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Garage Organization {6 Tips to Kick Start Your Garage Organization}

by | Aug 9, 2013 | Decorating Inspiration, Organization

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Garage Organization {6 Tips to Kick Start Your Garage Organization} BHG Garage Ideas

Garage Organization Tips

Our garage is {…hangs head…} our room of shame. Seriously.Horrific. I have good excuses for the situation, IMHO. We downsized to a house half the size (um, four years ago but who’s counting?) and we didn’t know what we would need. There was quite a bit of chaos surrounding our move since we rented first and still had our other house and then our girls moved up at two separate times.

Annnnd we’ve been too busy to even think about it since we moved in, other than an occasional few hours of tossing out some junk. We have been tired from starting the church, which has taken up every bit of our free time. And it’s my husband’s responsibility to clean out stuff like garages. And on it goes.

Garage Organization {6 Tips to Kick Start Your Garage Organization}Garage Organizing Ideas via BHG

Garage Organization {6 Tips to Kick Start Your Garage Organization}pegboard organization

But regardless of our excuses, it is NOT PRETTY. And it isn’t organized or functional as anything but a storage room for randomness. Ugh. I don’t even like to talk about it. It’s time to deal with it.

So, I have a dream. A dream of a tidy garage. Perhaps even a pretty garage. Maybe peg board for hanging things and cabinets for hiding things.

Or dare I say it, I may want to clear out our garage entirely and turn it into a studio. I picture it being a pleasant place to work. To craft with friends. A place to refinish furniture or do a project. I’ve even thought about maybe adding a french door from my current office into the studio.

Garage Organization {6 Tips to Kick Start Your Garage Organization} Garage organization BHG

Garage Organization {6 Tips to Kick Start Your Garage Organization}Garage ideas via BHG

But in order to move from mess to order, I have to have a plan. So in addition to scouring the internet for what in the world an organized garage might look like since it has been so long since I’ve seen one (hence today’s inspiration pics and ideas!) I came up with six tips that are helping me to kick start my project and not feel so overwhelmed.

I know what to do, now I just need to inspire myself to DO IT.

Garage Organization {6 Tips to Kick Start Your Garage Organization}Organizing tools in the garage via BHG

Garage Organization {6 Tips to Kick Start Your Garage Organization}BHG  tool organizing

Garage Organization {6 Tips to Kick Start Your Garage Organization}

I’m sharing six tips to kick start your garage project over at The Decluttered Home today! If your garage is your room of shame, the post just might help inspire you too!

Check out the tips! 6 Tips to Jump Start Your Garage Organization


  1. Linda Leyble

    Wonderful ideas!! So pretty too. If only my garage looked that! Come the cooler weather, I will work on mine…thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Peggy from PA

    This post really made me smile. The pictures were so unlike my garage. In an ideal world you would only have those few things I your garage so it would be super easy to organize. My garage probably has four times that much. It’s not so easy then. Good luck with yours.

  3. Faith

    I so need this inspiration! One day…

  4. Kristin @bliss-athome

    I really need to do something like this in our garage one of these days! All great ideas! Thanks for sharing :) xo Kristin

  5. Patty Virginia

    After seeing these pics, I want to go into my garage right now and start organizing . Garages don’t have to be boring and these pics prove it. Never thought of using pop’s of color on pegboard. Love the inspiring tips. Pinned.

  6. New Homes in Charlotte

    Incredible design ideas! We should hire you to stage some of our new homes!

  7. Kristi@Chatfield Court

    Great inspiration. Sadly, our garage is not looking its best right now either. We did just move in a haven’t been able to clean things up yet, but maybe one day it could look as good as these photos. Ahh, dare to dream.

  8. Tanya

    We finally got rid of my husbands “project” car that was in the garage untouched for 5 years so now we actually have room in there to orgainize it and make it look nice. I can’t wait to try out some of these ideas. Thanks.

  9. Nora

    I love love love peg boards… When we moved into this house, we removed shelving in the garage and installed two areas of peg boards – tools & gardening. Then I painted the floor, installed base board and trim and touched up the walls. I now think it’s time to go to the next level and paint the peg board too. What a great look! Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Julie @ Being Home

    Yippee! Love these ideas. I am currently redoing our three car garage and am looking for some organizational ideas. Love the ones above. Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. Shawna @DakotaCreekChic

    Oh, if only my garage looked like any of those pictures…I think if the authorities saw it today it could be condemned!! Great inspiration though, they all look so bright and fresh and clean!

  12. Sabrina

    Hi I love the squared painted areas on the pegboard. The post gave me some great ideas for my garage. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Julie S

    The garage is my husband’s domain, to the point that I have begun to build my own stash of anchors, nails, etc. because he keeps things in such a state that I prefer not to have to go looking in there. He is a major handyman and mechanic, so I get those things for free in return :) Unfortunately the laundry (my job) is in the corner of the garage. I hope for a clear path to the machines and not too much greasy dust/spare parts sitting on top of the dryer… happens 30-40% of the time, otherwise I pick my battles wisely and live with it.


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