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IKEA Ektorp White Slipcovered Chair {New in the Family Room}

by | Jul 30, 2013 | Family Room, my house

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IKEA Ektorp White Slipcovered Chair {New in the Family Room}

Idid some rearranging of chairs at my house (yes, again) and as a result, there was an awkward and sad chairless gap right next to the fireplace. I KNOW! That makes me nervous. It is one of our main places to sit in the house (especially in the fall and winter!) so I actually needed to find something to fill the space. My dream was to either find an amazing new chair or maybe even better, have someone recover a chair I already had.

When I finally make up my mind that I want to do something, I want to be able to do it NOW. But finding a chair you LOVE that you can bring home NOW is not always as easy as I wish it was. I don’t like to wait 8 weeks for it to be custom made! And so many chairs are so darn expensive and that too makes it hard for me to commit to the purchase even if they are cute.

So being as impatient and indecisive as I am, I didn’t want to wait to order a chair — but I also couldn’t make up my mind on what chair I could recover, who to have do it, what fabric I would want. Too many options. WHY do I have such a hard time making decisions? I don’t know. I wish I could make up my mind more easily. I think I have trouble when there is more than one right answer to any question, especially when I am feeling like I need to make a decision right away. The pressure paralyzes me.

Any hooooo…sometimes when I can’t decide what to do but I know I want to make progress, I make a simple decision I can live with until a better solution comes along.

And in this case, I decided the IKEA Ektorp white slipcovered chair would fill in this spot and I could set that “perfect” decision aside for awhile.

I haven’t really ever bought furniture at IKEA so I had no idea I would have to put the whole chair together (gah) but it really wasn’t hard at all. I did it all by myself. While I will say I don’t find it as comfortable as my Pottery Barn Basic sofa, it’s probably just because my sofa has down cushions. Otherwise it’s a great chair and just what I needed for the time being!

I’ll let you know how I like it after I wash the slipcover and sit in it for a few months. After living with my white PB sofa for years and years I STILL prefer the white slipcovers over any other upholstery for furniture in the family room. Yep, they get dirty but so does ANY chair in our family room. The only difference is I can wash and bleach slipcovers and make them look good again!

PS. I found that cute little throw at Target (it is actually a poncho from the clothing and accessories aisle, but I loved it so much I am letting it stand in as a throw!) and the outdoor pillow is from West Elm.

Do you have any IKEA Ektorp chairs or sofas? Do you like them?

And am I the only one who has such a hard time making decisions or are you sometimes as indecisive as I am when it comes to what to buy for your home? Please, tell me I am not alone!


  1. joanne

    You are definitely not alone regarding making decisions. I tell you I thought for a moment I was writing your blog. Everything you are experiencing is what I go thru. Don’t get me started with picking out paint colors how many little jars of paint do I have don’t ask. I am doing a little redecorating and already can’t make up my mind for lampshades, so don’t feel you are the only one at least we admit it.

  2. Amy

    I have had the Ektorp sofa and beware of washing/drying the slipcovers. I washed them one time (the first time) and when I dried them, they frayed/unravvelled in the dryer. We took the covers back and they gave us a new set, but I never washed them again, which defeats the purpose of slipcovered furniture. Save your receipt! I hope they have made improvements to the sewing/fabric care since then, but even my Ikea sectional I have now, I am afraid to wash the cushion covers. Maybe I will try to wash on gentle cycle, then air dry until damp and put back on cushions before totally dry. We have 3 extra large dogs who like to sit on the furniture and we have to use throws/sheets to try and keep the furniture clean, but it is still a losing battle. Let us know how the first wash/dry goes…

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Perhaps your first set was defective. I would go ahead and try again and hope for the best! I’ll let you know when I wash it the first time! I have the receipt just in case :-)

    • Kori

      When I had an Ektorp sectional sofa, the instructions for the slipcovers said not to put them in the dryer. I always did, but only on the lowest setting, and only until they were just dry enough as to not be really wet anymore, then hung them up on a drying rack til they were done. Never had a problem at all with any fraying or falling apart.

