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Inspired Holidays {Day 2}:: Plush Pumpkins {A Fall Giveaway}

by | Oct 1, 2011 | 31 Days: Inspired Holidays, Decorating Inspiration, Fall Decorating

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Inspired Holidays {Day 2}:: Plush Pumpkins {A Fall Giveaway}

I adore these plump plush pumpkins. Adore is not even strong enough of a word, MADLY HEAD OVER HEELS INFATUATED would be more like it! I’ve been playing with them for quite a few weeks now and I can honestly say I think they are my new most favorite fall decoration ever.

Inspired Holidays {Day 2}:: Plush Pumpkins {A Fall Giveaway}

There is no end to the ways you could display these plush pumpkins. Alone, in a group or paired with other decor on a table, in a dish, on a shelf, in a basket or on the mantel — you can’t go wrong. They look cute everywhere.

And as a bonus, you don’t have to carve them, clean them out, or dispose of their rotted shells when the season is over. That is MY KIND OF DECOR!  Better Homes & Gardens loves them too!

Inspired Holidays {Day 2}:: Plush Pumpkins {A Fall Giveaway}

I love seasonal decorations that are beautiful enough to use year after year. Quality is where it is at. And these babies are HAND MADE and unique, stamped with the Plush Pumpkin “PP” logo on the bottom of each one.

I’m telling you, THESE pumpkins are TO DIE FOR. Quality, workmanship, chubbiness.


Inspired Holidays {Day 2}:: Plush Pumpkins {A Fall Giveaway}

They are even more ADORABLE in real life. How is that possible you say? One word: TEXTURE. You cannot reach out and stroke these pumpkins through your computer screen so a photo could never do these justice. But if you could reach out and touch one right now, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about.

Inspired Holidays {Day 2}:: Plush Pumpkins {A Fall Giveaway}

They are pure, velvety soft, chubby pumpkin cuteness. They relieve stress and help you to lose weight* too by keeping your hands busy all day stroking plush pumpkins. {*not a proven medical claim}.

And the stems? THE STEMS? Don’t even get me started on how I love the stems. Genuine unique stems from real pumpkins, gourds or squash. Authentic, textured, curly, twisty chunky goodness.

Inspired Holidays {Day 2}:: Plush Pumpkins {A Fall Giveaway}

And the baby acorn? The most precious thing you ever did see. Look at him all nestled in there!

You need these pumpkins right now, while October is still young. Or get some for gifts.

Inspired Holidays {Day 2}:: Plush Pumpkins {A Fall Giveaway}
Turquoise Plush Pumpkins via LoveFeastTable

The color options are amazing. I love the names of the individual pumpkins pumpkins too, names like chocolate, curry, and apricot. You could find a color perfect for any decor!

Inspired Holidays {Day 2}:: Plush Pumpkins {A Fall Giveaway}

Just found this out, this amazing set of pumpkins is named “Inspired” as in inspired by The Inspired Room! That is pretty awesome.

Where can you find these delectable glorious Plush Pumpkins?

From the amazing ladies at Love Feast Table.

Love Feast Table wants to give away a set of 6 of these Inspired plush velvety pumpkins to a reader of The Inspired Room. I’ve been pinching myself for weeks knowing I was going to get to give a set away to ya’all during my 31 Day series.

Oh happy way to kick off 31 Days! A GIVEAWAY!

Inspired Holidays {Day 2}:: Plush Pumpkins {A Fall Giveaway}

How do you enter to win this “Inspired” set of 6 Plush Pumpkins?

And all you have to do to have a chance was to leave me a comment on this post telling me how much you adore these plush pumpkins.

And if you will tell the world about this giveaway by linking to it on Facebook OR twitter, and leave me a second comment letting me know — as my thanks to you, you’ll get a second entry.

Go forth and comment! I’ll give the pumpkins a little good luck squeeze for you, just in case.

Plush Pumpkins can be found at the Love Feast Shop.

Note: The ever versatile wood tray and dark wood pedestal are from DaySpring.

Inspired Holidays {Day 2}:: Plush Pumpkins {A Fall Giveaway}

Be sure to visit the other lovely participants of 31 days!
Have you seen how many have linked up? Goodness! So awesome!!


  1. Freda Gordon

    Love these! They would go with any decor.

  2. Wendi

    These are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! I love the texture and all of the beautiful colors. I think that I too would spend much time enjoying the feel of the texture – can we call it a stress reliever??!!

  3. Josette Canarelli

    Love, love these little beauties !!!

  4. Christina

    How do I love these pumpkins? Let me count the ways! These are absolutely adorable and would look magnificent on our mantle in the living room. I am always searching for permanent fall decor that can be used from one year to the next, and that could be passed down to my little girl someday. These are perfect! I hope I win!

  5. Tana Hendricks

    Love the colors and texture of these pumpkins! I would love them!

  6. Debbie

    I’m pretty sure I just died and went to heaven!!! Love EVERY thing about these pumpkins. The velvet, the real stems, the soft plump shapes, the gorgeous autumn colors. I’ll take one in every size and color please!

  7. Christina

    Just shared this on Facebook!

  8. Freda Gordon

    I shared a link on facebook.Hopefully some of my friends will become followers of your blog too.Thanks for all the great tips&pics.

  9. Nis

    These are so lovely – autumn decor at its best!

  10. Barbara

    I love the whole idea – the textures, the colors! Whoever knew a pumpkin could be luxurious?!

  11. Debbie

    Just liked this on FB & tweeted about your giveaway!

  12. Philippa Gelinas

    Love love LOVE these guys!!!! Pinned them weeks ago, and now they are popping up on all my fav blogs.

  13. Philippa Gelinas

    Shared on my face book….but told my friends if they win, they need to share with me :-)

  14. Kelly Gray

    Those pumpkins are too cute!

  15. Bev Petruzalek

    LOVE beautiful seasonal decor that can be used year after year. No more moldy gourds!

  16. Beth


  17. Kirsten Dehmlow

    I love the pumpkins! My home could use some Fall warmth and love. Thanks!

  18. Angela Christin

    I have been spying these delectable beauties all over the web! I was so pleased to see they are doing a give away on your blog! Please enter my name for a chance to win this loot!

  19. Amy

    Those pumpkins are insanely cute! Would love, love, love them!

  20. Kristen

    I LOVE these pumpkins! In need of some more Fall Cheer over here in Maine, as we are severely missing Summer.

  21. Shirley

    I love these and they would go so well with my other fall decorations.

  22. Shirley

    Shared link on FB

  23. C Lamkin

    I adore these pumpkins also. They are so cute. I can’t say what made me so crazy for them, but its like a moth to a flame. This is my favorite time of year!!!

  24. Susan R.

    So CUTE! You are right that they would go anywhere, even in MY house!!!

  25. Amy

    Just shared the link on facebook!

  26. Becky K.

    Well, if these little autumnal beauties are plush and plump and pumpkiny perfect AND help me lose weight, then I just HAVE to have them. Oh, random comment chooser, pick me, pick me!!

  27. Saylem

    Love these!! Gorgeous colors!!

  28. Paula J

    WOW… these are a.m.a.z.i.n.g.!!! Texture, texture, texture!

    I would love to win these!! :)

  29. Wendy

    I have loved these plush pumpkins from the moment I first gazed upon them. They are gorgeous and lovely in every way. ♥

  30. Rhoda

    I’ve never seen these pumpkins before, but I looove them! Always looking for fall decor that lasts more then one season, too

  31. Jackie

    I love these – I just want to give them a squish. It’s true, they would go anywhere, but they’d go best in my house.

  32. Paula J

    I shared the link on FB!

  33. jan

    These are gorgeous! Fantastic giveaway.

  34. Pamela

    Love these – they would be so fun on my mantel! (Or maybe on the Dining room table)

  35. Bev Petruzalek

    Shared link and praised these beauties on Facebook.

  36. pamela

    LOVE these!Want these!

  37. Laura

    These are adorable- I’d love to win!

  38. Amy Sullivan

    I absolutely love these! I live for fall. It’s the most beautiful time of year. I have the perfect bowl to put these beauties in and display them on my table. I love the different fall colors and best of all the cats won’t think their a toy like my little plastic pumpkins!

  39. Katy R

    Oh they are adorable!! I want to touch them!
    I think they would be great decor around a house with little kiddos!

  40. Dawn

    Those pumpkins DO look amazing. Such a beautiful inspiration from nature herself, grin. Would love a set!!

  41. stephanie Maxfield

    I would love to win the plush pumpkins. Live in a new house and would love some decorations!!!

  42. Beth Groce

    Totally love the rich, plump, squishability of these guys!

  43. stephanie Maxfield

    I also shared on FB.

  44. Amy Sullivan

    I shared on FB as well :-)

  45. Angie

    Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh!! I love these! I’d be so happy to win.

  46. Jenny

    I LOVE these! I can think of so many places I would want them around my house.

  47. Carolyn Bahm

    Now this is truly a GREAT Pumpkin set. (Linus van Pelt, eat your heart out.) Love the plush, cozy texture!

  48. Tonya

    I love these pumpkins such a great chance to win. Thank you

  49. Victoria

    What an extraordinary way to decorate with those beautiful, plush pumpkins. Who wouldn’t love to receive those as a wonderful treat this Fall? I have spent so much helping family and friends and have nothing left for decorating for the season this fall. It would be a huge blessing to have them bring a bright spot to my home.


  50. Tonya

    I’ve shared the contest on fb

  51. Carolyn Bahm

    P.S. Just posted this on Twitter, too; I’m @cbahm there.

  52. Heather

    I love love love these! My absolute favorites are the turquoise, cream and navy ones!

  53. Michelle

    Cute, cute, cute! I just want to squish them. They are adorable!

  54. Heather

    I shared on facebook!

  55. Kelley Bowman

    The plush pumpkins are beyond cute! i keep seeing them all over blogland – and they keep getting cuter!

