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Mood Swings: Dignified with a Riot of Color

by | Jan 14, 2012 | Color, Decorating Inspiration

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Mood Swings: Dignified with a Riot of Color Country Living

Creating a Mood with Color and Pattern

So my daughters and I were talking about the color red (my daughter Kylee has red pants which I would totally wear if I could pull them off) and it reminded me of one of my recent favorite pictures, the entry featured above via Country Living

This room just makes my heart happy.

I love the calm dignified gray walls and white woodwork combined with the surprise riotous pop of color and pattern.

I guess I love a room that feels alive and fun but is grounded by a more serious foundation.

So, yeah. I think wild mood swings must suit me.

Not sure what that says about me.

On a related note, here is a post I wrote for My Colortopia about creating a mood with paint colors.


  1. April

    That picture makes me happy too! I love a pop of red in a room♥

  2. Susan

    I love red (I think I look great when I wear it, and always get tons of compliments). Maybe I need to incorporate some red into my home.

    I love your dining room – your curtains are wonderful, and I love the stained glass!

  3. kelly in georgia

    Not so loving the orange wall through the red door, but I love the red door with the gray walls…can’t quite figure out the use of this room…is it a dining room? I am addicted to red and am happiest at Christmas when it is everywhere…so sad to see it all go away in the new year. So yes, I love your red!

  4. leanne

    i have a touch of red in every room…loving the red door idea. been thinking about going for in in our front entry.

  5. Heather

    A touch of red always bring some happiness to a room. I love how all the colours in the room are inspired by the fabric on the chair – happy, happy, happy.

  6. Lisa

    Wow, do I love and want that floral chair.

    I’m also believe in “pops of red” and the contrast that strong color can bring to a room.

  7. annie

    anyone know the color name for those gray walls?? LOVE!!

  8. Franki Parde

    RED!!! I could not live with out some red…maybe because I’m an Aries….I love RED! franki

  9. Dana

    I’m learning to really love pops of accent colors. But, I’m new to the bold game – lol. For the longest time I was all about pastels and lace. Then it was Pottery Barn greige.

    I just finished painting a 10 inch stripe of BOLD-BOLD-BOLD cherry red in my kitchen. And, I’m loving it!

    • melissa

      Wow you are getting bold! Fun!

  10. Jo

    Beautiful picture! I’ve kind of removed red from my home over the past year, just for something different, but I still love it.

  11. Michelle Starling

    I love that picture and I obviously love red. Just take a look at pics of my house. My walls are crimson red. I do love the color but I would love to lighten my walls, that is if my family would agree. They love red. I will always have something red in my house. Thanks for the post.

  12. Kate

    The paint is Ralph Lauren, Chocolate Souffle, according to the article. I’m in love with the fabric (have seen pillows in it that I may get). It pulls the red and the orange from the other room beautifully connecting them.

    • Annie


    • melissa

      Kate, Thank you for finding that info!!

  13. lisa

    my kitchen is red. it’s my favorite room in the house.

  14. teresa

    wow I love it….and red love pops of red.

  15. kathysue

    Melissa, I am so effected by color and it has a direct corrolation to my mood. Red is a happy color and YOU could so wear red jeans. I am definitely trying to add more pops of color to my home for this upcoming 2012 year. In fact it was one of my design resolutions: To add more color and whimsy to my home. That is what makes me smile so I need to go more that direction. I have already started in my wardrobe, now it is onto my home!!! Go for the red jeans in a great boot cut!!! Kathysue

  16. kelly

    I tend to be kinda afraid of colour (except teal…I’ve been known to get up in the middle of the night to spray paint something teal and then go back to bed…lol!) But I LOVE that red door. It looks both sophisticated and fun. Beautiful!

  17. Shirley

    That entry just sings a happy tune!..How can you not smile when you enter that room. Just full of delight!

  18. Jody

    O yeah! And did you see the orange flashing through the door in the back room? And that chair! Oh my, my, my! The red reminds me of Carl Larsson’s art — you see pops of red and subtle green in his interiors. Love.

  19. Linda

    Love this room. Love red in my home; we have it in every room of our 1st floor. Makes me smile.

  20. Syndi

    Love pops of color against neutral backgrounds. The nice thing is that it is easy to change if you decide to go for a different look.

  21. diane streicher

    Red is the color of nurture and love; for me, it brings a room (or an outfit or a painting or a plate of food) to life!

  22. Carol

    I am a total red person. There is some red in every room in my house. Like that room, I have a red Dutch door. My home never ceases to make me smile

  23. Ellie

    Bright and full of light and life. Love the crown molding too.



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