  3. Anne

    Hi Melissa,
    My name is Anne and I am writing to you from France.
    I have had for years one sofa and 2 of these Ektorp in white. I definitively love them even
    with 2 pets at home ! You can wash the slippers and when too used, you can buy new ones
    as they are very cheap (I have noticed that they are cheaper in the USA than in Fance !).
    Have a nice day.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks Anne! Yes, that is one of the great things about these pieces is you can buy a new cover for it at a reasonable price! Have a great day in France! I went to Paris a few years ago and LOVED it! I would love to come back.

  4. Cristina F

    I love Ikea chairs, couches, frames, and curtains. I have a different couch and the slipcover is easy to remove and wash since I have small children with sticky fingers. And the price is right. They have amazing picture frames also for the price you can’t beat it.

  5. Susan H

    We LOVE our Ektorp couch. We have had it for six years and before that my in-laws had it for two. The cushions and comfort have held up exceptionally! I think you’ll be happy with the duribility of your new chair. Just beware- after washing the slipcover can be a but challenging to get back on.

    • Nan

      I read somewhere that if you put a plastic dry cleaning bag over the cushion before putting the slipcover on, it slides on easily – I’ve never tried it, but it might make getting them back on after washing a little easier. Good luck! (and you can pull the plastic back out after you get the cover on if you want to)

  6. Linda Stoll

    Hey Melissa ~ I’d love to hear what more of your readers think about IKEA furniture … planning my first trip there in a few weeks …

    Thanks, gang!

  7. Laura

    I love Ikeas Ektorp line! In fact, I’m obsessed with it! I have the same chair and also the loveseat. I bought them both second hand from two different sellers and got amazing deals, and I’m still on the hunt for more! The loveseat even came with 2 extra covers! =) The washing instructions say to not use bleach but I tried it anyway since I wanted a crisp bright white as opposed to the more “off” white that they are. They came out beautifully!! I recommend using fabric softener because then they come out of the dryer a lot less wrinkled. (of course you can always iron them, but who has time for that!;) I have 2 dogs and 3 children and I love that they can come off and be washed, and the more you wash them, the comfier they get! I can’t say anything bad about this furniture!

    • Sallie

      Do you remember how much bleach you used?
      Thanks :)

        • Laura

          I also just filled the bleach cup in my front load washer. It’s maybe 1/3 of a cup? Also you may see a few areas where the bleach didn’t reach after the first washing, but the second time around should get it all. ( I guess it depends on how big your washer is)

  8. Shannon [Our Home Notebook]

    I’m so indecisive too. I always want the perfect item for the space and then can feel so pressured to make sure it is. I have to remind myself it’s okay to make mistakes and its okay to take my time. Doing something is better then doing nothing out of fear, right?

    I love your chair pick – it’s so versatile. We have the Ektorp loveseat and sofa with white slipcovers and I love them with my two kids. So pretty and so cleanable.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Absolutely, sometimes we just need to move ahead and not worry so much about whether it is the perfect solution. Usually everything comes together just fine!

  9. Carol Taylor

    I have had these chairs and the sofa, as well, for years. I love the white slip covers, like you, because I can wash and bleach them. I also have a couple of the white slip covers that I dyed darkTeal. I use them in the fall to add a little more color to my living room. They are quite easy to dye. Thought your readers might be interested in trying that.

    • Jessica

      Oooh! You can dye them! Duh! I have a set that is on my couch now and though I wash them regularly there are now some stains that just won’t come out. Do you have any special hints or tips on dying the cover???

      • Carol Taylor

        I run mine through a rinse cycle first to wet them down. Then I remove the cover and prepare the dye bath per the directions. Liquid rit gives a deeper color than the powdered rit. Be sure and use the salt per directions. I would use 2-3 bottles for the sofa cover. One bottle for a chair and two for a loveseat.
        When I put the cover back into the dye bath, I use an old wooden spoon to push the fabric down into the water. Let me know if you have any more questions. I love the way mine turned out. Hope you love yours also.

