Fall Around The House

Fall Around The House

Fall Around The House

Fall Around The House

Fall Around The House

Fall Around The House

Fall Around The House

Fall Around The House

Fall Around The House

Fall Around The House

Fall Around The House

Fall Around The House

Even thought we are still in the middle of a bazillion messy destructive projects at our house, you can’t stop me from Fall nesting! No way, I LOVE it! From pumpkins and gourds to cozy throws and Fall candles, I love getting things all fall-ish!┬áBut, I assure you, while my house might look all put together, there quite a bit of chaos. More on the projects later, but it does my heart good to take pictures of the Fall corners around my house because it reminds me that not everything is unfinished. It is important to create little bits of Fall happiness no matter what is going on in the rest of your home, or life!

Today you got a little peek into what Fall looks like around MY HOUSE. Now, let’s see what fall looks like at your place! Link up a post showing off what how you’ve been Fall nesting! Don’t forget we have more parties coming up so you have plenty of opportunities to show and tell!

Remember, please link up only to a specific post, not your home page (because later on people will click on these links and they will not be able to find the post you were trying to point them to!). And, please link back to this post from your Fall Around The House post and let others know we are having a Fall party!

Fall Around The House

And most of all, have fun visiting each other and getting to know other bloggers! Blogland is getting so HUGE (like ENORMOUS), I really like to have these little parties to bring it down to a more manageable circle of like-minded people!

You guys ROCK and I love that you come here every day, so let’s visit each other and spread the love to fellow friends who love Fall like we do!

Fall Around The House


  1. Your home looks so light, bright, and festive! I’m in love with the plush pumpkins. And that wreath is so awesome.

  2. Everything looks fresh and beautiful! I especially love the peacock feathers on the door!

  3. Love your Fall decor! Beautiful.
    Thanks so much for hosting.
    House on the Way

  4. Thanks for hosting these fun fall festivities, Melissa! Autumn is just the best season!

    It has been exciting to watch your remodeling projects take place bit by bit. You’re on a roll now! Everything is looking fabulous!

    • I agree, it is the best!!! Thanks, I am kinda on a roll and it feels good to be making my way through some of the things I’ve wanted to do and see them getting DONE :-)

  5. Love your home as always, Melissa! Love all your pumpkins too. :) Thanks for hosting the Fall Nesting parties!! Happy Fall!

  6. Beautiful and sophisticated at the same time. Thanks bunches for hosting this Linky Party for Fall. I really appreciate it!

  7. Oh, I so need a cloche! I love the door scene – so welcoming!

  8. I just love your party each year and love seeing what you are up to around your beautiful home! Your peacock wreath is gorgeous! Thank you so much for hosting. Looking forward to the weeks ahead :)

  9. Happy Fall! Thanks for the party :) I’m loving your pumpkin under glass.. and that peacock accented wreath. Of course, I love your door, so anything looks great on it to me!!

  10. I love your Fall decor and the simplicity of it. Such a lesson in how just a few items can speak volumes. Even though my husband and I are temporarily (18 months) living in a fully furnished apartment (somewhat like a residence inn room) some 2500 miles from home due to his job, I’m inspired to embrace the fall season and add a few decorations. I think it will do me a world of good as long as Walter the labradoodle doesn’t eat them.

  11. Looks great! I love all the natural elements. That’s right up my alley.

  12. Your home is so fresh and inviting! LOVE the sunflowers and how pretty everything is against the back drop of your subway tile. Pure loveliness!
    ~ Diane
    P.S. You have the best parties….what a great group of ‘friends’ gathering here.

  13. I love a hint of seasonal decorating too. You house looks beautifully decorated for fall. Thank you for hosting this fun party Melissa!

  14. Your home is so lovely, Melissa! And that new chandelier is gorgeous. Thanks for hosting the party. Can’t wait to see how everyone is decorating this year! :-)

  15. Janmary, N Ireland says

    Here in N Ireland they don’t really decorate homes apart from at Christmas time, and although that doesn’t stop me (!) it does make it trickier to find decorative items such as pumpkins, gourds etc (whether real or fake!)

