Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

Did you know yesterday was National Ice Cream Day? Well no worries if you missed it, you are in luck because it is also National Ice Cream Month so you can still celebrate! Not that we need to look for an excuse to eat ice cream, but at our house we celebrated the occasion by setting up a backyard ice cream party!

Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

Today’s giveaway post is sponsored by Skinny Cow,
but the party ideas are all by The Inspired Room. 

Do you enjoy hosting parties? My girls and I had so much fun pulling together everything we needed for a backyard ice cream party. You might remember I am working with Skinny Cow to inspire women to create a ‘WoCavé’ this summer. A WoCavé is a special space for women to kick off our heels for a fun get together with girlfriends. I hope you enjoy our perfectly charming backyard WoCavé all set up for an ice cream party!

Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

A year or so ago we found this old spool table on the side of the road and dragged it home in the ol’ mom-mobile, AKA the mini van. I don’t have the mini van anymore (yay) but I do miss it when I find stuff like this I want to haul home. The spool has been sitting outside ever since we brought it home, so we decided it was high time we put it to good use. It was the perfect table for our party! I love finding unexpected items to repurpose. And free is always the right price!

And that sweet little teak tea cart? I found it about a week ago at my favorite flea market (Flea Market Chics) and was exactly what we were looking for to use as a drink cart for our party. Score again! I thought both of these unique serving tables would be so cute for a casual backyard wedding shower or birthday party too!

Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

My favorite party style is “bar style” where people can pick out their own ingredients. We found lots of cute bowls at Target for all of our candy, nut and fruit toppings and the “soda” crate, syrup pourers and chalkboard labels on sale at World Market.

Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

Washi tape made the perfect removable labels for the ice cream syrups.

Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

These little lidded jars were perfect for serving the pre-scooped ice cream (no need for messy melting ice cream scooping!). Both the jars and the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches can stay cool in the ice bucket!

Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

Even Lily got to come out and enjoy the party cause she is a girl too!


Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

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Backyard Ice Cream Party {Summer Fun}

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  1. who could ask for anything more, a freezer, ice cream, taking photo’s placing them on a photo board all with your girlfriends NO MEN ALLOWED that’s what I call FUN

    • Sweetiewife says

      Such great summer fun . I grew up with a spool patio table. I havn’t seen one in many years

  2. Oooh! exciting! This reminds me that I have a mini fridge like that, which would be just the thing to use for a mini-party in a week or so…….to celebrate the arrival and erection of our new Garden Room (large wooden hut with windows first, but it will be soooo lovely when I have finished with it. Still, I think an ice cream party is just the thing, and you have spurred me on no end!! Going to email my friends right now – thanks Melissa!

  3. Your ice cream party looked delish! I loved how you used jars for your ice cream. Thank you for some great summer inspiration ideas.

  4. Too darling. I love the jars for the ice cream and I love Skinny Cow products. Thanks for the idea.

  5. I absolutely LOVE you ice cream party! All of your ideas on the table are adorable!! I think I’ll have to do that this month!! Glad to see Lilly got to join in on the fun too :). Thx for sharing

  6. What a great idea for a party!! The tea cart and spool table are perfect for holding everything. I love the idea of putting the ice cream in the mason jars. Cool idea!!!

  7. MaryBeth says

    I love ice cream!

  8. Omg, I love this setup! I’m having a dessert station at my wedding and I might have to take this idea for an ice cream station! I’ll just have to figure out how to store the ice cream for 200 people! The jars are so cute but I think it would be expensive and probably not as convenient as something more disposable. Any ideas on what to use instead of jars that’s easy and disposable?

    • what about those individual ice cream cups? Like the ones we got in elementary school? I am pretty sure I have seen them at the grocery store…then you could just have all kinds of toppings…

    • Check with your grocer about getting some of those pre packaged sundae cups of ice cream then just have the toppings on hand for your guests! Sounds like a fun reception! Congratulations on your up coming day!!

      • Thank you for the tip! This weekend I’m going to check into the sundae cups and the ice cream cups Erika recommended. These are great ideas I didn’t even consider!

  9. love the jars you used for the icecream, and of course all the toppings

  10. Such a fun idea! My kids would love an ice cream party :)

  11. JoEllen Kelly says

    Skinny Cow helps all ice cream addicts! Thanks Skinny Cow!

  12. This is beautiful and fun at the same time!!!! Pre-serving the ice cream is a perfect idea!!! Thanks for the great ideas! The freezer would be a fabulous help, the ottoman great for storage and an extra seat and the photo board a perfect place to have photos of friends!!! Thank you, again, for the great ideas!!!