  10. Carol Taylor

    One more thought. When I wash the slip covers, I dry the cushion covers, but I put the chair cover on straight from the washer and let it dry on the chair. It’s easier to stretch and pull the corners .

    • Patra

      This is what I do also. I find it helps with shrinkage, which is what happened to my first slip cover.

  11. Rondell

    Hello Melissa, I have a white slipcovered Ektorp sofa that we bought a few months ago and I love it! I agree the white can get dirty but hey, you can wash these which I haven’t done yet:) I think it’s very comfortable and such pretty whiteness!!!

  12. Christina

    I had the Ektorp sofa for years and it held up great. The Ektorp used to be made with foam cushions that had down filled toppers, but Ikea switched to just foam cushions within the last year.

  13. Lauri McIntosh

    I have this chair and sofa and I love them. Washing them is easy, but make sure you take them out of the dryer while they’re still damp. They’ll be easier to put on and you can ‘tug’ them to help pull them back into shape. For the price, they are a great deal.

    • kristy

      I have been reviewing reviews (ha) on Ektorp series for months in prep of buying a couch and chair. The seasoned owners conclusion is just what you said: wash, bleach, air dry (or in dryer on low heat) until slightly damp and then get them suckers on! They are much more flexible when damp is the consensus. If the wrinkles bother you, use a steamer after the covers are on but from what I understand, they usually work themselves out.

  14. Andrea

    I have one in my sunroom and love it. It washes up fantastically, is pretty comfy and durable.

  15. Corrie@ Little House On The Update

    I love that chair! I have had the Ikea Kivik one seat section next to my fireplace for nearly a year now and love it! I think you’ll end up being pleasantly surprised with yours :) And you are not alone! My husband says our house is like “musical everything”.

  16. Faith

    You’re not the only one to have trouble making a decision. My problem area is hanging something on the wall; do I want it there or there or there? Consequently, nothing gets hung and I have a bare wall. Ugh! Love your new chair and it’s accessories! Good choices!

  17. Rene @thedomesticlady

    I have a small decorating consulting business. I can pick furniture for anyone but myself :) It takes me forever to pick stuff for me. Over the weekend, I just took a big trip to Ikea for the first time and picked up a few basics too. But you know what? It been three whole days and I still love everything I bought. I think neutral basics are the way to go I guess :)

  18. Ali

    I have the Ektorp sofa and two chairs for 8 years now. Countless moves, 3 boys and a dog and now they have made a return trip to where we bought them, Germany, and they have held up great. I was so excited to find the white slipcover in the clearance section so I could give it a test run without paying much! I wash my tan slipcovers often and have held up fine, I just don’t dry them for a long time.

  19. Nora

    I’ve had several IKEA furniture pieces over the years. I still have a set of Billy bookcases I had in college (and that is a very long time ago, like 2 decades ago, gasp).
    I find it is great to mix more expensive pieces with practical ones, like most everything at IKEA. The best buys seem to be shelving and TV stands.
    For couches, chairs etc. I find they will get more comfortable as they are used.
    Love all your changes.

  20. Irma

    I have darker furniture so I bought two Ekena chairs in a rust fabric. Our living room is sage green, with a deep warm red sofa and deeper sage,channel back chair. They fit in perfectly with this smaller,traditional, room. They’re almost a club chair. People are always commenting on how comfortable they are. At $299, here in Canada, they were a good buy. I also have just put up Ikea panels, in ivory, very similar to yours, Melissa. They washed so beautifully, since I had to hem them. They have kind of an informal pleat as they gather at the top of the rod. Perfect for giving this darker room a more contemporary feel. Again, couldn’t beat the price of $30, Canadian. I , also ,have the embroidered Alvine throw cushions, that incorporate all the colors of the room on a white background. I love the mix of traditional and contemporary in a lot of Ikea furnishings and decor items. And you can’t beat the price for the quality you get.

