I love doing laundry {not}

I love doing laundry {not}Washington Post

I love doing laundry {not}

Sarah Hartill

I love doing laundry {not}

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I love doing laundry {not} Bolig Pluss

I love doing laundry {not}


I love doing laundry {not}

Canadian House and Home October 2007 Issue
I love doing laundry {not}

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I love doing laundry {not}The Polished Pebble
I love doing laundry {not}

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Laundry Rooms

I love doing laundry. Actually, let’s be honest. I don’t enjoy it all that much. We’ve been spending a crazy amount of time in our tiny not cute laundry room lately. I’ll spare you the details that are not fit for print, but our nearly 18 year old Westie (Winston) creates a lot of extra laundry. Bless his heart. And while doing those extra loads of laundry, I have had more time to look around our laundry room and ponder how cute it could be. Positive thinking…how cute it WILL be. Someday. Maybe this year? Maybe if it was cuter I’d like laundry better.

>In related news, I have not forgotten about doing the home goals review post and my 2013 project plans. It’s coming, I promise. Maybe by summer? Ha.

>In other related news: Our laundry room also happens to be one of only two {!!!} remaining rooms still sporting the SWINE.

Do you have a cute laundry room?


  1. I hear that swine colored paint is making a come-back! Might want to wait until you paint your laundry room. :)

    • HA! Well pink might be hip, but I’m telling you those swine walls needed to decide if they were going to fully embrace pink or be confidently beige because the combination was not flattering. :-) I think I could even love pink walls if they were just the right shade, though. And I could maybe even embrace a piglet too, so I have nothing against pink or pigs, just to be clear. HAHA!

  2. My super tiny laundry room got a makeover a few years ago. It’s amazing how that small space functions now. A little planning goes a long way!

  3. I’ll have one of each please!

  4. I seriously hate doing laundry. It’s one of the many chores I do that has no end goal. As soon as I get the laundry done for the day, someone throws something in the laundry basket and I have to start all over again! But maybe if I had a laundry room like one of these, it wouldn’t be so bad. A little home design goes a long way in making chores easier!

  5. Pretty sure I could be happy with any of these, but most especially Canadian House and Home. I sure wish that my entryway was through a laundry room. And a big bouquet of flowers in the laundry room could make a gal smile. I think an laundry room makeover is in your future only because you can not stand “the swine.”

  6. I do love doing laundry; is there any other job for which so little effort produces such great results? I mean, you stuff some dirty clothes in a washing machine and, in a bit, they come out clean! Then, weather permitting, I hang them on the line…beautiful day, horses, sheep and alpacas come to the fence to say hello, dogs and cats are running around sniffing out the leftover night smells, clean, fresh air to breath…what’s not to like? The dryer is used only in “emergencies” because I detest dryer sheets and why spend money on drying clothes when I can spend it on something I really want (my needs have all been met, bless His name.) My laundry room needs straightening but, other than that, it’s a fine place to work.
    Putting laundry away is another story; I hate that job. Note to self…STOP buying baskets to “store” clean laundry and just put the laundry away already!

    • I want sheep and alpacas came to my fence to say hello while I was hang my laundry to dry in the fresh air. That sounds so dreamy! I really don’t hate doing laundry, it does come with a certain sense of gratification, I agree. At least for the few moments in which you are caught up, right?

  7. Oops… became confused by what link goes where…not sure about the striped rug entry, but that’s the one I love best.

  8. I just organized my laundry room and I’m enjoying doing laundry so much more now. It’s a cute room too, and that does help! Now if I could just get someone to put it all away for me!

  9. I LOVE a cute laundry room! We spend so much of our time in there it should be one of the best rooms in the house, right? When we built our new home, the laundry room was one of my top priorities! There is a pic of it on my brand new blog (only 4 posts so far!). Hope you will check it out :)

  10. I have made peace with doing the laundry and usually find it reasonably pleasant, even though my laundry space is in the cellar of our 100 year-old house. I fold everything in the living room and whisk the baskets upstairs to everyone’s bedrooms. It works fine.

  11. Mine is in the middle of a redo and I’m so excited!

  12. Oh Melissa!! Laundry use to be the bain of my exisistence. With three boys in sports I had 2-3 loads a day. I was never caught up, once I piled it all in the car and went to a laundry mat just so I could say it was DONE!! Now I have less, but the laundry room is still a little tiny space,more of a laundry closet. It is functional! I have painted it and put up a new light fixture I added fun bottles and dispenser for my detergent, but alas……. it is still small and functional, but that is about all I can say about it. I am sure you will become very creative and yours will be as wonderful as all of your projects. Happy Monday,

    • Isn’t that the truth? There are seasons when laundry is not all that bad and some where you don’t think you can face one more load. We are in that season of crazy amounts of laundry, but we do keep up with it, mostly thanks to my husband :-). It is a team effort here haha.

  13. Oh my god! I wish I had a laundry room. I love them but…..unfortunatelly I don’t have any place for that. What else can I squeeze in a 100 square meters home?

  14. lovely rooms! You know, I love my laundry room, but I still don’t fold in there! I think my fave feature for a laundry room is one of those “pull out of a drawer ironing board” thingies.

    Love your new blog look!!!

  15. We live in an old Victorian rectory and at some point the 4th bedroom became a laundry room with a teeny tiny bathroom & shower off of one end where the old circular staircase used to lead up to the servant’s quarters. My husband is 6’1 but his shower ceiling is about 5’10” so the bathroom was put in without much thought for anyone but the very diminutive former rector. But the laundry room is one of my favorite rooms in the house and I’ve been organizing it and making it functional and more efficient…I love starting laundry–but finishing it, folding it, putting it away and getting any ironing done always seems to get sidelined since I am not just the Holy Housekeeper, I’m also the Pastor of the church. Your pictures were really inspiring and beautiful as is everything on your blog. I voted for you in the HOMIES thingie and I hope you win or finish in the top 3. I enjoy and appreciate your blog; it is a nice reward for finishing a sermon or a meeting agenda or any of the other things that I work at around here, to sit down and read your posts and see your pictures and spend some day-dreamy time getting inspired to keep up with this house. The house could be a full time job all it’s own, but that’s not what I went to Seminary for!! Keep writing–you’ve got the gift for it!

  16. My laundry room is a dark corner in my basement. Rafters over head, plain unpainted sheetrock on one side and concrete blocks on the other. There’s got to be something I could do to make it nicer to be in. Like get rid of all the spider webs.

  17. I don’t like doing laundry either, but if my laundry room looked like some of those, I might just change my mind! :)

  18. I do not like doing laundry…for many reasons. It NEVER ends. I have a laundry closet – not a laundry room (but I CAN close the door on the never ending piles.) I have a top loading washer and would like a front loading one so that I can put a counter over the top. Is your washer front or top load? Our appliances never die – which is something to be grateful for, I know.

  19. no cute laundry room over here. :)
    hope it will be one day…adding some cabinetry this year, I hope.
    Also, may brave painting it something other than the very neutral, almost white that every other room in the house is.

    always a project.

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