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Teen Boy Bedroom Makeover Progress: The New Bed

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Children's Rooms, Decorating Inspiration

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Teen Boy Bedroom Makeover Progress: The New Bed

 Bed provided

So last week I shared with you all our plan to redo our son Luke’s room. He turned 13 this summer and has been asking for some updates to his room for quite some time. Actually, we’ve been promising it for years. I’m slow. He’s patient.

Of course, I’ve been working on other rooms.

But this was the one room I really wanted to work on. I know there are only so many more years we have our kids under our roof. And at 13 years old, there are less years left with him as a child than we started with. It goes so fast! This boy is my last one at home. I want him to have lots of good memories of his room.

Fortunately, good things come to those who wait. The time had finally come where I could focus on his room and had the opportunity to make the changes he had been hoping for.

He didn’t ask for much. He wanted a full sized bed and a desk of his own. He had bunk beds which were great for sleepovers, but they were just too small, awkward, and not as comfortable for him any more. He rarely used the top bunk so we were willing to give up that convenience in order to accommodate his request for a new full sized bed. We really wanted him to love his room and feel like he had a space all his own.

My girls and I put our creative hats on and tried to imagine how to fit a full sized bed and a desk in this tiny room. His room is just shy of 11 x 11, and with windows, a door and a closet, there just isn’t much room for furniture or even much wall space.

Our biggest challenge was choosing a bed.

What wall could it go on? What should it look like? Would a big bed look ridiculous? What color should it be? SO many decisions!

Teen Boy Bedroom Makeover Progress: The New Bed

We decided that as long as he had enough floor space to get in the room right when you came in the door, we could fit a full sized bed in the right corner. We felt putting the bed on any other wall would have made the room feel like it was overtaken by a bed as you walked in, so tucking it away in the corner seemed like the best solution to minimize the visual impact in the space.

With a small room, you might feel like you are limited to small furniture. And while that is often a wise idea, sometimes it isn’t so much the size of the furniture as it is the scale and often the shape that matter more than size. My first thought was we should find a bed without a headboard to maximize the space. But even though his room is obviously very small, I decided we may as well make the bed as cozy and inviting as possible since it already was going to take up a significant portion of the room. And a soft cozy headboard might be the best solution!

I’ve found that aiming for cozy in a small bedroom seems to help make the entire room feel intentional and comfortable.

Teen Boy Bedroom Makeover Progress: The New Bed

So we started searching for the coziest boy bed we could find. And what is more cozy or boy friendly than a padded corduroy wing back bed? But still it was a bit of a risk. It wasn’t tiny. It wasn’t light colored or airy. I will admit I was nervous about how this would turn out until I saw it in the room.

And then … I LOVED it.

And he seems to like it too.


It turned out to be the perfect solution for this small space. I think what made it work was the relatively straight sides of the bed. It fits nice and snug in the corner. It is a statement piece that is a nice visual focal point on the wall. The color and texture adds so much to the space, too.

This room became a cozy destination (and yes, even though I’ve already claimed my daughter’s/guest room for myself too haha I will admit that I took over Luke’s room for a phone conference call while he was at school this week — and it was VERY comfortable and cozy!).

Hmmm, making over the kids’ rooms is working out quite well for me. Why did it take me so long to do this?

Actually, the more I am working on my house, the more I am feeling at home here. I feel like our house is coming together as our home and we could live in it for a long time. Even though this new house was not necessarily intended to be our forever home and certainly not our dream house (and many times have felt like I just wanted to go back home to Portland where we are from) it’s funny how if you keep working away at making a house comfortable for your family, you can grow to love where you live.

Once we got the bed for the room, suddenly we were thinking more about how functional his room should be. We started adding hooks, places for books, lights for reading and projects, and places to put mementos.

Loving the home you have isn’t just about decorating or buying something new, it is about taking the time to think about what would make it comfortable for living.

Teen Boy Bedroom Makeover Progress: The New Bed

The bed feels right at home in the corner, like a little nest.  I’m so happy we took the risk and got him something he will really love so we can build a room around it. We also ordered him a new, allergy friendly mattress so the bed is super comfortable and clean feeling. It is his first ever brand new bed, one that was not a hand me down from his sisters. I think he loves it as much as I do! :-)

I’ll be coming back with more angles and progress of this room makeover soon, with all the sources as well!


Teen Boy Bedroom Makeover Progress: The New Bed

Teen Boy Bedroom Makeover Progress: The New Bed

Disclosure: We were provided an in store gift card to to use in a room makeover project, so we were able to order the bed and the mattress we wanted for this room improvement project. Both items were easy to order online, arrived in a timely way and the bed was simple to set up! No other compensation was provided for this project. As always, the room makeovers, the designs, ideas, and opinions are mine.


Two lucky readers will win one of two $100 gift cards!

To enter, leave a comment about what room you could improve if you win! 


  1. Kerri

    Ok, that just might be the coolest bed for a boys room I have ever seen! My son is 10…and oh how I would LOVE that bed for him!

  2. Lynn from For Love or Funny

    We desperately need to update our bathrooms…and I’m sure to find inspiration on your website. :)

  3. Sandra Mosolgo

    Am almost ready to move into new house but funds ran low and 2 rooms will have to wait, so a gift card would help one of these rooms.
    Sandy m

  4. Southern Gal

    My son will be 12 in February and he’s a room that was decorated for his 22yo brother when the brother was 6! I think it’s time for a makeover for his room. THanks for the chance.

  5. Jennifer Wright

    I would definitely work on my family room. I’ve made some small changes but not it’s time to finish it!

  6. Lori H

    I would love to replace the dog-destroyed sofa in our reading room with two comfy chairs. I love the bed you chose – I am not sure I would have thought to use it in a tight space, but it is perfect!

  7. Leslie

    I would give my 9 yr old daughters bedroom a makeover.

  8. Megan N

    We need a do over for our master bedroom. We have mismatched dressers and chests and a minuscule closet.

  9. Tracy Rizzo

    I would make over my sons room as well, he is also thirteen. He is still living with the terra cotta walls that were there when we bought the house!

  10. Anne Marie

    My family room is crying for some help -this would be great.

  11. tonya

    our living room need help!

  12. Katrina

    I just started working on our teenage daughter’s room and could defiantly use a Overstock gift card.

  13. Melissa

    My husband and I moved in August for my new job, but are currently single-income and thusly still living like I’m in grad school. We need a couch slipcover desperately – along with additional seating for our living room! (We have ourcouch and dining room chairs.)

  14. BJ

    Oh my, what room in my house doesn’t need something? I would probably use it for my master bedroom.

  15. Lisa Cooper

    My 17 year old son needs furniture for his bedroom!

  16. Jenn

    I would LOVE an overstock gift card to use in my sons’ room. We have just begun stripping the blue and yellow flower wallpaper off the walls and are getting ready to make the room welcoming for both him and his little brother we will be bringing home from China sometime this spring. :)

  17. Lynn

    Definitely the front bedroom which is too large and currently lacks cohesiveness.

  18. Deanna

    Our master bathroom still has its original 1980s colors and layout. We plan to remodel it this next summer, but I love the idea of making this room cozy with color and texture. A gift card from would definitely help in this regard!

    I am a huge fan of your blog, and your son’s room redo is just another example of why I follow along. I love the “nightstand” you have next to the bed. The contrast of the metal with the fabric bed headboard/frame works great. And, the overhead lamp (like you’ve used in the media room post in the past) is fantastic. I can’t wait to see the rest of the room, especially the desk! You are giving me inspiration for how to update my teen boys’ rooms. Thanks, Melissa!

  19. Andrea E.

    I would love to redo my dining room. Into a cozy nook for playing cards and reading books, not really
    for having large dinners, just a large amount of fun!

  20. Lisa

    My living room needs a makeover. Thank you!

  21. Sallie

    Love the bed! It provides the perfect cozy factor! We just finished redecorating my stepson’s room (he’s flown the nest) into my husband’s workout room. He loves it! Enjoy all the time you can with that precious boy!

  22. Kristine

    I have two sons that have flowery wall paper from when we moved in two years ago (ages 12 and 13 and they hardly complain, and it’s even on the ceiling, haha!). Every time we plan to redue their rooms something comes up. Thank you for drawing!

  23. Abby

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! We are moving to our first home in a few weeks, so the whole house needs help, but I would love to makeover our living room with this giveaway! Need lots of new furniture…

  24. Casey

    My two sons share a room and it is a mishmash of old things thrown together. It definitely needs a makeover.

  25. lucie hale

    I love what you did in your son’s room. My room to fix is also my son’s bedroom and what’s interesting is that I have almost the same size restrictions. I also need to get rid of his bunk bed and update the look now that he is in college. Thanks for the chance to win.

  26. Suzanne Moncrief

    I love the new room. It’s so great when your kids have ideas and opinions and you can do their rooms to their specs. Thanks for the drawing and I would redo my living room. Need a new coffee table and new upholstery.

  27. Gwen Chappelle

    I have two bedrooms that have been abandoned by children that had the nerve to make their own fabulous lives. These bedrooms deserve better. Would love to win a gift card to get started.

  28. Kabikaj

    I would do up my bedroom, I’m desperate to give it some style from the blandness it currently rocks.

  29. Donna P.

    I would love a new table and chairs in our kitchen area.

  30. Nancy Lotinsky

    Most definitely the Living Room! It’s been years since I could update this room and the curtains/pillows/accessories need to change – the main pieces are classic and timeless but the “extras” need help.

  31. Alison

    I have been promising my 14 yr. old son that we would give his room a makeover for the past 3yrs.! Still has bunk beds and original pale yellow paint color from when he was a baby. I too am savoring the days I have with my oldest. Thank you for this opportunity!!! Oh and by the way, I absolutely LOVE your blog. I get so excited when I see The Inspired Room in my mailbox. Keep up the good work!

  32. Jenny V.

    I would love to redo my 35 foot long family room that has 4 doorways running down the left side. Awkward!!! Our youth group of 18 kids meets in there every Sunday so it needs to be industrial strength durable, but we would also like it to feel cozier for us:) I love all your ideas and the reminders to enjoy decorating but be content to take it slowly and let the process evolve.

  33. Laurie Webb

    You are very inspirational to those of us with small / moderate homes. I would use the gift cards to help make a tween hangout in our basement.

  34. lani nelson

    My husband’s office which doubles as our grandson’s guest room needs a revamp. Grandpa needs a more efficient works space. I have just retired after 30 years of teaching first grade and am loving having the time to clean out and do a bit of redecorating. I just discovered your site last month and have put your suggestions to work. Especially the reorganizing tips. Thank you!

  35. Kate Jensen

    Our guest room has been Overtaken as a storage room. I would use it to get it back to an inviting place for our guests. PS where did you get the quilt on the bed?

  36. Emily Gracen

    Hmm… probably our laundry room/mud room. It’s been needing an overhaul for some time now, especially since it’s the first thing you see when you walk in back door.
    Loved your boy’s room! The bed was a great choice.

  37. Katie

    I would be tickled to add some love to my master bedroom – it is the only room on the main floor without a full makeover!

  38. Maria Moore

    My daughter moved out a few years ago and I would love to make her old room into a nice guest room. I live a distance from most of my friends and family so when they visit they like to spend the night.

  39. Lisa

    Love the bed! I would makeover our dining room, it all wood and needs some life and personality! It’s where we all gather each day together…a special time.

  40. Lynda crossman

    Hi, I would use the card for the living room. I have painted it bought a new rug, have made new pillow covers, made some drapes for the 12 ft slider. I need some organizer bins and some other comfiest..

  41. Beth Moore

    So many possibilities, but I would love to get a full size mattress for my Grandparents wedding bedroom set. It would be so convenient when we have company & our two teen girls end up bunking together.

  42. Catherine

    My sons share a room and it is SO small. I really struggle with fitting them both in and having space for anything besides beds. If I could find some simple twin frames on Overstock, I would use the card toward those. Otherwise, our dining room could use a lot of love.

  43. Kris Davis

    I am a senior on a fixed income and hate my living room . So I was thinking a colorful love seat might help.
    brighten things up . Thank you.

