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Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas {Why I Decorate Early for Christmas}

by | Nov 21, 2013 | Christmas, Christmas Decorating, Holidays, My Life, Our Holidays, Thanksgiving

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Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas {Why I Decorate Early for Christmas}House & Home

Just like the fall season at our house, Christmas is a season I like to let evolve slowly and savor each step of the way. That is why I don’t adopt the rule that you cannot start decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. That doesn’t work for me! No, it isn’t just because I’m a blogger with deadlines (I am, but I resist that as it isn’t my primary motivation or focus for how I live or decorate). Maybe I should move to Canada where Thanksgiving falls earlier on the calendar! I just don’t want to cram Christmas in to the few weeks right after Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving for us isn’t only about the designated day to eat turkey or give thanks and Christmas isn’t about rushing out the day after to start shopping with the crowds or the approved official day to decorate by dragging out the tinsel. I want to enjoy the true spirit of the holidays we celebrate.

We choose to embrace the season we are in and what works for our family, rather than get caught up in what is acceptable for how or when to decorate our home. There is no right or wrong when it comes to how or when to decorate.

Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas {Why I Decorate Early for Christmas}House & Home

I like to give the seasons proper time to be enjoyed. That is why I enjoyed Fall for so long! We are gentle with ourselves through the changing of seasons. We let our enjoyment of life and celebration of holidays evolve slowly, rather than start and stop abruptly on a particular day on the calendar.

This is a season in our home that is different than Fall. And different than Winter. And not at all like Spring or Summer. I want to embrace it as long as I can.

I love Thanksgiving and am very grateful for my blessings, but I can love it all the more with the evolution toward beautiful greenery and sparkling lights in my home on my way to celebrating Christmas! Maybe I’m weird, but I love the idea of eating turkey dinner and giving thanks for our blessings by the Christmas tree. That seems so homey and magical and wonderful to me! Christmas shouldn’t have to wait ’til we put away the turkey!

At our house, this is a season of gratitude to embrace, not just a day we shop for, decorate for or a day to eat. Not that we ignore the day at all, on the contrary, we love celebrating. There is no time limit or designated day or way or order we have to celebrate in order to be grateful for our blessings. 

Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas {Why I Decorate Early for Christmas}Country Living 

Just like the cold air that has started leaving glittery frost on our porch, I’m ready to gently usher inside the sparkle and greenery that makes this season SO beautiful. I absolutely love it!

I usually don’t go crazy and spend a ton of time decorating my house for Christmas just so I can “officially start” the Christmas season. That’s just not me (not wrong, just not how I do it!).

I start when I’m inspired. I usually start by slowly adding a Christmas touch here or there, one gentle bit of evergreen at a time. A wreath here. The garland, lights and sparkle there. A tree. Or two.

I may move things around as the season progresses. I may add more, or take away some. I don’t like to stress myself out about the date of the particular holiday, I just enjoy the process throughout the season.

I don’t overdo my decor because I don’t like the feeling of being overwhelmed by stuff. And I don’t like the process of hauling lots of stuff out and having to put it all back. I like real, authentic decorating. Not something that is done for a big event or a day or photo, but rather what is done to enjoy in the moment.

Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas {Why I Decorate Early for Christmas}House & Home

But on the other hand, I don’t want to be so focused on simplifying that I abandon special traditions or neglect to create a magical environment and memories for my family.

We want to keep the traditions that matter to us.

We let go of the expectations that others might place on us.

We evolve how we celebrate with the times and with our family’s needs and seasons of life.

Every year is different now with our girls are getting older, but we embrace each season as it is, something fresh and new but equally as wonderful.

Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas {Why I Decorate Early for Christmas}Lantliv i Norregard

Every season is a gift we can spend as we wish! We don’t need a calendar or a holiday or decorating rules to limit us to when or how we can celebrate our life to the fullest. 