  56. Helena


  57. Michele

    I love the pumpkins and I’m pretty sure the baby acorn said he loved me back and wants to live with me forever.

    Such a beautiful giveaway!

    xoxo michele

  58. Beth Dunsmoor

    Those pumpkins are too cute! I’m partial to pumpkins though. :)

  59. Heidi golden

    Okay….not only do I love these but I actually saved a handful of stems from last years pumpkins to try to knit similar pumpkins.
    Did I ever do it?
    Would I rather win these?

  60. Mary Johnson

    I love them. They are adorable!! Would love to decorate with them.

  61. Kathy

    I adore these little guys alot! So cute. Thanks for the chance to win.

  62. Andrea joyce

    I love the velvet pumpkins. They are absolutely adorable. I have a very small house but would love to place these in a dark wicker cornicopia basket that I have and place it on my living room table.

  63. Jill Buford

    LOVE these fashionable pumpkins! Best of all…they would look great from September all the way until time to pull out something velvety for Christmas! Would love to win them!

  64. wendy

    Oh. em. gee… those are adorable! I was stroking my screen, trying to feel their velvety goodness. (It didn’t work – clearly you’ll need to send them to me in person!)

  65. sarah

    I looooove these! I want some so so bad!

  66. Debbie

    Love these plush pumpkins! The are scrumptious!! Such a great give away!!

  67. Kathy R

    I can relate to these pumpkins! I’m handmade and perfect (in Gods opinion)and I’m chubby! Woohoo! These are absolutely beautiful and I know exactly where I would put them. I need these!!!!!

  68. Cathy

    I love these velvet pumpkins. They are soooo precious and I need them sooo much. I would put them out anytime from September through November.

  69. Kirstin

    These are super cute!!

  70. Darci

    When I saw these pumpkins at first, I skipped singing their praises and went straight to the shop. I never win ANYTHING. Imagine the sinky feeling in my stomach when I saw that they were $84! :( Not that three of those beauties aren’t worth that much, it’s just a leeeettle out of our price range right now. I love the blue pumpkins so much! Our accent wall is blue, and I think the little ones that frequent our home would be tickled by blue pumpkins. If I won, I would do that Snoopy dance that makes everyone around me embarrassed and I would display them every day. Now I’m going to go link you on my facebook so I can further rhapsodize my unending love for these pumpkins.

  71. Iris

    These pumpkins are just adorable! They would be an amazing addition to my fall decor! Love them!

  72. julie

    Love them!

  73. julie


  74. Darci

    I just linked you on my facebook (really, girl scout’s honor). Just a quick further gush about how much I’ve fallen for these pumpkins. I think they really balance classy and fun and they would enhance any home, but I hope they enhance mine!

    Fingers crossed,

  75. Kristi

    Cute Cute Cute!! I would love to win these to give to my sister-in-law!!

  76. kelly

    oooooooo….I’ve been wanting some of these so bad! They are so adorable!

  77. Tracey S

    Love this squishy pumpkins, especially the darker, autumn tones.

  78. Jenni

    Oh how GORGEOUS! I saw these somewhere else recently – LOVE! Thanks for the awesome give away… this would be a treat to win. We move into our first home the week of October 20th – would love to have new decorations to go with! :-)

  79. April was in CT now CA

    These are beyond adorable, scrumptiously cute!!

  80. Chari

    Hi Melissa…

    Ohhh my goodness…I would love, love, LOVE to win six of these adorable velvety pumpkins! They really are GORGEOUS!!! The colors are soooo rich, warm…and autumny…and the curly stems are awesome! Yes, please sign me up!

    Thank you sooo much for hosting such an awesome gift giveaway, Melissa!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  81. Bri

    Those are so cute! I’ve seen them on a few blogs lately and every time I see them I want them even more. This is great, thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  82. Melissa R.

    I’m loving these pun-kins. I could sure use some decor to spruce up my madre’s fireplace!

  83. Jessica McCart

    These pumpkins are beautiful! The fabrics are so warm and rich looking. Love them!

  84. Michelle

    Love the contrast between the velvet and the stems. Really great! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  85. Chantelle Rogers

    Please oh PLEASE let me win!!! I have been coveting these for weeks now!! When I first set eyes on them a few weeks ago it was LOVE at first sight!!!

  86. Jessica McCart

    Liked the link on facebook :)

  87. Chantelle Rogers

    I linked on Face Book!!!!! here’s praying that I win!!

  88. JennieLynn

    These are just SCRUMPTIOUS!!! I adore the warm cozy feeling they evoke. I just want to cuddle up with them – except for the stem. These would be a perfect addition to my fall decor!

  89. Nancy

    I would love to win these beautiful pumpkins. I just tweeted about it also.

  90. Carolyn

    I was looking for them last week when I was shopping, but sadly, didn’t find them. I would LOVE my own set. . . inspired is an apt description, I think.

  91. Heather

    I keep seeing these pumpkins all over different blogs and I drool every time :) Would definitely love to win!

  92. Daria

    I love love love these pumpkins. They are so cute.
    I had no luck growing pumpkins in my garden this year so these would be perfect!

  93. Heather

    I also tweeted about the giveaway!

  94. Norma

    Oh, wow! I love the texture, they’re gorgeous!

  95. Rachelle Hoole

    LOVE these SO much! They are beautiful!!!

  96. Loving Life 37

    Love those adorable pumpkins. They are the perfect accent for fall. Love your blog as well. It has become a daily visit for me.

  97. Stefani

    These are super duper cute and one even has my name (curry) so of course that makes them even more awesome!

  98. Keri

    I soooooo love these, and really appreciate thst they also come in a lot of rich, non-Halloween colors.

  99. Keri

    I posted on Facebook!

  100. Keri

    Posted on Twitter!

  101. candy jones

    I have been so inspired to get ready for fall this year by really checking your blog more often (daily Now). I love these sweet little Pumpkins.

    And I shared on Facebook yesterday!!!

  102. Linda

    OH my gosh, they are just adorable! I want to start a new tradition of decorating my (English) home for autumn, and one of these would really kickstart my project!

  103. Marieke

    These are so lovely, great inspired idea! Love your blog too! Happy weekend!

  104. Kim

    The pumpkins are fabulous.

  105. Kim

    These are beautiful.

  106. Linda McGuire

    Love these plush beauties, rich colors and textures, put me in line to win these

  107. Carol

    I have seen cloth pumpkins, but never velvet . . . LOVE! How elegant they would look in my music room!


  108. Cat Olson

    These are so amazing! And the best part – if my kids got into them and dropped them, they wouldn’t shatter, like all my other fall decor would. Love it!

  109. Dana Lynne

    I looooooooooove these pumpkins! I think I really need them in my home!!!

  110. Teresa Starr

    Awesome! They truly are inspired.

  111. ellen

    yes I’ve seen these and SOOOO love them!!!

  112. Lindsay

    Oh, the places I could put these lovely pumpkins!!!

  113. Lauren

    These are gorgeous… and I have a fascination with velvet.

  114. Aimee

    These pumpkins are seriously cute! I would love to have them in my home, and I know my mom would love them too!

  115. Lauren

    Just linked you on FB…

  116. Aimee

    I tweeted about the giveaway and mentioned it on my blog :)

  117. deezie

    I think these pumpkins are precious!!! they look like you want to touch them every time you walk past them. I love them all. I don’t go on facebook sorry or I would have posted a comment on there. I can’t believe those stems are real too, how cool is that
    Hope I win
    I love your Blog, its one of my favorites I check everyday

  118. Susan Crim

    INSPIRED is the perfect way to describe the plush pumpkins…Don’t you love the dark turquoise one!

  119. Dianne

    I’ve been seeing these everywhere and I’m definitely coveting them right now!

  120. Julie

    Absolutely fabulous. They’d look great in any room & compliment each room’s decor.

  121. WendyK

    I love these little pumpkins! I’ve entered several giveaways trying to win some, but so far no luck.

  122. Machelle

    I love these pumpkins; especially the colors.

  123. Lindsay

    I love, love, LOVE these!

  124. Lindsay

    I shared the link on facebook, too.

  125. Shana

    I have adored these pumpkins since I first saw them in BHG. The navy blue is TO DIE FOR!!

  126. Claudia De La Cruz

    A set of those beautiful pumpkins would make me so happy, but a set of the turquoise ones would make me squill like a 15 year old on her first date.

  127. Stephanie

    The fuzzy, velvety texture is my favorite part of these pumpkins! I am sure my children would want to squeeze them, too.

  128. Simply Sara

    I love these pumpkins, I have been seeing them everywhere, I really like them!!! They would look so great on the mantal during the holidays!! So cute!!!!

  129. Lora W.

    I love these pumpkins! The colors are gorgeous. I might be tempted to keep them out until Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway.

  130. Carrie at lovely etc.

    Adore these! Especially the turquoise, cream, and gray ones. Would love to win some!

  131. Stacey

    I have been longing for some of these ever since Layla featured them. They are beautiful. It’s fun to see how much you enjoy yours.

  132. Joy

    Oh My!! The texture, the stems, the amazing colors!!! I would love to win a set!! Great giveaway!

  133. Shara

    I love these pumpkins and would love to see a set in my family room! I keep hoping there will be some room in the budget to buy a set – adore both the ranch and turquoise sets – but it hasn’t happened yet.

  134. Jackie s

    I loove these pumpkins! I saw them on your previous posts and im so happy youredoing a giveaway!

  135. Shara

    Love these! Contest shared via twitter :)

  136. Sara Mc

    I would love to win a set of those gorgeous pumpkins!!

  137. Dorothy Clement

    They really are adorable. I’m curious how they make the stem?

  138. Heather

    Oh snap. I want to snuggle with these things!!!I hope I win!!!

  139. Kathleen Grace

    These really are just the prettiest things. I love the rich colors and I have always been a fan of velvet. Thanks for the chance to win some of these!