  44. Nicole

    I have a daughter who is 12 and has never really had a room decorated for her. I would cherish the chance to make something special for her!

  45. Lynne

    we’ve been working our way around the house…the only room left that needs a major update is the guest bathroom…lots of room for improvement there!

    • Lisa

      Great choice with the bed! You took a chance and it paid off – wish that always happened for me!

  46. Dana Everett

    Gorgeous bed! I would love to update furniture in our living room, making better use of space to add more seating!!

  47. Jackie Brooks

    My daughter (6 yrs old) has asked Santa to bring a new bedding set and rug for her room. She also desperately needs a new nightstand. What a huge blessing it would be to be able to make her Christmas wish come true! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  48. Kelley leuck

    We are in the process of the “great bedroom switch”. Our 16 year old son is moving to the basement; our 13 year old son is taking his room; our 8 year old son is switching rooms with his 7 year old sister. The 16 year old will be taking our queen size bed. We will get a kin size. We are selling bunk bed and buying the 8 year old a new bed So, we need a new king bed; a new twin bed and headboards for a full size and a queen size! (Our 16 year old has several picked out on overstock already!). I would love to get the one in your sons room for our 13 year old! His room looks great!

  49. Wendy

    It time to spruce up my master bedroom, have done little thing through my house but I feel it time to redo my room

  50. Jennifer

    The bed looks great! I would use the Overstock card to spruce up our master bedroom, which is need of some major TLC!

  51. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Living in the “in between” right now I’m not sure how I would use it. But, once we finally move to our new place wouldn’t it be so much fun to have some “play” money to get something needed to make things come together? I would be on cloud nine!!

    I love the bed, Melissa! Truly comfy for a guy. I’m wondering about the pillows….does he not sleep with one or are these his sleep pillows? (I’m guessing they aren’t the European pillow – is that the term?) They look great, but I’m thinking they’re just for cushing not sleeping. I bet you don’t see your son as much now that he has such a great room. ;)

    I too have discovered that we can be at home wherever we are. It’s really all in the choosing. It’s really more of a function of our minds than of our decor. However….great decor really is a really good thing. ;)

    I really liked this statement: “Loving the home you have isn’t just about decorating or buying something new, it is about taking the time to think about what would make it comfortable for living.” That is so true. And when we do, often the things we already have are perfect and we don’t need something new. ;)

    Hope your weekend is Extraordinary!!

  52. erin @ House Envy

    The room is gorgeous! Love that bed and the brass colored light above it!

  53. Jeannie

    I would improve our ‘guest room’. Currently a room with shelves all along one wall…..and nothing else! In need of a sofa bed!

  54. Jennifer

    The room looks fantastic! Lucky guy. I’d love to update our master bedroom. We’ve lived in our home for two years and updated the kids rooms and living areas first. I’d love to update our master bedroom next.

  55. Tanya

    Hard choice. Probably my living room.

  56. Tracy

    I seriously NEED to makeover my husband’s and mine bedroom! It is not conducive for a romantic hideout….more like a cave! :(

  57. Roxane Kemp

    Seeing your son’s room is an inspiration…. I want to personalize my 2nd daughter’s room for many of the same reasons. Thanks for sharing!

  58. MomtoJADE

    Storage tower in the bathroom would be über useful!

  59. Susan Arkles

    I would love to re-do my guest room. it is also my sewing room, so I would like to have a place where I can stow my sewing projects when we have overnight guests. most of the storage is that cheep white particle board shelving which has seen better days.

  60. Sue H.

    That bed does look super comfy! Great makeover.
    We are downsizing so I would use an overstock gift card for
    maybe new light fixtures or rugs.

  61. Janna Conrad

    My four year old still sleeps in a toddler bed. We have graduated to a single and would use the gift card to get a
    mattress for him. Ryan would feel like such a big boy now with your help.
    For your sons room, I would add some wooden rustic shelves from Pottery Barn. I have two. One with many
    cubbies in it and they other looks like a letter holder. Great use for both.

  62. sherry guitard

    I would use it to help finish making over my living room. we are still in need of a lot of items for the room.

  63. Lisa

    Great boy’s room!
    I would definitely use the card in our master bedroom!

  64. Edwina

    Love the makeover! Thanks for the chance to win this-my guest room would benefit!

  65. Kathleen

    I need to convert my daughter’s bedroom into a guest room. Now if she would just decide what to do with all the stuff she left behind…

  66. gabrielle hoelzle

    I really need to do my son’s room as well. The ifrst set of big boy furniture was not the best quality and is falling apart. Help!

  67. Lauren Sims

    I immediately fell IN LOVE with that bed! Such a great choice for a teen boy growing up. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  68. LJ

    Our Office is sooooooo very ripe for a makeover! We recently replaced or desktop PC with a laptop, and find that we naturally use the computer everywhere but in the office.. which has the office slowly booming a bit of an attic, with odd projects and extra dining room chairs taking over. It would be lovely to make this room into a proper Project Room with great work surfaces and storage!

    • LJ


      PS The lamp in your son’s room is absolutely perfect (as is that fabulous bed)!!!

  69. vicky

    My Master Bedroom. Haven’t touched it since we renovated six years ago. I’m desperate to fix the drywall on the ceiling since it shifted due to settling. A nice paint job, drapes and a few furnishings and I will be so happy!

  70. Tammy

    I have a guest bedroom that really needs a lift! I love the bedding but it’s accessorizing that needs help…! :)

  71. melanie

    All my rooms need a little help but I’d really love some organization in the laundry room. That room stresses me out!

  72. kimberly

    I love your sons room makeover! We are in the process of making over my 12 yr olds room but have only gotten as far as painting the walls. He is also asking for a new big bed so this would be perfect!

  73. Robin Bass

    I’m not sure how old your son is, but I think the headboard is very masculine and he will enjoy it for some time to come. I look forward to seeing the completion of the room and the ideas you come up with. We are finishing off our attic for a couple of additional rooms allowing for the two boys sharing to have their own rooms. I’m always looking for ideas for their rooms.

  74. Amber

    We are about to move so I could use it in just about every room, The dining room is the only one I love at the moment which is good with Thanksgiving comming so soon!

  75. Ashley Bodley

    We just moved into our new house in February and right now everything is just functional and not as beautiful as I would like. I think our next project is going to be the Dining Room!

  76. maureen duffy

    I too have a 13yo boy so this post really resonates with me. He really wants to be out of a bunk bed so a new bed would be the perfect starting point for a room makeover.

  77. Laura

    I am waiting for the money to get new beds for our girls’ (and their little brother!) room. Time for something comfy for them to hang out and talk!

  78. Eileen Beck

    Goodness, so many options. I think I’d have to say that I’d makeover the master bedroom. My own personal rooms are always the last to be done!

  79. Alison

    My husband and I have been “in the process” of updating our bedroom for probably 4 years now. I would love a new rug and a dreamy bed like the one you just put in your son’s. They are super affordable I just checked. Thanks!

  80. Becky Holmes

    I would definitely do my sons room as well!! Love this bed.

  81. Maureen

    Hi Melissa

    I love your blog! We have very similar taste. I too moved 3 yrs ago from a 110 yr old house to a new town with few old houses. We bought a 30 yr old house and have been renovating and trying to add character with wood work and wood plank walls. I missed my old house SO much too and lots of times just wanted to run back…. But work (and God) brought us here.
    I agree that the more you work on your house the more it feels like home.
    I would work on my family room right now…it still had the sad, stale energy in that space!
    Thanks for your site and for inspiration!

  82. Jennifer

    I love that headboard. I have lived without one my entire adult life, and an upholstered headboard is exactly what I want for my bedroom.

  83. Donna

    If I could I would redo my boys room. They can use new comforters and window treatments.

  84. Valerie J.

    Our Master bedroom is finitely in need of some improvement!
    I love how your boy’s room is turning!

  85. Meg S

    Definitely the bedroom! After finally getting rid of the 30 year old mattress, the rest of the room needs a lift too!

  86. Amy

    I would definitely makeover my master bathroom. It is 16 years old and hasn’t been updated other than a few cosmetic changes.!

  87. Kate

    I’ve been checking out rugs for our dining room on Overstock for months! I’ve purchased 12 curtain panels from them for our living room. Great price and service. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity. Love how your son’s room is coming along.

  88. Kelly

    I would work on my office! I currently use a folding table and extra dining chair when I work at home, and the only other piece of furniture in the room is an old chair that we desperately need to have restored (DHs Grandmothers chair)

  89. Nicole

    I would do my teen age daughters room! You’re right! She won’t be in the house forever- I need to stop putting it off:)

  90. Judy Soltis

    I would love to do a makeover in our spare bedroom/home office. It’s just a collection of boxes and “stuff” right now and it is making me slightly crazy!

  91. Amy Wolff

    I would improve my dining room…. I really WANT tufted linen chairs for my dining room!!!!

  92. Christina

    I have a fifteen year old son who really needs a bedroom make over something to his liking ,but also to allow his imagination to see more age appropriate changes with comfort :)

  93. heather dundore

    I would work on my 13 year old’s room, too! We still have a “camping” theme and, gasp, a wall boarder up too…you know it’s bad when you’re looking online to see how to take that darn border down! :) He also has a tiny twin mattress that is bumpy and way to small for this growing boy who is constantly moving/thrashing when he sleeps. I would love to surprise our son with a room makeover as he heads into high school next year.

  94. Dawn

    I would work on my master bedroom. We just downsized and moved into a house that’s 40 years old. While there’s a lot to do in the house, it would make the process much more manageable if I had a nice master bedroom to retreat to!

  95. Faith

    Loving his new room. Can’t wait to see the rest. My family room needs some updating. Not sure where I would start but an overstock gift card would be a good place. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  96. Emily

    I would work on my bedroom…needs a major update;)

  97. Emily

    Love this room! Especially the metal cart next to his bed, perfect for a boys room.

    I am two weeks away from closing on a home and would love to fix up the dining room. At the moment all I have is a table and chairs small enough to fit in my apartment. It would be nice for my husband and I to be able to have family over and have a place for them to sit while they eat.

  98. Kathy S.

    I would love to make a few updates to our kitchen. The bones are good; it just needs some sparkle.

  99. Jennifer

    His room looks great! I love his side table. I saw one similar at World Market and thought it would be perfect for my middle son’s room, too. We have super tiny spare bedrooms in our house and know how hard it can be to arrange furniture. My 11 yo wanted an area for playing video games so I pushed his bed near the wall, also.

    • Jennifer

      Oh, and I would love to finish off my living room with a new rug and lighting!

  100. melissa

    I would work on our bedroom….it always seems to be last on the list but really needs to be a priority in the coming year!

  101. Jackie

    Out master bedroom could use some serious help!

  102. Suzanne D.

    I would love to fix up my master bedroom. I am newly married and want to make the master bedroom a place that both of us can enjoy.

  103. Karen E

    My master bedroom needs new linens and lamps. I love the bed you selected.

  104. Sherry

    I love your house!!!! While I need a lot of updating, the room I would love to work on is my basement. My teenage daughter refuses to go down with her friends until its nice. Ugh!!!!

  105. Wendi

    I am in the process of redoing my 14 year old daughter’s room and she would like to go from a twin bunk bed to a full size bed as well. What a sweet surprise to get that bed early and finish off her room.

  106. Rose L

    Melissa, I just adore that bed!! I have one that style pinned in a turquoise color and just love the curves and height of it. My bedrooms are very small and I think one big piece grounds the room as you are finding now with your son’s room. Love the brass lamp over the bed as well. Let’s see, as you know I’m in the midst of a very long whole house redo and the only thing I haven’t gotten that I need are rugs and a new mattress and box spring for our bedroom. So I guess I’d put a gift card toward one of those things. Thanks for the opportunity!

  107. Danielle D

    I could use this in our bedroom!

  108. Amanda Rozek

    I would work on our kitchen! We could use some kind of storage furniture! Everything is crammed inside the little storage we have. When we got married one year ago it wasn’t so much of a problem, but as you use a kitchen you realize you need more stuff, and food, etc. So now I have a bit of a problem, everytime I need something I end up dropping something or having to move things out of the way.

  109. Heather

    Our boys will be sharing a room very shortly due to our family being blessed with baby #3! So I would definitely use the giftcard for updating their room.