I love to let the Christmas season evolve simply and slowly at our home. I enjoy every bit of that gift. I want to fully enjoy every moment of the season before I rush on to the next holiday on my to do list. When I feel like my house is already decorated, I don’t feel that big pressure at the last minute to “get ready” for the holiday itself and miss out on just being with my family.

A holiday is an important calendar day and we want to remember it, but a season is long enough to savor!

Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas {Why I Decorate Early for Christmas}House & Home

Speaking of embracing this season, I’m about to cut some fresh greenery and bring it inside. Yes, now. Why not?

We live in the NW and there are plenty of trees and greenery outside our door! I love the smell of fresh cut pine and cedar. It is a simple pleasure that I enjoy all winter long. I love to celebrate the season we are in with the evolution of my decor.

Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas {Why I Decorate Early for Christmas}House & Home

And, go ahead and mock me …

but we might even get our real live Christmas tree this weekend!

Eating turkey by the tree is alright with me.

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Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas {Why I Decorate Early for Christmas}


  1. Susan

    My thoughts exactly! Im so thankful too but ready to be decorating a bit today. Since our grandgirls will be here for Thanksgiving but not Christmas, I’m tickled that they get to see the magic of Christmas at our home. Cue Mannheim Steamroller and make some hot chocolate.

  2. Angela

    Oh how I wish I could give you a huge hug right now!! (I know you don’t even know me but I’d still give you a hug–LOL)! This is exactly how I feel about the season and you put it into words beautifully! I was almost feeling ashamed to write or tell people that I begin holiday decorating Nov 1st. You’ve given me a new outlook and strength! Bless you and may you have a truly blessed holiday season!~~Angela

  3. Andrea

    YES!! I love this post. Finally, someone who likes to decorate before Thanksgiving and isn’t ashamed to say it. I find there is such a negative focus directed towards people who like to decorate before dec1. I don’t criticize those who start on Dec 24, but I also don’t want to be criticized for starting early. I spend Nov getting the decorating done, wrapping, shopping. That leaves glorious Dec for baking, family activities, sitting by the tree and taking it all in, doing a huge puzzle….you get the idea. It’s what works for me and my family.

  4. Susan_W

    could have written this myself. My thoughts exactly. I’ve been putting the tree up for thanksgiving the past few years, easy because we have an artificial one thats pre-lit. For thanksgiving I leave it undecorated or just put simple pinecones and natural elements on it. Then after thanksgiving I get out the ornaments. This year I want a cut tree, so sadly I’ll have to wait awhile

  5. Dana@chocolateandsunshine

    Oh, wow, I couldn’t agree with you more. I recently discussed the same topic. I love the process but I try to fit it in between my full-time job, family, home, all the things everyone else deals with. It’s so much fun to see the finished decor and I put up a few trees so I want to have fun with it.

    I hope you enjoy your turkey by the tree!

  6. Kelda

    Thank you ladies I feel like you’ve given me permission to do what I always thought was right. I grew up in a house where we didn’t decorate until Dec 15th and boy was that to late. So now I just love the look and feel of my house around the holidays. So I will decorate now and Dec will be for enjoying the season.

  7. Shannon

    Such interesting thoughts! I won’t go so far as putting up a tree yet but as I was planning out table decorations for Thanksgiving yesterday I caught myself leaning towards more winter ideas that I can easily carry into Christmas. I think with the holiday feeling so close together this year it makes perfect sense. There is no reason that elements of the two can’t be mixed.

  8. tina

    I wouldn’t dare mock you! It is a personal choice. Thanksgiving is usually earlier. We simply prefer to seperate Thanksgiving and Christmas a bit at our house. That’s just our choice. No right or wrong.


  9. Julie C

    I get so much teasing because I put my Christmas decorations and tree up early. Everything is up by November 9th. Yes, that’s right. I love it! Embrace is the each day of the season. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you all.

  10. Rondell

    I think everyone should do what they want to do…I’m going down in the basement now to get my mom’s tree and put it by my desk.

