Magnolia, A Lovely Seattle Neighborhood {Drive By}

Magnolia, A Lovely Seattle Neighborhood {Drive By}
Magnolia, A Lovely Seattle Neighborhood {Drive By}

This weekend was SO GORGEOUS in Seattle! We couldn’t bare the thought of staying inside, so we took our dog Jack (who by the way was just crowned Pup of the Year!! Woo hoo!) and our family for a picnic and then went on a nice walk through Magnolia, which is a beautiful neighborhood overlooking the city and Puget Sound.

Magnolia, A Lovely Seattle Neighborhood {Drive By}

Jack LOVED the breeze, the sunshine and the wide open park overlooking the water. Well, we all did. What is not to love?

Magnolia, A Lovely Seattle Neighborhood {Drive By}

And if the natural scenery wasn’t enough, you could whip your head around and look across the street at some gorgeous houses!

Magnolia, A Lovely Seattle Neighborhood {Drive By}

While I was really just there to enjoy the sunshine with my family (really, I’m not a peeping house snooper. Or wait, who am I kidding, maybe I am?), I did snap a couple of pictures of houses for you as I walked by. Heheheh. I can’t help myself.

I saw so many beautiful homes I’m definitely going to schedule a day soon to go back and take MORE house photos for you. Consider this a preview drive/walk by. You will faint dead away when you see all the houses I drooled over, I’m sure of it.

Seriously, I would be happy to move into any of them. All lovely.

Magnolia, A Lovely Seattle Neighborhood {Drive By}

Spectacular doesn’t even begin to describe the view or the neighborhood.

Don’t you love this house? The view from that porch would be incredible!

Magnolia, A Lovely Seattle Neighborhood {Drive By}

Or this one?

That looks like a wonderful family home!

Magnolia, A Lovely Seattle Neighborhood {Drive By}

I’ll bring you all back here, I promise.

PS. I’m finishing up my kitchen reveal post and plan to have that up for you tomorrow, or maybe even tonight!

How was your weekend?


  1. Lovely! I actually used to live in the neighborhood of Magnolia. It has grown a lot since then. Glad you you get to see the golden circle in the sky. Normally it is nothing but a dismal abyss. My former employer would tell us to go outside when the sun came out. Many days would go by and no sunshine. It drove me nuts.

    • Ha, yep it is not often enough! One of my daughters lives in Magnolia and one lives in Queen Anne. Both lovely areas, especially when the sun comes out :-)!

  2. Oh your Kitchen Reveal will make my week I am sure! Will check back tonight … no pressure or anything. :-)

  3. I love when you post pics of beautiful homes in your area. My husband and I lived in Richland, WA, from 1985-’90, and had totally different weather than the Seattle area. It was pretty much a desert area along the Columbia River, and there was no rain from May to October. If you didn’t have an underground sprinkler system, you didn’t have grass!
    I’ve been looking forward to the kitchen reveal!!!

  4. Isn’t it a beautiful area? We had the opportunity last week to do a float plane tour of Seattle and got to fly over Magnolia. Its just an amazing location & the amount of stunning homes blows me away.

  5. Gorgeous day. Gorgeous houses. What more could you ask for? You are not alone in your house looking. :) Can’t wait to see your kitchen reveal!!!!!

  6. I’ve lived in Magnolia for 25 years- its the best neighborhood in the city- mcuh less congested than Queen Anne, Ballard, Capitol Hill, Laurelhurst etc.

  7. What kind of leash does Jack have?

  8. Beautiful views and houses! I love looking at other area neighborhoods. Congrats to that cutie pie Jack! Thanks for the tour!

  9. Seattle is the most beautiful place in the country this time of year, and Magnolia is a fantastic neighborhood. I grew up in Seattle and lived in King Co for many years, but now live in Olympia. So fun to know another blogger from the PacNW. Glad you and your family had a nice Easter Sunday. BTW, that is one handsome dog! Blessings, Patti@OldThingsNew

  10. I’m seriously stalking your blog for this kitchen redo. I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE!

  11. It’s so pretty there – I visited Seattle two years ago and have been dying to go back. It’s hard to believe that it’s not always so gorgeous and sunny there.

  12. Great drive-by; can’t wait for more. A blast from the past!!!

  13. Love, Love , Love , your kitchen. Can you tell me what color you used on your walls? Where do you keep your every day dishes?

  14. Beautiful remodel! I think what really makes this look so much more open is the removal of the heavy upper cabinets & the white backdrop of the leftover cabinets & subway tile & of course taking the dinning table out! Great job! It is so calming, classic & functional

  15. Patty Wisner says

    Hi Melissa, Love, love, love your kitchen. I too am in the middle of a kitchen remodel. So much to think about, countertops, cabinets, flooring, cabinet pulls and lighting, YIKES!! I hope my new kitchen will turn out as beautiful as yours.

  16. Wasn’t able to post at your kitchen remodel article so posting here. Just wanted to say what a beautiful and brighter kitchen. Amazing how much bigger your kitchen seems without the uppers. I’m considering the same for ours but then I’d need to figure out a way to add extra cabinet space. We have a very small kitchen.

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