  110. Erin

    I could really use a new ottoman for our family room!!

  111. JT

    I would LOVE to update my son’s room to loook like this. NICE JOB! I would love to update so many rooms I don’t know where to begin. Truly – a kitchen, the bath, my closet, our bedroom are the most in need currently! Thanks! LOVE your work and look forward to my inbox emails from you. Always brightens my day to look at something beautiful and dream up what fun things I will do with our home.

  112. Julia

    Our bedroom needs a lot of help right now. We just renovated the attic rooms for our girls and have moved into their room. It’s quite small so we had to leave our king size bed in our old room/new guest room. We need a headboard…or not. The walls are bare and in need of new paint. Any ideas for shoe storage? Our new closet is a bit small & has sliding doors, so no room for shoes on a door. I need a chest for my clothes and a nightstand. I just purchased one off of craigslist for my husband’s side yesterday :)…I love that site. OR we could do bathrooms. We have one gutted which we are embarking on next weekend and two others in their original pink & maroon and blue & cream glory.

  113. shannon macklam

    I would love to make over my master bedroom!

  114. Amy

    I also have two little guys who are now slightly bigger guys. We are going to move them into the same room and would love to recreate a new (old) space

  115. Patricia

    I’ve been in nesting mode this fall and have already tweaked several rooms … the living room is next! I’d love to change some of the furniture with a giftcard to

  116. Sarah

    I would use it to get my middle girl (8years old) a few things that would be special in her room-she has handed owns from her older sister and is starting to have her own style!

  117. Jorja

    Love your style! I, too, like you have a big kitchen redo in the very near future. We built our home in 1997, ergo the horrible layout, countertops, orangey oak cabinetry….and on.

    Thanks for your daily inspiration in my email inbox! Not a blogger, just a fan :)

  118. Denise

    I need to update the flooring in our kitchen. We ripped out the stained carpet and took it down to the subfloor 3 years ago. We couldn’t afford to install new flooring at the time, so we painted the floor and have lived with it. Some new hardwood flooring would be amazing!

  119. Courtney

    I’d really love to help my parents make their room their own. They put everyone before themselves and I’d love to be able to return the favor!

  120. Courtney

    I’d use the gift card to spiff up my granddaughter’s room. Their mom is a single mom and all three are in one room, so they appreciate having their room looking nice!

  121. Brooke

    I would use the gift card to improve our kitchen. Right now, our wall art is a [slightly crooked] row of reclaimed shutters I found for next to nothing on Craigslist. :) I’m feeling like it’s time to upgrade!

  122. Dawn

    I would work on our master bedroom. It needs help!

  123. Connie

    We would work on my teenage sons room as well. He has been sleeping on a futon. Which at first he loved. But now expresses his lack of sleep due to the bed and it being uncomfortable to sleep on.

  124. Gillian

    My son’s room! It just seems to have stalled since we cleaned out, organized and painted. This is the inspiration needed to find the linens and drapes.
    Love the bed…so comfy and inviting, I’m sure it makes getting out of bed a little harder :)

  125. Minniette

    Oh, my bedroom needs some serious updating!

  126. jo wyrosdick

    I have a bathroom that needs to be updated as well as some new light fixtures. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. I love your blog. You have good taste!

  127. Sarah @ 702 Park Project

    We are restoring an old house, so the list could go on and on and on! But I think I would use the gift card to put towards a closet system. We are “creating” a closet, so there is no organization at all!

  128. Jacki at Decor You Adore

    My laundry room is crowded and not functional. I’d love to redo that space. Great post on your son’s room. I’m working on a room for my soon-to-be-14-year-old too.

  129. Jennifer C.

    We need a new mattress! New bedding would be a plus too!

  130. Amy

    I’ve been eyeing nightstands for my master bedroom on Overstock.

  131. Katie

    I am 6 months pregnant, and am starting on our baby nursery!

  132. Clementine

    I’ve been working on updating my dining room and bathroom simultaneously. I’ve been eyeing some new dining chairs from Overstock lately.

  133. Colleen

    We need to add some style to our living room. It’s seriously lacking in that department.

  134. Allison

    I would use a gift card to put some function in our somewhat “functionless” living room- I am sitting in here now and am reminded once again to make it feel like home even if it isn’t my ideal right now- thank you for the great reminder!

  135. Katie

    Hi Melissa, love the room and your mama’s heart. I could so relate to last one home and not hand me downs! I would do the same with the gift cards! New bed and mattress for my youngest of 5 girls, Kenzie!

  136. heather m

    My living room definitely- everything is hand me down and earthy tones…! I’m so ready to add some color : ) Love your inspirational site! : )

  137. Mary Stewart has lots of beautiful hanging lights! My dining room could really use a new one!

  138. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

    I could definitely improve our master bedroom. It is getting a whole do-over so the details will be important. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  139. Mandi A

    There is not a room in our house that could not use a good update! I would love a new sofa for my living room ours is really old and yucky!

  140. Jamie

    I am slowly but surely putting our 4 year old sons room together now that he is in a twin bed…but I can’t find an actually bed frame that I love…..

  141. Pam

    My sunroom. has a ton of goodies for a garden style room. We had a small screened in porch that was very cute but always dirty, dusty and occupied with bug visitors. I had to wash everything down before each use. So we hired someone to turn our screened in porch into a three season sunroom. One day I came home from work and my ceiling was covered with “beadboard style” paneling. I had asked for beadboard. The disappointment was more than I could hide. Long story short, we decided we would finish up the room ourselves never knowing my hubby would take so long to sheetrock, tape and sand. I am embarrassed to say that was 5-6 years ago. This summer we finally painted the walls and even though there is still a bit more trim for us to install, I see the room being completed for Christmas. Well, I don’t anticipate the concrete floor being covered with tile (as opposed to paint and stains), but I can live with that. Add a rug, right? I would love to share a picture of our completed project – of course with dressing from Overstock. Thank you for the opportunity!

  142. Shanna

    I would definitely use it to improve our master bedroom. We are in dire need of a new headboard!

  143. Hanna

    I would love to improve our youngest son’s room. He is the last room to be painted or really decorated and at 2 there are a lot of fun things we could do.

  144. Kristina A

    Our master bedroom could use a little help!!

  145. Carrie

    My living room is in a sad state and needs some love! And color

  146. Lyn

    my son is 14 today! He is also very patient and isn’t overly concerned with what his room looks like but I sure would like to get him a new comforter at least!

  147. Rebecca Musser

    I would love to make some improvements in our master bedroom!

  148. Melody

    Hi! I would update my Master bedroom and spare bedroom. That you for a great blog! Melody

  149. amy

    I would definitely get THAT bed for my son! We have an oak bed for him, but he LOVES this one he said!

  150. Kelly

    I am currently trying to make our dining room cozier Overstock has a table I love!

  151. Colleen in Dallas

    I really need a new chair in my living room!

  152. Bethany

    I would make over my daughter’s bedroom.. she is dying for a big girl room

  153. Beth

    Love your boys bedroom and you are right ,before you know it they are out of the nest. Mine are gone but they have multiplied, so when they come back , you have to reconfigure and that is where I am . So right now my craft room is gong to be the guest room for the grand babies so I need some reorg for all my supplies and that calls for all new decor. Thanks for the chance to win. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  154. Jennifer P.

    I’ve just made a major move and I’m starting over. I’d like to start with my bedroom first.

  155. Renee

    I would definitely revamp our master bedroom! It always seems to be the last room we do in all of our houses and needs a little freshening up!

  156. Carrie

    Our dining room could really use some love! New and better lighting would be a huge step in the right direction. The current fixture was put up by the previous owner and the bulb in it is something you find in a garage not a dining room! A rather harsh light to eat and socialize beneath! I am sure a gift card from Oversock would be a huge help with a more suitable alternative:)

    Love your sons room. I have a 13 year old son who I keep begging to let me at least paint but he knows that requires a deep down cleaning and is reluctant. I adore that cordoury

  157. Linda

    I love the boy’s room! I also have a patient 13 year old boy whose room needs a make over, so that’s where I would start. Thanks for the great ideas!

  158. Hallie

    Love the update! I am in the process of changing my son’s former room into a guest room. I really like the bed you chose–is it hard to make the bed w/ it pushed up against the wall? I have ordered many things from Overstock and often wondered what the furniture quality was like. Glad to know it measured up to your standards.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      There is just enough space from the wall to make the bed! And the bed is great quality, we are very happy with it!

  159. Cara

    I would make over our office in the basement. We finally took the plunge in finishing our basement! I had our uncle install french doors leading to the office and am dreaming of painting them black and adding glass knobs. I’d love to add some shelving and buy new office chairs!

  160. Jennie

    I would love to add some personal touches (place to keep his toys) in the bedroom for my 3.5yr old son who shares the room with his 17 month old brother. :)

  161. Lisa

    I would work on the master bedroom. It seems to be the last room to get any special attention.

  162. Ashley

    I love this bedroom. I have two teeny bedrooms in my house, too, and I agree: making a cozy nest out of these spaces is SO the way to go. As for that fab overstock giveaway? Without a doubt, I know what I’d do with it: put it toward a set of funky new stackable dining chairs. I still have the same set I purchased ten years ago, and I admit, all that formal matchiness is long overdue for some change. :)

  163. haley

    I would love to update our guest room so it’s more cozy when friends and family come to visit!

  164. TK Bird

    My living room desperately needs an update. Ready for furniture that is neutral. Love your blog, visit every day and have received such “inspiration”. Thanks, TK.

  165. Jennifer Norrell

    Love your son’s new bed! I would finish my 12 year old sons room. We just lack the finishing touches. Thanks, JN

  166. tara davis

    My hopes are to turn our storage room into an office/wrapping station/craft room! Big plans!

  167. Karen

    My husband and I should be empty nesters, but we started foster care a few years ago. We had downsized to a cute little farmhouse perfect for a few extra little ones coming and going, but…..we have been blessed with doubling the number of our permanent children! :-) We are now guardians to our first two and are finalizing the adoption of the babe we picked up at the hospital at three days old. She has since had seizures so now our life involves feeding tubes, meds, therapy, EEGs, MRIs, and a deep love that will never ever change. All that to say…..we are adding on to our house to add a little girls’ bedroom and remodeling bathrooms just in case our future involves a wheelchair. I am thinking bedding for their sweet little beds would be adorable. I am getting to do this all over again! <3

  168. Jill Reneau

    Well we just built a new house, so just about every room needs work ;). But, I would love to finish my living room since this is where we are most.

  169. SandyC

    Melissa, what a warm, comfortable MANLY room you’re creating – eager to see the pictures of the finished creation.

    My project is my office in my very open floorplan dining room visible from the moment you walk in the door – desperately need surface space to work plus small-drawer storage, keeping my current 4′ desk table but without just lining up all kinds of pieces side by side.

    I love Overstock, even though mostly “just looking”.

    I applaud you for working toward making your current home your dream home. Your recent blog asking us to define our style was a catalyst for me to analyze what I really liked, and I’m having an absolute ball visualizing and actualizing!.

  170. kristi

    My 14 year old son has been begging me for a room makeover and a computer desk for his room. I would LOVE to use the gift card for his room. You are right, they are only under our roof for a short time so I want him to enjoy his room while he is with us.

  171. Brittney Crabtree

    I would love to finish off my living room.

  172. Jamie

    Our bedroom needs some help!

  173. Kathi

    We are getting ready to move into a house we have been remodeling for over a year. So EVERY room could use some help! lol. I love your style.

  174. janice

    My guest bedroom could certainly use a redo!

  175. Candace

    I would improve our master bedroom. It’s a blank slate- so much potential!

  176. GinaE

    What room in my house couldn’t use some help? I’d probably start with the living room. Many thanks for the chance to win!!!

  177. Tracy Napper

    Love the bed! I’d work on my 13-year-old daughter’s room!

  178. Jennifer

    I’m expecting my first child and getting ready to plan a nursery for the first time so this gift card would be very useful!

  179. Jessie C.

    I would get our living room a makeover

  180. adina

    I have a new baby on the way and need to transform my office into the nursery!

