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Inspired Holidays {Day 21}:: Do Yourself a Favor & Have These on Hand!

by | Oct 21, 2011 | 31 Days: Inspired Holidays, Creative Inspiration & Projects, Holiday DIY, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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Inspired Holidays {Day 21}:: Do Yourself a Favor & Have These on Hand!

Simple Holiday & Party Decor

Mason Jars

So I know I’ve showed you these jars a bazillion times, bear with me here. I went to Pinterest the other day and put in the search word “Christmas” to see what ideas I might find and guess what I found on the front page?

Inspired Holidays {Day 21}:: Do Yourself a Favor & Have These on Hand!

HOLLA! Yeah. MY ridiculously easy Epsom Salt Mason Jars. Repinned thousands and thousands of times. Those jars are FOUR YEARS OLD so they are not some new internet sensation. I have made those jars for EVAH! Even long before blogging.

So, while I would ordinarily not want to bring up the same old idea again, they bear repeating because they really are a SIMPLE idea. These jars are a great decoration for any party or holiday. These really are THE MOST simple party and holiday idea ever. There is no denying it, they are pretty awesome.

I use them all the time, especially on my porch and walkways during parties! They add a real fun, magical feel to any event. I am always SO happy I have them on hand, they make decorating for a party almost effortless.


Inspired Holidays {Day 21}:: Do Yourself a Favor & Have These on Hand!

After seeing these mason jars repinned and talked about year after year, I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who needs simple easy-to-do decor and holiday crafts. I’m happy to be of service. That is a relief. I can keep blogging!

Now that I know I am needed, I will get to work on my 2011 Holiday Mason Jar Collection.

Inspired Holidays {Day 21}:: Do Yourself a Favor & Have These on Hand!

Here was the fancy holiday version I made last year. See? I just keep reinventing the same idea year after year. BRILLIANT. Now you know my secret. I look for a few things I can do and I just keep doing them. No shame, people. When you find something that works, OWN IT!

You don’t even need a tutorial for this project. That is how awesome it is. If you want to fancy your mason jar up, just wrap jute or ribbon around the mouth of your jar. Add bells or decorative brads or whatever you like.

So if you haven’t jumped on board yet with these Mason jar Epsom salt candles, be sure to pick up some jars and Epsom salt at the grocery store. Then when you are hosting a party or holiday this season, you can whip them out and you’ll feel all domestic, fancy and festive in no time. You’ll thank me. I promise.

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  1. Little Gumnut

    Yeup, I pinned those too – love those!!

  2. Sangeetha

    Such a cool idea Melissa! I feel stupid asking you this……But why Epsom salt as filling?

    • melissa

      Cheap, doesn’t catch on fire and looks like snow! :-)

      • sangeetha

        Oh I get it now! Thanks!

  3. Deanna

    I have been making these for years…they are great!

  4. Heather

    Made these last year after your inspiration and set them out on the front steps during our annual family gathering. They were so cute and such a hit. We had lots of snow, so the snowy look of the epsom salts didn’t look out of place as the jars were nestled in real snow.

  5. carol

    What size candle do you use? Looks loke you have a votive candle in the jars, but that would’t work because votives liquify right away. Just curious.

    • melissa

      Only white votives…they last through at least one if not several parties for me! And they are easy to pluck out and replace because they don’t stick to the salt!

  6. carol

    Wow am I a lousy speller or what!! Sorry.

  7. Dana

    So simple. So pretty. Love it.

    (Yep, I’ll be doing them, too.
    And, now I’m off to re-pin them! lol)

  8. Vee

    You are brilliant! Oh, yes, I can do this! (I read your “Unremarkable” post and smiled throughout.)

  9. Amy

    For my daughter’s outdoor summer wedding, we put pretty marbles in mason jars, added silk flowers and tied a ribbon the color of the bridesmaids dresses around the top! Easy Peasy! And oh so summery (and cheap!!)

  10. Fairfield House

    I love these and agree … why reinvent the wheel? These are keepers in everyone’s winter decor!
    How is Winston? Every time I see him I smile and think of Buster.

    Your Friend,

  11. Rachel

    Love the jingle bells tied with twine.

  12. Franki Parde

    Ever clever!!! franki

  13. kathysue

    I have pinned a project on my pin board using….? You guessed it epsom salts. So glad to see it used in so many fun ways for Christmas. You are one clever lady and always ahead of the curve. you keep us inspired. Your blog name is sooooo appropriate, Thank you for always sharing, Have a wonderful weekend with your family,

  14. Jo

    I am one of the repinners! I pinned it before I realised it came from you! I’m usually in charge of the centrepieces for your women’s ministry events at church, so pinterest has been great for inspiration!

  15. StephanieB

    I love this idea! I am glad you answered my candle question the comments too. I can’t wait to use these at the Christmas work party I am decorating for!

    Also, loved your post at (in)courage!

  16. Charlotte

    Thank you! Finally a craft so simple that even I can start AND actually finish!

    I love it! thanks for making the old new again!

  17. Beth R.

    I used this idea over the summer with some shells and driftwood to mimic beach sand. Thanks for the tip!!! I can’t wait to pull them out again for the winter. YAY!

  18. Sunny

    I have told you before but I will say it again…I love these. I plan on using the heck out of this idea this x mas. No offense though, when someone inevitably complements me on the cuteness, I am just going to give a coy grin and say thanks! Hope my shameless ruthlessness doesn’t offend you :) Thanks again for the idea!!!

  19. Maureen

    I tried it last year when you shared and I loved it.
    Low cost gorgeousness!

  20. Shagun

    LOved this idea of Epsom Salt Mason Jars. Wow, so simple yet gives just the simple fancy look I would like in my house. Thanks a ton for sharing!!

  21. Linda

    So glad to see your response to the first comment because after your idea was embedded in my head, I picked up some Epsom salt — and then immediately worried that flame and hot wax and Epsom salt might be an explosive combination.

    I’m new to the blog world (launch Oct. 29) and wanted to let you know that I’ve been enjoying your blog for many months and stop by daily.

    • Rasika

      Does the salt damage the glass container because its exposed to air and then the heat fron the candle? Please Please reply!

  22. Maureen Sebek

    I am so happy to have found your site! You so encourage me to have fun and make my home a delightful place to be, no matter the tiny budget and space that I have. You are a blessing!

  23. Kristen

    Just made these right before Thanksgiving! We don’t get a lot of snow here in Dallas, TX, and everytime I look at my candles now I am reminded of snow from my childhood. Thank you for this easy, frugal, and cute idea! Will be doing it for years to come!

  24. Kathy A

    I live on the beach and this worked wonderfully for a evening party on the windy for traditional candles. Used white sand and iddy bitty shells. Thank you so much for such a simple and beautiful idea.

  25. Heather Walker

    I do this too and have for years, but I use sand. I love the white color of the Epson salts like snow, I will start doing this-thank you for the idea!! I put them going down my porch steps and it is so festive all thru the season or if I have a party all year round and get tons of compliments. Would look neat with greenery/red ribbon around the top lip of the jar.

  26. Elisabeth


    Can you tell me what size jars these are? And are they wide mouth? (Referring to top/first picture…

    Thank you so much!


    • Melissa

      I like the wide mouth jars because they are easier to get the candle in and out! Oh, and I think they are just the regular sized Mason jars, but you can use big ones if you want!


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