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Hardwood Floor Ideas & Inspiration {and an update!}

by | Dec 7, 2012 | Decorating Inspiration, my house

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Hardwood Floor Ideas & Inspiration {and an update!}

Hardwood Floor Ideas & Inspiration {and an update!}

Hardwood Floor Ideas & Inspiration {and an update!}

Hardwood floor inspiration via Design Sponge {Exquisite Surfaces}

This post is sponsored by Mohawk Flooring.

Are you dreaming of new flooring? The type of flooring in a house plays such an important role in the overall design and feel of the home. It even impacts many of the decisions we make in decorating and plans for future renovations.

Usually we have to live with what flooring is already in our homes (oh, snap!) at least for awhile, but sometimes we actually have the fun opportunity to start from scratch and select flooring that suits our home’s style and our own personal preferences.

Hardwood Floor Ideas & Inspiration {and an update!}

Kitchen painting and new floors under the paper!

I’m so happy that I had the opportunity this year to have new Hickory hardwood floors installed by Mohawk! We replaced old stained carpet and damaged flooring from our remodel. The new flooring transformed how my home feels and how we plan to decorate our rooms. It is pretty exciting (especially for me since I waited several years to renovate anything in my home!). YAY!

My final kitchen/family room/entry hardwood floor reveal posts will be coming up this month. Right now my entire kitchen and family room is covered in tape and paper, and my painter has ordered me to stay out for fear I will ruin her lovely work! So, needless to say, no floor reveals yet! 

Hardwood Floor Ideas & Inspiration {and an update!}

Meanwhile, I wanted to show you some lovely hardwood floor inspiration pictures. Where would we be without inspiration pictures when we are trying to make a major decision like what new flooring we want for our home? It can be so hard to decide what to choose!

Hardwood Floor Ideas & Inspiration {and an update!}

For remodels and renovations I’ve been involved in, I always begin by scouring magazines and online sources for inspiration for the look and feel I want to achieve. I start dreaming of details and options and clever ways to get the look I want for my own home.

Hardwood Floor Ideas & Inspiration {and an update!}
There are so many beautiful types of wood floors. Not only are there gorgeous varieties and grains of wood, but there are so many options of stains, finishes and flooring widths, and almost endless patterns in which wood flooring could be laid to create beautiful custom patterns and designs. 
Hardwood Floor Ideas & Inspiration {and an update!}

In addition to the fun design decisions when choosing wood flooring, you have to consider factors such as your family’s lifestyle, the cost of the details or types of wood you might like, and if you need to choose flooring to compliment existing flooring or trim work or other elements in your home. Fortunately there are usually some ways to narrow down your options!

It is definitely worthwhile to have professional help, both in making your decision as well as installation advice and support.

It seems like a daunting decision, but choosing new flooring really can be a fun process and very rewarding once you are done!

Even if hardwoods are not in your immediate future, it is fun to dream, right?

Hardwood Floor Ideas & Inspiration {and an update!}
Hardwood Floor Ideas & Inspiration {and an update!}

No matter what look you are going for in your home, there is probably a beautiful hardwood flooring for you! I’m thrilled to have partnered with Mohawk on this project!

Do you have new flooring projects in your future?

Speaking of beautiful home details, I had the opportunity this week with a few other bloggers to peek inside a  GORGEOUS new home that was being used as a location for a Ballard Designs catalog shoot! Sometime soon I will have a post up to show you what I was up to this week at Ballard Designs, including pictures of that amazing home and some behind the scenes peeks at our trip! Plus, I have more Christmas inspiration and kitchen updates coming up too! Busy bee, I am!

Hardwood Floor Ideas & Inspiration {and an update!}

I’m partnering with the “Mohawk Floors Me, as Told by Bloggers” program and received hardwood flooring as a part of the project, but as always, all opinions and experiences are my own.


  1. Vee

    Good thing that we have you to do the homework for us! I have looked at several of these floors and thought that there is no way that they would stand the test of time. One can’t go wrong with a classic look.

    Recently, I watched an entire program on hardwood flooring. It was so interesting. I had no idea that a hardwood floor could be laid so quickly and even stained and varnished in a day. They sure do have amazing equipment these days.

    Can’t wait to see your big reveal. It is going to be amazing.

  2. Linda Stoll

    … somehow the rooms with the raised ceilings only seem to highlight the beauty of the wood … especially if there’s skylights. love it!

  3. Jennifer

    I love reading posts about flooring because it is such a hard decision. It took me forever to decide on my floors and I’m so glad I took the time because it’s an expensive decision. Beautiful pictures, too!

  4. Faith

    Awesome floors! Can’t wait to see the full reveal of your floors/kitchen/painting… Wow, you’ve had a lot on your plate lately. You’re an inspiration! xo, Faith

  5. Jenny

    I can’t wait to see your reveal – the floors are going to be stunning! I totally agree though – installing hardwoods is a big investment, and the homework is necessary (but fun!). I pinned zillions of images as I researched hardwoods, and the decision took about six months to make, since I agonize over big decisions like this. After all, I expect these hardwoods to be around for a LONG time.

  6. melissa owczarzak

    I can’t wait to do ours!!!! Looking forward to your reveal!! -melissa @

  7. Sharon

    I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hardwood floors. We have them on our entire first level. However, the finish is coming off, and I was wondering what types of finishes are best for maintenance and dog scratches?
    I’m so excited to see your reveal…love your style!

    • Melissa

      Good question! Mine came pre-finished so I didn’t have to make that decision. I know all wood floors I’ve ever had tend to get scratches from life and dogs. And at first we all panic over a little scratch on perfect floors but a few years later they just have normal wood floor character and I’ve never really thought much about it :-). They will scratch but with real wood you can refinish down the road and bring back their original beauty.

      For durability and longevity it is important to choose a really hardwood, like Hickory or any other very hard wood, as they are less likely to suffer under the wear and tear of life. Also I’ve found that my very dark hardwoods in my old house showed more than these, since Hickory has light and dark grain that can conceal more dust and even scratches. I also like to put rugs where the most wear and tear happens as an extra measure of protection.

      I would for sure ask a wood flooring professional about finish options to give you the most durable long lasting finish with pups and kitties or kiddies :-)!

  8. Amanda

    I love wood flooring, I think it add a warms the base like no other flooring can. Some really gorgeous examples here


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