  181. Lori

    Now that my daughter is in college, I would love to update her bedroom. It needs some “cozy”.

  182. Desiree

    Our living room! It’s a hodge podge of pieces scattered throughout the room to accommodate two little children, so it desperately needs some work.

  183. cindy

    My livingroom needs some pizazz!!

  184. Patricia Blondin

    I would work on my youngest daughters room. Being the youngest of three she has gotten the “hand me downs” through the years.

  185. Casandra

    I would love to spend that on making our bedroom feel cozier and more complete. It’s pretty basic right now.

  186. Tara

    What wonderful times that you can offer gift cards to a lucky reader. You have been one of my first blogs that I started reading and I love the way you share.

    I was just married at the end of October and I believe I could really use the gift card towards our bedroom to create a more romantic getaway to compliment all our love. ;-)

  187. Marilee

    The master bedroom for sure! It’s the last room in the house that needs work and I can’t wait to get started making it a light, airy and comfortable retreat. Love Overstock!

  188. sarah

    oh my goodness. i have been combing overstock this week in hopes of getting two matching chairs for our family room. this could be amazing!! we are giving our older chairs (although they are only two years old) to a new pastor and his wife as they church plant in another state. they will need lots of seats in their home as they host new friends and neighbors.

  189. kel

    I would work on my boys’ bedroom- it needs some updating and storage help

  190. Brianna

    My husband and I rent the basement of a big Victorian house in Seattle. We’re super creatives so half our space is the band room and painting/crafting studio while the other have is a bedroom/media room. I’ve already rearranged what we have in both rooms, but next I’d like to take a more in depth look at our bedroom and diy a media cabinet and an upholstered bed, and then blog all about it, of course! Ooh pick me!!!

  191. Katy

    Our office needs major help! It’s sort of become a catch-all and I’d love to cozy it up in there!

  192. Melis

    I’m running out of time to make my 16 yo sons room cozy before it’s too late! Why is it that the girls room always gets the most attention. :).

  193. teresa

    I have a grandson who will be 13 in two weeks…I’m thinking a big boy bedroom makeover would be an awesome birthday present!
    Happy Day

  194. Jaime

    We just moved into a new house so pretty much every room needs done! Mostly I want to get started on the nursery for our first baby that’s on his way!

  195. Ellen

    My master bedroom – I’ve redone the grown-up empty kids rooms and my own is a wreck!

  196. Florence

    Two rooms in our home that need improvement are the den and the bedroom loft area. The den has a desk for the computer and a bookshelf–there is no personality in that room. The bedroom loft area is currently being used for storage–can’t find a place for something it goes in the loft. I have a wonderful vision for this loft area. Thank you for the opporunity and your blog.

  197. Shelley

    I would definitely work on our family room!

  198. Gina

    Oh I love how it turned out. My girls could really use a makeover right now. Then a few other places too.

  199. Jody

    We are hosting our in-laws at our new home for Thanksgiving. Not only does our guest room need some TLC, but our dining room does also…we don’t even have chairs yet!

  200. Tania

    Our home office could really use some attention. It’s funny how much time we spend in there, as both my husband and I work from home, but it always seems to be last on the list to be pampered!

  201. Jane Heltzel

    Youngest just graduated college & bought her 1st home. As proud as I am that she was able to do this, the fact that my home became her own personal furniture & home goods store has forced me into a much needed update!

  202. Jenna

    I would use it for my basement. It’s been a long, slow process to finish it so I’m really excited to decorate and furnish it!

  203. Jen

    I could pick from any of my room because they all need help but I would probably do the dining room.

  204. Barbara Argabright

    I do believe I would work on my tiny guest bedroom. It is also my computer room and the rosebud wallpaper has been there for twenty years!

  205. Sue M.

    I really need to work on and revamp my quest room/craft room. I have a huge I call it the “Princess and the Pea” bed that really is too big for the room; but hate to give it up. I just don’t know… I keep trying to find the right look in blogs, on Pinterest, and in magazines…until I come up with something that will work I guess I’ll keep it as is. I do like the bed you selected though. You have the knack!

  206. Teresa Lang

    I’d have to go for the kitchen or laundry room.

  207. Cassie

    Our master bedroom desperately needs new furniture! We just bought a new upholstered bed so a dresser and nightstand are next. Love overstock!

  208. Bethany K

    LOVE the bed! And I’ve been eyeing that 3-tiered cart (I’ve seen them at IKEA and World Market) for months now! The room that could use the most improvement in our house is our sunroom. A giftcard would be the perfect kickstart to that project! Thanks so much! :)

  209. Leah S

    I would do my room with a corner fireplace (electric) from Love the site and love your work :)

  210. KimD

    Sadly ….my whole house but my 17 year old son really needs his room done. Going through a divorce so funds are super tight.

  211. Denise

    My bedroom

  212. Christy f

    I have a few rooms I could improve but I think I would start with our master bedroom. It’s been the same for 11 years! It’s time for a change!

  213. Mary

    I want to do something with my guest room, which also tries to function as a library, office, and sewing room. Sigh…someday.

  214. Aimee Porter

    I am in desperate need of a master bedroom update! I’ve been working my way room by room and have saved this one for last:)

  215. Ms. Tonya R J

    I just sent the last child off to college. I now have two in school and I’m broke. I’d love to redo my son’s room by turning it into a guest room so that he and other visitors are more comfortable.

  216. Megan

    I would use it to update my sons room. It needs some major TLC!

  217. Rachel Bond

    We have 3 rooms that need to be redone! My 18 month old needs a big boy room because baby #2 is taking over his room, and we have an empty dining room we are turning into an office/playroom for the kids!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  218. Kenna

    I would love to look for a bench for my bedroom or new bedding. Both are things I would love to add in the next year.

  219. Bridget

    I would do my son’s room. They have plain white walls and bunk beds. They need a serious sprucing up.

  220. Melynda

    I would improve my bedroom or living room at The Haven.

  221. Melinda @ love melinda

    I would work on my son’s room. It’s been neglected since we moved in. I’m going to show him this post and see what he likes from your son’s room and go from there!

  222. Christina

    My dining room really needs some love! That’s a great bed!

  223. Nancy

    My master bedroom. It was last redecorated before my husband died. Now, it’s time to do something for me. Soft, warm, cozy and healing come to mind along with lots of different textures. Great blog!

  224. Stephanie H.

    I desperately need to work on my living room. I just moved in and I have no clue where to start.

  225. Leslie

    My son’s bedroom is in desperate need of a makeover. He will be 13 in February and his room looks that same as it did when we moved in 7 years ago!!

  226. Kimberly

    I’d love to re-do my daughters room. She took over my sons bedroom and well I know she’ll love sports, it’s just not fitting for a 9 month old. :))))

  227. Tracy Smith

    I would update my main floor bathroom. I want it to be a fun / unisex design since it is my son and daughter’s bathroom, but nice and uncluttered since it all serves as our guest bath. Sounds easy, but it’s actually been a big challenge for me to figure out décor that will work!

  228. Ana

    There is so much to do in our new renovated house that I don’t know which room to choose but I think the living room would be the first choice, it is where my boys and I hang out most. Your blog is one of my first decoration and inspiration blogs that I start reading and I love it.

  229. Erin

    Our bedroom! We need a headboard.

  230. Stephanie S

    I’d improve our master bedroom! We took 2 years renovating our house on weekends, just my husband and I with some help from his parents. Everything else is slowly being decorated, but our room is still just a bedframe, mattresses, and a bookshelf.

  231. Martha

    My living room needs the most love, I think. It’s fast becoming a closed off junk room/nursery for visiting grand babies.

  232. Jen Welton

    We’re getting ready to tackle our Living Room. I’ve picked out the furniture, but I’m clueless on the other details. Should be fun! ;) (Love that bed! Showed it to my 13yo last night and he loved it. I did the non-headboard to save space, but I’m changing that now.)

  233. Barbara (WA)

    That bed looks perfect in the space – and such a great place for your son to hang out! I would look for things for our master bedroom which needs a headboard, lamps, bedding, etc., etc. Thanks for the giveaway!

  234. Tara

    My daughter’s room is the same size — would love to give her a more functional bed. Right now her twin mattress is so low, almost on the floor!

  235. Candy from Candied Fabrics

    My boys share a bedroom and then have a playroom. I’d love to re-do both of them, and this bed you found is a GREAT idea!

  236. Cathy

    What a fabulous and masculine space and the bed…. to die for. Love your pops of color and lamp over the bed. If I won the Overstock GC I would change out the 20 year old bed in my master bedroom and give the space a fresh look.

  237. Martha

    I would love to tackle the bedroom that our two older boys share. They are such great kids and I would love to surprise them with a much needed update.

  238. Sheila

    I love what you have done with this room – I am in the same situation – however, my son is in college and while he only comes home on breaks, I will want him to have his own room (we just moved into a new home). This gives me a great idea since his bed is positioned in the same way.

  239. Alicia in Lucas

    the living room

  240. Jill Griffiths

    I wouldn’t definitely use it on my family room. We are moving forward, and a budget appropriate pace (we all no how that goes) and this would push that along, even quicker!

  241. deb c.

    my daughter’s room! we just started the process, and begin painting this weekend. help!!

  242. Manette Gutterman

    I desperately need to do our old, romantically deprived bedroom! It looks terribly boring right now!

  243. kiera

    I would totally do our master bedroom…it is so boring right now!

  244. Sandi

    Love that bed! The next room I would update would be my office. It’s the only room I have to myself and I want it to be pretty. Thanks!

  245. Kendra

    I would definitely update my bedroom. Since graduating college, I have slowly started investing in pieces for my living room and kitchen, but my bedroom remains a hodgepodge of hand me down furniture.

  246. Tina M

    my son’s room need some help!!!!

  247. Sandi

    Love that bed! The next room I would update would be my office. It’s the only room I have to myself so I want it to be pretty. Thanks!

  248. VHiggins

    We have a guest room that does not have *any* real furniture. I would love to make that a cozy destination for us to use, and for any guests that visit.

  249. Sharline

    Our main floor bath so so badly needs a facelift! And with my frugalness I could probably make it happen with just the gift card! Your sons room looks awesome!

  250. Lindsey

    The nursery/guest room for our new baby is the room we’re focusing on now. As we work on it things are getting relocated to other spaces, so there are lots of other spaces that will need help too. :)

  251. Christie

    Such a cozy bed!

  252. Laura

    I would choose my sons’ room as well to make over. Our two oldest boys, 14 and 11, have been sharing a room for 10 years. Now that our oldest is in high school I feel he deserves his own space! I love your ideas, and I looooove this bed!!

  253. Tammy

    My downstairs family room is in a dire need of a complete redo. I would love to have the extra to hire someone to come in and just do it! You know the painting and chair rail, etc. Plus, I need new furniture and accessories. I would love to win to help me out, especially when your budget is so tight.

  254. Jon

    I would have to improve the blank walls in my home office! Luke’s walls are so fun, great job!

  255. Bonnie

    My son got married and moved out 5 years ago. We’ve been using his bedroom for storage ever since. Now that we have a granddaughter, I’d love to make over that room for her when she stays with us.

  256. Monica Miller

    I would make over our guest room!

  257. sarah coull

    I would really love to improve my 5 year old sons bedroom.

  258. Lisa

    Definitely our master bedroom! It’s a disaster of many colors and I need to get my hands on it…yesterday ;)

  259. Kathleen K

    Oh wow! I love how this is coming out. The next major room redo in our house is for our almost 15 year old son. He informed us a couple months ago that his twin bed is too short, so we’ll be getting him a twin-xl. I haven’t decided on the remaining details of the room yet.

  260. Jeanine Kuhn

    Our bathroom is crying out for some loving attention! Thanks for the chance.

  261. Sandra

    Definitely the kitchen. We moved into our house over a year ago and still don’t have a kitchen table. :)

  262. Tara P.

    I love the bed and the art on the wall! I hope Luke will be very happy there. I would like to improve our family room – my style has changed and it is definitely in need of an update. Thanks for the giveaway!

  263. karen on bainbridge island

    A bedroom for a 13-year old boy is tricky. What’s masculine enough? What’s grown up enough? You nailed it with this bed. It looks so cozy, yet manly, without being stuffy. It strikes just the right balance between something your son will enjoy and appreciate that satisfies your own design sensibilities and desires for your home. Good job.

