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Inspired Holidays {Day 18}:: Finish Home Decorating Projects {Please Tell Me I’m Not the Only One!!}

by | Oct 18, 2011 | 31 Days: Inspired Holidays, Kitchens, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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Inspired Holidays {Day 18}:: Finish Home Decorating Projects {Please Tell Me I'm Not the Only One!!}Better Homes & Gardens

Remember way back in February when I talked about progress on a project in our son’s bathroom? {crickets} OK so maybe you all forgot by now. I don’t blame you. But yeah, I started a project nearly year ago and in case you were wondering you haven’t yet seen the finished project. That is because, well, it is because I’m not done.

Wait. I’m am actually, well, basically done.

Done, except, I haven’t yet cleaned off the paint I got on the mirror. REALLY? HA! Yeah. A year after you start there is STILL paint on the mirror? Ah, yeah. It has been that way since February.

And, that is ALL it would take to be “done enough” to call the bathroom finished. Cleaning the mirror. The bathroom isn’t perfect, and there is more I could do, but before the holidays I’d at least like to say it is DONE ENOUGH.

And I might even show you some pics in a couple of weeks, we’ll see if I can put “take pictures” on my to do list.

Do you have projects like that? Ones that you started but are ALMOST done with? Now would be a good time to make yourself a list of “last minute decorating or projects to finish before the holidays.” Especially if they involve main rooms like your kitchen, guest bathroom or main living areas!

I’m not suggesting you start brand new projects right now, although I AM famous for STARTING projects around the holidays! I work best under pressure. Like last November when I decided to paint our dining room. And of course, there was November 2007 when I was working on another bathroom project and the whole dead rat incident happened.

Holidays and parties are definitely a motivator for me to start and theoretically finish projects. Let’s put that theory to the test and see how much we can FINISH before the holidays.

Do you work best under pressure?

This post is day 18 of 31 Days of Inspired for the Holidays!

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  1. alicia chimento

    Working under pressure . . .is just what we all do. The funny thing is the deadline always rolls into the next deadline! LOVE your site.

    • Melissa

      Thank you Alicia!

  2. Lynn from For Love or Funny

    I’m definitely more inclined to finish a project if it’s under a deadline. Tackling a project before a holiday is a sure way to get it done in my house!

  3. Michelle Starling

    Oh how this post makes me laugh. My husband calls me the queen of unfinished projects and he’s right. I have 2 projects that I’m trying to finish before Thanksgiving because they are kitchen projects. I hope to do a post on them soon.

  4. Heather

    I definetly work best under pressure and with a time-line – “must get that done before the guests arrive”…..otherwise I find myself drifting along and not finishing things. I want to spend November painting and wallpapering the living and dining room in time for Christmas decorating in early December. Fortunately, Thanksgiving is done for us Canadians so I have an extra week to get it all done.

  5. Dana

    I do work best under pressure.
    But, that’s if I’m working alone.

    Now that we’re a team, I do NOT work well under pressure with my husband. (In the DISC profile, he’s a high D and I’m a high C.)

    If there’s no pressure we’re work great. Add in a little stress and I’m a basket-case if he’s helping – just being honest here.

    Finishing projects?
    Well, let’s see, there’s the paint drips on the floor on the floor in the kitchen – which was “good enough” last year.

    I just noticed last night that there are two bare light bulbs we never installed fixtures for in the back hall.

    And, we have 2 new curtain rods for two rooms – which we bought 8 months ago to replace the existing ones.

    Considering hubby has been on a rampage unpacking wedding presents from a year ago and putting them away – he’s doing a pretty good job of finishing right now.
    Me? Not so much!

  6. Pine Tree Home

    I am the queen of unfinished projects, usually the very small details. I have finish trim needed in my laundry room, touch ups needed in the bathroom, repairing of molding in the living room and the need to hang curtains in my bedroom.

    Having people over to the house is always a motivator to get things done.

  7. Karen

    See, I knew we were kindred spirits! We are hosting an engagement party this Saturday for our youngest son…thank goodness because it too a party to get us to make repairs and paint a window that was in such sad disrepair and to paint our mailbox and a host of other ‘honey-do’ items that both hubby and I were just downright procrastinating on.
    I’ve always said that one of the many reasons I love to entertain is that it motivates me to keep my house in order (at least a little). :-)
    Can’t wait to see the images of the bathroom!

  8. Imperfect

    I finally have inspiration and a plan for what to do with the formal living room in the front of our house. I’m really hoping I can get it mostly finished before we have family over for Thanksgiving.

  9. Fairfield House


    Thank you for the smile this morning. And yes, I too have projects that are ALMOST finished. {Note: one of my first blog posts was about my bathroom make-over. Also note: There was never a follow-up post.} I will tend to that.
    By the way, we found a bat in our bathroom!

    Your Friend,

    • Melissa

      Ha, Deborah glad I’m not alone. But wow, a bat? Really? NOOO!!!! Eeeeeek.

  10. Gina

    Oh, you are definitely not the only one who puts things off! Sometimes during a project I lose momentum. Maybe because it seems too big, or something else comes up, or it isn’t fun anymore – just becomes drudge. The closet project is that way for me right now – I am trying to convert it from a small office back to a walk-in. Getting hubby on board to finish it with me is no small thing. But I do believe you have inspired me today to get a couple more things done in there!

