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Inspired Holidays {Day 25 & 26}:: Holiday Dishes & Tables

by | Oct 26, 2011 | 31 Days: Inspired Holidays, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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Inspired Holidays {Day 25 & 26}:: Holiday Dishes & Tables

Pottery Barn

I wanted to ask you all if you have holiday plates! You know I’m a mostly white or neutral dish girl, but I have always loved mixing in some special holiday dishes. It just seems more festive!

Even if you don’t have a whole set, mixing and matching can be really fun!! I love looking through HomeGoods for their holiday dishes. Even just some fun salad or dessert plates can make a holiday meal feel extra special.

If you need ideas for how to set a table, the ultimate table setting blog award has to go to Between Naps on the Porch.

Here are a few Thanksgiving Tables for inspiration! I’m getting on a plane to Relevant! Woo hoo!!

Inspired Holidays {Day 25 & 26}:: Holiday Dishes & Tables


Do you set holiday tables?
Do you use festive dishes or stick to your everyday dishes?

A BIG thank you to Jennifer at Studio JRU, my sponsor for The Relevant Conference, 2011! Check out Studio JRU’s amazing and inspiring art! I love that Christmas piece!

Inspired Holidays {Day 25 & 26}:: Holiday Dishes & Tables


  1. Mimi

    I have seen them in the stores, but have never purchased any. Perhaps because they’re often so over the top in terms of color for me. I would love to get some holiday-inspired black and white or brown and white transfer ware though,

  2. Imperfect

    We grew up eating off Spode Christmas Tree plates from the day after Thanksgiving until New Year’s. Of course I had to register for some when I got married, and now my husband and I have the same tradition. I love it!

    • Kathryn

      Home Goods had GREAT prices on Spode Christmas Tree plates a couple weeks ago. I was shocked. So if you need some replacements, that’s the place to go.

  3. Michelle Starling

    I’m also a white dish kind of girl, but I do love holiday dishes. I have Christmas dishes and I want some Thanksgiving dishes. The problem is the dishes I want are quite expensive. Maybe I need to look for some salad plates only. And I agree that Between Naps on the Porch is fabulous.

  4. Lisa

    I have white dishes but I love incorporating holiday plates into my Thanksgiving and Christmas tables. I go for the small plates (salad?) that coordinate with the white. Also I use those small holiday plates for the kids table.

  5. Karen

    Hi Melissa,
    Being dish addicted…yes, I have a set of very cute salad plates for Halloween and set of dinner plates for Thanksgiving…then there’s Spode Christmas Tree for December. Fortunately, I have been in treatment and I’ve not bought new dishes for a very long time! :-)

  6. Vee

    I have very few dishes specific to any holiday…a few here and there. Now I have inherited both grandmothers’ dishes so I have so much to choose from. I’d like a plain white or cream everyday set so that I can more easily mix and match.

  7. Margaret

    I have a set of Christmas dishes that I got one year for my birthday in November soooo I get them out and use them until after New Year’s. I have 4 other sets due to inhereting some and just wanted some. Mostly I use my ivy dishes from Corelle but they have some Christmas plates as well.

  8. Beth

    Ohhhh, do I love this post. I love holiday dinnerware. I have about 30 place settings of Christmas Spode that I have used for many years. I bought Williams Sonoma 12 Days of Christmas settings 2 years ago and love it! And those Pottery Barn Thanksgiving salad plates in your post – I have those and they are on my breakfast table right now, set for Fall. I have those mixed with Juliska’s pewterware.

  9. Lisbeth LaBellarte

    Ten years ago when I took over Thanksgiving for my mother-in-law I found burgandy and creme turkey dinner plates at Marshals……for @1.99 a plate! Couldn’t resist so I bought them. Every year when my daughters and I set the table for Thanksgiving I am so glad that I did. They aren’t super fancy but they make the entire table setting!

  10. Jody

    I adore these special bird plates. I’m a bird lover. I really don’t use special plates at the holiday table. About the best I do is to buy some fall paper napkins and paper dessert plates. Boring. Maybe someday.