  140. Kathleen Grace

    I tweeted this giveaway:>)

  141. Melanie

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE these pumpkins! They would look perfect in our newly remodeled family room!

  142. Kate

    They are beautiful! My favorite part is the stems.

  143. Heather

    These are about the sweetest pumpkins I’ve ever seen. Love them!!!

  144. Debbie

    How much do LOVE these??? Well they are to die for cute…:)

  145. cathy z

    Very sweet fall decor :)

  146. Jessica

    These are the cutest little things I’ve seen :) yes, I would love one :)

  147. jeannie

    I love them! So beautiful!

  148. Bebe

    The pumpkins are gorgeous! LOVE!

  149. Heather Bivins

    I love these pumpkins, but I might like the acorn even better! I’m in love with his tiny cuteness!

  150. LindaSonia

    There is no question whatsoever that I am absolutely head over heels in love with these plush pumpkins. Just being able to call a pumpkin ‘plush’ is something I would never imagine, but these are just that!!! :)

  151. Betty

    Adorable!!!! Love the rich colors and texture.

  152. Gina

    I would love to have these as part of my fall decorating!!

  153. Sara S

    LOVE these little pumpkins! I am desperately in need of some cool fall decooration so it would make me insanely happy if I won!!!

  154. Heather

    I llllooovvveee these pumpkins. I’d like to try my hand at making them but I’m not as crafty as I wish I were. I’m hosting a party for a bunch of ladies in my community during November and would LOVE to show these off! ;). Pick me!!!

  155. Heather Bivins

    Just put a link on my facebook wall; had to share the cuteness! Thanks!

  156. Sunday Burquest

    I love these pumpkins – oh my word! They are so cute!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  157. Sharmin

    This puts the coolest spin on Autumn decor!!! The pumpkins are all so gorgeous! If I won a set – especially with the turquoise velvet pumpkins, I’m sure my my would go up a few octaves – the way it does when I see kittens and puppies. :)

  158. Sunday Burquest

    I shared the giveaway on FB :)

  159. Sandy Eickhoff

    Would love to win the set of pumpkins!

  160. Renee B

    The plush pumpkins are beautiful! We would LOVE to have them in our home. Halloween/fall is one of our favorite times of the year. Thank you for the giveaway.

  161. stacey freet

    I really, really, really want to win those cute pumpkins!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  162. stacey freet

    I tweeted about the contest!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  163. Barbara

    Love these pumpkins! Saw them in person at Leftovers in Texas & bought a few but I could always use another one!

  164. stefanie

    I absolutely love them and I don’t think anyone has described them better than you….

  165. Theresa

    I HEART this pumpkins and have already found their spot in my living room….laugh.

    AND I posted it on FB too….oh happy day.

  166. Lydia

    These pumpkins are so lovely for fall decor! They have a modern, yet vintage look that I love!!

  167. Mrs. Mary Joy Pershing

    They are GORGEOUS!!! SOOOOOO yummy!!!! I just want to smoosh them!!! :D

    Please consider this my entry! :D That you so much for offering them!!!

  168. Kellie

    I LOVE these pumpkins!

  169. Heather

    Also, I posted on fb and I’m about to tweet about my love affair with these pumpkins!!!

  170. Lydia

    I shared/linked this giveaway on Twitter! I retweeted your tweet about it! :)

  171. Shannon

    I first saw these plush texture rich pumpkins in Better Homes and Garden magazine earlier this fall! Like you…I am infatuated with them! I so hope I might win this give away!

  172. Lori H

    Oh my. The cutest pumpkins ever! I would love to squeeeze one – very gently!

  173. Shannon

    O.K…I hit the like button for facebook! So now I get a second chance to win those huggable pretty pumpkins!

  174. JoAnn

    Thanks for the chance to win! Love, love those pumpkins!

  175. Emily

    What a lovely autumn surprise! I’d enjoy these beautiful pumpkins and would love the opportunity to play with them. Thanks!

  176. Margie S

    Those are beautiful and very plush. Thank you for the give-a-way! Have a great day.

  177. Lindsay

    These are so stinking cute, I just love them!

  178. Emily

    Hey girl!! So excited about your series. And how much do I love the plush pumpkins? So much!!!


  179. Mary Beth

    I really do LOVE these pumpkins…I started seeing them pop up on Pinterest about a month ago…pinned them immediately and have wanted some ever since….they are beautiful! I would probably move them around from room to room…touching them and playing with them along the way and giving my boys the sideways ‘do not touch or you will be sorry’ stare to let them know these are off limits to them {everything to them, even their little brother has the potential to be a football}.

  180. Janet

    Those are just amazing. The combination of velvet and actual stem is awesome. Thanks for the great giveaway. I’d really like to win.

  181. treisha

    Love the stems, love the texture, love the color names and love the happy feeling you’ve shared on your post. Can’t wait to lose some weight with these cuties!

  182. Mary Beth

    I just tweeted it also : )

  183. midwestgirly

    Lovely! The are just beautiful and yet a homespun inspiration. I would love to see them in a great basket on my coffee table.

  184. Heather

    Luv, Love, L O V E these pumpkins!!

  185. AnnieGroover

    So cute! I try to stay with “real” things so I don’t have to store a bunch of things, but I would definitely make an exception with these!

  186. Jessica

    the little red one is the cutest!! I love that I could actually have these setting around and not worry about my two-year-old breaking them or something…

  187. Robyn

    I adore these pumpkins, they are all gorgeous….but the turquoise ones are my absolute favorite. Turquoise fall decor…to die for!

  188. Heather

    Officially shared on facebook! I know my friends will love them too!!

  189. angel

    I just started to decorate the house for fall last night and these pumpkins would be just the right touch for my living room. The colors would pop against my celery colored couch and unfortunate for me the kiddo and the dog will love the fuzzy texture of these beauties.

  190. Peggy

    Love, love, love those pumpkins! Such a beautiful idea.

  191. Lynn

    I L O V E these pumpkins!!

  192. Lynn

    I LOVE these pumpkins!!

  193. Julie

    These are so adorable…my fingers are crossed!

  194. Nanna

    I’d love to add these pretty pumpkins to my decor!

  195. Claudia

    These are gorgeous – I’d love to own a set.

  196. Bobbi

    They look so yummy – I adore the mixture of textures!

  197. Meredith W.

    I have entered every giveaway I can find to win these pumpkins! So glad this giveaway is from one of my favorite blogs!

  198. Joyce

    I have been seeing these beautious pumpkins all over blogland and even thought about trying to make one but if you don’t have the great stems that are on these babies….you can’t do it. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that I might win one of these.

  199. laura p

    I adore pumpkins! I am addicted to them. They are truly perfect fall decor. I would love these for my table centerpiece. Live, love, love them!

  200. Treva

    Beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity.

  201. Laura Lee

    I absolutely adore these pumpkins and would love to win this amazing giveaway!

  202. Heidi

    These are beautiful!!!!!!

  203. Stacey

    I just know my little girls would adore these pumpkins!

  204. Diane

    Talk about a fantastic Day 2, love, love these. I am with you, velvet, color and yes those stems!

  205. Stacey

    I posted this to my FB too, so please enter me twice!

  206. Kristina

    These are SO cute! I need these. I just won the pillow slip cover, so winning these would be TOO good to be true.

  207. laurah

    Love these, so pretty!

  208. Diane H

    I adore these….I adore these…I adore these…..did I mention I adore these???

  209. Kim

    These pumpkins are just gorgeous! The colors are so much better than any I’ve seen in stores. I’d love to win :)

  210. Vee

    Oh these are so unique and truly beautiful and I would love them for all the same reasons that you do…no muss, no fuss.

  211. Karen

    Love these pumpkins…they look like fall feels – cozy and colorful.

  212. Samantha

    oooooooooooooooooo in lurve with these ‘inspired’ punkins! saaweet!

  213. Barbara

    At my age, I need to be getting rid of things not acquiring things….but THESE pumpkins….oh my! I promise to clean out a whole closet if I win them. They are gorgeous!

  214. Diana Allen

    Those are FANTABULOUS!!!!

  215. Ruby L

    Just to cute! Love them. Sharing on FB and Twitter.

  216. Katie

    I’m in love with these beautiful, plush pumpkins!

  217. Catherine-Alexa

    I’m obsessed with these. The turquoise and teal ones are SOOO lovely.

  218. Deb

    Can’t stop thinking about these adorable pumpkins! Hope they can start calling my place “home” soon! :)

  219. Katie

    I posted the plush pumpkin giveaway on fb.

  220. Barbara

    I’ve also linked and shared this post on my FB page….anything to get my hands on the yummy pumpkins!

  221. Kerry

    LOVE these…and pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to put these away until next year!

  222. Holly

    Gorgeous yumminess! They are stunning …. would love to have a set to decorate with!

  223. Holly

    Shared on Facebook! I would love a set in the fall colors … they look so soft and rich and yet would go with any decor …

  224. Jennifer

    Love them! I have the perfect spot for them in my foyer!

  225. Amy B

    Oh I really want to squish one! The green is especially gorgeous!

  226. Kim Goto

    Those pumpkins are beautiful! I would be thrilled to win a set!

  227. Vicky Walker

    Absolutely adorable!!! Never seen anything like them before. I would leave them out all year long!!!!

  228. bendedspoon

    Those pumpkins are adorable just like my lovely cuddly kiddos! :)

  229. Alison Cady

    Love the pumpkins! I especially love the texture and blue hues!

  230. Luanna

    They are beautiful, Melissa. Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year – I love all of the jewel tones. These pumpkins look so soft; and yes, the baby acorn is adorable!!

  231. Coastal Femme


    These pumpkins are just so gorgeous and unique!

  232. Heidi

    These pumpkins are gorgeous! And as I don’t have any fall decor, they would bring some festive fall spirit to my rooms! :) I love their soft, velvety look!

