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Adding Character: Wood Plank Walls

by | Aug 8, 2012 | Decorating Inspiration | 27 comments

Adding Character: Wood Plank WallsC Designs

Inspiration: Wood Plank Walls

From higher end homes to the DIY and blogging crowd, adding wood planks to your walls seems to be a big trend in home decor right now! I love wood walls. All of my previous houses had so much cool old paneling and board and batten, I really MISS it. I’m not trying to be trendy, I just love that classic old house look! Good thing trends can be classics at the same time!

Adding Character: Wood Plank Walls

Plank Walls Atlanta Homes Magazine

There is nothing quite like wood on the walls to age your newer house! In a good, cottage sort of way, of course. I’ve got several walls I’d like to add wood to in the coming months, so I’ve been gathering some inspiration pics. I thought you might enjoy them too!

Let’s see what plank walls look like in a variety of settings! Today I’m focusing on horizontal planks, but really, you can add wood any which way you want!

Adding Character: Wood Plank Walls

Plank Walls Bedroom The Lettered Cottage

Adding Character: Wood Plank Walls

Phoebe Howard

Adding Character: Wood Plank Walls

Plank Walls Owen’s Olivia

Adding Character: Wood Plank Walls

DIY Blogger Idea House Tatertots & Jello

Adding Character: Wood Plank Walls

Plank Walls via Four Generations One Roof

Adding Character: Wood Plank Walls

Plank Walls via Thrifty and Chic

Adding Character: Wood Plank Walls

BHG blue plank walls

And if you don’t like white plank walls, how about blue plank walls? The options are really endless!

Adding Character: Wood Plank Walls
In fact, someone asked me via Pinterest about natural wood plank walls, so I’m adding a picture of our family beach house, with natural wood walls! Lovely all around, you can’t go wrong no matter what style you choose! And yes, I think you CAN mix different types and styles of wood paneling in one house. It just adds to the charm, in my opinion!

Adding Character: Wood Plank Walls

Last four photos: Southern Living Idea House

Adding Character: Wood Plank Walls

Adding Character: Wood Plank Walls

Adding Character: Wood Plank Walls

Adding Character: Wood Plank Walls

Do you have any walls you’ve thought of adding wood planks to? I’ll update you when I know which walls I’m going to tackle first!

See a few links to tutorials for plank walls over at The Inspired Room DIY pages!

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  1. jessica

    You’re the best ! Thank you for including our family room planked walls :) I’m working on planking our first floor. I really love the blue planked walls you posted from BHG, that color is beautiful!

  2. Kelly - Talk of the House

    I REALLY love them…even took down board and batten to replace it with planks. Our playroom is totally clad in real wood planks (wide boards). The great room has one wall done in it. The master bedroom and daughter’s room each have one wall in it. When you can’t afford to do the entire room, one wall can really make a difference. All of our plank walls are painted – except for the foyer that has wood walls made from the backside of beadboard. One day I want to take down the bead board in the kitchen and replace it with planks. One day….

  3. Cheryl Thornton

    thanks for this post…about to start board and batten – but maybe now planks instead…have to run it by the hubs (who brings to life all my decorating ideas) and see what he thinks

    Cheryl from Ontario

  4. Cynthia

    These pictures are great very inspiring.


  5. Diane

    No…that’s not a possibility for me. But I LOVE the texture that brings to a room! More fun afoot for you!!!

  6. {oc cottage}

    oh do i wish! it’s such an awesome look!

    m ^..^

  7. Lauren

    I love this trend… We actually added plank wood to one of the walls in our basement guest room as a focal point. It looks so beautiful, so happy with the result… We also recently added wood to the ceiling of our office as well; I love the mood natural, unpainted wood gives to a room… Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  8. Rene

    Love this idea.

  9. Nancy

    I LOVE getting your ideas! I look forward to them each day. Know that YOU are appreciated. It is getting me to think outside the box!