  13. I “pinned” an inside version of this because it looked so cute. You made the outside get together look even cuter!

  14. Becky K. says

    We love ice cream! This would be awesome:)

  15. Theresa Gigliotti says

    Love this party idea! I may borrow some of these ideas for my daughters birthday party!

  16. Hooray for Ice Cream Month! Great giveaway, thanks!

  17. What a fun idea! I love how you pulled it all together and the bright, fun colors!

  18. My sons love these ice cream bars; before they could read well, they knew them as “stinky cow”. They still smile when they spy them in the freezer!

  19. I love the Skinny Cow Products. Ice cream is my favorite dessert! This party looks so awesome.

  20. Love the pre scooped jar idea!

  21. Love it!!! “Wo cave” dreariness!

  22. Absolute perfection!!!

  23. How fun! It has been so hot here lately – that looks so much fun! Thanks!

  24. Beautiful! Love this idea.

  25. What a lovely treat of a party! Who wouldn’t want to be invited to something that welcoming?

  26. Jennifer says

    How FUN!! We just discovered the Skinny Cow candies…what a great idea to put them on ice cream!!

  27. By the time I finished viewing the pictures my mouth was watering and I was ready to have ice cream for breakfast!

  28. So fun! Would be a great team party idea!

  29. Donna P. says

    I would love to host a backyard ice cream social. Love the way you displayed everything!

  30. Such great ideas! Planning my sons 11th b-day…I think an ice cream “bar” is in order!

  31. lisa mintz says

    ICE CREAM ROCKS!!! Enough said.

  32. What a wonderful way to spend time with friends. You made something so simple extra-special. Lovely!

  33. Such a cute party! Simple & fun :)

  34. What a great idea! Love it! :)

  35. Love your ice cream station!!

  36. This is a fabulous set-up; so festive. I especially love the jars and various designed bowls. where did you get the jars?? This is a perfect idea for a little girl b-day party.

  37. Charlotte Orth says

    I love the ice cream served in little jars. Did the doggie get ice cream too?

  38. Lynne Wilburn says

    This party idea and decorations is awesome .Having the ice cream dished up before is the best idea of all

  39. This ice cream party turned out absolutely adorable! I can’t believe you found that table on the side of the road. What a great find!

  40. Love this idea! What a great way to get friends together!

  41. Andrea e. says

    So darling!

  42. Heather Fitzgerald says

    Ice Cream makes people happy! And you certainly
    know how to make it beautiful! Well done!

  43. Angel Valerio says

    Oh that would be great for keeping ice cream outside for parties.

  44. Yummy!

  45. Love the tea cart! And love the idea for jars of ice cream.

  46. Lynette Jacobsen says

    Love the great ideas! Can’t wait to have an ice cream party with my girls!

  47. My granddaughter loves purple and we all love ice cream.

  48. Now that is my kind of party. I would be the one that just hangs out near the ice cream station so I can just come back for one after another. :)

  49. Randi Plake says

    Looks great!!

  50. I love your blog and read every day. I also love Skinny Cow – I buy them in bulk!

  51. yummy yummy! Love looking at inspiration like this!

  52. DeAndrea says

    You have some fabulous ideas here!!! Not sure what my husband would think if I brought one of those spools home. I can hear myself saying, “But honey it is for my next party.” He does like to think of us as the party house. Everyone needs a fresh idea and I definitely found some here!!! Thank you!!!

  53. Please excuse me while I go move my dorm size refrig/freezer into my WoCave! There will be NO need to go to the kitchen for an ice cream treat when I’m in my space creating!!

  54. Just had to say…WOW! That looks fun! And Yummy!
    I love the ‘pre-scooped’ ice cream idea, too. You and your girls are having a ball these days. So happy for you all and the synergy that comes from working together.
    p.s. please skip me for the contest…I just wanted to comment. ;)

  55. LOVE IT!!!!!! What a fun party, I am going to have to use your idea of ice cream jars next time we have an ice cream party. How much more fun is it to scoop the ice cream before hand and not have to worry about it during the party. That will be the winning idea at the next party, thank you for sharing.

  56. Sherry S. says

    What a wonderful party! I love then”pre-scooped” ice cream!

  57. Tis looks like SO much fun! Great idea to have the ice cream all portioned out in the little jars on ice. Brilliant.

  58. MichelleB says

    What a fun set up for a party! Love the syrup bottles for the toppings and the mason jars for ice cream was genius!

  59. I love the idea of an ice cream party and I especially love that it is outside! Less mess and clean up! The jars for the ice cream are such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

  60. Donna Miller says

    What a cute party! I Love The Tea Cart as much as I Love Skinny Cows!!!
    Me and my little granddaughter eat them all the time.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  61. Jen Gough says

    Thanks for the great idea! This just solved the problem of what can I do different for my son’s birthday party!