  21. Susan

    Hi Melissa! I have two ektorp sofas. Both from Craigslist which are older models;that look exactly the same and take the same slipcovers, but they have down cushions which makes all the difference. I got a new slipcover for my sofa at in a linen cotton blend and the regular white from Ikea that is in my guest room (it’s a sofabed). As far as washing I don’t think you’re supposed to put them in the dryer. I don’t and all mine come out great! (I did have the ektorp white slipcover in my living room at first but really love linen, so that’s why I got the linen cover from knesting) Enjoy your new chair!

  22. Tiffany S.

    If you need another chair, I have a Pottery Barn Basic armchair with ottoman that just needs a new slipcover (which PB still sells). Happy to give it a new home near Seattle.

  23. Heidi

    I have the big L shaped Ektorp couch, two of those Ektorp lounge chairs w/their ottomans. Love them! I chose Svanby brown. I kinda like the new blue slip cover. Love IKEA. Love Ektorp! And I really love that I can change slip covers for a new look.

  24. Kristi @ chatfield court

    I am indecisive too. I think, like you, it’s because there are so many choices. Also, I am afraid to buy something big and feel like I have wasted my hard earned money if I don’t like it or it doesn’t end up fitting into my decor ideas.

  25. Tanya

    I love IKEA, I been wanting to buy a slipcover for my couch from there. I can’t do white though because I have two toddlers and I would be washing it constantly. :)

  26. theresa

    Love your chair and the “throw”!! Sounds like it will stay comfortable for a while based on other’s comments! My indecision has me narrowing down paint colors to just 15 for our hallway!! The painter comes next week!! “I think I can, I think I can! Love the rug you have! Can you share where you found that? It seems versatile (can go with any grey/graige paint I may select!). Love your blog and thanks for suggesting Dayspring! :)

  27. Lisa

    I have the same chair in my family room and we’ve been very pleased with it. We purchased a second slipcover with it, so that, while I’m washing the first one I can put the second on the chair. We have two dogs, like you do, both of whom shed and the slipcover has come out perfectly each time. I do not dry it thoroughly — I take it out when it’s damp and let it air dry. The chair and second slipcover were such a good deal I couldn’t resist and since we’re not sure how long we will need it (a move is possible) it made perfect sense!

  28. Pamela

    I have the loveseat. And I love it. Fits perfectly in my small space. Very comfy and practical. Maybe someday I will get the matching chair.

  29. Crystal

    We have the Ektorp Sleeper Sofa in the denim/blue slipcover… We have had it for 4 months in our living/front room and we love it. We also have a Pottery Barn Hampton sofa in our family which is way more comfortable but for a front room sofa, it serves the purpose for a very reasonable price!! Oh and my 10 month old puked on it once. I wiped it off right away, and cleaned it with damp cloth and a little soap and it looks brand new!!!

  30. Angela Coffman

    I love the Ektorp Chairs and sofa! Our Ikea will open in October of 2014, though I’m secretly hoping for sooner. They’ve already broken ground :). Then I plan to buy an Ektorp sofa to put in my kitchen (with an extra washable slipcover.) And then more for our sunroom and maybe my office….Can’t. wait. much. longer.

  31. Barbara

    I think the IKEA couches and chairs look good, but are very uncomfortable. If you don’t want someone to stay long, guide them to that chair!

  32. Karen Frederick

    Hi I have ektorp and I learned from another blogger to use resolve for the stains and also do Not dry put covers back on wet 5% wrinkles guarantee.

  33. Ashley

    Hi Melissa! I love your new chair, but mostly I love that it got such a cute makeover with that blanket. So colorful and happy! :)

    I have the Ektorp sofa/chaise combination in our library. When we moved into our home a little over a year ago, we were a bit flummoxed upon discovering that absolutely NO sofa was EVER going to fit around the two hallway bends and through the old narrow doorway to make it into our reading room. Booo!!! The ONLY workable solution for us was something that we could assemble inside the room. Enter Ektorp. I was skeptical, but it’s been a perfect sofa. The chaise in particular is SO comfortable, and I would highly recommend it for a reading room or book nook. It’s also perfect for smaller spaces… or smaller people (I am 5’2″ and it doesn’t swallow me — a rarity with higher-end furniture). If you want a little of that luxe feel that you miss in your other down sofa (I totally understand), get a really nice 20″ goosedown pillow so you can add a little extra squishiness behind your back. ;)

