Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

Out to See: Shopping in Snohomish, Washington

A few weeks ago, my mom, two daughters and I took a girls’ day trip out to see Snohomish, a charming little town in the state of Washington.

I had never been there before, but had heard from a few readers that I would enjoy it. SOLD! You all know me so well, I trust your opinion and am clearly easily persuaded to leave my house and go to places I’ve never been before!  I get the best ideas from you! Watch now that I’ve said that someone is going to fake me out and pretend to be my friend and lead me to the worst town ever. No one do that, please.

Being still relative newbies to this state (we are formerly Portlanders!), we try to look at Washington like tourists and see as much as we can. It is SO fun to explore new places, making life here more of an adventure.

It was a glorious sunny day, it is always more fun when you can wear your sunglasses. We stopped for sandwiches and coffee right off the bat in a little diner (fuel for the day, right? An essential part of any girls’ day out!) and then had a lovely afternoon browsing through little shops, finding treasures and delighting ourselves with all the creative ideas we happened upon.

And, we laughed a lot. Sometimes things just strike us funny when my girls and I are shopping. Here is a weird thing we do, one of us will quietly pick up something dreadfully tacky or quirky and not our taste at all. Then we will carry it around, looking nonchalant, until one of the others notices what we have. Then we all burst out laughing as if we are the most hilarious people ever. We are a real riot to shop with. In our own minds.

So, I believe we wandered in and out of the shops on First Street the whole time, but found quite a few wonderful places! I didn’t take notes on all the shops (unfortunately) so I can’t say what my favorites were, but it was fun just exploring and happening upon some lovely places to browse. Many of the places smelled SO GOOD! But one of the places? It didn’t. That also caused us to burst out laughing when we finally got outside.

Those are my favorite kinds of days, when I leave the laptop and housekeeping behind and take off on day trips to explore new places. Where we get coffee, shop and laugh at ridiculous things.

I come home refreshed, inspired and creatively re-energized! And it’s fun to share our “out to see” adventures with you!

Have you been to Snohomish?
Do you like taking little day trip adventures in your home state? And most importantly, do you have weird shopping rituals like we do?


  1. First of all the photos made me want to pack up my car and head to Washington.. I’m dying at all the beautiful finds! Secondly that story is hilarious I really must do this when I go shopping with my mom next time. I have been living away from my mom for 6 years now because my husband is in the military, but we are finally moving home next year & I can’t wait to have days like these with her again. I love it. Thanks for sharing! xx Liz Marie

  2. Tiffany S. says

    So cute – we haven’t been here since about 2008 when my husband’s new boss (then) was playing at a bar out there. We are dumb to not go back but now our new place is going to be very modern. I would have to be very restrained to stay industrial but not country. (Oh my God, that chandelier! Gorgeous!)

    We do have a place in Portland too. Do you miss it? The vintage shopping there is so much better than Seattle (and tax free!).

    Glad the weather was nice for you!

    • Yes, there were american country shops that weren’t my fave. But, there were probably three or four shops that had cool industrial touches and vintage things I really loved! And I miss Portland with all my heart :-(. I go back as often as I can. I definitely think Portland has better vintage shopping but maybe that’s just because I’m new here and don’t know where to go?!

      • Tiffany S. says

        And I hear Snohomish has pie!

        I would have to say that PDX has much better vintage shopping than Seattle, hands down. Seattle’s never really had any decent flea market like pretty much EVERY other city I’ve lived in. But rumor has it things are happening in Georgetown. Maybe we should go check that out! I do have one friend who lives down there, and I bet it’ll start getting going once the weather is a little nicer. I’ll keep my ears open, but let me know if you’re over this way before then. (We move closer to downtown in July)

  3. Yup, I’ve been to Snohomish. One of my favorite places but it’s been awhile. I see a shopping adventure with my sisters/nieces this summer! A long time ago my little sis and I seemed to have a weird shopping ritual – invariably I would try something on and it wouldn’t look good. SHE would try it on, it would look awesome and she’d buy it. She was always so glad to shop with me :)

    • Oh that is funny with your sis. That kind of happens to me too, my girls are like size zero. They always look better in everything :-)

  4. Let me know if you need San Francisco/Marin County ideas — happy to pass some on!

  5. I live about 10 minutes from there and my addy is Snohomish. Have I ever just wandered down there through the shops? That, sadly, would be a no. Thanks for the inspiration and getting me motivated to spend a day there soon.