  62. Pick me! I love SKINNY COW and your party set-up is delightful!!

  63. I would love to win this. I would also love to try out your party set up. It looks amazing

  64. What fun! We are burning up here in Texas, so ice cream would definitely hit the spot.

  65. What a sweet giveaway…love the cute ottoman and board that go with the freezer. I could use those for sooooooo many different things. We are ice cream junkies around here and would love an opportunity to have some friends over to share what is literally “our passion”. Thanks for the opportunity!! :)

  66. Charming party set-up! Love those little serving bowls.

  67. Super cute party!!!!! Would love to do something like that. In Texas, it’s hot!!!

  68. Melis delmar says

    How fun!

  69. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate summer or just to celebrate every day life! Thank you for the ideas and entry!

  70. Marilyn Holeman says

    Your party looks like great fun. I’m a fan of the “bar style” choose-your-own, kind of party, too. Thanks for the fun giveaway, too!

  71. Colleen in Dallas says

    Love Skinny Cow!

  72. What a fun idea! I love the idea of an ice cream party and you have given me some great inspiration – thank you.

  73. How sweet is this? Love the idea and the giveaway too.

  74. This would be so much fun. Great for a birthday party or just a game night. I want to use this idea soon. I’m sure it would be a hit.

  75. I’m absolutely salivating right now. I love those little bowls.

  76. What a great party!! Looks very cute and yummy!

  77. Carolyn Bryant says

    Love your idea! Wish I had a world market close by. Love the cart and spool for serving. You always have such good ideas!

  78. Francine Brooks says

    What a fabulous party! My little 6 year old friend wants one of these every day!!

  79. mary morrison says

    Love your ice cream party ideas. Really, really love Skinny Cow products.

  80. Donna Wisdom says

    Very creative ideas. I love do it yourself ice sunday bars too.

  81. What a great idea! I love this. I would like to do this for my grand daughters birthday party! You have such inspiring ideas! Thank you!

  82. midwestgirly says

    Very sweet! Love those ice cream sandwiches.

  83. Love, love, love skinny cow and make your own sundaes.

  84. I love this!

  85. With a hubby and 2 wild boys, I need a “mom only” space full of ice cream! Yummy!

  86. Patricia says

    Great minds! I did this same thing two weeks ago at our backyard barbecue. Vanilla ice cream, home made blackberry sauce , homemade peach sauce and homemade strawberry sauce, chocolate chunks, almonds and brownie brittle to crumble in. Several people (I might have been one of them) went back for seconds (and maybe thirds?). Easiest dessert ever!

  87. Heather Dundore says

    I love this! I especially love all the different toppings and syrups…and how cute is the ice cream in the jars???,,

  88. What fun presentation for an ice cream party! I’ve been wondering how we can invite our small group in without breaking the bank (there’s more than 40 of us when we include all the kids) . An ice cream sundae party may just work.

  89. Love it! Would like to find out about the chalk signage ceramic things! Now I am dying for some ice cream!~

  90. That looks so fun (and delicious)! Love all the topping choices.

  91. Such a good idea, could do something similar but with cupcakes for when the weather is too hot to leave the ice-cream outside! Also your dog is the cutest!

  92. I am inspired to scream for this ice cream too! Love that Skinny Cow!!

  93. Barbara P from MA says

    What a fun idea! How could you not have a fabulous time making your own sundaes!

  94. Winning the prize pack would make my day! I’m pretty sure my daughters would be happy to share it with me.

  95. This is the cutest most creative most wonderful ice creams social ever! I just love the idea and decor (as with everything you do). The Skinny Cow prize give me even more motivation to write about how awesome you are! K.U.T.G.W!!!!

  96. Love this giveaway! Cute party!

  97. Gayle D. says

    What a beautiful party!! Makes me want ice cream right now!!!!

  98. Oh, how delightful…You and your daughters always come up with great ideas! It all just looks so fun and I love all the little bowls for the toppings, the jars for the ice cream (pretty clever, girls!) and especially that wonderful wood box for the sodas…Most of all, I love, love, love ice cream so would be thrilled to win!!! Lily is getting so BIG! She is so darn cute! Diane

  99. What a fun idea! Ice cream is my favorite dessert!

  100. Who does’nt love ice cream? Thanks for the inspiration!!

  101. Love the party ideas and the whole vibe is totally summer and totally fun!! What a great idea!!

  102. Pre-scooping the ice cream into jars was a great idea. Less mess!

  103. Kim Strom says

    I love Skinny Cow products and the party ideas are so fun!