  264. Caroline H

    We could use this in MANY ways. Our guest bed is just sitting on a metal frame – our pillows up against the windows/curtains – we could reaalllly use a head board. The bed is also really high, so a chair to sit in to put on and tie our shows (and read) would be great as well. Our guest bedroom is just pieces of random items/furniture various people wanted to be rid of. It doesn’t match – I have a dream space picked out, but will have to over hall the whole room! It would be great to have a space our guests would feel comfortable in and enjoy!

  265. Marty Philpot

    I would SO love to work on our guestroom to make it cozy for our grandchildren, ranging in age from 2 months to 8 years! Melissa, thank you so much for sharing your home decorating adventures….as a true house “junkie” I’ve loved watching you make your house YOURS! :-)

  266. Kala @ My Breezy Room

    I’m still working on making my living room look the way I want it to. Sometimes living in an apartment requires a bit more creativity! :)

  267. Samantha

    Our boys share a room and while we have decorated the toy room, their room the place where they sleep is just two beds a dresser and a chair so it needs tons of pizzaz added. (PS: I love the tray table you used as a side table!!!)

  268. Sally

    I’d make a deck out back, kind of an outdoor kitchen/living room area. We don’t use our backyard very much and really should.

  269. Kate Conway

    I would improve my bedroom! It’s the last room I work on, because it’s hidden from everyone else

  270. Beth

    I would absolutely love to be able to give my 12-year-old son a room upgrade. He still has the same bed since he grew out of a toddler bed (wow, I didn’t really consider this until now). My son doesn’t ask for much, and as a result his room has lacked any real sense of style since we first moved into our house 5 years ago. The saving grace is that we painted the walls a gorgeous medium blue when we first moved in, and I still love the color. But as a 7th grader this year at a new school, he’s embarking on the beginning of his tween/teen years, and I’d love to make his room feel more grown up and yet comfortable. I absolutely love what you did with your son’s room. Thank you for offering the chance to win the gift certificates. I love their website and have purchased items from there before. It would be so exciting to be able to give my son this gift!

  271. Michele D.

    My 16 yr old son’s!! Moved into this house in April and it doesn’t feel like “home” yet. Trying to focus on downstairs and haven’t even hung anything on his walls (except a GA Bulldog fathead from old room). Ha ha. He is half-way thruogh his junior year and didn’t want to move here, so if I could have help on jump-starting his room, that would be great. Want him to feel like we care and want him to enjoy his room before college.

  272. Tania @ Run To Radiance

    I love that light! So cute. I would pick to improve the room that will one day be my craft room/office/library. I have so many ideas! But we are currently remodeling half our house (literally!) so it will have to wait. :(

  273. Teresa Johnson

    My son is ready for a ‘big boy’ room and I absolutely adore this bed! :-)

  274. the cape on the corner

    I am constantly tweaking my living room. love this cozy nook he now has.

  275. Kristie G.

    I have quite a few rooms I would like to update. I would probably start with my bathroom or my living room.

  276. Lauren

    We are working on finishing up some renovations, so a lot of our money has gone to that so far. I would love to use the Overstock gift card for my family room, or chairs for my dining room! We have a lot of empty rooms going from a one bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom single family.

    I love that bed you picked!

  277. Graziela

    I LOVE that bed!!! Glad he likes it :) Anyway, I would use it for my living room, or my bedroom. I’ve been looking for a really great area rug for both room, this would be a big help!

  278. veronica

    My son’s room needs an update. I would start there.

  279. Christine

    My granddaughter’s room! I live with my son and his daughter. She’s 13 and it needs a LOT of help.

  280. Laura

    My husband and I are working on the master bedroom in our house, which we just moved into! We could definitely make some great improvements with Overstock help. :)

  281. Brittney

    My 6yr old son’s room.. He deserves some color in his room..

  282. Molly

    My sons need a bedroom makeover! New beds, rug and accessories are a great start

  283. donelle

    there are so many areas that could us a make over, but our bathroom would be a perfect place to start!

  284. Whitney

    If I won I would use it to finish my daughters nursery. She is 3 months old and we still need a rug and a dresser. The gift card would help a lot! :D

  285. Andrea K.

    This gift card has living room curtains written all over it! I am in desperate need of insulating curtains.

  286. Darla

    I would definitely work on our family room! It needs alot of TLC!!

  287. KandiRae

    Love the coziness of the bed, pillows and the reading light!
    Our guests would appreciate some coziness in our guest room.

  288. Heather

    Oh! I love the bed – it is like a cozy boy nest/cave – our boy would love the softness! Now I’m thinking about how we might build one for him! He’s just hit the 6′ mark at 13 and he’s really wanting a bigger bed! As far as the Overstock gift card – well, the master bedroom can really use some ‘fresh’ accessories! Thanks!

  289. Kristen

    Well, my kitchen needs a lot of updating, so I’d start by replacing the sink and countertops (we don’t have much) and go from there.

  290. Gwen @ Just Look Like It

    Hey Melissa, great job — as usual:) I too need to makeover a son’s room. We did a whole house remodel and basically just plunked the kids into their rooms. The boys’ bedrooms are “on my list.”

  291. Mary

    I would add a cozy seat to our entry room. It is where our fireplace is, our piano and an open space for people to gather or little ones to wrestle. But with fireside season upon me, I am wishing for a cozy chair to pull up to the fire.

  292. Tamara Kaufman

    I would work on our guest room, it seems to have gotten all the left over furniture and accessories and could use a more cohesive look.

  293. tara

    Love that bed! We have focused on the kids room for years, not its time to focus on our own space :)

  294. Chelsia

    Love that bed! My 2 toddler girls share a room that desperately needs some deco love. I just painted the walls-now I have to somehow start filling it in with the cute stuff I don’t have yet.

  295. Carol

    I love this room. I’ve had a similar challenge with my 13 year old boy’s room. His room is very small and I had to fit a bed (obviously), a large scotch chest of drawers, a double Ikea Billy bookcase, a desk and a set of drums. The room has 2 large windows and 2 doors so it doesn’t leave much wall space for the tall things. I’m not sure I have it right yet so seeing your boy’s room is great for ideas. Thanks so much.

  296. Julie

    I am trying to get ideas for my own bedroom makeover and the gift certificate would help greatly!

  297. Shelly

    I have 3 boys who all share a room. They are heading into their teenage years and I would love to create a more grown up space for them or create a hang out space in the basement that would be perfect for them and all their friends!!

  298. Laura

    Our dining room needs some love. We’ve been searching for a new light fixture, so we can lose the 80’s chandelier that’s currently there.

  299. Mary Beth

    Definitely my bedroom…it resembles a frat house bedroom and I would love a sort of retreat for my husband and I.

  300. Brandy E.

    I would probably start on my son’s room as well. He is 13 and still sleeping on a twin bed. He’s almost as tall as me now so it’s time for a bigger bed. :)

  301. katie greenlaw

    I need to make over my boys’ room and my daughter’s room. We moved over a year ago, and they both just have the furniture. No accessories, no style, and paper blinds to boot. AHHH!!

  302. cindy b.

    we are just starting to redo my daughter’s room (just turned 13) and need to update my son’s (just turned 13 also)…so no shortage of stuff we need! can’t wait to see more pics – LOVE the bed you picked!

  303. Jacqueline

    I am turning my smallest spare bedroom into a “cozy nest” for my two great grandsons, when they visit. Something special, just for them. Love the bed!

  304. Kathy M.

    I’m in the process of redecorating my dining room. It has no table or chairs in it at the moment. I saw some chairs on Overstock just yesterday that I think I’ll give a try. Love the bed and glad to hear your happy with the Overstock purchase!

  305. laurie at laurie jones home

    This is perfect for a boys room, it reminds me of a large oversized chair! I love his space! Perfect for his age!!!

  306. Brandyn

    Every room we have could stand a little improvement. If I have to pick just one… it would be the family room. It takes the most wear and tear and could definitely use a fresh update.

  307. Erica

    My 13 and 9 yr old stepsons sleep in our converted attic space, which also acts as a joint play area for them and their 11 yr old sister. They have no privacy from each other so I’d love to remodel the open attic and carve out some space for each of them!

  308. Melissa Marino

    We are hoping to concentrate on making the master bedroom more relaxing. It is in desperate need of “new” since his dresser is from a great grandparent, mine is a vintage piece, and our bed is a whole different story. Love the room that you created! The bed is perfect and I would love to have a bed like that some day. :)

  309. Susan

    Oh I need some things for our new Map Room! It’s really the guest room but since maps will steer the decor, that’s what we’re calling it. :)

  310. Dana

    The cozy headboard looks great! I’d love to update my 10 year old daughter’s room. The walls are still painted with a mural done by the previous owner that is better suited to an infant than a tween.

  311. Chelsea

    My kitchen is in desperate need of a storage solution. Thanks!

  312. Ashley C

    I’d like to improve our master bedroom!


  313. Meghan Mcintyre

    I have a separate studio separate from the main house and it really needs some decorating TLC. We’ve done a lot of improvements so far, it just needs to be gussied up.

  314. Carrie Lang

    For the past 5 years, my family and I seem to be living in a state of perpetual renovation… so if I could makeover any room in my house I would focus on my master bedroom. It would be heavenly if my bedroom could become a sanctuary from the construction madness…or atleast a nice hideout!

  315. cindy

    I would put it towards a new sofa.

  316. Tyra

    My girls have always shared a room and will be getting their own soon… this bed would be perfect in our older girls room as she is doing a vintage theme… with lace and we LOVE this bed! Hoping to win! Thanks!

  317. Andrea

    I’d update my own big-boy’s room as well — he’s 12, also patient, but with a great big empty wall and nowhere to hang anything right now! Many thanks!

  318. Sharon McGuire

    I would definitely use a gift card in my son’s room. He 18 and on the autistic spectrum. He really wants a full sized bed and I would just love to oblige him because he never ever asks for anything.

  319. Zolane

    Great job on your son’s bedroom redo! The corduroy headboard is wonderful.

    My redo would definitely be my bedroom. I’d love for it to be updated and cozy and just more my style.

  320. Gina F

    We are working on so many rooms right now. Mostly we need to get the baby’s nursery done before he arrives. Thanks so much!

  321. Pam

    I just love the bed! It so works for your room. What I need to do is find a new headboard for my mastered room so that is what I’d use the gift card on.

  322. Lisa

    He is so lucky to have a mom like you with such a great eye for decorating. If I were to win, I could really use some help redoing my craft room…So yeah, that is what I would put it towards.

  323. Melissa

    Love the new room!

    My guest bedroom needs major help!

  324. Kristin

    Definitely would have to be my boys room!

  325. Mandy

    Love the corduroy headboard…perfect!

    Our master bedroom is in desperate need of a renovation. When we moved in 17 years ago, the bedroom had floral wallpaper on the upper half of the wall and a chair rail! I had never seen a chair rail in a bedroom so I promptly removed it. And that is the way it has stayed for 17 years–no chair rail and the top halves of the walls papered! We have redone the entire first floor including a major kitchen renovation, finished the basement, made necessary updates to the boys’ rooms (there are three!) and their bathroom as well as major projects…new heating/ac unit, new roof, new driveway, new portico over the front door, replaced a deck, so it’s not like we haven’t been busy…just haven’t made it back to the master bedroom…yet!

  326. Pam

    My 30 year old master bathroom seriously needs a redo!!!

  327. Elly

    Many wants for room makeovers but our Bedroom would be the dream makeover!

  328. Kate

    Love this makeover! Perfect blend of cozy and sophistication that will grow with him as he gets older. Oh boy how much would I love to makeover our bedroom. We have been married a year and are in desperate need of a new bed. Ours right now is a hand me down and it is on casters! So every morning we have to give it a big ol push back where it belongs. Plus, it’s just ugly. Would love to make our place a romantic, peaceful sanctuary!

