The Mystery Hook {Wire Basket Hanging from a Hook}

The Mystery Hook {Wire Basket Hanging from a Hook}

Hang a Wire Basket on the Wall with a Hook!

Awhile back I showed you my cute little wire basket, hanging from a mystery hook in my entry. I found the hook in a random box of bits and pieces in my garage. I pictured this little hook like something you would use on a boat.

A couple of my readers pointed out it looked like a cord winder hook for window blinds. Makes perfect sense! But in my search for them, I can’t find another one like it. I see some with longer “wings” that are similar, but not one just like this.

Does anyone know what this hook is actually called? I love it, but it would be great to know how to find another one!


  1. Nope don’t know the name but I think it is either from a sail boat or the curtain thing. Hope you feel better really soon!

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s a cleat for securing rope…try searching “nautical cleat” and you might find a match. Good luck!

  3. A boat cleat I believe. Feel better soon. :)

  4. I think they’re called “Cord Cleats”. I had that this past week, hope you feel better!!

  5. It’s a cleat, used on boats to secure/tie-up a line (from small line to huge ropes, comes in many sizes). I’m off hunting for that exact one for you. :)

    Will leave a link if I find it, but that should get you started.

  6. i think the “cord cleat” is correct. when i was googling, i saw chic they have really cute ones.

  7. This hook is a real treasure on your wall. Of course it helps that brushed & aged brass is such a growing trend ;-)

  8. dock/boat/mooring cleat.

  9. I have GOT to get me one of those! ;)

  10. It’s a boat cleat!

  11. here is another one that someone found for me (posted on facebook)

  12. I think a boat cleat also. Take care and so sorry you are sick. Feel much better soon.

  13. Here is a great post with ideas:

    (Left in my Facebook comments!)

  14. It’s a cord cleat…….for window blind cords…….that one is brass and the size from the 80’s…….most are larger because larger windows (length) use more cord. I might have one like yours in brass…….email
    me if you are interested and I’ll look for it and then give me an address
    if I find it.
    You used it in a creative way……that’s the cool thing !

  15. you could also call it a ‘tie down’, used for blinds but this is obviously from early versions or used to tie down cords from gathering curtains.

  16. yup, it’s a cleat, used to tie robes on a boat, I have one that I use to hang a large picture on my wall. Pottery Barn has ones that are similar.

  17. Try a store that sells marine supplies. They come in all sizes.

  18. It is used on a boat for tying the ropes. I believe it is called a rope cleat. I have used many of those.

  19. Look at all the great answers to your question! That’s the beauty of blogging, no? :)

  20. Sorry, no idea. Just wanted to let you know that I love it too! :) x Julie

  21. I think it’s a cleat, like the ones used on a boat.

  22. I also think it might be a boat cleat from a sail boat

  23. I definitely think it’s nautical. Some kind of hook for securing rope. Check nautical supplies online.

  24. Ir’s called a cute little wire basket cleat, and it was a one-of-a-kind sample made just for you!

  25. It’s a nautical cleat. check out for a slew of choices.

  26. Hi Melissa,

    Yes, that is a nautical cleat. The style is often used to secure shade pulls as well. You can find them in most hardware stores and also upscale stores like Pottery Barn make actual hooks styled after the cleats. You can also find lots of cleats…as well as all things nautical…here:

    Have a great day.


  27. How did you secure it to the wall? Usually you can see boat cleat screws somewhere

  28. No idea what it is but sure looks great.

  29. We used to have an old Thompson Boa; a wood Cutty Cabin Cruiser, circa 1960’s. I agree it looks like the cleats used to secure the line. Our boat had some that looked like that.

  30. How neat! That’s so interesting that you had that in your home!

  31. I searched and found them to be a Dock Cleat.

  32. It sure is cute! What I love about it is that there aren’t any visible screw/nail holes in yours so you can’t tell how it is fastened to the wall. It makes is pretty unique.

  33. I used these cleats as kitchen cabinet hardware in my beach cottage. For under 3$ each they work beautifully and I get rave reviews on them. They screw in from the back and come in zinc and brass at West Marine.

  34. Brilliant idea!!! I love that. I might do the same sometime, they sure are cute little things!!

  35. Melissa, this is really a nice idea. I love the rustic yet elegance appearance of the hook and basket.

  36. Looks like a cleat from a boat! You are so clever to use it in a fun way!! You are one creative lady,

  37. It’s a boat cleat used to tie rope. I got a large silver one from West Marine. I put it on the back of my bathroom door to hang towels. Love it!

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