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Yellow Kitchen Islands {Love or Not?}

by | Jun 4, 2012 | Color, Decorating Inspiration, Kitchens, Summer Decorating

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Yellow Kitchen Islands {Love or Not?}

Yellow Kitchen Island via Jas Design Build

Yellow Kitchen Islands {Love or Not?}

Yellow kitchen island via BHG

Yellow Kitchen Islands {Love or Not?}

Yellow Kitchen Island via BHG 

Yellow Kitchen Islands

I like yellow.

Too much yellow in the kitchen and my head might hurt.

But a yellow kitchen island seems just right.



  1. Beck

    Love love love it!

  2. Melodie Placencia

    love it

  3. Dana

    Not a fan. Sorry. I love soft buttery yellow walls – but for some reason I can’t get excited about a yellow island.

  4. RubySongbird

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow islands. I dream of one day having a kitchen in yellow and white with a nice sunny window.

  5. Jamie

    This is going to sound dumb, but I wish that not every picture of an idyllic kitchen included abundant, cheery sunlight. There are a lot of great design ideas (like yellow islands) that look completely different in sweeping sunlight and in the long, drizzly grey days that are significantly more common around me!

    I’ll stick to bold reds or colonial blues for my pops of color – they hold up better to the vagaries of our weather!

  6. Lori H

    Love those photos, but not in my house. Especially since I have a soft, butter yellow on my kitchen walls.

  7. Mel

    These are all absolutely lovely. It’s the kind of thing I would love in someone else’s house but likely not try in my own.

  8. Jamie

    Yellow’s cool, but I like a cottage-y blue instead. It’s a little more calming.

  9. Jen

    Love it. I especially love the first yellow island. It’s just the right tone for me. So sunshiney : ) have a fabulous day!

  10. The Tiny Homestead

    love! I don’t have an island, but my kitchen is tiny (smaller than the islands in some of those pictures probably!) and I painted my cabinets yellow several years ago.

  11. Angela Bailey

    Gorgeous! Sure makes my pathetic kitchen island look ridiculous :) I love a pop of yellow. Not into too much yellow, but for this kitchen it seems just right.

  12. Lisa

    Love it! I get so tired of red kitchens or dark kitchens… These are beautiful!

  13. Vee

    Excellent for sunshine on any weather day. I love yellow, though all of those are a titch too vivid for me. If I found a buttercream yellow, I’d be very happy.

  14. Megan

    LOVE it!!! My grandmother had a little yellow stool in her kitchen that perked the place right up and although it was definitely smaller than an island, I think yellow is a great punch of color! I’d love to have it in my future white kitchen with wood floor (or woodgrain tile) as the fun accent color. We’ve gone with yellow for our front porch’s main color and I’m thinking about adding small touches in our house too maybe!

  15. Rachel

    I like them, I’m just overwhelmed by the bathtub posing as a sink in the first picture. Talk about a BIG sink. lol It made me giggle.

  16. Lynda

    I love yellow, too….about the Island- I just wish my tiny kitchen had room for an Island!! I wouldn’t care what color it was!

  17. carol

    looks pretty in the photos. But I love coastal. Blues and grays. So that would not be something I would do in my kitchen. I think I would get tired of it. and changing out your accessories would be difficult.

  18. RasaR

    Although I love the yellow BHG kitchen’s extended work space from within the island, I don’t see why one would need it? The island and the rest of the kitchen seem quite large already. I would think this extended workspace would be best suited for a smaller kitchen.

  19. Emily W

    I think it depends on the yellow. It should be lighter yellow or greener yellow. The 2nd one just isn’t doing it for me. What a cheerful way to brighten up your kitchen though!

  20. Lisa

    I’m with you on too much and my head might hurt! But a pop of bright yellow in an island? So pretty and happy.

  21. Cynthia

    I do not mind yellow but I like a softer buttery yellow best.


  22. Diane

    Yellow is one of my favorite colors…but the first two seem just a bit bold for me. Love the last island! Cheery but not shouting at me!!
    Have a great day!!

