Building Character {in your kids} and introducing my girls and their new blogs …

Building Character {in your kids} and introducing my girls and their new blogs ...

Normally if I write a post about building character, I’d be talking about adding charm to your house. But not today! I’m over at (in)courage, talking about raising kids….but before I send you over there to read that post, can I just tell you that BOTH of my girls have now started blogs? I’m so excited!! And nervous. Yeah. A little nervous because they have access to pictures of the inside of my oven and other things I’d rather not show off. HA! This could get ugly.

I already introduced you to my oldest daughter Kylee’s blog awhile back (here is a Thanksgiving post where she inadvertently shows off my never-clean-oven and our Thanksgiving turkey), but now, you can meet my younger daughter too.

Building Character {in your kids} and introducing my girls and their new blogs ...

Courtney is a riot and so precious, you will love her and her brand new blog too. Check out Courtney’s fun post on one of our favorite shops and then go read (in)courage to see the ways I humbly built character into those girls!!

 So there you go! Me and my girls, all blogging!!


  1. Your girls are beautiful – good job raising them to be so uniquely confident and creative, Melissa. I am not surprised. I have subscribed to both blogs.


  2. Congratulations! Checked out both their blogs and they look like they are off to an awesome start – but how could I expect anything else with their mother’s blog as inspiration.

  3. How fun! I followed both of their blogs. I wish them luck as they write about their passions. =)

  4. Wonderful new blogs and wonderful post over at (in)courage!

  5. That is great that they have started blogs! I will check them out!

  6. Their blogs, and they!, are adorable. I see echoes of the things you love in the things they love.

    Soooo, when does the boy get his blog???


    • Ha well, the boy actually started his own blog years ago and promptly forgot about it. Maybe he’ll bring it back. Next the dogs are going to be wanting their own blogs.

      Thanks Darcy, my girls inspire me to see things in new ways and I learn of new things to love from their influence over me, so it is a two-way street there. Or maybe that is a three-way street. :-)

  7. Hi Melissa,
    I saw your great article over at (In)Courage. It is so fun that your daughters are getting into blogging now, too. That is cool to see them enjoying the same thing as you.

    I look forward to reading more on your blog.

  8. My daughter started me blogging- it’s fun to have that shared interest.
    You have beautiful daughters inside and out- what a blessing.
    Have a wonderful day

  9. That is awesome that you guys now have that in common ! They certainly have a great blogger role model!!!! :)

  10. Awesome, Melissa. It will be so fun to follow them. Hugs!

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