  11. Tara G.

    I have a set of Christmas china. I swap them out with all of the everyday dishes the day after Thanksgiving and we use them all month long.

  12. Pinky

    I have so many sets of dishes it might boggle your mind! I set MANY holiday tables!!!! I try to post a different table every week or 2! I am a self professed “dishaholic”. LOL! XO, Pinky

  13. Jessa

    I have some red and white dishes that I bought at Target years ago, that I still use at Christmas. I was fortunate enough to inherit a bunch of fun shaped Le Cruset cast iron know, pumpkin, heart, clover shapes. So they really dress up the table.

  14. LoveFeast Table

    My mother in law bought me a set of blue and white spode dishes, all in differing patterns. I love using them during the holidays…especially Thanksgiving.

  15. Sharon

    I don’t have any Thanksgiving dishes YET but I have some Christmas ones that I like to use with my every day white dishes for Christmas dinner, even though my husband and I are usually dining alone. I love the idea of using them for the entire month of December and I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it myself.

    I plan to pick up some Thanksgiving-ish dishes at some point.

  16. Angela

    I have a beautiful set of dishes that have acorns and pine sprigs with berries. I get them out after Thanksgiving and we keep them out theough the New Year. I totally swap out my everyday dishes. It’s fun for the table to look different for a while and I am all about creating traditions with my kids!

  17. Dana

    Growing up we had 1 or 2 of the Royal China Star Glow snowflake/star pattern. I scored a bunch at Goodwill a couple of years ago and I’ve filling in the gaps here and there – mostly from Goodwill, Ebay and Etsy

    If you want to see pics of the china, glasses, and silverware – they are at

    They aren’t so much holiday plates as they are our Winter plates :)

  18. Joy

    I use solid colored plates typically, but would love to get seasonal and holiday plates. I don’t know why, but I always end up talking myself out of them. I guess you can play with the themes much easier with solids. I can go kiddy or casual or fancy and use the same stuff, but still……… day, I know a set will call out to me!

  19. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch)

    Hi Melissa…thanks so much for the shout out! I have to confess, I do love me some holiday dishes. I have to stop myself from buying more each year when all the new patterns begin appearing in the stores. Love the ones you featured from Pottery Barn.

  20. Cheryl

    I LOVE holiday dishes! (Actually, I love dishes, period.) I have a set of Christmas dishes that I picked up at Target the day after Christmas several years ago (75% off…yay!), and I have some small brown transferware salad/dessert plates that I can layer with my white dishes for Thanksgiving.
    For other holidays and parties, I use my white Pfalzgraff Heritage pattern dishes, but with accent plates aplenty.

    Thank you for sharing this series! I have come every day to be inspired!

    ~ Cheryl

  21. Kathryn

    My mother gave me some Christmas Dishes a few years ago. I can’t find them. I have no clue where I stored them. There are only so many options, but they simply are nowhere to be found. :-( So I’m in the market again.

  22. StephanieB (KickAssWife)

    I don’t have a winter or Christmas set of dishes, but mine are black and red, so still sort of festive colors. I just never want to spend the money on a whole set of dishes when mine aren’t broken. But I would love the clean look of white or cream.

  23. Shari

    I can’t spare the storage place for holiday dishes, but do dress up the table with seasonal place mats and napkins. (cheaper and easier to store). In fact this year we added a set for July 4, when my daughter and I sewed napkins & table runner for a party we hosted.

  24. Heather

    I love Christmas and Thanksgiving plates but so far have managed to control myself (from buying them) because I don’t have room for them. My mom always used antique china during the holidays, so it was special, but not holiday themed per se. My aunt always used Spode Christmas Tree. If I had room, I’m sure I’d have them because I love a beautiful table and variety! Cheers!

  25. Erin H.

    Are the numbered 12 day of Christmas plates from Pottery Barn too? I can’t seem to find them.

  26. Cassie

    My mom has all kinds of themes stuff that she pulls out for the holidays, plates, dishes, pie cutters, table cloths. It is so much fun at her house. :)

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