    • Melissa

      Nancy, THANK you SO MUCH for letting me know these posts are helpful and that you enjoy them! That totally made my day. I get excited to share stuff but knowing lovely ladies like you are out there enjoying these posts along with me makes it all the more fun! xo

  10. Susan Lange

    we actually had planked ceilings in the bedrooms of my childhood home. My dad was an architect and designed the house – probably planked the ceilings to give the rooms character. They were painted white. The rest of the home had smooth ceilings which was unheard of in those days.

  11. Anne

    I liked the ones on the stairs and hall. I think it adds interest to that normally unspecified place in the house.

  12. Cathie

    I would love to use this in my house! Maybe even in my bedroom which I am trying right now to decide what to do with. Will you be giving us a tutorial? I’d love to see how you did it!

  13. Corinna

    I love your inspiration pictures! I’ve wanted to do this in our sun room, and the ceiling of our Son’s nursery. But after seeing these I want to extend planking to every room, haha! It’s a shame I live in a 1 story, that staircase (& yours!) make me envious!

  14. Gee

    Grew up in a house with plank walls. Been talking to the Mr. about planking the area under our bar. It can get so … well you know.. people sitting there, shoe scuffs etc…. So I have been finding ideas and showing him. Can hardly wait to get it done.
    Luv your ideas!!
    Cheers, Gee

  15. Stacey

    I am infatuated with planking. We recently added it to our daughters’ bathroom remodel and I love it.

    • Tee R

      I am going to plank a living rm wall, was just at Home Depot but they didn’t have anything I thought was right. Where did you get your planking please. I also want it to look whitewashed do I have to do that or can I buy it that way

  16. Kat

    We just planked up our stairwell walls. I, too, am a sucker for this classic look!

  17. Garden, Home and Party

    What great images. I love each and every room. Wow~even Phoebe Howard has used the plank walls with such great effect.

  18. Maria

    I LOVE this look. My parents had a wood plank wall in their old home, but when they built their new house, the didn’t include the planks into the plans. I miss them!

  19. Lisa at celebrate creativity

    These are beautiful selections, Melissa. I love this look but never had the nerve to incorporate the plank design in my home decor. Too afraid I’d mess it up.

    I’d love to try this on one wall in my attic workspace. Nice inspiration to consider and also to see how it’s executed correctly (lol).


  20. Dagmar ~ Dagmar's momsense

    Wood planks make for such a cozy look! Love all of these examples. Now I’m thinking wood planks on one featured wall in my son’s room would look nice. Think I can get my finish carpenter husband to do it? :)

  21. JaneEllen

    The idea of using planks on walls appeals to me but would have to convince hubs. He’s not into “different” ideas to fix up our manufactured home. I’ve been waiting for 6 yrs. to get the vinyl walls painted, hate them. Think plank wall would be a very unusual and perhaps insulating idea for at least one way in our bedroom. Would like to use planks in other rooms also.

    • lavacha

      Hey everybody, I just found this great and soo inspiring blog, so my comment is really late… we’re planning a remodel of my mother-in-laws house, bearing in mind that she will live there for some years yet, and my husband wants to move in when she can no longer stay there alone. The house has planked ceilings all over and wood board on the north wall , which where added for insulation in the eighties, and my husband hates them. These pictures finally convinced him that white paint would do the trick for him!
      Thank you so much – I couldn’t think of a way to remodel all the ceilings without spending further heaps of money on insulating the roof.
      Now I’ll look for images of striped ceilings or walls, because I’d like to keep a little bit of that beautiful oak visible without that “dark hole” feel the hubby gets from it :-) .

      Thank you from Germany!

  22. Layla

    Thank you for including that pic of our bedroom, Melissa! :-D
    You *know* we’re big fans of the planks…can’t get enough of ’em, and can’t wait to see yours!

  23. kathy

    I am renovating my bathroom and I am in the process of finding a vanity. I haven’t found one that I like at Lowes or Home Depot. I LOVE this grey one in your bathroom. Could you please email me with the information of where you bought it? Thank you!


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