    In reference to the comment above about the frayed slipcovers: I just wanted to confirm that the slipcovers aren’t supposed to go in the dryer. This seems like a pain, but they’re so inexpensive that I keep a few on hand and just rotate through. A fresh set goes on the sofa while the other one hangs to dry — makes life easy. :)

  34. Kiki

    Yes, we have the Ektorp sectional (white slipcover), which we absolutely love. And for not much money, I can change up the slipcovers easily. Frankly, I just cannot see spending up to $3,000 on a sectional, and we find this sectional stylish and comfortable. Some of these sofas today cost more than my first three used cars, and I think that is just nuts!

    I also have the cute Ektorp Jenny Lund chair with a couple different slipcovers.

    I do not put the slipcovers in the dryer. I air dry them and put them back on when slightly damp. They wash up beautifully and are still going strong. These Ektorp pieces are a great scale for my small townhouse.

  35. annie @ annie hearts

    The chair looks great Melissa!

    I inherited my husband’s brown leather ektorp sofa and chairs and I’ve been DYING to put slipcovers on them. Our little house on the river would look so much beachier with white slipcovers! My husband is horrified every time I talk about it. Men and their leather!

    Annie XO

  36. Laura

    I have the Ektorp sectional and sleeper loveseat (which has been discontinued). Love them both. Since I have 2 littles, the slipcovers get washed frequently! I do recommend using fabric softener when you wash- I don’t use fabric softener on our laundry regularly but it reallyhelps the slipcover wrinkle situation. It also helps if the slipcovers are slightly damp when you put them on, because they stretch a little.

  37. Danielle D

    Where did you move the fiddle leaf fig to? How’s it doing?

  38. Dierdre Main

    Oh IKEA, I worship you… The chair looks perfect in your space. I have an EQ3 couch, but wish I had an IKEA couch. And I love that you added in the poncho! Cute!

  39. Veronica

    Based on the pic I never would have guessed you had to put that chair together. That doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that needs assembly. Glad I saw this post. Now I know that some things can be “assembly needed” even when the picture says otherwise.

  40. Kate Donovan

    Isn’t it crazy that the outdoor pillows have the best designs? I thought it was just me, but now you’ve done it too. And that pillow looks great indoors.
    I’ve been enjoying your blog for years, Melissa. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  41. Kristen

    I just bought the chair today! I have been eyeing it for a while, and seeing your post just sealed the deal.

    I agree with some that it could be more “white”–does anyone have any tips on bleaching the slipcovers? Amount of bleach, do you leave it soaking a while, etc.

    Thank you! And love your blog!

  42. Stephen Saint-Onge

    Love the chair from IKEA. I have used that chair and that sofa (the regular sofa and the sectional version) in many makeovers. Great look and shape (and price!) For a recent family room makeover – we did that sofa in two slipcovers – so you could see it in summer white version – then make it a warmer tone for fall/winter season…

    Looks great!

  43. Julie

    I have an IKEA leather sofa. It has withstand 5 years and two moves and it looks fabulous. So easy to wipe down and large enough to really snuggle into. I love it!

  44. Darlene

    I have the Ektorp sectional, loveseat sized sleeper sofa and ottoman…all with white slipcovers! Absolutely love them. Due to life changes, I’ve moved a few times in the past 3 years and I’ve been able to always find a place for everything. I purchased the ottoman new but found the sectional and sleeper on craigslist at two different times from two different sellers at $100 for each of them! The sectional was so old it had an Ikea brown plaid slipcover on it! But it’s in great shape and looks wonderful with the new white slipcover.

    By the way white slipcovers are the best thing created for us indecisive, love to decorate people…it’s wonderful to be able to have a few basic pieces and just change it up to reflect your new surroundings and look!