  11. Ashley

    I can relate so much to this post, and to the comments above!

    I have several things that are “good enough”. I just finished restoring a window sash last night. The frame and casing needs work, and it’s currently being held in place with a golf tee instead of a transom latch….but it’s functional so it’s done enough for now!

  12. Franki Parde

    Funny…”done enough” daughter just “chided” me about being “done enough.” Why, or why is there just “one more thing…” “Pressure” has to be my middle name. :-)
    franki P.

  13. Lisa

    I need to do this! Before my last house went on the market I went around and made a list, room by room, of little touch-ups and items that needed attention, and then got them done and checked them off systematically. I think I need to start doing that on a yearly, or maybe quarterly – monthly?? – basis and get stuff done!
    Won’t it feel so good to scrape that paint off and be DONE with the bathroom? (for now!)

  14. Willow Decor

    I am a closet procastinator so I know how you feel! You are on the right track though!!
    xox Gina

  15. Debsmind

    Ha..ha Melissa I work best under pressure too and I am so glad I joined your 31 day challenge. Many projects are getting done at my cabin and it is on the way to becoming a cottage. Now I better go scrape some paint off my bathroom mirror!

  16. Kim

    Um, yes, I have projects like that…glad I’m not the only one :) After I finally decided to repaint our living room, I did all that I could reach w/o hauling out the ladder, and then I stopped. That meant that for about a month, the tip top of our vaulted ceiling was left unpainted. And then once I (finally) got the whole thing painted, it took me another month to re-hang all of the wall decor.

    So yeah, sometimes it’s just hard to *finish* things completely!

  17. Vee

    Giggling with you (not at you) here because you and I work a lot alike. Well, except for the part where you get a lot more done than I do. I have so many projects going that it is revolting and, yes, I’m very likely to begin a big project during the holidays. Maybe we can promise ourselves not to do that this year just to see if it makes life less stressful. I’m pretty sure it would.

  18. birdsandsoap

    I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my living room for over a year now. We got a new sofa and I painted the walls, swapped out the rug, sewed new drapes several times (ugh) and I just can’t find a fit! But I’ve got this awful mirror gallery wall that is above my entry console. Something is just not right….I envision hanging a pretty wreath over a mirror for christmas, using a bunting, you know, something fun. But the arrangement is just bad. I think I will go all out and do the “put the newspaper on the floor and trace around the pics before I hang them” method. Sounds like work, but that would be nice to cross off of my list.

  19. birdsandsoap

    I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my living room for over a year now. We got a new sofa and I painted the walls, swapped out the rug, sewed new drapes several times (ugh) and I just can’t find a fit! But I’ve got this awful mirror gallery wall that is above my entry console. Something is just not right….I envision hanging a pretty wreath over a mirror for Christmas, using a bunting, you know, something fun. But the arrangement is just bad. I think I will go all out and do the “put the newspaper on the floor and trace around the pics before I hang them” method. Sounds like work, but that would be nice to cross off of my list. Oh and don’t let me forget the paint roller and brush that have been in my fridge for 2 MONTHS! yep, 2 months.

  20. kathysue

    I hate to admit it but I too work better under the gun of a party or company. I just recently had a wonderful week having two blogger buddies visit me here in Calif. I did a post on how we met, fun story!! Anyhow I made a list that was longer than I expected and we chipped away at it. We actually got most of it done and it felt so good to do that. I had an amazing visit and truth be known it would have been wonderful even if the projects weren’t done, but now I am ready for the Holidays and I am relaxing enjoying our efforts. Kathyseu

  21. michele

    Look at all of us, so similar! How comforting it is to know you aren’t alone in project procrastination (or as I call it, lack of time on the priority clock). My front porch needs help and I start then never finish – and then the part that I tackled is a mess again. With three kids and at times it seems like a neighborhood’s worth of shoes (they all have friends over daily) I am tripping as soon as I walk out there. Some day? This weekend? Christmas? Help! I need Nester to come over! :)

    xoxo michele

  22. Sunny

    So…yeah you are not the only one!! Almost 3 years ago we started a light kitchen remodel, and got it most of the way done and then stopped making progress. After todays post (thank you) the deadline is set. It must be completed. The problem is that when it is most of the way done you stop seeing the things that still need completing…or am I the only one? Thanks again for the motivation!

  23. Rose

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice to see that I am NOT the only one that does this! My bedroom was about 2 years and is still not done. DH is doing some mega procrastinating on the flooring. I ripped out the carpet and have been living with the subfloor all this time. Still better than having carpet in my opinion because of my allergies. :) So yeah one day we will get this room done I hope!

  24. Lisa

    Procrastination makes others applaud when you do finish. I need the adoration…or something like that. That is what I tell myself, as I look at the to be completed projects that I have all over the house.

  25. Richella at Imparting Grace

    Thank you, thank you for admitting that you have not cleaned that mirror. I am pretty good about STARTING projects, but actually finishing them?? Oh my heavens. Every now and then I think that if I were a boss, there’s no way I’d ever hire me for a job. And then I remember that I am supposed to be my own boss, and I’ve already hired me. Yikes.

    Pressure? Oh yes. It’s a great motivator to get things done. That’s not really the way I want to be, but for sure it’s the way I am. Perhaps I should just embrace it. Or perhaps I should have guests more often. :)


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