    • Oh yes, at least spend an hour or two just enjoying a sunny day! Isn’t that how it goes? We never look around much in our own hometowns hah!

  6. Oh Melissa, I am quite envious of the time you have with your girls. I only shopped with my mom once or twice like that when I was their age. Since I’ve enjoyed trips with a dear friend that a priceless, too. It really is a way to get refreshed. Hanging out with girls you love, away from home, without technology is a very good thing. Glad you all were able to do it. I love your photos too. Living in a new area I haven’t yet found those cute and quaint spots…they must be hiding. ;) More reasons to keep on looking. :)

    • My girls are so sweet to hang out with their mama :-) … There aren’t a lot of quaint places all that close to me but I’m finding it is worth the day trips! :-)

  7. We live in Bothell and we have been to Snohomish countless times. Snohomish is about 15 miles from our house. It has been a few years since our last visit and I’m thinking my hubby and I need to head over on the next sunny Saturday.

  8. This looks amazing!!! I wish it weren’t on the other side of the country. One day I will travel to Washington and this blog post will be my guide!

  9. I love Snohomish!

  10. Vynette Arnell says

    Snohomish looks fun – but I live in Portland! Will you share your favorite Portland places with me?

  11. Yes! Welcome to Washington! I stop by some of the shops in Snohomish with my road trip buddy on our way to Ruffles & Rust Vintage Market to Inspire each year. Have you been to any of the vintage shows in the Pacific Northwest? (I’m a bad blog reader…in case you’ve posted about any). I live up near Northern Exposureville…and have a sweet teeny tiny little shop in case you’re ever passing over the pass on one of your adventures.

    : )

    Julie M.

  12. I live in Snohomish!! I live out in the boonies though about 20 minutes from 1st street. I love going to 1st street on a nice day, walk the shops (my favorites; Ruffles&Rust and Faded Elegance) get lunch at Fred’s Rivertown Alehouse shop some more then ice cream at Snohomish Scoop and Sweet Shop. There are so many fun places to shop and yummy places to eat downtown…..Think I’ll go tomorrow! :)

  13. Sounds like a very fun day. From some of the photos, I thought you may have been in an Anthropologie store. But surely you would have mentioned that, seeing as how you’re an Anthropologie groupie and all. (:

  14. I love cute little stores like this! That Sweet Bee storefront is so darn cute.

  15. thats worth flying from Boston to hit those shops!! Wish we had somewhere like that in New England. Who nows maybe there is- any New Englanders know of a shopping area like this?

  16. And it is sooo close to Whistler, BC, – Beautiful area!

  17. I would love these shops, just to browse and find some quaint little things. Sometimes those shops aren’t disabled friendly so I can’t go with my mom who is legally blind. She would literally be “a bull in a china shop” !

  18. Oh, I love fun girl days like that.

  19. Ohh this post made me miss home so much! I am from Spokane Washington and have passed through Snohomish many times! We are temporarily down in Colorado and there just isn’t those type of shops to be found down here. If you liked Snohomish I would suggest Edmonds Washington also has a cute and vibrant downtown area which is fun to explore during the spring and summer months!

    Thanks for sharing this little slice of home for me to enjoy!

  20. The first time ever that I was in Washington state was other this Easter week-end. Seems like a nice state. I love the picture with the red pillow red dishes & red/gold towels I’d love that in my kitchen

  21. My husband and I love Snohomish so much that we want to move there in the next 5 years!

  22. Love Snohomish, we live just north of there in Lake Stevens. My hubby and I love to just walk the shops and enjoy a sandwich at the local bakery, very yummy! There is always something new to discover there and lots of great places to eat! Great photos!

  23. What a darling shop! I think I’ll plan a side trip the next time we drive down to shop in Lynnwood. We moved up here to Bellingham from Medford a few years ago and still sometimes feel like tourists in our own state.

    Will you be visiting the Skagit Tulip Festival this month in Mt. Vernon? Hopefully, the weather will improve before the end of the Festival.