  11. Andrea

    I LOVE this! Thanks for sharing! I think a Christmas tree is SO magical… Thanksgiving and Christmas are both so much about being with those you love and feeling the “magic” of the season that comes with that. Why not get your tree out early to celebrate the warmth?

  12. kathleen grace

    I never, ever used to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. This year, out newly married daughter is home from the East coast through Thanksgiving and we are celebrating our Christmas with her while she is home. I began decorating last week, just like you, a little at a time, a touch here and there just to make it more festive for our celebration. What I realized was that I could breathe a sigh of relief that after Thanksgiving my decorating will already be done! Why haven’t I been doing this all along instead of cramming everything into just over 3 weeks and then feeling like I am turning right back around to put it all back away? My goal is to have the majority of my shopping done too, and I think I will actually achieve that. What a difference giving yourself a more relaxed schedule makes :>)

  13. kristin

    You go girl, there is no right and no wrong. This is the first year I’m decorating before thanksgiving and I’m loving it. Thanks for posting all the eye candy.

  14. Dianntha

    I totally agree.I always feel like fall begins when the kids start back to school and it is a long and beautiful season but I have no fear in puttling up my tree the first week of November. We love the warm and homey way it looks and we leave it up as long as we can.

  15. Jodi

    I agree! I began this week which is later than usual. I enjoy the evolution of it all as well.

  16. Jo Ann

    You go girl! We make our own rules at our house and do whatever WE want, not what someone else THINKS! I’m like you. I want to savor every moment of the holiday. It goes too fast at it’s best! And because it’s just me and hubby after Christmas, we leave everything up until the 1st of February. I love your decorating!

  17. Emily

    When I grew up our Christmas Tree was always up for Thanksgiving. It makes the everything more warm and inviting. Happy Decorating & Thanksgiving!

  18. Lisa

    I decorate for Christmas after Thanksgiving, but you are making me rethink my reasoning for doing so. I may start earlier next year. ;)

  19. abi monroe

    We bought our live tree two weeks ago, and have now decided its not big enough, so we are off to get another one at the weekend! We’ll have the little one on the porch, and the big one inside!

  20. Jeanette @ Creating a Life

    Couldn’t agree more, Melissa. Everyone should do what feels right to them in their own homes when it comes to preparing for, and enjoying, each holiday and season. Gorgeous inspiration photos!

  21. Mint Julep

    Although I couldn’t agree more with you on the point that one MUST not have calendar constraints dictating how one enjoys and celebrates seasons and life, I really disagree on this that you’ve said:
    “I don’t overdo my decor because I don’t like the feeling of being overwhelmed by stuff.(…) I like real, authentic decorating. Not something that is done for a big event or a day or photo, but rather what is done to enjoy in the moment”
    I disagree in the point that overdoing specific, seasonal decors does not make it less authentic or less real. I overdo my Christmas decor, every year, and every year I overdo it just a tad more. I have been teased about it and put down for it by others who find it too overwhelming, but Freud would probably explain why I always overdo my Christmas decor much more than any other season. It’s what feels right for me, it’s what I like in my life, and my house, and you yourself have stated before that one should always do what feels right in their own homes and in their own ways of celebrating and decorating. But then you right that sentence and it does come out as if you’re criticizing the ones who overdo their decor, as if you’re “accusing” them of not being authentic, or real. I am not saying this was in anyway your intention, but it came across at least to me, as that. Otherwise, I repeat, couldn’t agree more with you, and am already eager to start decorating my house for Christmas – we have the family tradition of decking the tree on the first of December, but I already have a few bits and pieces out as well.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh not at all, what is fun and enjoyable for you is authentic! Absolutely! I would not get overwhelmed by your beautiful decor, that is just me in my house :-). That’s why I said I don’t like to haul stuff out and that I get overwhelmed by too much — I need to keep mine more simple in order to be true to what I can handle or enjoy in the moment.