  45. Jessica

    We actually just bought the Ikea Ektorp 3 seat sofa about a month ago. We like it a lot. It is a bit on the small side, but reasonably comfortable and very affordable at $399! I haven’t had to wash the slipcover yet, but we do have a no food and shoes rule for the “white sofa” for our two little boys. ;-)

  46. Natalie

    I have a white Ikea Jennylund chair that I have used in my nursery for breastfeeding in. It was perfect! I too plan to move it to the living room one day once the extension is done. I wash the cover and never had any problems. It washes up beautifully.
    You can see it in 2 of my nurserys in this link. It is hiding behind the cot in the corner in one of the photos but is was nice a private to feed in.
    I love the way you put the throw and cushion on it. I will have to try that with mine and see what it looks like.

  47. Barbara Muir

    I have two Ektorp sofas. The main problem was the back cushions always sagged when we watched TV.
    I solved that by putting Ikeas harder foam chair pads down the back of the cushions.
    I agree that the white is good and it wears well. You’ve got me thinking about the chair!

  48. Winn

    I also have a white Ektorp 2seater sofa & love it. Also, a red 3seater Ektorp sofa. I really wish that IKEA would listen to their consumers & improve the quality if their slipcovers. One of these was bought in Canada, the other in the US. The pieces of the slipcovers which are out-of-sight are made of a flimsy J-cloth type fabric & after only a few washings split, in various places. The red slipcover was 2years old and never washed but the flimsy fabric under one of the cushions totally disintegrated. This happened to be the seat which was mostly used; the house is occupied with only one adult & no animals. After many discussions with IKEA they replaced the red covers & they gave me a $30 credit towards a new set of white covers. It has nothing to do with the $$$ but my plan is to hopefully replace the flimsy fabric with some cotton that I have. Let me suggest that you also offer your feedback to IKEA if you have experienced problems.

  49. Lesley D'Angelo

    Yipes! I washed with Arm and Hammer detergent and the cushions (BRAND NEW ) from Ikea came out all mottled ,like the detergent white was whiter than Ikea white.Anyone know how to fix this ??/I am devastated>

  50. Megan

    We purchased the IKEA ektorp sofa and chair and ottoman in white about a year ago! I researched for at least 6 months after falling in love with the Pottery Barn version. This was the most affordable option for us and I have not been sorry! I absolutely love the ease of cleanup not to mention how it carries me from season to season. At Christmas, it looks beautiful accented with red and plaids! I bleach our covers EVERY time I wash them as I have a 6 and a 4 year old. We live in the country, so they are ALWAYS tracking debris into the house. I have not had a problem with my covers at all, and frankly, I have been extremely impressed by the quality/durablilty of the covers. Couch cover for $49?? That’s unheard of!! We love this furniture. Even my 6’3″, 300 lb. husband hasn’t had a complaint!

  51. Kalina

    We bought the Ektorp sectional in Svanby Beige (a new linen blend that rivals Pottery Barn. It’s like a creamy colour. Leaning more to white than beige. We have 5 kids and a dog. It’s been 15 months, and I’m pleased to say this still looks and feels great. Because of the fabric blend, it says dry clean only. I’m braver than most and threw it in the wash on cold with detergent and resolve powder (like Oxi Clean), and then machine dried for 30 minutes and put it back on while still damp. PERFECT. A bit wrinkly but the wrinkles fell out after a few hours. We couldn’t be more pleased. And to think we were going to fork out the big bucks for Pottery Barn! Our decision resulted from me reading reviews online and a vast majority of people preferred IKEA Ektorp to Pottery Barn for durability AND comfort! Well, I have joined them. I would do this again in a heartbeat.

    • Carol

      okay, thank you! i have been going nuts trying to find a couple of comfy chairs for my master bedroom. and they are soooo expensive. i looked at the pottery barn ones: $1000+ each, and i don’t even know if they are comfortable. i think i will try the EKTORP chair and see if i like it, and if so, i will buy the other one. at least i can return it too if i don’t like it, as opposed to a custom order. thank you, thank you, thank you…


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