  23. Tiffany

    I’ve loved yellow kitchen islands ever since I saw Sarah Richardson’t farmhouse kitchen. There’s something about yellow that is so happy and energizing.

  24. Sonya

    LOVE!!! nuff said…

  25. Rene

    Love love love. I have only painted a room yellow once for myself. I decided accenting with yellow was a better idea. Love it!

  26. kimber

    eh… not really a fan. It’s okay, but sometimes a bit much. Something more toned down might be better, said the lady with the house the same color for 10 years who is secretly afraid of drama in a room. Take my opinion with half a grain of salt!
    I AM loving that little secret roll out marble island thingy. Super cute and way functional!

  27. Franki Parde

    It made me smile! What’s not right about “happy?!?” It’s not like you can’t “change it out” unless it is something “not paintable.??” My island “changes it’s colors all the time.” (Currently black..thinking limey green…) :) franki

  28. Linda Stoll

    mmm … maybe a soft butter yellow with some gentle blue accents?

    too much in your face early in the morning might not sit well after awhile …

  29. christy

    Not sure why, but it’s not my favorite. I agree with some of the other comments and think blue, grey or green would be better. That’s my two cents. :)

  30. Cindi

    for sure “love”! but I like a splash of color in a room. something unexpected. yellow is a color that just makes you smile and in the example photos, each kitchen carries this color well.

  31. Erin

    I love it. Of course those kitchens are picture perfect and styled beautifully. I think in my house it might look more like a lemon drop with a pile of papers and homework on top! It really is gorgeous but I think I’m more of a navy, or grey girl myself.

    Thanks for the eye candy!

  32. joan

    I really like the light cabinets but prefer a softer yellow on walls. I don’t think I would ever (have the courage to) paint my wood cabinets.. And I know this is counter -culture but an “island” just isn’t my thing… the traveling round and round in the kitchen. I DO love the “roll-out” though … perhaps roll-out from a counter?

  33. Morgan

    I love it! Yellow is my favorite color but I think yellow really brightens a kitchen. The first one is my favorite but I like them all. I don’t think a yellow island would be to much.


    I am loving the yellow island, especially in the last image, A breath of sunshine!! Makes me smile,

  35. Karen Mary

    Just in from painting my porch floor yellow. An island is definitely not too much!

  36. Adrienne

    My kitchen is too small for an island but I would L.O.V.E. a yellow island – yellow is my color. With my white cabinets and graystone counters and hardwood-look floors, a pop of yellow on an island would be perfect! Perhaps when I add on and have the kitchen of my dreams!

  37. Stephanie

    Loooove the yellow kitchens!

  38. Wendy Webb

    Love yellow! Soft buttery ones, my favorite is called Corn Silk. This island looks like a close match…but I can’t imagine having one. The first thing that comes to mind is “Scuff marks” (from people sitting on the stools.)

  39. Susan

    Oh no…never yellow. Maybe if it was ivory-yellow….MAYBE.

  40. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    Yellow and turquoise are neck-and-neck for our island. Turquoise is definitely the safer pick…which is probably why I find myself dreaming of yellow. But finding the “right” yellow seems a bit daunting!

  41. Teresa Giddens

    I can easily see why you love the yellow islands — so brilliantly bright! However, I do not like sinks or stoves in islands… We purchased an island from Ballard — it’s movable (although we haven’t moved it since we first set it in place), it has drawers and cabinets accessible from both sides. it is elegant, and it is extendable so that it could provide in-kitchen eating space (although we do not use that feature). Our island is painted black and fits in wonderfully with our light oak cabinets and ceramic flooring of beige-y 16″ tiles.

  42. Elen Grey

    I could move right into that first kitchen. Gorgeous splash of color in all. When you live in the Great White North, you learn to appreciate a good dose of color, especially in the fall/winter/spring months. ;-)

  43. Rita

    I love yellow, but I’d beware of going with too bright a shade. Personally, some of the pictures you are showing seem to have a little too much green in them for me. I prefer a soft, buttery yellow because I think it would be easier to live with long term. I like the yellow in the second picture the best, but I thin k I might like a little lighter shade.