      When I feel obligated to do more or I dread it, it’s not a enjoyable for me. So that’s just my style, I accept what I can handle as being enough for me at my house. But I also mentioned that I have to be careful to not oversimplify or be lazy about it and neglect to make Christmas magical! I love when people do amazing and magical Christmas decor so if the mood strikes, I might be inspired to do more and that’s ok too!

      Don’t let anyone feel bad for how you love to decorate or what brings happiness to you and your family! Embrace it and have fun with it!

  22. Helen G. Dickerson

    You’re never too early for a Christmas decoration. I love to see happy decorations such as for Christmas. Isn’t it great to celebrate Thanksgiving with Christmas decorations on?!

  23. AKA~Design

    If it were totally up to me I would have a room in my house dressed up for Christmas everyday, I enjoy your posts. Home is where the heart is, and you seem to love yours!

  24. June

    Well a big THANK YOU for giving me permission to bring out my new tree and start decorating this weekend! I recently bought a new tree (yes, fake) and have been buying new ornaments & as I’ve been buying, I’ve been storing them in a staging area. Every day have been chomping at the bit to put the tree up. I had that idea that I had to wait until after Thanksgiving and at the same time wanting to get the lights and tree and pretty ornaments up so I could enjoy it all! After reading your perspective on the SEASON I’ve given myself permission to get the party started!! Love your blog!!

  25. Sylvia

    Very well said. There should be no rules or limitations on how we all celebrate these special times with our families.

  26. Genny

    My sentiments exactly! I read somewhere that putting up and decorating a Christmas tree is a way of honoring Baby Jesus. Our tree is up too!

  27. Beth Moore

    Well said, Melissa! We have decorated for Christmas as early as Nov 1 – what’s a girl to do with several little ones around and another one due before Christmas Day? Oher years it’s a bit later. Either way, starting a little “early” works for us to enjoy and savor the holiday as it rolls around, instead of putting deadlines on ourselves. I completely love your organic approach – fron the natural decor elements to the timing and family time to focus on Christ and His sacrifice for us. Thanks for inviting us into your Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions! ENJOY!

  28. Kathi

    I thinks it’s great! My next door neighbor has her Christmas trees (plural…one showing from each of her front windows) on Nov1. Love to drive up and see that. And thank you, Melissa, for your reply about the Advance paint. Appreciate it!

  29. Sonja Sokol

    Thank you for your post today. I love Christmas and feel exactly like you regarding the process of decorating and enjoying the season. I do not subscribe to others’ schedules of decorating nor removing the decor. Here’s hoping you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season with your family in your beautiful home. Thank you for all of your inspiration!

  30. teresa

    Embrace the joy =) why not…I plan to decorate a little earlier this year too…all my children are married now and they come at different times during the season…I have some coming at Thanksgiving and they will help set up some of our Christmas….just a little way to share Christmas with them…because we won’t see them on Christmas Day.
    Love all the pictures you shared!

  31. Maureen

    I am thankful I am Canadian and Thanksgiving is long since done because I couldn’t agree with your philosophy more! We too love to bask in every single magical moment that the Christmas season brings! The lyrics of an amazing Canadian Musician, Bryan Adams sums it up in this line from one of my favorite Christmas songs……”There is something about Christmas time that makes you wish it would never go away”!

  32. Patricia

    You’ve convinced me … especially this year when Thanksgiving is so late! The lights are going up this weekend since it’s sunny and dry (if chilly) here in Seattle.

  33. Barb

    I love your whole philosophy but it is so family-based (as it should be.) At my house it’s just my husband and me, no children, no grandchildren and so I feel there’s no one to decorate for. You would say I should do it for myself, but really, that is not fun when nobody else cares. I did more fall and Thanksgiving decorating, mostly because of your inspiration, but who sees it? Does anyone else feel this way?