  233. Coastal Femme

    I just just twitted about these adorable pumkins.
    [email protected]

  234. Carole Resnick

    These would make a beautiful fall center piece year after year after year.

  235. Luanna

    Just posted your awesome website and Plush Pumpkin giveaway on my facebook. Now … going back in to your website to check it out!!!

  236. Callie

    Colors:perfect! Love each and every cuddley one. I know they want to come to my house!

  237. Kim Bond

    These pumpkins are absolutely BRILLIANT!!! I have had my eye on the cozy nest set! The blue pumpkins are just sooooo wonderful!

  238. Adrienne

    I am in love with these pumpkins, especially the turquoise ones!!!

  239. meghan

    These pumpkins are too cha cha for words. I’d totally love to add them to my all white pumpkin collection for a pop of color & texture. Thank you for the chance to win!!!

  240. Rebecca Thompson

    Those pumpkins are just gorgeous! I love the deep, rich colors!

  241. meghan

    Liked this post on FB!!!

  242. Jess behe

    Yes, those pumpkins are glorious! I just love pumpkins!

  243. Ansley

    I love these – they would be the perfect addition to my pumpkin collection!

  244. cynthia

    I adore these plush pumpkins! Velvet, fall colors, cute pumpkin shapes…it doesn’t get better!

  245. Kathleen

    Love love LOVE these plush pumpkins!!! Perfect decor for fall!

  246. Donna Bivins

    PUMPKINS have been one of my favorite decorations – around mid summer I begin to yearn for Fall to come so I can get out all the pumpkins I have collected over the years – it is such fun! Would love to have a set of these beauties – they are treasures for sure! (LOVE the blue one’s!)

  247. Mary Beth

    This plush pumpkins rock my world, so cute! I can totally see them in a basket near the fireplace……would just have to make sure the dogs don’t think they are chew toys ;-)

  248. Carey

    I “Heart” these little pumpkins!!! SO SO cute…I just want to “hug” them! :)

  249. jane

    These pumpkins are very cute and such a unique idea!

  250. Kerry

    These pumpkins are so great. I recently saw them in “The Garden of Simple” shop. They are as great as you describe! How I would love them!

  251. Melissa W

    Love these pumpkins and know just where I would use them!

  252. tiffany

    these are so freakin cute! they would look perfect in my house, but if anyone wants to come look at them and maybe squeeze them,I would let them….. maybe!

  253. heather

    love these pumpkins!

  254. Maureen

    These pumpkins are spectacular. What a great setting for a front hallway or a table for decor for a family get together. I love them.

  255. Latisha

    Love the rich colors! Already know where I am going to put them.

  256. M in TX

    These are scrumptious…love the texture.

  257. M in TX

    Posted on FB

  258. mary fanara coleman

    Omgosh I’ve tried winning these before. They would would so cozy on my mantle. Thanks for the chance to win.

  259. mary fanara coleman

    Oh I also shared this great giveaway on my fb page.

  260. Latisha

    Just shared it on FB!

  261. linda k

    they are just too cute, I can’t wait to see them in person!

  262. Lindsey Crumby

    I MUST have these little guys!! They are too cute.

  263. Deann Carpenter

    Love, Love, LOVE these pumpkins!

  264. Dawn Gahan

    Pumpkins in velvet. Sweet sweet swoon.

  265. Dawn Gahan

    And I tweeted as well! @DawnGahan

  266. Donna Bowes

    OMG! Those are beyond adorable! Thanks for the giveaway!

  267. Tamara

    Sweet pumpkin love! These are too precious for words.

  268. Debbie Sundberg

    Have been collecting fabric pumpkins for years…these would be an awesome addition to my pile of pumpkins!

  269. Carolyn Arneson

    These INSPIRE the following rhyme:

    “They’re squishy and they’re sassy!
    They’re lovely AND they’re cute!
    They are altogether classy,
    And yet natural at their root!”

  270. Michele

    These are rustic, classic, shabby, posh, plush–in other words, perfect!

  271. Michele

    I shared this on FB.

  272. Theresa Ketchum

    These pumpkins are certainly aptly named…what a wonderful idea from talented ladies!I like decorations I can use throughout the year and I can see these pumpkins used in any room and at any season.

  273. Lanette

    Love these! October is my favorite month, fall is my favorite season!

  274. Keighly Appel

    I LOVE these pumpkins! I love decorating for Fall and usually place little pumpkins and gourds all around the house, but always have to throw them away at the end of the season. It would be so fun to pull these out of my Fall bin each year and find new places for them!

  275. suzanne bailey

    They are beautiful and would be a great addition to my fall decor! Thanks for sharing!

  276. Ashley

    I love these pumpkins!

  277. Taryn

    OMG- I need these pumpkins. they are amazing.

  278. Alecia

    I love these! These combine my love of pumpkins and squishy. I’d probably rub them on my face when no one was looking… oh the shame!

  279. Ashley


  280. Brenda

    Plush Pumpkins! What a great idea!

  281. Marjie

    gorgeous! Yes, please!

  282. Lisa Thompson

    These pumpkins are absolutely gorgeous. If I was the lucky winner I would have a “pumpkin party” and invite all of my friends to come see these beauties.

    Thanks to you and Love Feast for the incredible giveaway.


  283. gina

    These are adorable!! Would love to win!!

  284. Trudy

    These glorious pumpkins are calling my name…I just love them and would give them a wonderful home! I tweeted as well.

  285. Lisa Thompson

    I am now a FB fab too.


  286. jenna nelson

    I want them, I need them, I love them… I would never need another pumpkin again.

  287. Connie

    These are absolutely gorgeous pumpkins! I would love to win a set :)

  288. Jillian (MOSS Floral Design)

    I LOVE these pumpkins. they are so fab!! I have a fall inspired wedding coming up and would love to surprise the bride with a couple of these at the sweetheart table!!
    (this has officially put me in fall mode…i’m writing this to you…enjoying the fall inspiration, drinking pumpkin spice latte & have a pumpkin candle burning…yeah FALL!)

  289. Fonda

    How lovely! It’s super nice to see decorations that are so beautiful and “grown-up” looking.

  290. Jillian (MOSS Floral Design)

    P.s def doing a fall inspiration blog entry today…and these babies will be front and center!!

  291. the farmer's wife

    I L.O.V.E. these pumpkins!

  292. Megan Chase

    I love these pumpkins! So unique!!

  293. kat

    i have been eyeing cute.

  294. KimH

    Those are so totally adorable.. I have a cd shelf & a tv table that seem to be calling their names…

  295. Julia

    I have been drooling over these for some time now! They are gorgeous and I would love to have some of my own.

  296. Lisa

    How lovely and sweet! I *adore* these velvety soft pumpkins and their real stems! So pretty for fall decorating!

  297. Kelsea

    These pumpkins are too cool! I especially love the stems.

  298. eileen marie

    1 of 2 things happen every fall -we never get around to buying a pumpkin/gourds, OR we buy too early & they rot. These are the cutest things ever (I love the color choices), and they never go bad!

  299. Heather B

    I love them! And I have ‘ZERO’ fall decor right now. No, wait, I did put a halloween door mat outside. I need some help!

  300. Heather B

    Where did my comment go? I love these!

  301. Erica

    Love love love the pumpkins!! Would love to add them to my living room!! :)

  302. Gail

    I love the pumpins !!! Fall is my favorite time of the year, and they would look great in my house!!!!

  303. Joanne

    Those pumpkins are absolutely gorgeous!! I have never seen anything like them!! Would LOVE to have them!! :)

  304. Holly

    I love the texture of these pumpkins! They are such a unique idea. I think they would be a great conversation piece.

  305. Jenny

    I love them! SO gorgeous!!

  306. KimH

    I posted this giveaway on my Facebook page. Im Kim R there.

  307. angie

    how freaking cute!!! I love the stems the most! It is so hard to find a fake pumpkin with a realistic looking stem…but these have the real deal!!!

  308. Rachel

    Can I just say one word….gorgeous!

  309. Kim

    I LOVE these pumpkins. Fall is my favorite season and would love to have these cute pumpkins.

  310. Taryn

    I would love to win these! (I can’t find my comment- so I am commenting again. Sorry if I comment twice! Computer issues.)

  311. Cathy M

    Love these adorable gourds (Adoragourds??!!) and know just where they would be perfect stunning!


    • Cathy M

      Also liked on FB as Freddie Fred!

  312. vikki

    Love those pumpkins, need those pumpkins, hope I win.

  313. RhondaK

    Luv these adorable pumpkins.

  314. Spring

    I love the way you WROTE about these pumpkins, as well as the pumpkins themselves. My girls were squealing over the acorn! :) I especially love the one you put in the tea-cup… deliciously cute!

  315. Anita

    I will admit that I’m pretty smitten w/ their looks. But positively anxious in a tactile kinda way! Love!

  316. Karen

    Love those pumpkins. Perfect for my house of little kids.

  317. Jenifer M

    I have seen these beautiful little plush pumpkins all over blog land and I would so adore a set of them!

  318. Monica

    These are gorgeous! We are selling our house and have all of the same colors as the picture with the teal/blue/white pumpkins. What fun would it be to have those on display as a seasonal decoration but still tie into our color scheme?!

    Thanks for sharing these, what fun!

  319. Jill W.

    Absolutely LOVE these pumpkins! Super cute…

  320. Monica

    Wish I could have Loved this on Facebook, but they only have the like option! ;)

  321. Donna

    I don’t think I can even remember a fall decoration that is as beautiful as theses pumpkins. What a treasure to own some of these! The colors are amazing!

  322. elizaeth

    I love these cute little punkins(sorry for the spelling I can’t help myself b/c they are so adorable)! These little babies inspire me to get my fall on around the house.

  323. --Deb

    Those are absolutely ADORABLE pumpkins. My mother would love them!