  329. Teresa

    The room I would love to improve is my two boys’ room! Just painted it, now I’d love to accessorize a bit more. ;)

  330. Erika W.

    I could improve my master bedroom. After months of having books piled on the floor, we finally have bookshelves…but we don’t have any decorative objects to place on there so my room is feeling more like a library… Definitely needing some cool things or some art to spice up the shelving!

  331. Theresa B.

    Beautiful! I would choose our master bedroom to cozify!

  332. Annette

    I’d love to decorate my living room, since that’s the entry to my house.

  333. Jennifer

    Oh my word, I looked at this exact bed the other day! I’m looking for a new bed for my son too. This would be perfect! I love being able to see better pictures of it to get a better idea of what it would like in our home.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      YAY! Yes, it is beautiful in real life. It is so hard to know sometimes!!

  334. Holly S

    I am currently working on updating my daughter’s room from little girl to tween room. She requested a more grown up room instead of “baby”. Ugh-tug at my heart! Anyway, so many sweet memories coming down, and I am trying to find nice looking age appropriate things to go back up. So if I won, this is what I would be doing. If I don’t win, this is what I will be doing-ha! :)

  335. Sara

    I would work on our master bedroom. All of the kids’ rooms have been done. Their bath has been done as well. But my beloved and I go to sleep in a room that needs some serious attention. (It doubles as his office as he works from home when he’s not on the road.) I’m not sure where I’d start, but I’d probably get rid of the hand-me-down bedding and buy something that really fits our bed.

  336. Kara Kieran

    Our bedroom!

  337. Jean Malloy

    I would love to brighten up our den/tv space with a cozy area rug or a colorful accent chair.

  338. Sandy

    My office. It really needs a redo!!

  339. Jessica

    Love the look and vibe of that headboard!

    Our master bedroom or the guest bedroom could both use some love!

  340. Megan

    My 13 yr old son’s room too! He’s just getting his own room. Unfortunately, that room has original 60’s acrylic carpet dubbed “gold camo color” and paneled walls. It needs a whole lotta love and we have no budget for it. Still, a fresh coat of paint will do wonders. Thanks for a fun giveaway! This would be so exciting to win! Thanks!

  341. Rachel

    I am actually working on my son’s bedroom right now and a new bed would be perfect! Thanks for the inspiring bedroom!

  342. Melanie

    Wow, it looks fantastic! I am in the middle of re-doing my 8 year old sons room at the moment, however we are going with the Return of The Jedi look, its very chic :) If I won, I would get a new chair for my formal living room that is not so formal as it only has one piece of furniture it in at the moment! ha!

  343. Dana

    I would work on my 14 yr old son’s room. It needs help!

  344. delores wieding

    I would update my powder room and master bath or laundry/mudd room.

  345. Alice Browder

    I would love to replace the hand me down bed in my guest room. That is an awesome padded head board!

  346. Shannon

    I have three little boys sharing a room and would love to update it!

  347. erin marie

    I would use it on the master bedroom. it’s the one room that has been overlooked the longest. I’d love something pretty and calm to go to at the end of the day. :)

  348. Courtney

    I, too, would do my son’s room.

  349. Leanne Hunter

    Living room needs a makeover :)

  350. Jen

    I just moved to San Francisco and am so lucky to have found the perfect apartment BUT the floors in the bedroom are in desperate need of renovating. I would use the giftcard towards the purchase of an area rug to hide the scary linoleum until I can convince the landlords to let me redo the flooring.

  351. elise falk

    I would love to make some updates in the master bedroom. It has definitely been the last on the priority list and it shows.

  352. Kim

    What room couldn’t I improve?! But you have inspired me to imrpove my 16 year olds room. It looks a lot like your son’s. I can’t wait for more reveals on this room!

  353. Simone

    Oh my! Decisions, decisions. I think I would makeover our master bedroom. We’ve shared our room with babies for so long that now that we’re moving the last baby out, I would love to create a love-nest that’s adult and cozy for the man and me.

  354. Jeana Ball

    I have 2.5 bathrooms that could each use a little help, but I’m thinking sink for boys’ bathroom. :-)

  355. Regina

    I am in the process of updating our master bedroom so I would definitely use the gift card for that!

  356. Natasha

    I would definitely improve my master bedroom because it is really boring and needs some help! :)

  357. Lelia Logan

    I would make over our guest room. It is time for a new look.

  358. Christina

    My grandchildren share a room when they visit. I really would like to make it a place they enjoy.

  359. AmyE

    Our master bedroom … always the lowest on the priority list.

  360. Lisa P

    Definitely our master bedroom….haven’t done a thing since we moved in 6 years ago

  361. Erin

    my kids are going to share a room soon, so i would work on that!

  362. Julie b

    My kitchen could use some sprucing!

  363. Andrea

    I love that bed! So masculine, great choice! I’ve been working on my oldest son’s room as well and would love to improve our master bedroom.

  364. Kathryn

    I love that headboard/bedframe so much! It’s hard to find something cool like that that is still ‘boy’.
    I would use the money to do a little something to our master bedroom. It’s the last room that needs a little freshen.

  365. Stacey Monaco

    My office, yes that’s the ticket! My office!

  366. Heather

    My youngest son’s bedroom. He’s gotten the hand me down furniture and inexpensive stuff. Poor third kid! ;)

  367. Lisa

    I would definitely use the money towards the master bedroom, which is always last on our list:)

  368. Lisa

    I would definitely use the money towards the master bedroom, which needs a makeover badly.

  369. jenn m

    I would love a bed like that for my own room. Love the headboard!

  370. VCK

    My daughter’s bedroom. She just turned 15 and has always had a hand-me-down room. I would love to get her a room of her own design and choices

  371. Jenn

    The bed looks very cozy! If I am the lucky winner I would spruce up my dining room for the holidays.

  372. Jill

    We have a playroom that needs to grow up. I would love to buy a sectional for it.

  373. Kimberly Kihega

    I could improve our living room!

  374. Laura C.

    I would use it for my new baby’s nursery!

  375. Donelda Lea

    Nothing new here…definitely the master bedroom. Finally got it painted a color that I like, now for the rest. I like your style. :D

  376. Sharon

    Perfect placement of the bed. Our son’s room is small as well and we placed his new full-size bed as you did . He loves it! I would love to re-do our study. Right now it is our catch-all room and has no pictures on the walls . I would love to have some low bookcases in there and cozy accessories.

  377. Jennifer G.

    I would love to redo our sons room :) We are living in base housing and haven’t had a chance to buy him the things we would really like since his room is literally the size of a bog walk in closet in the states (we are in Guam).

  378. Mandi

    I would use it to move my daughter into a room of her own and my three boys into a shared room. It is time for our family to make this change and we need to make it fun to spare the feelings of the my son and daughter who love sharing a room!

  379. Nicole Y

    My guesthouse/play room/converted garage storage room needs a complete overhaul. I have been dreaming of a sleeper sectional, shelving and storage units, etc since we moved into our home. I am sure I could find many super ideas for making this catch-all room something special.

  380. Regina S.

    I would use the money to redo my 16-year-old son’s room. Like yours, it is very small, and I would like to update it and make it as comfortable as possible while he is still home.

  381. Katie

    I would revamp our living room with a new rug. We’ve got scrap carpet in there now that’s ivory & with 3kids & living in the country, that’s not working out well. Thanks!

  382. Jennifer D

    I am trying to redo my daughter’so room for Christmas. She wants a “big girl” room. I also desperately need to redo our playroom/catch all room.

  383. Suellen Johnson

    I am redoing my kitchen and I need curtains. With this gift card I could buy some really cute valances at Overstock! I’ve looked and they have really cute ones!

  384. Leah: )

    I’d love to put a futon in our office, which doubles as a guest room…an air mattress is,well, just a little less welcoming!!
    Thanks!: )

  385. Nicole

    I think all my rooms need to be updated after looking at the beautiful rooms in your house!

  386. Heather

    The room I would redo is my whole apartment–I live in a tiny Seattle studio that could use a little makeover love!

  387. Sharon

    I would love to be able to re-do my sewing/craft room. Right now I’m working on my ironing board and a card table, it would be great to have room to spread out on one large surface and not have to constantly shuffle my work around.

    Love the winged back bed!

  388. Cheryl

    Hmmmm, that’s an easy answer — the dining room. At 10 feet by 10 feet, it’s snug and needs a hanging light fixture over the table that really adds a pop to the space!

  389. Bonnie Walker

    my husband I just moved into his parents home; it’s been vacant for more than 3 years and we are slowly improving the home, room by room. I would spend the money to make my kitchen more cohesive with the living room by using every single penny on artwork, pillows, and tableware.

  390. Alissa A

    I need to improve the living room!

  391. Vanessa

    I would update either our living room or master bedroom. I have worked on other rooms which leaves these rooms looking much more drab!

  392. Meg Blevins

    I would improve the area where we gather in the evenings, since we spend the most time together there!

  393. Abigail

    I would work on my master bedroom. It’s the dumping ground for all the things we don’t know what to do with. I’d love a crazy retreat

  394. anne bradley

    i would just love to update my bedding

  395. Laurel Libby

    Too many options! A new rug for the living room or den, storage baskets for the kids room, or curtains for the living room. Hmm, seems like it would probably have to be something for the living room!

  396. Stephanie Weeks

    I would follow your lead and decorate my (almost) 11-yr-old son’s room. We actually just painted it but have no decoration/accent pieces/wall decor AT ALL! :/ Would love to make his “nest”comfy, fun, and inspiring for him! Thanks!

  397. Hillary M

    The living room! We’re ripping up the ugly carpet and need a nice pretty rug!

  398. Tara Willoughby

    Where to start…? Living room needs new cushions for the sofa, kitchen needs new china & cutlery, 3 boys…needs new towels and always new bedding
    $100.00 at would go a long way in my bashed and battered home with boys.

  399. Carmen

    I would improve our living room – it’s so blah.

  400. Melissa

    I am working on our master bedroom – I would love a little help!!

  401. Stephanie Weeks

    I would follow your lead and work on my soon-to-be 11 year old son’s room. We have just painted it but haven’t chosen any decor at all :/ He’s such an awesome kid and I would love to make his “nest” a comfy, fun, inspiring place for him to be! :) Thanks!

  402. Corinna Bennett

    I love your son’s new room! Nice work. If I win I would revamp our family room. It definitely needs some color.

  403. meredith

    We need pretty new sheets. I’d like to buy some, as well as a new mattress cover.

  404. Tammy

    I would use the gift card towards an area rug for my kitchen!

  405. Karen Squizzero

    I love overstock!! I am currently working on my bedroom.

  406. Melanie

    My husband and I have been away from our home for the past two years and in that time two different families have lived in it. We are returning soon to that home and just about every room needs a makeover. I’ve decided to start the process with our family room. Thank you for a chance!

  407. Rita Joy

    I LOVE that bed, and love the beautiful ideas. I’m working on my son’s room right now, too! After I’m finished there, our Living Room could use a little spiffing up…

  408. Peggy

    Love it! I have never seen a bed like that — looks masculine and comfy!

  409. Kristin

    I would love to work on both my room and my daughters.

  410. Amanda

    I love the bedroom! If I won, I would love to re-do our family room!

  411. Joan

    My living room is in need of a makeover!

  412. jodi huntt

    What a great bed! Working on our 17 yr. old son’s bedroom. Mattresses and no bed frame…yet. This one is inspiring.

  413. caroline [the diy nurse]

    I love love love that corduroy!! It’s so masculine but sophisticated- especially matched with the orange!

  414. samsmom

    My son’s room would be a great place to start (finish). We began by painting this summer, though it’s still a work in progress: busted plantation shutters, 2 shades of trim (white & cream), a massive bunk bed frame, and loads of “stuff”. Trying to work out the placement of a new bed as well; 3 walls are broken up: door, window, closet; which leaves one full wall to work with. Thanks for the sneak peek :)

  415. Lauren

    Your son’s room looks great! I really want to work on a guest bedroom next!

  416. Kelley

    My littlest guys room. It’s a blank canvas!

  417. Staci Torgerson

    We moved into a new, older home in the summer and I’ve been desperate for a new couch and family oom makeover. I’ve had mine sine college, dare I say 1996?, it’s an excellent quality sofa but we are in need of a new one. So I’d definitely put money towards my family room

  418. Pamela

    Our youngest daughter has moved out and we now have a bedroom to make over as a guest room! It’s a bit of a challenge as we live in an old (1909) house and can’t get large furniture up our stairs – but it’s a lovely room with windows facing north and east.