    However we have a special harvest thanksgiving service and supper in our church when it is beautifully decorated with fruit, veg and flowers, so in my blog post I shared some images from there as well as my home decor.

  16. love the cool tones! gorgeous, and thanks for hosting!

  17. Beautiful fall decor! But I must admit, beautiful wood always catches my eyes, and I am in love w/ the table in the first picture!!! Where would your fall decor be w/out that beautiful base??? ;o) (My husband and I make tables, so that’s why it caught my eye!) Fall is my favorite time of year to decorate for. Pumpkins just make me very happy, especially the tiny ones!

  18. Your house is beautiful! I love that table on the 5th picture, so vintage :)


  19. Hi Melissa, good morning. Your home looks beautiful. I had to laugh I think all of us understand that when the house is messy or in disorganized chaos…WE DON’T TAKE WIDE ANGLED SHOTS. Just close ups! Big smile. Your home does look welcoming and we understand projects. We have been doing one after the other, trying to get most of them out of the way for the holidays and all that cooking. We both have huge families and do the majority of the cooking. We are ALMOST THERE! YAY!

  20. Melissa, I’ve been working on a whole-house tour for autumn, but I don’t quite have it ready. . . and of course this home tour of yours would have been the best place for me to link up. Oh, well. I DID manage to put together a little tour of my fall tabletops, so I linked that! Now I’m going to go back to see how long this link party will be open–who knows? Maybe I’ll get the tour done in time to link that up, too! :)

    Your house looks gorgeous for fall–like it’s happy for October to be here. Hope you’re having a great week!

  21. Simply beautiful! Quick question… I recognize the Dash & Albert rug in your gorgeous entry. Can you tell what color it is? I’ve been eyeing the same rug and couldn’t decide on a color. Many thanks.

  22. Melissa, Loving all of your Fall touches, especially the happy sunflowers in the white pitcher. Sunflowers just make me smile!! Thanks for hosting the linky party, I just linked up!!

  23. Thanks for hosting Melissa. You’ve got such great style, I always love to pop in and see the latest. Right now I am right there with you ~ only close ups here too.
    Happy Fall to you.

  24. Really cute. I love all of the little touches.

  25. Melissa, I love your home! Just gorgeous fall decor! Big fan of your blog, thanks for hosting!
    Barbara at Chase the Star
    chasethestar dot net

  26. Thank you for hosting your fun party!

  27. I just found your party and linked up. Thank you for hosting.

  28. I love all how all your little touches add an element for the season! It doesn’t take a lot to add that extra touch does it? Your pumpkins and gourds are perfect! I didn’t get my “all around the house” stuff done because I wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous outside weather we have been blessed with the last few days and get the outside things finished. I hope to link up for that since I actually have it done! Hooray!

  29. You are so right about making the effort to decorate and savor the season in spite of whatever chaos may be around you. I am currently going through a total kitchen renovation and trying to get out the pumpkins and do fall things with the kids in spite of living on a subfloor. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration.

  30. Your house looks gorgeous! I just came for the tour from Susan’s BNOTP, where you are very deserving, featured!
    Big hugs,

  31. Your decor is simplicity at its best, Melissa. Re: decorating one’s home amidst what we deem chaos- I think we should do what we can to make things look good despite things not being complete or ” up to par. ” My home is always in a state of construction or re-decorating and I have learned to go with the flow. Often times, other people don’t see the “messes” we do! LOL Thank goodness!

  32. Some beautiful ideas. We love to put pumpkins and gourds around the patio for entertaining. Just saw where you add a candle and hurricane on the top to creat warm fall light. The plush pumpkins look awesome!

  33. Your home looks gorgeous. I particularly love the pumpkins. I wish we celebrated Halloween here in England like you guys do!

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