  324. Andrea

    I Loooooove these pumpkins!!!!

  325. Shannon

    I have been wanting atleast one of these gorgeous pumpkins for the past 3 years now!!! If I won 6 I would be ecstatic :) They are the most adorable things ever and now they have acorns…….too cute!

  326. Lindsay

    I appreciate the beauty of these pumpkins and also how they are naturally kid-friendly! So cool!!

  327. Kristen

    Indeed, so cute! My husband hid my engagement ring in a pumpkin, so I’m a big fan of all things pumpkin…as well as my husband! :-) What a fun way to start your series!

  328. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, these are THE sweetest pumpkins ever! I would welcome them with open arms to my home :)

  329. Allie

    I tried to win a set of these on House of Turquoise. I lost. :( I would love to put these little cuties in a basket on my dining room table. They would be PERFECT!

  330. Kayse

    oooh i LOVE those pumpkins! I entered the nesters giveaway but didn’t win – so excited for a second chance!!!!!

  331. Pat

    Love fall, LOVE these pumpkins and I love their names!


  332. Pat

    Love fall, LOVE these pumpkins and I love their names!


  333. Pat

    Love fall, LOVE these pumpkins and I love their names!


  334. Kia

    I love the pumpkins! I could use them in my photo shoots for the fall!

  335. Amanda

    LOVE! They would look so cute as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving!

  336. Kia

    I shared your giveaway on facebook

  337. Christine

    I absolutely LOVE these pumpkins!! The various color combinations are just beautiful !!!

  338. Alisa

    These are so cute! Would love to add these to my fall collection!

  339. Kate

    Hello! I ‘liked’ this on Facebook so please enter me again! Thanks!

  340. Karen M.

    Love, Love, Love them . . . especially the precious little acorn!

  341. Cara Shoemaker

    Oh my goodness! These are too cute. My two little girls love to decorate for fall/Halloween. They would love these!

  342. Netty

    Wow! Love those little pumkins, especially the torqoise ones!!! Perfect for adding some fall decor to a beach house!

    Thank you for the chance :)

  343. Cindy

    Love the pumpkins!!!

  344. carol

    Wow…those are incredibly beautiful pumpkins! I would love to have them decorate my Thanskgiving table!!

  345. Amber

    I love these little cuties!!! I’ve been searching for something similar that would fit into my budget, but so far, no good. I would adore displaying these babies in my home. Fingers crossed!

  346. carol

    Wow those are beautiful pumpkins!

  347. Joanne

    The pumpkins are absolutely delightful. LOVE everything about them!

  348. Sunny

    I want these little guys so bad!! And that little acorn well, I just want to mount him on a ring and wear him!! LOL. But (sad face) I never win anything!! But fingers crossed!!

  349. Gwen Anderson

    You are so right! These pumpkins are perfect for fall. Thanks for the source.

  350. Karen Mary

    Wow, thess would really kick start my fall decor project! Thanks for the opportunity!

  351. Shannon

    Oooh, we just moved into a new house. These pumpkins would be so cute in my living room!

  352. sandy

    OMG, these pumpkins are totally amazing. I could just see them now on display on my coffee table in my family room. What a great fall display!!

  353. Gwen Anderson

    Linked to Facebook!

  354. Lisa

    I have a bad case of stuffed pumpkin lust! Would love to win these!

  355. Tiffany

    I am in LOVE with these! fall is my favorite time of year and these would just make my day to look at :)

  356. Doreen

    I love these pumpkins! I moved south a few years ago, and it doesn’t feel like “fall” (the way I grew up with fall)until about November! I’m always looking for something to help me get into the fall spirit, and I think these pumpkins just might be the thing! I really hope I win!

  357. Joy

    Oh. my. goodness. These are gorgeous! So elegant, so classic, so pumpkiny. Aaaahh…I love Fall. :)

  358. Maren

    Gorgeous. I would give them a good home.

  359. Joyce McCune

    October sets my gypsy blood astir….. and the turquoise pumpkin knocks my socks off!!

  360. Hope Sattazahn

    These pumpkins are adorable!

  361. Sara Nowell

    I love these! Would look great on my dining room table.

  362. Pam

    How much do I love these Plush Pumpkins??? I ADORE these Plush Pumpkins! Our house just went on the market and they would be the perfect autumn touch for my mantle–classy not cutesy!

  363. kate

    What cutie-patootie little pumpkins! Count me in.

  364. Elaine

    These are so creative! I love the use of real stems and acorn tops. They just make me smile and I dream of touching their velvet beauty :-)Thanks for featuring them!

  365. Amy

    I love these sooo much! I just want to squish them and stroke them just like I would a baby! Is that weird? I totally don’t care if it is, I want these!

  366. Robin Walston

    Those are, by far, the prettiest pumpkins I have ever seen. I’m pretty sure they’d be even prettier sitting in a display on my dining table. I’d smile every time I passed by.

  367. Karen S. in Brookville

    I got so excited when I first saw them thinking it was a DIY project. Then, to find out someone else already did it for me… that was even better. These are amazing, pick me, pick me, pick me :)

  368. Bethany

    I’ve seen these pumpkins come up all over the blog-o-sphere. They are absolutely adorable!

  369. andrea

    GORGEOUS! Here’s hoping… And I’m really looking forward to the rest of your series this month.

  370. Darcy

    Ohh! Those are so sweet! I would love to decorate with them! But how do you every decide on the colors?

  371. Claudia

    Love these!! Totally need this for my fall decoration!! :)

  372. Arlene Selser

    I am all about “Autumn”. It’s my favorite season, it is my favorite color palette….and these are absolutely adorable. We are working on our new town house, although no where near the decor stage. But I can envision them in the dining-room as I write this. This may dictate my colors in this room.

  373. Cheryl B.

    I love them love them. If I don’t win I think that I will have to buy a set for my mantle.

  374. Nicole Lynn

    Oh sweet goodness this things are stunning! They would be lovely in our new home! =)

  375. Sarah K

    These make me love Autumn even more!!

  376. Chelsea

    Oh my, so adorably cute! I think these pumpkins would make the perfect easy fall decor–perfect for people like me who generally don’t know what they’re doing! I’d love some!

  377. Lisbeth LaBellarte

    Love these! After pulling out all my fall decor 2 weeks ago, I keep thinking I wanted to add a few new things….but not the ho-hum usual stuff you find all over. These wouold be PERFECT on my living room coffee table :-)

  378. Mothership

    Beautiful. I love them!

  379. Sharon

    Adore! Adore! Adore! What a way to start off the Inspired Holidays segment! Please, toss my name in the hat as I would love to have these beauties in my own home for the holidays.

    I’ll be sharing the link on Google+. Not sure if that counts or not but it’s where I am these days.

    Thank you!

  380. gretchen

    LOVE these pumpkins!! Plus autumn is so my favorite season, nd these pumpkins are perfect for autumn.

  381. Beth Gradwell

    Wow! The enthusiasm in your writing just makes a person LOVE these! The pumpkins are so beautiful. I would love to have them!

  382. Colleen

    Fall is my favorite time to decorate our home inside and out. These gorgeous pumpkins would be the perfect addition to my decor! I want them badly!

  383. Carol

    Yep ~ I have to agree ~ best little pumpkins I ever saw. The kind you want to curl up with and take a nap in front of the fireplace.
    Love them!!!

  384. Colleen

    I just posted the to die for velvet pumpkins on my Facebook page!

  385. Jill

    Love, love, love, love. I am in love with these plush pumpkins!

  386. VHiggins

    These would be soooo cute in my house! I think my favorite thing is that as soon as you look at them, you want to touch them.

  387. Kristine T

    These pumpkins are so cute!! I love them!

  388. Teresa Kaufhold

    Ohhhh My Goodness! Those are soooo beautiful! I have been busy doing my autumn decorating….and how I would love a set of these for my family room! Sooo pretty!! Thanks for the chance to win!
    happiqueen at aol dot com

  389. celeste cochran

    so cute and you can continue to use them each year-easy!

  390. Sue B.

    So luxe and so perfect for now!

  391. Terry O'Leaary

    These soft, sweet pumpkins are beautiful. If I win, I will take good care of them.


  392. Karen

    I have been so inspired by your blog to create a simple “feeling fall” vibe in our home. The pumpkins look lovely and classic, and would be a perfect addition. Looooove the blog!

  393. Mary Frederick

    Autumn is fast becoming my favorite season. Inspired Room has won me over. these plush oh so sweet pumpkins are the cutesy thing I Have seen in a long, long tome. they just have to grace my mantel!!

  394. shelley rubalcava

    Adorable-get piece to get me started into fall mode. Love all colors!

  395. Karen

    I have been so inspired by your blog, and decided to add a “feeling fall” vibe to our home. These pumpkins would be a great addition. Looooove the blog!

  396. Mary Frederick

    Linked to Facebook.
    Mary said.

  397. Marie

    Love these sweet pumpkins for the chance to win.

  398. Laura

    These are so adorable! They would match perfectly with a lot of our decor (can I leave them out all year??).


  399. Jeanne

    Oh my goodness! What a statement theses plump posh pumpkins add to Autumnal decor. Beautiful!

  400. Kimberly Renee

    i ADORE these little pumpkins!

  401. Wehaf

    I adore these! The balance of textures is amazing and they are perfect for fall!

  402. Carla

    I think those might be the first pumpkin decorations I’ve ever actually liked! They are adorable…not sure I could say much at all that you haven’t already mentioned. I am already imagining what kind of cool photos I could set up (around my sleeping cat perhaps) and where I could display them. And also how nice it would be to have some cute pumpkins to display when I can’t get real pumpkins (this will be the second year in a row with no Halloween pumpkin carving :( ) Beautiful!

  403. michelle peters

    These are adorable! I can think of so many perfect places for them!

  404. Carol Ann

    These pumpkins are simply luscious!