  419. Pati

    I’d like to makeover our guest room, it’s just filled with odd and ends right now. I love what you did with yours.

  420. Denysia Yu

    I would love to redecorate my office area in my house! :)

  421. Antoinette Murray

    Hey Melissa! :) I would use the gift card on our neglected bedroom room!!! It’s the room that I collapse in every night and rarely put decorating thought into! :)

  422. Ananasa

    Absolutely amazing pictures! What a gorgeous finish! Thanks for sharing this lovely post! Home For Handmade

  423. Heidi

    We are working on our master bedroom and really need a new bed. We sold our bedroom set because it was too large for the room, so we now don’t have a headboard at all. I would love some type of upholstered headboard or even a whole upholstered bed like you did in your son’s room.

  424. Kelly

    Our master bedroom. It needs a lot of help to make it a place I love to be in.

  425. Martha

    We need to work on one of our spare bedrooms. Thanks for the giveaway!

  426. Laura Erickson

    I would improve my master bedroom space!

  427. Bonnie Martin

    Would love to work on our “spare” bedroom….also small and want it to be as cozy as this one!!

  428. Molly

    my girls room!

  429. Melanie

    I am on a journey to improve every room in the house. But I would start with my master bathroom. I have stripped the 1980s waverly wallpaper. That’s as far as I’ve gotten in the past 6 months. It’s a lovely (not) shade of pepto-bismol pink under the wallpaper, so I need to paint. And replace everything from tile to toilet to the tub. A gift card would be wonderful to help out!

  430. mary eguia

    my bedroom

  431. Michele DG

    I love the room makeover. Since I’ve had a son, I love the color orange too for some reason. Love the headboard too. I’d like to know where you got the silver tiered nightstand? Love that too haha. I’ve got two boys rooms to finish…works in progress. Thank you.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks! We got that at World Market. They had a coupon sale for it, so I snagged one for his room!

  432. Michelle L

    We are in the process of remodelling our great room. This gift card would be great to help us add some accents to the room. Thanks!

  433. colleen

    My basement is crying for a makeover so the kids have somewhere to go with their friends during parties and sleep overs…..Would love help from Overstock which essentially saw me thru my renovation of every other room in the house!

  434. Roberta

    Love that bed very much! We are in the midst of changing things up in my teen sons room as well, led by his creative inspiration. Any room in our home could use little lift. Thank you for the giveaway.

  435. Sandi

    Oh girl, that headboard!

    What used to be the ‘play room’. Um…that room could go for some improving. :)

  436. Holly

    This is great! My son’s room is small, so this is good advice. He’s only 6, so vie got time. What needs work now is he and his brother’s toy room…

  437. Megan Thomas

    I’m a newly wed and our guest bedroom has my husband’s old twin bed. It could use a bit of a facelift!

  438. Frances @ Improvement List

    I am already looking at slipcovers for our couch. The dog took a nap on them one too many times, and I can’t get the dirt out anymore. I am thinking if I switch to slipcovers for the couch at least I can put those in the wash more frequently. I did eye some over on Overstock a few days ago that I am considering.

  439. Deanna H

    Love this and I completely understand putting it off for so long. I am finally in the process of re doing my 2 younger girls room in which unfortunately at ages 11 and 13 they still have to share and it is tiny! They have had bunk beds for years and they have outgrown them (they were on the smaller side). I’m only at the stage where I separated the beds and of course one broke so ordering new beds and it is so hard fitting 2 beds a desk and a dresser into such a tiny room! I will be taking pictures of my progress and blogging it too…I hope it works because there is no other solution in our 3+ bedroom house of 4 kids! This is not our forever home either but we are pretty much stuck for a while so may as we’ll make it comfy and functional! You did a great job! ;)

  440. Kendra

    I’d love to spruce up the downstairs bathroom! There’s 1980’s wallpaper, enough said.

  441. Virginia

    Love love love that new bed!!

    Our family room needs some good attention : )

  442. Patti Lapinsky

    I’m in the planning stages of redoing our master bedroom.

  443. Amy B

    I’d spruce our family room with an ottoman!

  444. Tiffany M.

    My kids’ room….it is small too and I am always looking at ideas. Thank you for your post :) and for the chance to win!

  445. theresasea

    My master bedroom needs some serious work! Our bedframe is broken, the room needs carpeting, paint, curtains…a whole new look. :)

  446. Jennie S

    My living room is in serious need!

  447. Lauren McF

    Our laundry room could use some love!
    Thanks for the chance to spruce it up!

  448. Paula p

    I luv luv. Your blog!! You have so many great ideas and it gets me so inspired. I also have a teenage son , who would luv this room.

  449. Nan

    We’re currently working on the family room, which is open to the kitchen. We remodeled the kitchen last winter & love it, but we seem “stuck” on the family room. It just isn’t coming together easily, which is unusual for us. Any help would be great!

  450. Loretta

    That bed is a masterpiece!!

  451. Lisa

    I love the bed! What a cozy nook.
    I would use it to fix up my master bedroom! It is the one place in my house where I have not done anything. :)

  452. Leigh

    My son turned 13 on Thursday. He is our youngest of 4. He is also sleeping in bunk beds and has requested a full size bed. Our oldest 2 are in college; our 3rd is a Soph in HS. I feel like he has always had hand-me-downs from his older 2 brothers and want to make this room his very own. Would love a giftcard to get things started. :)

  453. Marilyn

    I love that headboard! It looks super cozy. I would like to put a bed into our tiny home library so it could also be used as a guest room more easily. (It currently has only a loft bed.) Thanks for the giveaway!

  454. Kelley Cheney

    I love what you have done! I have been working on my son’s room as well. I like your advice about finding things that are special to him that he already has to decorate with instead of buying something. That was what I needed to hear to finish up my decorating project. I would use the gift certificate to help finish up a craft room that I finally have now that some of my children have left home.

  455. Sharon Lynn

    The bed looks so comfy and I love the reading light over the headboard :-).
    I would like to make some updates in our master bath – maybe a piece of furniture to hold linens.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity :-)!
    God Bless You :-)

  456. Eileen

    Unlike you, my son has left the nest and little by little taking his stuff to his new place (he has moved out of town). So I would love to redo his room to be my own (like you have done with your daughter’s room). It still needs to be a bedroom for when he comes home and it needs to be a double bed since he no longer comes home alone….. The walls need a paint job since there was a little damage done after the posters and the bulletin board came down. I’m up for anything!

  457. Vanessa

    It’s time for a master bedroom makeover!

  458. Corey Coleman

    I heart this bed…what a great idea for s kiddo bed. I think I would use an overstock card for some new cool furniture for a craft room we are wanting to build. Or our playroom, or some new kitchen pan, or…oh my, the list goes on!!

  459. Cindi

    “Happy Fall!” Our family room needs major work and updating…
    Whether it is new flooring, furniture, or decor, it definitely needs
    updating. New Roman Shades in a lovely pattern would definitely be
    a step in the right direction!!!!!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  460. Moriah Ortega

    I’d love to do a bedroom makeover as well as continue making progress in the office.

  461. Trish

    A shorter question is what room couldn’t I improve!! My focus right now is the living room :) Perhaps new curtains and pillows… a new rug…

  462. Jimi Ann Vane

    Our living room needs help! We haven’t been
    able to furnish it and only have a all sofa in it.
    (We have a family of six so we don’t use that
    room much!). I love your son’s bed! I’m thinking
    of a bed like that in my room. It looks very

  463. monica

    We have recently added on a bedroom,but lack the money for the furnishings!
    monk5 at charter dot net

  464. Mahdi M

    If I won I would love to improve my bathroom. I am so sick of the shower curtain in particular!

  465. Reese

    I live in a very tiny apartment in NYC! This whole room which is everything to me needs a complete makeover!

  466. Diane Westbrook

    The bedroom is lovely! Just perfect for your young man…I envy your talent, Melissa…I have such a difficult time honing in on the perfect thing for a room..just want it all, I guess. I am now in a basement apartment and my bedroom floors are getting cold. I would love the gift card and would use it for rugs!
    Thanks again for the giveaway and for sharing all your rooms.

  467. Francine Brooks

    I love the headboard! Since I don’t have a headboard in our bedroom, I would love to add one just like it.
    You are doing a fabulous job with the bedroom!

  468. Colleen

    I would definitely look at additional seating or lighting options for our living room. :)

  469. midwestgirly

    Cool bed! I have lights in my overstock shopping cart right now for our kitchen remodel.

  470. Erica W.

    I need the bedroom makeover, done my kids, now it’s my turn

  471. Fonda K

    Family room.

  472. Merri Jo

    I would love to update our basement playroom!

  473. Sheena

    I would love to make over my family room.

  474. Kristen L.

    We are getting ready to move our two girls into the same room and need lots of items to complete the transition!

  475. Sharon Duke

    I have an empty, guest/multi-purpose room that I need to get started on!

  476. Shannon Kingston

    I have been wanting to redo my master bedroom. It’s always put on the back burner. This would be a great start!!

  477. natalie g

    I would love to makeover my bedroom. My husband and I have never in 25 years of marriage, bought new bedroom furniture. We use my grandma’s old set.

  478. Jennifer

    I could use the gift card to help me update my living room. That is next on my radar!

  479. Karen Johnson

    Tiny upstairs attic bedroom with awkward chimney running thru it

  480. Jeanna

    I would use it for the guest room, that room is functional but not pretty at all. It needs a headboard, a real mattress VS. the futon in there now, shades for lamps, bedding that matches would be a bonus, like I said functional– not pretty. I love your sons room, my son is 15 and comfy is key as they live in their space.

  481. Meredith

    We have just moved to a new city and a new home and my 6 year old daughter wants a big girl room. I really think it would do wonders to help her adjust to such a drastic change! But with all of the costs of moving and preparing for the holidays, the updates I’d like to give her will have to wait a few months. The gift card would certainly help!!

  482. karen

    i love the room makeover so comfy. where did you purchase his rug from thanks

  483. Milli

    This is so timely – I’d love to use it for my 13-year old son. He recently started asking for an update to his room. He gave his younger brother all his stuffed animals (I almost cried!) and removed the toys he wants to keep into bins (for garage storage); while he wants to keep them he doesn’t want them to clutter his room. I created an inspiration board that I shared with him – it wasn’t easy for me to think like a teenage boy – and he liked everything, except that I’d intended to keep his old twin bed. I may go for the full size now, seeing your son’s room. You’re right – time goes by so quickly, he should have a room that provides him with good memories of growing up in it…not remembering Mom’s choice of an ol’ twin bed…

  484. Jen

    I would improve the master bedroom….always the last to be “done”

  485. Theresa

    I have a very small bedroom as well. My husband and I really wanted to keep our king size bed from our previous home. Naturally, the room tends to be “all bed” along with my Mission style dresser and in our “open” closet sits my husband’s chest of drawers. I would love to sell the dressers and do wonders with the closet space!!

  486. Beth

    I’d redo our dining room!

  487. Michelle

    Definitely my Family Room, its a work in progress since we just moved in two months ago!

  488. Sarah Pope

    My daughters bedroom!!

  489. kerri

    my bedroom!!!

  490. Colleen Nichols

    You’ve inspired me to start on my almost 13 year olds room. We’ve been in this house over 5 years and his room needs to grow into the boy he is now.

  491. jk

    I’d redo my boys’ room. The room really needs a make over. Mine are growing out of their room, too.

  492. Erin

    My sons room!

  493. Melanie A.

    my daughters’ room! Ugly hand-me-down furniture…

  494. Mart Frederick

    My library could definitely use a makeover!!!!!

  495. Elizabeth G.

    I would like to give my living room a makeover.

  496. Millie M.

    I’d love to make changes to our Family room. Its an oblong room, and there’s not great storage in this house. Its the room we all hang out in every night, just wanna make it more comfy/homey, esp when we have guests.

  497. Gail

    Living room. Very much need a new lamp!

