{Inspired Rooms} Small White Kitchen Remodel

{Inspired Rooms} Small White Kitchen Remodel

Photo By Sarah Sherman Samuel

{Inspired Rooms} Small White Kitchen Remodel


Oh mylanta!

I’m SMITTEN for this sweet cabin’s charming white kitchen, by Sarah of Smitten Studio.

Cutest little kitchen ever?

Quite possibly. 

And really, you neeeeeed to see the whole cabin she is remodeling, so go on, check it out!

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{Inspired Rooms} Small White Kitchen Remodel

{Inspired Rooms} Small White Kitchen Remodel

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  1. That is an adorable kitchen!!

  2. That is a darling kitchen. So light and bright, and so tiny!

  3. I could move right into that kitchen – so light and lovely :-)

  4. So beautiful – that it my DREAM KITCHEN!!

  5. I love the kitchen! Do you have a picture that is farther out that shows the fridge?

  6. I love it! The decor that is. Our kitchen is one cabinet wider than this one. I like to cook with my husband but he feels cramped with two in a small space….so that means it’s either him or me cooking. That makes me ;(

  7. TeeHee! “Oh-Mylanta” made me giggle. My daughter and I say the same thing. And I do love this kitchen!!!

  8. Hi Melissa! I love your site! We are currently building a home on a budget, and I am looking for ideas to help me make this new home a place I love without spending a ton of money. Thank you – this is great :) All the best to you!

  9. My son says “Oh Mylanta” funny…That room is beautiful. Simple and perfect.

  10. I love the chopping block counter tops…love them! They look beautiful against the bright white subway tile. Lovely kitchen.

  11. I love a white Kitchen- Love your home tours…you are always so sweet to spread the love.
    Happy Day

  12. I love small spaces and I love white.


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