  405. Susanne

    Hi Melissa,
    This is the 1st anniversary of my moving in with my “Beloved”. Fall always been my favorite season, but now this time of year has been made more special, by our living under the same roof. However, under this roof, is very much like a 1970’s college dorm. You have inspired me, but I’m just at the beginning of a very long path. These friendly, yet charming pumpkins would certainly help me in the process of making this dorm look a little more like a home. Thank you.

  406. Kelly

    These are adorable. I have several pumpkin decorations, but these take the cake!

  407. Claudia

    WOW! Those are gorgeous pumpkins and they look so soft and plush and such beautiful colors!!! I would LOVE to win some but I may go check them out and buy some too!

  408. Gayle Martin

    I absolutely ADORE those pumpkins. They would look perfect on my coffee table, or any table for that matter – the choices for decorating with them are endless. I decorate with cast-offs and goodwill finds – I think I’m the queen of paint and re-cover. But again, I ADORE those pumpkins.

  409. Susanne

    Hi again…

    These cuties have been linked to Faceboook.

    Happy fall everyone!

  410. Deborah S

    Oh the sweetness that is these pumpkins! I’m looking out the window to my backyard as I type and the leaves are juuust starting to turn, there is a bit of a crispness in the air – I think these pumpkins would love to live here!

  411. Jenn

    Like you, I have moved away from using real pumpkins in the house and have a small collection of country looking fake pumpkins in a variety of styles. I’d love to add a few of these to the collection!!

  412. Heidi

    I would love these on my table all season!

  413. Judy

    I LOVE these snuggly cute pumpkins.

  414. Shelby

    LOVE the pumpkins!! I already know where they would go. So excited for this giveaway!! Thanks for sharing.

    [email protected]

  415. Sarah

    I am in LOVE with these pumpkins! Fall is my favorite season!

  416. Jenn

    posted to Facebook!!!

  417. Crystal in Alaska

    Love, love LOVE these pumpkins!!!!

  418. Crystal in Alaska

    Facebooked it!

  419. Debbie

    *gushing* Ohhhhhh lookie at da bebby acorn!!! I love these so much!

  420. Lynda

    I am pretty sure that I can squeeze these through my computer screen! AMAZING photos and pumpkins….pick me! :)

  421. Laura

    Love these pretty pumpkins! Thanks for the giveaway.

  422. Laura

    Linked on Facebook!

  423. Mary L

    I LOOOVVE these pumpkins. They are so unusual! I love how they ads such a unique twist to fall decorating! I would be so happy to have these on display in my home! Did I mention that I LOOVVE them??????

  424. Kelly

    I would love to win these pumpkins and promise to give them a good home!

  425. Kim

    Beautiful pettable pumpkins!

  426. Shannon

    I LOVE those pumpkins so much!

  427. Karen

    These are so cute!

  428. Jennie

    These are sooo adorable! I love them!

  429. Aileen

    I Love those pumpkins! I am a “fall baby” and love this time of year. Thanks for the chance to have some of my very own!

  430. annie

    Those are so unique. I’ve never seen anything like them. Thanks for the great giveaway. I’d absolutely LOVE these!!!!

  431. Angela

    I discovered these pumpkins the other day and just love them!!! They would look amazing in my new house. I am so in love with the idea of velvet for fall decor!

  432. krista colvin

    ooooh my… you had me at the first plush pumpkin photo! then… you had to keep tempting me with all the fabulous colors. when i thought i had picked out my favorites the blue series arrived in all her glory!!!!

    simply beautiful.

  433. Sandy

    I have loved these since the first time I saw them I don’t remember where. Now I have been seeing these so many places I would love to have them. I don’t know how I will keep them from my 3 year old though. . .

  434. Christan Kennedy

    These are absolutely beautiful! I especially love the different hues of blue. Autumn is my favorite season, and I’m excited to see the rest of your posts.

  435. krista colvin

    liked + tweeted… however reluctantly out of pure selfishness to increase my odds of winning ;)

  436. Rebecca

    This pumpkins are adorable… So perfect for fall and I love all the colors!

  437. Karen B

    Oh My Gosh, what are the chances? Well, no matter how itty bitty, I’ll give it a try. These are so beautiful. I would have a very difficult time deciding where to put them in my house. Looks like all your spots were great. Where did you end up putting them?

  438. sarah

    too cute. i hope i win them.

  439. Mary

    These are the nicest pumpkins. I bet they would look great on my mantel. Thanks for the chance.

  440. Carmen

    OH MY! These are super cute!!!! Adorable! I’d love to win! :)

  441. Diane

    Hey there!
    Oh, how super wonderful are those scrumptious VELVET pumpkins! I loved that you think it would be grand to fall back into a velvet couch this time of year….My thoughts exactly! However the reality of it all is that my dog would ruin it…she would think it to be the bestest place in the world for a nap….of course I could run in to the room first and sprawl out leaving no room for her, LOL. I have a few pieces of velvet that I had to buy just because they are so beautiful. Every now and then I just open the box and run my hands over them…what a great feeling that is, as well. Our little house sits in a Maple tree grove in the country. Fall is all around us…but something is missing…YEP.. it is the VELVET pumpkins!! I have a special place on the coffee table just waiting for them!!!
    LOve Yah and look forward each morning to reading your blog!

  442. Kathy

    Oh my! I am in love with these pumpkins! The colors are so beautiful…and the plush velvet…ooh la la! I promise to give the little beauties a good home.

  443. Jodi

    I am in love with the turquoise pumpkin set. They make my heart flutter!

  444. Jen

    These pumpkins are the cutest ever! I would just love to see them in my house.

  445. Katie Seest

    What gorgeous, velvety fabrics! Beautifully done pumpkins!

  446. Jen

    Shared on Facebook.

  447. Jodi

    linked to facebook!

  448. Kathy

    Just linked to Facebook. Thanks, Melissa, I really enjoy your blog and I would love to be the winner of these beautiful pumpkins.

  449. Bernice

    LOVE these pumpkins – just purged my house of a bunch of old autumn decorations so I am in need of something CUTE!!

  450. Alice Adams

    These pumpkins are precious! A beautiful fall addition to any home! They are so unique and I would love to use them in my home!

  451. Dawn

    I am in lurve with those pumpkins, the color, the texture….oh my!!!

  452. Shannon

    How. Cute. Are. These. Stinkin’ adorable, that’s how cute they are!

  453. Emily

    Very cute! I also love the plush pumpkins. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  454. Teresa S.

    I adore these pumpkins :)

  455. Lorrie

    Why do I adore these pumpkins? Because you have painted such a wonderful picture of their irresistibly soft texture, because the colours are so luscious, because they would add the perfect finishing touch to my home for fall.

  456. Jennifer McMurrayt

    These are the cutest pumpkins. I love everything fall everything pumpkins!!

  457. Melanie

    OH MY GOODNESS, these are beautiful! I really like the blue and gray ones. What an upgrade to the fabric pumpkin!

  458. Alison

    I think those pumpkins are fantastic! The stems are too much, but yet pure goodness! Thanks for the chance to win a set!

  459. Terry Pitzer

    What’s not to love about these beauties! Thanks for the chance to win them!!

  460. Betsy

    So pretty! I love them!!

  461. Sharon

    Love them! They are so cute!

  462. Sandy

    Love these! The teal is gorgeous!

  463. Sharon

    Just linked to you via facebook too. :)

  464. Cindi

    I love handmade and these cushy pumpkins
    are at the same time cute and gorgeous…
    Decorating for Fall is a favorite of mine!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  465. Sandy

    Just linked to FB too!

  466. Laura Zarrin

    I love pumpkins in all forms and these are so beautiful!

  467. Imperfect

    Beautiful and so unique! They would be perfect for a mantle or kitchen table centerpiece.

  468. Donna A

    I LOVE these plush pumpkins. I want to fill my house with them!

  469. Carol Adams

    I have been lusting for these for some time.. they are just so luscious!

  470. Natalie Haynes

    This new-to-St. Louis girl loves those adorable plush pumpkins!!!

  471. Erin

    These pumpkins are adorable, love them!

  472. Carol Adams

    i also linked to the FB page by a friend request. I didn’t see a “like” button… Thanks!

  473. Joanne B.

    Thanks for this opportunity to win these lovely velvety delicious pumpkins! I have been smitten with them since I first saw them a few weeks ago, all over blogland. They are haunting me, really… I find myself dreaming about what colors I would choose- and then I realize maybe I should WIN first and then choose! I would be so very happy with just one… and what a very special one “he” would be! Yes. I think they are all “he’s”. So rough and tumble one would think, but oh so handsome, soft and cuddley… like I like my man…

  474. Lillian

    My daughter asked me yesterday when we were going to decorate our house for fall. Um, I don’t really have any fall decorations. These pumpkins would be perfect!

  475. Anne

    I love these adorable pumpkins!

  476. stacy

    i NEED these beautiful plushy pumpkins!!!!!

  477. Jenn F

    Those pumpkins are just adorable! I`m in serious need of some fall decor at my house! Thanks for the chance to win.

  478. Diane

    Hi Melissa,
    I posted a comment and it now says that it is awaiting moderation….did I say something in it that I should not have?? I didn’t see anything…but if so, I am truly sorry….Please let me know what I did or didn’t do, ok??LOVE LOVE those super dooper pumpkins!!

  479. cjeans

    These are absolutely adorable! What a great way to decorate for Fall! Love them!

  480. Esther

    I adore these plush pumpkins! Rivals a hot slice of pumpkin pie on a dreary fall afternoon! =)

  481. Grace

    I am so jealous of your velvety plush pumpkins and would love some of my own…they are too adorable, and I am normally not even a fall decor kind of girl, but these are awesome!

    Blessings, Grace

  482. MB Bruder

    The prettiest faux pumpkins I have ever seen–Love them!!