  498. Lora W.

    My bedroom needs a makeover. I would love new bedding and curtains.

  499. Em

    I would choose our master bedroom! It’s been without a headboard or really any improvement besides curtains for 4+ years.

    In other news, I would LOVE to know where that beautiful rug is from!

  500. casey w.

    I’d make over my daughter’s room. She’s been asking to paint her room and this would get me motivated.

  501. Rona B

    I would use it to update the bathrooms.

  502. Meghan

    I would update my very neglected master bedroom if I won.

  503. Donnamae

    I would use it to update our master bedroom! Thanks for the opportunity! Your sons’ bed is terrific! ;)

  504. Cindy

    I would use it to update the room that we use as office/sewing room/foosball table room.

  505. Christy

    “Actually, the more I am working on my house, the more I am feeling at home here. I feel like our house is coming together as our home and we could live in it for a long time. Even though this new house was not necessarily intended to be our forever home and certainly not our dream house (and many times have felt like I just wanted to go back home to Portland where we are from) it’s funny how if you keep working away at making a house comfortable for your family, you can grow to love where you live.”

    OH.MY.GOODNESS! That’s it exactly! That’s what I’m feeling too…after almost 8 years in this house that was supposed to be temporary. Thank you. I love your boy’s room. Funny, my son’s name is Luke too, and he desperately needs a room makeover.

  506. Janelle

    We just moved into a new home that has a formal living and dining room, both of which we had neither in our previous home. I would love to start with a new light fixture for the dining room so I can host gatherings!

  507. Debra C

    I would use it to update my bedroom.

  508. Stefanie Gladden

    I would love to redo my bedroom, it’s been the same for over 10 years! i need a change!

  509. Shawna

    I would use the gift cards toward improving my both of my sons rooms. Right now, I’m not happy with their rooms because it’s pretty plain looking and I’d like to personalize their rooms and give their rooms more character! Thank you for the chance!

  510. Kathy

    We are in the process of redoing our guestroom. At this point, the room totally lacks a feeling of comfort. I love the headboard and the reading light above it. It pulls the whole room together!

  511. Emily

    My own bedroom could use some updating….new bed and art would help complete it!

  512. Carole Henderson

    I would update our master bedroom…It will be the last room in our house that hasn’t been updated. The drop in ceilings need to be removed to help restore it to the former glory!

  513. CynthiaJo

    I would update something… anything! After 10 years in this house I need to get at least one room as finished as possible. :)

  514. Brittagne

    Our newest project will be so much fun – turning our office into a nursery for our first little family addition next year! :)

  515. Deanne

    I would update my daughters bedroom. It’s been a work in progress for the last 3 years. Like you, I know I only have a few years left with her in our house and she’s our only child (our miracle baby!). I want her room to be a refuge, a sanctuary – a place that shows her personality yet is warm & inviting for her friends.

  516. Nayana

    My son is almost 4 and we are think about getting him big bed and update the room.

  517. Missy Robinson

    My fourteen year-old-daughter is at the place where she is asking for a room update. She’s done with anything little girlish (thankful she held onto it this long!). I would start with curtains and paint!

  518. Kim G

    Our master bathroom- since no guests ever use it, it has made it the seven years we’ve lived in our home without being renovated.

  519. Patty L

    My bedroom…it’s just not very polished looking.

  520. Suzie

    I would improve our guest room. It’s in need of a little more style, for sure!

  521. Michelle Wright

    I would improve my bedroom.

  522. Rebecca

    I have a guest room with an old twin mattress in it and some unmatching side tables and bookshelf that could use some serious help!

  523. sangeetha

    i am working on my little guys room, so would use for that

  524. Cindy Osborn

    I would love to make over my bedroom. It is completely void of character and coziness. I have mismatched EVERYTHING, down to the linens. (and it’s not in a good way)

  525. Lori McCurdy

    We are building a larger home to accomodate for the growing needs of our family of 6. I would use it for my house in general as I will need to add to quite a bit.

  526. Lynelle

    I would work on our living room. Our daughter just threw up on our area rug which was the straw that broke the camels back… it had to go. Now we are rugless and that’s not how I envisioned our cozy winter nights!

  527. laurie

    I would work on my youngest daughter’s room. Her room needs to be updated

  528. Kristen

    I would make over my youngest son’s room. We’re gradually transitioning from nursery to little boy’s room. I have the furniture, but need rugs, window coverings, linens etc etc! And a light! I need a great light! Overstock could certainly help jump-start this project!

  529. vickyl

    I would get something for my 9 year old twin’s bedroom.

  530. Hedy King

    I would get a new mattress for our antique twin bed in the guest room. My husband slept in it as a child.

  531. Nedra

    I would finish my 17 year old’s bedroom. His closet needs a makeover.

  532. Tina Day

    I would use the 100.00 to do my two boys room. They share a room and ask at least a million times a week can you please decorate our room. We moved into our house 8 years ago and we are still trying to make our house a HOME.

  533. Erika

    I would update my sons room as well. He is starting into those teenage years.

  534. maggie

    My second guest bedroom needs a makeover in the worst way! It’s tiny with a horrible shape. I think it would work a lot better as an office/sewing room!

  535. Autumn

    Love the big bed! I would update a kid’s room as well. Seems their rooms are always put last when we do something for the house. My daughter and middle son decided to switch rooms the other day to do their own makeover of sorts, (still working on it) and I noticed my daughter still had the original “temporary” carpet remnant with purple duck tape binding as her main rug in her room under her little table and chair set. That was almost 6 years ago exactly! I would buy her a new rug…..

  536. Jessica w

    Our office needs some serious TLC

  537. Ginger

    I am working on redoing my to be 9 yr old daughters room. so this would be so helpful. overstock has such great furniture

  538. Mary Najdzion

    I would have to say that the room that needs the most help is mine. I have been looking for a headboard for a while and pinning some inspirations on Pinterest. I would love to paint and get curtains and new bedding!

  539. deb

    Coincidentally enough, my son’s room! We recently moved to a new home, and my almost-eleven-year-old wants to design a red (!) room.

  540. Carmen Goddard

    I would have to say my room! Seems like it is the last one to get any TLC – my room is so out dated it would be great to get a new head board. Thank you

  541. Kathy

    We are in the process of redoing our son’s room. He would love a headboard for his bed.

  542. Jane

    We have begun discussions on how to renovate the guest nathroom in our 114 year old home.

  543. Cindy

    Sons room as well. But his room is 10×10 so it is tricky.

  544. Hilary

    We already did the kids rooms so now we are working on a room for US! A lovely master retreat is hopefully in our future.

  545. Linda

    Such a great bed for a boy becoming a young man! I love this bed and would love something similar in our guest room that we are in the planning stages to redo! I can’t wait to see my pictures of his room.

  546. Doreen

    Love that headboard! Good choice. We are building bedrooms for our twin teenagers in our previously unused attic space. We are doing it all ourselves and it is taking FOREVER. Oh well, hopefully we will have it done before they leave for college. We will be getting flooring in during Christmas break and then they can start to move in. Then we can start working on the “coziness factor” up there too. Again, great job on the room.

  547. Debbi

    My three kids have been sharing a room for several years and it’s past time to split them up! I would love to be able to get them each something new for their very own rooms as we are now getting ready to move all of them (along with all the current furniture!) into their own space.

  548. Laura Smith

    The bed is beautiful! Looks perfect in there! We have been working on our new home for about a year now. I’d love to get a new larger dresser to complete my teen daughter’s room. Her childhood one is just too small for her now nearly adult-size clothes!

  549. Erin P

    I love it! Great choices! Coincidentally, I would use the $ to redo my son’s room as well. He’s just rounded the corner in a hurry from crib to needing a big boy bed & corresponding updates! Thanks for the opportunity & happy holidays!

  550. Wendy Johns

    My sons share a bedroom. They are ages 9 and 3, so it has been a little tricky making their room work for both of them because of the age difference. I am in the process right now of coming up with some updates to their room and this opportunity would be a blessing. I am new to your site. I love your posts! And where is the chevron quilt from that is on your son’s bed? It’s a great color! Thanks again!

  551. Shelagh

    Hi Melissa!
    I love your son’s cozy new room. The colors and textures are perfect for creating such a welcome space for him! I have really enjoyed reading your blog and you have certainly written some things that resonate with me…especially in this post! Your statement, “it’s funny how if you keep working away at making a house comfortable for your family, you can grow to love where you live” is perfect for me right now…
    We live in a small home in Ohio (@ 1600 sq ft) with three bedrooms; the challenge in this space is the “we!” We are a family of 6, and we have 4 precious kiddos under 6. Needless to say, daily life (playtime/homeschooling/making meals/bedtime routine) is often very challenging! For years, I have dreamt of the perfect home, (you know the one you would build just the way you want it, on lots of land?) and allowed myself to feel so dissatisfied/unhappy with our home. It didn’t help when family would visit and my older brother would nag, “When are you guys going to move? Aren’t you cramped?” I just hated these comments because it was just their way of reflecting back that they would never live like this, despite how welcoming our home always is to family & friends.
    Well I happened upon your blog last Spring when I did a search for “front door color”…I was looking to paint our front door & found so much more! Your thoughts, pictures, and projects have definitely inspired me to take a different look at our space. We have made several changes to our home that have improved functionality (we dared to take out the coat closet near the front door for a “nook” that’s just right!) as well as the overall coziness and “feel” (throw pillows/ wall galleries)…
    These changes have not added square footage to our house, but they have added the encouragement I needed to confirm this house is just right for us, right here, right now, four kids and all! You have inspired and guided me to make these changes to our home, thank you, Melissa!!!
    Currently, we are at a crossroads where we are feeling God is calling us to adoption, and I am excited for this upcoming year. The kids are excited with us, but their little minds have already thought about, “where would this little one go?”…my hope is to transform our upstairs nursery that is probably even smaller than Luke’s room :), to a master room for us and change the master to a bigger kids room if we adopt.
    Thank you for all the encouragement you have provided this little home in Ohio! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  552. Amy

    So many of our rooms are a mishmash of everything from family heirlooms to Walmart glorified cardboard that it’s hard to chose! Since all the kids are out of the house, I think I’d concentrate on making the master bedroom as comfy and inviting as possible.

  553. Courtney

    I really like the cluster of framed pictures and the reading light above the bed.
    If I won a $100 gift card to I would probably spend it on my 12 year old boy.
    He needs a new comforter, as the old one has stuffing that has bunched up, making it lumpy in spots and sparse in others. He also doesn’t seem to play with his action figures or Legos anymore, but would like to display his most notable ones. So, I would look for some sort of shelving system, maybe. I would also look for a reading light, as he likes to read before going to sleep. It is nice to just lay a book aside and switch the light off, instead of having to get up to turn the overhead off.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  554. Kelly Kunzman

    I would work on a bedroom for my 12yr old son. We had a house fire on Mother’s Day 2013 at 5a.m. we ran out of the house in our pajamas. We lost everything in our house on the main floor and 2nd floor from fire or smoke damage; also from the fire the basement had +3ft. Of water. When the water finally drained, our area kept getting major rain storms so it was weeks before we could work in
    the basement to see what survived since the power lines were cut the sump pump did not run.
    My son lost all of the things that mattered to him including his toys, bed, bedding, the few things we kept from his infancy/ and the family heirlooms he picked from his grandpa that passed away 2 years ago. I know nothing will replace we just need to move on and start new! Thank you for your concideration.

  555. Alyssa

    I just found your blog and happy to find so many wonderful ideas. I have been working for what seems like forever to pull my home together, getting bits and pieces here and there. I am working on finishing up our family room, and next have a combo dining/living room that is very tricky! We have a somewhat difficult layout and I really struggle with furniture placement and knowing what would look good where. We are saving up for new floors also, which will really help pull everything together.

  556. Julie Hamill

    Probably our “little kid” bedroom: three kids (5, 4, & 2) share a 10’x10′ room. The youngest (a girl) has an antique toddler sized bed and the oldest has a consignment store cheap toddler bed and the poor middle kid gets a piece of foam in the closest. He really needs a bed!

  557. Stephanie

    I would love to redo my daughters’ room. They are 12 and 10, and some of it looks a little too “young” for these growing-up girls!

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