    • Autumn Beach

      Hi, Barb. Totally random reply from a stranger here. :) If you enjoy decorating, you should do it for yourself. Even if you’re the only person who will ever see it. I don’t think the spirit of Christmas is limited to families/children only. It’s for all of us to have in our hearts (and homes, if we choose). And I don’t believe that decorating our homes, for Christmas or otherwise, is a show to put on for others. I view it more as a way to surround myself with the things I love and to create a sense of home. Even if nobody else ever steps foot in my house. BUT…I thoroughly enjoy decorating. So, I couldn’t NOT decorate. If you don’t enjoy decorating, then forget about it! :) And figure out what ways you do want to celebrate the season. Anywho. What do I know? Just had to throw that all out there.

    • krys72599

      But Barb, you and your husband ARE your family! My husband and I don’t have any children together; he has two adult kids who are on their own and lived full time with their mom (except for every other weekend) when they were growing up (ah, the joys of shared custody!). But as I mentioned in another comment, if you stand still long enough I’ll decorate YOU! I admit, I love the Christmas season (it’s my favorite time of the year) but what I really want to point out is that making your home beautiful matters even if it’s only for you and your husband! Don’t you think you and he deserve to celebrate the holidays? Of course your decorations might be very different for two adults, maybe you won’t have Disney Christmas decorations anywhere, but then again, if you want your home to look like Santa’s workshop exploded in it, why not!?!?

  34. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Melissa, I sense that you’ve been getting some push back for having participated in the Christmas tree challenge, etc. I appreciate your thoughtful remarks today. It isn’t for the world to judge. We all have thoughts on what works best for our individual lives…this year. Next year…we may be in a different place…don’t I know it.

    For many years I held a Christmas open house for my biz the first Saturday in December. You can bet that my house was at least partially decorated for Thanksgiving. And it was fun for my guests to talk about the decor and their Christmas memories while we ate turkey. Last year, my dear friend traveled 8 hours to celebrate Thanksgiving with me. I did not do a shred of Christmas decorating and it was the best decision for that year. Although deciding at the last minute to participate in Jen Rizzo’s house tour sort of put me in overdrive the following week! :) Haha!! That was the second best decision for that year.

    The one thing I know for sure, is that we need to live in the moment. To enjoy and appreciate today…however today is decorated.

    Enjoy your family and your turkey and your sparkling lights along with your sparkling beverages this Thanksgiving. Rejoice in God’s abundant blessings… :) I know you do. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  35. Leslie

    Hi Melissa,
    Your photos are gorgeous! Yes! I agree, no rules and go with what works with families schedules. We put up a Christmas train the day after TG and if time allows, the outdoor lights. Schedules are so packed during the month of December, and if I’m going to go through the effort to haul lots of boxes in and decorate, I want to enjoy it for a while

    Have fun this weekend.

  36. Cynthia

    What a beautiful post you have put together. As I was reading this, I realized how rushed I feel with the holiday season. I, like you, truly love this season and time of year. We usually decorate before Thanksgiving because we do so much and I want to enjoy every second. You know what, when we get in our new home I am going to do it more slowly and not so over the top and savor it more and more. I LOVE it so and as I get older I am deciding that I want to slow down a bit and savor every minute. Life it too short to stress. Thanks for this!!!


  37. Shannon [Our Home Notebook]

    I love your thoughts on letting the Christmas season evolve and doing what works for your family! I have it a little easier because I’m Canadian and our Thanksgiving has already passed, but I’m totally with you on decorating in little bits to enjoy the season. Thanks for the inspiration.

  38. GinaE

    Couldn’t agree more with all you said here. We too eat Thanksgiving by tree light and have for several years. I think it’s a shame to only have the Christmas decorations up for a couple of weeks. I want to enjoy it all for as long as possible. This year I’m not using much red, so I can keep out some rust colors and just add to it with Christmas things. I even keep my white and one silver pumpkins out with my Christmas things. How is that for no rules!