  483. Rebecca

    I just might be a plush pumpkin stalker! The pictures don’t give them enough credit, they look so rich and soft when you see them in person. I attempted to make my own last year but just couldn’t get the richness and the folds right, so my failed little velvet pumpkins look very sad. Would love the chance at your Inspired collection!

  484. Tanda Pliska

    Beautiful pumpkins…look squishy soft! Oh, I want some…PLEASE! :0)

  485. Eileen

    They’re like seasonal pillow pets–comforting and soft just darn cute. I want to hug one.

  486. Rebecca

    Just gave a big thumbs up on facbook too! Thanks for the chance – your blog is very inspiring! Rebecca

  487. Janice

    I would love these for my mantel! So cute.

  488. Elise from San Francisco

    So beautiful…love the trxture of these pumpkins. I would love a set!

    Thanks for the g-r-e-a-t give-away!

  489. Lisa

    I just love these pumpkins! And the colors match my decor perfectly. I would love to win these!!!

  490. Rachel Lundy

    Those pumpkins are adorable!

  491. Megan

    I ADORE THOSE PUMPKINS! They are so, so pretty. I’m not really into traditional Fall this year. I’ve been decorating here and there with things that imply a change of season. I’m calling it my Autumn decor. Doesn’t Autumn sound so much sophisticated then Fall? I think that these splendid, soft, textural pumpkins would look amazing in my home. I’m crossing my fingers, legs, arms, toes and eyes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  492. jenK

    I so adore these beautiful pumpkins. They would adorn my mantel and I don’t think I’d ever take them down.

  493. Jessica L

    I’m seeing these pumpkins everywhere and would love some of my own! They are adorable, plush and my kids can’t break them! LOVE IT!

  494. Jennifer

    “Inspired” is the PERFECT name for these beautiful pumpkins!! They are lovely!

  495. shelly n

    Yes, they are sooo adorable. I probably neeeed them very much, for stress relief, weight loss, and oh, of course for their autumn beauty! :)

  496. Sarah

    I love these! I really like the blue and cream versions. SO pretty and cozy and perfect for my living room. :)

  497. ileana

    I love the colors and the texture, but it’s the stems that really get me! How do they make them? So awesome – I would love to host them at my home ;)

  498. Jill

    I absolutely love these pumpkins!!! They would be the perfect fall accessory above my fireplace!

  499. Krissy

    I absolutely love these pumpkins! Thanks!

  500. Kay B

    The softest pumkins I’ve ever seen – adorable!

  501. Polly

    I’m twitterpated about these pumpkins! Thanks for the info on where to get them. I’m on my way there now. Thanks for this fabulous opportunity to win these beauties! Hm..first I’ll head to Facebook.

  502. Sunni Odunukwe

    OMG… I love these! I love them even more because I have been slowly redoing my living room these beautiful warm fall/neutral colors and these would go great. BUT, they also add another color that I never thought of, even though it is one of my fav colors, navy. I don’t know why I never thought of it. GENIUS!!! I’m pretty new to your blog and I love it! I’m on pinterest and I feel like half of your blog is on there, lol… Have a great fall.

  503. Kathy Ann A

    Such beautiful pumpkins! Thank you for the chance to win them. Love your blog

  504. Sarah Nutter

    These are soooo beautiful. So so so beautiful.

  505. Suzan

    These pumpkins are gorgeous!

  506. Mary Kay R

    so beautiful…and put me in the fall mood

  507. Sonya

    I absolutely love these pumpkins! They look so cuddly and chic at the same time!

  508. jenny

    Love these beauties! I’m dying to get these and can’t stop thinking about how I would decorate with them.

  509. Kary Ross

    Would love to have a set of these luscious pumpkins! Saw them last year at the end of the season in Little Rock at a garden center and soooooooooo wanted them! Thanks for the chance to win!

  510. Kary Ross

    Just shared the giveaway on my Facebook page! Thanks again!

  511. Karen M.

    I love these pumpkins and can think of tons of ways to display them!

  512. Alyssa L.

    I’m not really much of a seasonal decorator, but these plush pumpkins may be changing my mind. I just want to hug them, they’re so cute!

  513. Cindy

    I would love to win these adorable pumpkins!!!

  514. Rachel dG

    I love fall! I love velvet! And I would love the elegant and rustic touch these would bring into my home! So beautiful.

  515. gina rassel

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Velvet Plush Pumpkins!!!!!! Would love to brag about winning them and displaying them for all my friends to see…. Gina

  516. susan

    These are adorable. I loooove the colors they have available. And I really think they named “Inspired” for you,Melissa :) thanks for the chance! Susan

  517. judy

    love love these pumpkins!!! I do love fall and pumpkins….just not crazy about orange….these are darling!!! love your blog…it’s the first I go to every day!!!!

  518. Danielle

    These are gorgeous! Thank you for thd chance

  519. susan

    Just linked from here&tweeted! Cant believe stoopidphone actually *did*it with your link! Woohoo!

  520. gina rassel

    I just linked this on my FB page! So please please enter my name again for the chance to win these adorable fall pumpkins! LOVE EM!

  521. Laura

    Oh my goodness…. whats not to love? the color, the texture, the real stems, just about everything!! And 6 pumpkins?? Thats almost $200 value. I’ve never entered a contest before….I’m hoping the 1st time is the charm! =)

  522. Megan Brooke

    I’ve seen these around blogland and am obsessed! Would love love love my own set! :)

  523. Ellen Price

    So unique from top to bottom! Like a cozy blanket to snuggle up with on a fall day, these pumpkins make me all “warm and fuzzy” just looking at them! (including that acorn!)

  524. Olivia

    Gosh, I adore those pumpkins as much as my tiniest baby’s cheeks in Autumn! I’d love to win!

  525. Cathy V

    these look so great. would love to have them in my house.

  526. Kaye


  527. Mai

    These definitely inspires me to decorate for the Fall, even though South Florida is still in the 90s.

    The turquoise pumpkin is a nice twist to the usual fall colors. :)

  528. Kim Bond

    These pumpkins are AMAZING!!! I have had my eye on the cozy nest set for a while now. Thanks for the chance to win some!

  529. Kim Bond

    Shared the giveaway on Facebook for another chance at these cuties!!!

  530. That Girl

    I’m getting ready for a new house and these pumpkins will really warm it up!

  531. Laura

    I also linked my post to facebook.

  532. Jerri C.

    I drool over these pumpkins & would so love to be the winner of this fabulous giveaway.

  533. Margaret

    oh, I could put those right on my soon to be cleaned off coffee table. lovely things

  534. Georgia

    Love them! I actually don’t have any fall decor. These would be a great way to start!

  535. Jody

    Those are sooo neat!

  536. Enica

    These pumpkins are adorable! I just moved and would love something beautiful to decorate with. Love the turquoise ones :D

  537. Jody

    These are adorable!

  538. Dawna

    They are adorable!! Would love to add them to my fall collection. Love your site.

  539. Dawn

    Today is my birthday and these little cuties would be the best gift ever!

  540. Lisa

    I’m out sitting in the pumpkin patch waiting with Linus for the Plush Pumpkins to show up so I can take them home!

  541. Beth

    Those pumpkins are seriously beautiful! I’m not a big one for fall colors but when I saw the blue ones… oh, my! Really lovely. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  542. Sylvia

    These are just too cute for words! I would love to display these in the middle of our square dining room table. I’ve always loved fall decor way more than Halloween – this fits the bill to a T, plus I can keep this up all Fall season long.

  543. Heidi

    I’ve had my eye on these for quite some time but the budget just hasn’t allowed me to indulge! I love that they come in the variety of non-traditional fall colors! Enter me, please!! :))

  544. Ruby Sugar

    Love, love the pumpkins. Since I live in Florida we have to create our own fall what better way than to heap these oh so gorgeous pumpkins in a rustic tray or bowl!

  545. joy

    Yes! I do love these pumpkins! They are super cute.

  546. kathy t

    These velvet pumpkins are beautiful! I would love to be the winner of this gorgeous set! What a way to complete my fall decorating !

  547. kathy t

    I RT the give-away @sharingink

    • Brenda Boitson

      I love these pumpkins – they would look fall picturesque on my antique luggage chest!

    • Brenda Boitson

      I shared this on my facebook page.

  548. Yvonne

    They are beautiful. Really want to touch them!

  549. Yvonne

    I posted a link on facebook too!

  550. Heathahlee

    I adore them! ADORE them! I can see them in my house in all sorts of places… :)

  551. Betty

    I love, love, love these little pumpkins. I would probably rub them smooth if I had them. Which I would love to do!

  552. Sally

    Oh, how I adore these plump, plush pumpkins. They are GORgeous!

  553. Kellie

    I love these pumpkins! They even seem kid friendly,so I could actually display them somewhere where they could be seen.

  554. Dianne Connelly

    They are….Inspired!

  555. Andrea

    These are precious. They are so textured and touchable. I hope I win !

  556. Anne Marie Devine

    oh a dreary wet Sunday — I want to snuggle with these little buddies.

  557. theCashmerePen

    I’ve been stalking these pumpkins and I’m not going to stop until they are sitting pretty in my home.

  558. theCashmerePen

    I’ve been stalking these fabulous pumpkins & I’m not going to stop until they are sitting pretty in my home.
    Retweet — Check
    Facebook Post — Check

    All checked & fingers crossed!

  559. Connie

    Love, love, love the squishy pumpkins. The colors are so warm. They just speak fall to me. Would love to win!

  560. theCashmerePen

    I’ve been stalking these fab little pumpkins & I’m not stopping unti they are sitting pretty in my home.
    Retweet = Check
    FB Repost = Check

    Fingers Crossed = Check!

  561. Jennifer

    These look like they won’t go out of style any time soon…very classic!

  562. Melissa

    These are just so gorgeous! I love the textures and colors. Thanks for the chance!

