Party! LOL I’m due with my first child tomorrow so I’ve been doing some crazy fall decorating around my house and feeling like a crazy person because we’re technically still in the summer season, but now I’ll be able to justify the transformation going on in my home. :)

  15. jennifer

    Hi girls! I am so very excited about the Fall Nesting Party! I adore Fall… the sights, sounds smells… makes me want to light pumpkin spice candles and count how many leaves fall onto my porch. love love love it… so much so, I named one of my girls Autumn!
    Anyways, thanks for the ideas… and here is a tip, Order the petite Vanilla Bean Scones with your next Fall flavored Starbucks treat… you won’t be sorry! ;)

  16. Heathahlee

    Yes, I do want one, now! : ) I have a Starbucks gift card burning a hole in my pocket…I may have just found what I’m using it on. It IS just a little early for the pumpkin spice latte (which I adore but it’s still just a teeny bit warm to really enjoy it). Can’t wait till Friday! I may not link up but I’ll enjoy getting inspired!

  17. goingroundandround

    Had a sample of the Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino the other day and it is the absolute best drink ever in the whole world. And I am inspired for Fall! Bring on the pumpkins and spiced apple cider!

  18. Marie

    I had such a wonderful time last year at your party that I MUST join in again! Happy Fall, Melissa :O)

  19. Debbie

    Sounds good! Party!


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