  39. Diane

    I loved reading your blog today. I, too, love Thanksgiving. In fact it’s my favorite holiday. But I enjoy decorating for Christmas early to enjoy the full holiday season. Thanks for your inspiration in decorating my own nest.

  40. kimf

    I just love everything! How do you keep your tree staying fresh for so long? I’d love to put mine up earlier, but it always dries so quickly even with constant watering and recutting the bottom before it goes up.

  41. kathleen grace

    I used to NEVER decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. This year, our newly married daughter and son-in-law are home for a couple weeks through Thanksgiving and we will be celebrating Christmas with them while they are here. I dug out the decorations and have been slowly making the house festive and I may never go back to waiting again! Why have I been cramming all that work into the busiest three weeks of the year? I realized that I won’t have to do anything after Thanksgiving except what I WANT to do. My shopping will even be 90% (or more) finished. An absolute epiphany for me, and one I am so glad I had:>)

  42. Mimi

    Every year I say I’m going to put up my Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, but I can’t quite pull it off. Perhaps it’s because, as a floral designer, I’m busy decorating other people’s places as well as the shop. Maybe next year.

  43. Melinda@ Love Melinda

    I love that you decorate when you want! And I love how you decorate. It does something to my peace of mind if there is too much stuff around even if it is Christmas decorations. I’m with you, decorate when and how you want!

  44. Debi ford

    I love eating Thanksgiving dinner by my tree too! Feels so magical!!

  45. Laurie

    I disagree, why have Thanksgiving at all then. a Christmas tree at Thanksgiving just seems strange to me. It makes more sense to enjoy Thanksgiving and then keep the Christmas spirit going longer into January if you’d like. We seem to have developed into a society that celebrates WAY before the date. That’s why we have back to school two weeks after school is out. It’s just too bad that Thanksgiving is a month before Christmas, very inconvenient.

  46. Teresa

    I agree that a certain date on a calendar shouldn’t dictate when you can decorate. I think the reason I am antsy to jump into Christmas decorating is the fact that Thanksgiving falls so late this year and there is less time between the two holidays. While I do enjoy Thanksgiving and what it symbolizes, I have seen pumpkins long enough and I am more than ready to give them the old heave-ho.

  47. Helen

    Somehow, I feel there’s more relaxing time in November if the Christmas parties aren’t taking the evenings away from home yet! Yes, why not decorate and have 2 months of enjoyment of the best holiday of the year.
    Great post, Melissa!

  48. Rebecca Latham

    I think your method of slowly bringing Christmas into your home is wonderful. It sounds almost like watching a changing of season all it’s own with the benefit of being more stress free and enjoyable as well. (Beautiful images in your post too, btw.)

  49. Sarah

    I totally agree! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia but most people hold off decorating till early December! This year I want to start a bit earlier and enjoy the decorations…I actually wrote about this on my blog a few days ago…! I noticed today that our neighbours had their tree up already so I won’t be the only one starting to decorate now!

  50. Michelle

    I completely agree with you Melissa! I also love to savor the Season all melding together to celebrate with Thanksgiving the most wonderful time of the year, thanks to Jesus, the Reason for all seasons!

  51. Mary Frederick

    I often get grief from family and friends for having my Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving. I finish all of my rooms but two. I have shows and deadlines as well but I’ve always decorated early. My family LOVES Christmas and enjoy every single day that we can. We try to slow down and just be, as much as we can.

  52. kathyrn getty

    I loved reading this post! I decided to start early this year as well. I always have a long time group of friends over for a whole day the first Saturday of December. I am so rushed after Thanksgiving to bake, clean, decorate and do gifts for each of them, I am exhausted! I feel ROBBED OF THE JOY I SHOULD FEEL. I decided no more of that, I love both holidays and having my house decorated already has relieved me of all that stress. I am savoring every moment and enjoying the holiday season more than ever. It has allowed me to move on to cleaning and doing the gifts etc. I am so glad that I did not follow “the rules”and I do not feel one tiny bit guilty. I will do this from now on for sure. Your post said everything I had been feeling. THANK YOU!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      YAY! I’m feeling the same way! Super excited to have my house decorated! I’m loving every minute of it and very much looking forward to entertaining now! :-D Glad you are doing the same!! You are welcome!!!!