  24. I’m so glad you had such a fun time! Those are my “stomping grounds” and I grew up going to church right around the corner between first and second! Between Joyworks and Ruffles and Rust, there are so many great shops, vendors, and good eats happening on that street! :-D

  25. I live about 5 miles from Snohomish! You remind me that I need to take a day to explore – funny when you live so close by you forget to take advantage of the little things like shopping in a cute town!

  26. Yay, Snohomish trip! My family needs to do a day trip up there, seeing as it’s a short drive.

    Next outing, give Duvall a try. It has a tiny little downtown area with lots of antique shops, a sandwich cafe, and a delicious barbeque restaurant, as well as a book store with a bench made entirely of books. I live in Woodinville, and until I went out there for a freecycle pick up, I’d not known of this little treasure of a town only ten minutes from my house.

  27. I live outside of Seattle but rarely get to Snohomish. About 20 years ago, a good friend of mine was opening a business in town and somehow got asked to judge the 4th of July parade. She roped a few of us into the event, and I was the judge for one of the float categories. It was a blast! It’s still a great small town with tons of charm. Hope you enjoy Washington as much as I do (I’m a former Montanan).

  28. Sounds like you had a great time. Those are great photos. I like the texture you can get from burlap.

  29. My husband and I live in Everett and I had no idea Snohomish was so charming! I have this grand idea of buying land out there for our dream house and a small farm so this makes me even more excited!

    What is the name of the diner you went to? Looks yummy!

  30. I loved finding quaint little towns to visit when we lived in Gig Harbor WA, which is a gorgeous little town also. Have you been to Leavenworth yet? It was always a fun place to visit & beautiful at Christmas time. Keep enjoying Washington State!

  31. I lived in Snohomish for several years – now in SE Az and love it here, but whenever I go back to Wash, I always make a beeline for Snohomish – such a lovely town, water front and great shops – so glad you enjoyed it. I’m going to try the shopping trick with my family next time we are together!

  32. I love your blog and really enjoyed reading about your wonderful shopping adventure. I’m going to visit my son in Bellevue, WA this summer and I’m hoping that if Snohomish is too far from there, someone will be kind enough to send me some other suggestions.

  33. These pictures make me want to take a trip up there to check it out myself. As a former Portland girl who moved a little south (still and Oregonian though) I love to explore the little towns around the state!! So much fun especially when your with people that you love!!!!

  34. Yes, the shops, scenery, and food look lovely, but that you were there with your girls is the loveliest of all. Well done, mama!

  35. Out of all those pictures… the sandwich “had me at hello”. I must be hungry@

  36. Snohomish looks beautiful! You may have already posted about this and I’ve missed it, but have you visited The Flea Market Chics? They were near Evergreen Park, but have moved to the Manette. I haven’t been inside their new location, but at their previous one they had wonderful products at great prices.

  37. I love Snohomish!! And I miss everything in Washington State oh so much. I’m hoping that we’ll eventually have an excuse to move back to the PNW :) You have such a good idea – all of those finds are beautiful!

  38. aw, Melissa! This looks like so much fun! I’ve wanted to do this.. In Sequim. I know their downtown has some antique shops and such.. Well, that’s a day trip in the making for months now :)

    So those light fixture/chandelier-but-not-really-things really jumped out at me. The rustic looking ones you caught in a couple shots. Ooooh, I like those :D

    and I LOL’ed at your shopping quirks.. Picking up a totally hideous item and shopping with it, fun!

  39. Yes, I have been to Snohomish! Many times. Our son was a youth pastor near there for six years after he finished college and I sneaked away to Snohomish every time I could. I’ve been thinking of it lately and wishing I could go back. Our son and his wife live near us in Oregon now so I’ll just have to plan a trip back up north and spend time there again.

    We do take day trips – especially since my sweetheart retired recently. A sweet girlfriend and I take day trips as often as we can and it’s been quite often lately. We just had a wonderful ‘trip’ to a nearby historical home a few days ago followed by antiquing in a quaint, small town not far from Portland.

  40. Yes, Snohomish is my home town!! We love it here! I am so glad you enjoyed visiting and you took some great pictures!

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