  104. christine says

    I love the icecream party. I threw an icecream social for my son’s 3rd birthday and this reminded me of it. I think an icecream party will definately be planned for my daughter’s next birthday, especially after seeing all these cute ideas. And I would love to find one of those old spools to use as an extra table in my backyard too, sooo neat!

  105. Love the ice cream buffet! :) Can’t wait to try one myself. Thanks for sharing–

  106. Marie Valum says

    What fun ideas for a party and the give away is awesome!

  107. What a great idea! The spool table and tea cart really are just perfect! Very charming. Thanks for the giveaway!

  108. Margeaux guile says

    What a cute idea! I must does this by the end of summer. At least use the jars on a picnic or kl aybe camping! This is too perfect. And great timing too on finding the post because I was just thinking about where I could get an ottoman just loke that! Love skinny cow this entire post is too fantastic.

  109. Such a cute idea! My 7 yr old would love an ice cream party!

  110. Wow! Stunning photos. I haven’t been to an ice cream buffet in far too long. Hmmmm.

  111. What fun! And looks beautiful. Currently working nay own WoCave :)

  112. Sherry Lykins says

    I have never tries Skinny Cow but have wanted to!! Would be great to win!!

  113. Seriously? How adorable is this and I WANT THAT FREEZER!! (and the ice cream….YAY!

  114. Faye Scharber says

    Love the pre-loaded ice cream in the lidded jars–makes the party go smoothly. Love that it is Skinny Cow!

  115. Samantha says

    I really need to do more for myself, I feel like I am a better wife and mother when I take better care of myself first. Almost like I have more to give everybody when I give even just a little to me too. (PS: I should really take my own advice!!!)

  116. Love this fabulous idea for a midsummer afternoon dream. Especially like the idea of using lidded jars as ice cream cups. Thank you for sharing inspiration. BTW Skinny Cow clusters would make a great topping!
    Best, Andrea

  117. Jennifer C. says

    Love it! Thanks!

  118. This is so charming, I can’t even take it! And putting the ice cream in those jars, pre-scooped is brilliant!

  119. Kat Richard says

    What a sweet ice cream party. I wish I was invited to hang out with out and the girls. We just got a goldendoodle puppy last week and I hope that he is as well behaved as Jack and Lily. I would love to hear some tips for puppy training.

  120. I absolutely love ice cream. It’s my kryptonite! You’re ice cream party looked so cute! Make your own sundae bars are dangerous in an oh so great way!

  121. I love summer parties! They have something to them that no other season can. You just feel more alive when you’ve done something specific to celebrate the summer! And this party does all that and more. Vive l’endless summer!

  122. Margaret says

    great timely, not only did I just tell my husband yesterday that we need more freezer space for my ice cream addiction but as I read this little article I was eating a skinny cow mint chocolate chip sandwich! I had a few left (hidden away for me) after celebrating my son’s 7th birthday. The delicious birthday cake was made from the ice cream sandwich, chocolate syrup, oreo cookies and whip cream! Very yummy and a big hit! Thanks Inspired Room!

  123. Loved your backyard party plans & Skinny Cow ice cream! Hope to use some of those ideas one day….

  124. Oh my gosh this is such a COOL prize package! This would be a giant hit with my family, we are definitely an ice cream loving family!!

  125. Brandy E. says

    Such a great party set up, and an awesome prize package as well. I love all of their products, there’s never a shortage around our house. :)

  126. great combo: friends, ice cream and cute setting!

  127. Love the Wo-Cave set up! :) Love ice cream & what a nice way to set up a ton of toppings to enjoy.

  128. What a nice looking party!I love ice cream.
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  129. adorable!!

  130. Jennifer says

    Wow! This is awesome. I pinned this for future party ideas. I can’t pick out my favorite thing about this party set everything!

  131. Oh no I missed national Ice Cream day what will I do? I think I will have to get some icecream! Thanks for the post.

  132. This is too cute! Loved the way you se this up! Definetly inspired to have an ice cream themed party now :)

  133. Yes please! I am doing this next weekend, too yummy. Thanks for the idea and what a fun give away.

  134. Sara Lauderdale says

    Skinny cow Ice cream is my go to favorite. Right now I am liking the snickerdoodle flavor. Yummy.

  135. i’ve had their chocolate, but never their ice cream. looks yummy!

  136. Susan Iskowich says

    What an awesome idea to store pre done scoops in those jars! Can’t wait to try the party idea out.

  137. I’d love to win this!

  138. Did you use chalk markers or just regular chalk to make the sign and labels?