  44. Meaningful Nest

    I think it’s great! A little dose of sunshine in any room makes it brighter and happier. Of course, the right shade is a must. We actually have a shade of buttery/sunny yellow on our bedroom walls and it looks good with about any color–brown, navy, green, red…’s a great neutral! I love the island you featured in the last picture. It’s just the right splash of color.

  45. That Scentsy Girl

    I am not sure if I “love” it but I don’t not like it. I think that the lighter colors such as the yellow and I like that but I doesn’t think that it looks fresh and clean like I would like a kitchen to be.

  46. Pat

    well now, If my walls weren’t yellow in my kitchen…then DEFINITELY yellow island!

    2 thumbs up!

  47. Meredith

    I like the first yellow, the other yellows I don’t like as much
    however, cheery sunshine in whatever form it takes is good in
    A home. As Jamie said (read back) I live in a dreary cold climate
    Too and yellow brightens it up for me but red keeps it looking warm!
    Yellow is gorgeous when done right!

  48. Lisa

    I love yellow, especially in a kitchen. However, I do not think I would be so brave as to have a major piece of furniture, or cabinetry yellow. Walls, bowls, kitchen aide mixer…pops of yellow would be the way to go for me.

  49. Linda

    Absolutely – if you love the color yellow and are brave enough to take that step – go for it. The yellow accent totally pops the rooms as it was intended to do. If yellow is not your favorite you can still get the same impact by choosing another color.

  50. laxsupermom

    Love that first one with the soapstone sink and counters! So pretty! The third one makes me sigh, too. Of course I love yellow in the kitchen, having painted our walls a soft, buttery yellow.

  51. Cynthia

    Ummmm, I would vote NO. I think I would tire of it very quickly! I would rather see a black island with pops of yellow using accessories, just as Lisa has suggested above.

  52. teresa

    I have a hard time using yellow in my house…..usually in very small places… a yellow dress or flowers…not so much in my home. =)

  53. Magnet Mailer

    I think using yellow is very brave. I love quiet colors so I’d have to find something simple to start.

  54. Mimi

    If I ever had yellow cabinets they would be muted and so antiqued that they’d look either beige or maybe a bit gold. I probably wouldn’t paint them yellow though. If I had an odd little table or chair, etc. a touch of yellow there would be nice.

  55. Irma

    I love yellow,soft buttery yellow! Right now , my little front entryway is sunny yellow with white trim. My kitchen is small so what wall space there is, it’s sunny yellow as well, with ivory cupboards . And I have to admit , our bedroom, a creamy pale gold/yellow. Most of these are bright, sun filled rooms. The rest of the tones , sage greens, tan , beige.

  56. audrey

    yellow is the most amazing happy color. so YES YES YES

  57. Chrissie

    I love the shade of the yellow paint in the second photo. It is just the right combination of vibrancy and being pleasing in the eye.

  58. Shari

    YES! YES! YES! I absolutely adore yellow. I have been thinking very seriously about painting my island yellow, and the last picture put it over the top for me. My island will be yellow, and I will love it, and it will make me smile every time I walk into the room! Thanks for helping me make my decision!

  59. Christi

    Have you seen Sarah Richardson’s farmhouse redo? She also did a yellow island (a soft, buttery yellow). Paired with greys, marble, etc. it looked beautiful.

  60. Geri Maldonado

    That last kitchen looks like the happiest kitchen I have ever seen. I want it!!

  61. maria smith

    How cheerful that kitchen looks. Love it! I love the pops of color in the kitchen. We are working on a kitchen make over. It will make our lives so much more cheery and also make all the deep cleaning easier.

    • maria smith

      And the sink!!!! Love!!!!

  62. Lisa @ Farmhouse on Boone

    It is pretty, but I know I would end up getting tired of it after a few years and have to paint it. But, that is probably the case with anything! :)

  63. Joan

    Am in the process of designing a home to build. Yellow island is the only design element I know i want! Vacillating between white and light gray cabinets. Leaning toward the gray. I’ve always decorated with resale in mind. This time, I’m having that yellow island!


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