  563. Patricia Smith

    The chartreuse and chocolate are my favorites – I am inspired to get my sideboard painted a glossy black to show them off!

  564. Helen at A Work of Heart

    I just love those pumpkins…just looking at them makes me think of all the warmth, coziness and shades of Autumn.

    Such a great giveaway!

  565. Patricia Smith

    I so love these!! My favorites are the bright colors, and the adorable acorn!

  566. Robin Douglas

    These are beautiful and perfectly autumnal! I love the rich colors and the fact that they are non-breakable!! Linked on FB, too.

  567. Vickie H.

    These are so wonderful! And I love all the colors! Please count me in for the drawing!

  568. Vickie H.

    I just linked to you on my FB page!!!

  569. Julie B

    I’ve been in love with these for a while now. Would love to have them in my home to love on! Any way that I can to keep my hands busy. ;-)

  570. Paula Romer

    They are the cutest things ever. Love the rich, warm colors. I love that they are elegant fall decor and reusable every year. I think I would just sit and stare at them all…day… Long—they are that beautiful!!!

  571. Amanda Reid

    Love these…tasteful decorating idea!

  572. Vicki I.

    I LOVE these! The colors, the fabric…thanks for the chance to win!

  573. Carolyn Maves

    These pumpkins are so classy and beautiful, I would love to be entered into your give away. Thanks!

  574. Linda Bosma

    Love them! They would look just beautiful in my home! ;)

  575. beth

    OH, SOOOOOO Inspired ! As an empty nester Halloween is not my thing anymore. Living in an older neighborhood, we don’t have trick or treaters so I am really excited about all the pumpkin crafts. But these take my breath away! Thanks for the chance to win these lovelies!

  576. Adrianne Bow

    These pumpkins are adorable. I can think of a thousand places I could use them in my home!

  577. Sunny

    I linked on my facebook page!! Fingers still crossed!

  578. Robyne

    Love these little beauties! The blue and cream ones speak to me… Buy me, buy me, buy me!

  579. Mimi

    These are so adorable, every time I run across them in blogland I love them a little bit more. What a fabulous giveaway!

  580. Erin

    These are just gorgeous, Melissa! Love them and would love them even more in my living room ; )

  581. Robyne

    And I tweeted!

  582. Sarah S.

    I am crazy about these pumpkins! I think it’s the combination of velvet and the real stems that makes me swoon. They are just a superior fall decoration!

  583. Angela

    Love these! Can sooo see them scattered about my foyer table!

  584. michelle

    i am with you… OBSESSED with them!!

  585. Joan

    LOOOOVE these!!! I keep coming back to your site just to look at them. Fall decorating is my favorite.

  586. Nanette Nix

    I am OVER THE MOON for these luscious pumpkins! They make my mouth water! Fall is my favorite season, so these would add a real touch of elegance to my decor. Love, love LOVE!

  587. Jennifer Terry

    Hmmm….I have just the spot for them in my home!

  588. Nanette Nix

    I also linked it to my fb page! :)

  589. Joan Moore

    The Plush Pumkins are absolutely beautiful!!!!!!! I REALLY need a set of these for my Fall decor. They are amazing!!!!!!!

  590. Jennifer Peters

    I adore these, i have never seen anything like them! Gorgeous! perfect for Halloween & Thanksgiving.

  591. RebeccaK

    Wow! These are so gorgeous! I’d love to win them!

  592. Eileen

    These pumpkins look like they want to be touched.

  593. Sarah

    I am so in love with these pumpkins! They are gorgeous!

  594. Sarah

    I tweeted about it as well! :)

  595. Melanie

    OOO so cute. Pick me!

  596. Kinsey

    These pumpkins are absolutely adorable! I love their chubbiness too! So cute.

  597. Laura

    A plush pumpkin would be perfection!

  598. Karen

    I love these too. I’ve seen them on a couple of blogs. What fun, I love giveaways!

  599. maggie

    I want some of these squishy little babies SO badly!!!

  600. Alexa

    I love these pumpkins! Too adorable!

  601. Debbie

    Hey Melissa, love this…love the pumpkins…ADORABLE! iM LOOKING FORWARD TO ALL THE UPCOMING AUTUMN BLISS! YAY I posted about you and your blog, and Im looking forward to visiting the other participants.
    Melissa I just love your posts and the direction you are always heading. Its wonderful!

  602. Johnna

    I love them. I think my girls would love them even more! Thanks for the giveaway!

  603. Johnna

    I love these! I think my girls would love them even more! Thanks for the giveaway!

  604. Valerie J.

    These look so soft! Very pretty!

  605. julie

    They are exactly what I need. We just had our first “fall” weather here in Florida. I’m ready to put away summer!

  606. Karen

    Hi! I love these little guys, and the little acorn? Genius!

  607. Cara Ferguson

    I want!!! :)

  608. Rachel McConnell

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! these are beautiful!!

  609. Karen

    Posted this to facebook, too! I can’t say enough that these are amazing.

  610. Glenda Childers

    Love the pumpkins and the real tops. Very fun.

    31 days of Christmas wonder

  611. Holly

    I NEEEEEEED these beauties! Pick me!!

  612. Bridgitte

    I love, love, love these – especially the turquoise/teal ones!!!

  613. Terrie M

    I think these pumpkins are just stunning and I’d love to feel their texture and share them with my friends.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  614. Peggy

    I love these plush pumpkins. What a great fall decoration to have…..pick me…..I’ll give them a great home!

  615. Bridgitte

    I love these, especially the turquoise and teal ones!

  616. amanda heath

    Love these! Velvet and pumpkins…what a great combination!

  617. susie

    I love, love, love the pumpkins!!!!! they are so darn cute.

  618. Diann

    Plush pumpkins are adorable! They have such beautiful fall colors!

  619. Chrissy

    Oh My GOD!! I love love love these!! So cute and cozy but still modern. I can think of a thosand places to put these!

  620. Carol

    Adorable! Love that shade of green.

  621. Daisy

    Wow! these are amazing! they would add to the fall decor at our house the colors and the textures are perfect fit!
    love,love,love them!

  622. Daisy

    I also liked them on facebook! pumpkin love…

  623. Jody

    Love, love, love these pumpkins. The teal/turquoise are gorgeous!

  624. Amy

    I love these! They’d be perfect decorations at my house full of boys :)

  625. Karen G.

    I’d love to win a set! Thank you for the chance! Blessings!

  626. Heather

    These pumpkins are gorgeous.

  627. Kim

    such cute pumpkins

  628. Sherri

    So in love with these beautiful plush pumpkins! My pumpkin collection NEEDS them!

  629. Lisa

    I love these plush pumpkins!!! They are so adorable!!!

  630. Sohee

    Love these pumpkins!!

  631. Audrey

    Adorable. They’d look so great in MY house. ;)

  632. Vickie White

    I would LOVE to add these to my Fall decorations!! Thanks for the chance to win these. :)

  633. Kim

    so very fall festive … love the rich colors … on my pinboard already!

  634. Shauna K

    oh my word- plushie goodness!!! that turquoise one in particular has stolen my heart <3 these are fabulous!!

  635. Meg

    I love love love them!

  636. Brenda

    I <3 pretty pumpkins. Thanks for the chance to own them!

  637. Rachel

    SO adorable! I would love to play with them all day and they would be a great addition to my slowly building Fall decor and add some amazing color to my house :)

  638. Judi Boehner

    These pumpkins are elegant, sophisticated, and just plain gorgeous. The colors are rich and they evoke feelings of home and fall and comfort. I feel like I just want to cuddle up with one as I sit by the fire and sip my hot toddy.

  639. jan

    Love these adorable pumpkins…scrumptious and totally fat free!

  640. Heidi Still

    Who could have thought you could find pumpkins in my home colors – turquoise & brown. Simply amazing! These are so beautiful and will look amazing in my fall decor. Love, love, love!

  641. Wendy

    The thing about this website is that I am inspired by your insprations. You had that great quote about it too, just yesterday, I think.
    I want to try and make my own plush velvet pumpkins, even if these lovelies come to my door. I would fill them with rice or beans.Love the stems. Thanks!

  642. patty wilson

    I love these!

  643. Aurora m.

    Super cute! My home is lonely without these! Bring on the Plushie Pumpkins!

  644. Heidi Still

    I posted on my Facebook. Crossing my fingers that I’ll be the lucky girl who’s name is drawn. Love the blog!

  645. Heidi Still

    I can’t believe there’s Fall decor in my house colors – turquoise & brown. So pretty! I can’t wait to get a hold of these pumpkins for the new season. Simply fab!

  646. shayla

    These are so adorable! I could REALLY use more lasting fall decor. My fav is the turquoise one. Classic shape and fun color. LOVE!

  647. Erin S

    Love, Love, Love…super cute to decorate for the holidays!!!

  648. Deb Martell

    These pumpkins are sic…I mean sweet!!! Pick me pick me!!

  649. Karen

    Love, love, love them. Unique and adorable!

  650. Jessi

    OBSESSED with pumpkins! I love these!!

  651. Sharon

    I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a cuter pumpkin! I love them. They’re very cool and I love the different colors.

    I love your blog, too. I just found it recently!

  652. Cynthia

    Love the plush pumpkins! So elegant in velvet!

  653. Teresa Wilson

    I would love to win these pumpkins!

  654. Kimberly

    They help you lose weight! Wow! And here I was in love with them simply for their squishy cuteness. Now I MUST have them. ;)

    Thank you for this giveaway, sweet ladies at the Love Feast Table and wonderfully inspired Melissa. And I must say, I also love that little acorn. I just recently wrote at my blog about feeling more nut than oak. So it makes me smile. :)


  655. stef

    I cannot get over how much I love the green…sage, the They would be very happy in my home :)

  656. Stacey

    Oh so cute and my girls would probably pirate them, but I don’t care. I’d still like to win!