  53. Intheknow

    I can wait to decorate. I don’t do that much decorating for Christmas. A little goes long way in my opinion. Less is usually more. Each holiday has its positives aspects and we don’t need to rush seasons. Time passes swiftly as it is. Slow down. Savor each day and don’t leap ahead. The next thing will be here before you know it.


    Melissa, I could not have said it better! I have read how militant some are on when they start, like they are running a race to be finished. I am like you, I love it all and want to enjoy the process of every nuance of the season. As soon as November gets here, in my mind it is the Holiday season. Decorating and making our homes should be a process that involves love of family and trying to make it special, not just checking it off our list. Loved this post and I am going to share it on FB!!! Thank you again for your inspirational and truthful words, xoxo

  55. Michelle Holland

    I have finished decorating our home for Christmas and look forward to enjoying it through the season!
    Happy birthday Jesus!

  56. Becki

    I couldn’t agree more! I got a lot of grief when I put up our tree last year around the 1st of November. Both our boys had moved out and we became empty-nesters. Putting up the tree with all the ornaments the boys made or picked out was a treasure to my husband and me. So every year the tree will go up as soon as possible.

  57. Connie

    Feeling like this especially this year. We’ve had our gifts bought, wrapped and sent away (overseas to some) for several weeks. I’m starting my Christmas decorating today. The Season really is celebrating Jesus’s birth….and for that there is no right time to start :-) I love you home’s decor!

  58. Joy

    Oh how timely! I was just checking email before I go out to cut some boxwood branches, which I simply lay in my windowsills, and gather some twigs to make a wreath. My Christmas tree this year may be a fallen branch with moss covered limbs. I’m lucky to live in the country with no end of plant material to play with. I love reading your posts and poking around on your blog–there’s always something I like reading about while taking a break.

  59. Lana Taylor Legge

    A kindred spirit! Loved this article. The Halloween decorations go away, and on November 1st, look out Christmas! I make no apologies about that. While others are struggling to get last minute things done in December, I’m enjoying the fruits of my labour. :-)

  60. krys72599

    I leave my Santa collection of figurines up year-round in the hutch in my dining room. Everytime Santa catches my eye, I smile, and how can that be wrong? Even if I’m wearing shorts and a tank top!
    My sister-in-law puts her tree up the week before Thanksgiving; in her family, we have always celebrated Turkey Day by the twinkling lights of the tree. Of course Santa doesn’t come until Christmas Eve but we love the season and love to enjoy it!
    I’ve started cleaning up and straightening up and putting away to make room for my Christmas decorations. Quite honestly, if you stand still long enough in my house I’ll decorate you! I LOVE these holidays and can’t wait for Christmas to explode all over my house!

  61. Andrea at Opulent Cottage

    I couldn’t love this more than I do!! Beautifully said. Thank you :) xoxoxo and Merry Merry!!!

  62. Jody

    I realize you wrote this a few weeks ago, but I love your thoughts on decorating for the season, in the moment, and for your own reasons. I’ve been slowly adding little things here and there. Fresh greens, candles and cones are my favorite decor for Christmas and winter.

    On another note, I saw you in BHG and thought, “Hey, I ‘know’ her!” Congrats on a lovely article and a pretty home.

  63. Carrie

    What a great post. I love your perspective and insights on embracing the season and easing into decorating as it feels right – I now feel better about starting some Christmas decorating a few days before Thanksgiving! Thanks for this post. Happy Holidays!

  64. Linda W

    They sell Christmas decorations along with Halloween here so one could decorate anytime some people leave their decorations up year around, all rooms decorated in Dallas.


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