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Thanksgiveaway #1 {LoveFeast Shop}

by | Nov 26, 2013 | Christmas, Decorating Inspiration, Holidays, Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiveaway #1 {LoveFeast Shop}

Thanksgiveaway #1 {LoveFeast Shop}

Surprise! Today through December 1 I have a special treat for you. Three, yes, THREE giveaways! Because I’m grateful for YOU. You can find all three of the giveaways on my blog, just leave a comment on each post to be entered! 

. . . .
Are you looking forward to holiday entertaining and cozy winter nights by the fire? ME TOO!

You could be serving in style with this gorgeous Provencial Platter from the lovely girls at LoveFeast Table!

Thanksgiveaway #1 {LoveFeast Shop}

Check out the description on this baby from the LoveFeast shop:

Australian sculptors run the cooper’s craft in reverse and breathe a second, artful life into French oak wine casks. By disassembling the clever puzzle of steambowed oak ribs and cambered end pieces, these artisans have created a range of Provencial Platters. They are fitted with rugged wrought iron hardware hand-forged in Brooklyn. The surfaces are finished with copious layers of high-grade beeswax to a lustre perfectly in step with entertaining for every occasion.

This platter is absolutely gorgeous! I was excited to see how absolutely lovely the craftsmanship is. It is such a quality piece, from the wood to the iron handles,  you will want to set out on display, even hang it on a wall or keep it out on your coffee table or ottoman all the time.

It would be fantastic for serving pizza on the table, too!  I would love to give or receive this as a family gift. It would become a special heirloom for any family.

Thanksgiveaway #1 {LoveFeast Shop}

Do you want to win one?


This giveaway is for one Large Provencial Platter. All you have to do is take a peak at the beautiful gifts my friends at LoveFeast Table offer in their online shop!

Then come back and leave me a comment on this post saying what you’d serve on your platter if you win!

Good luck! One winner on this giveaway, only one comment per person per giveaway, please.

Giveaway ends December 1.

Thanksgiveaway #1 {LoveFeast Shop}

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  1. Samaram

    I would set a variety of chocolates and dried fruits.

  2. Wendi

    Absolutely beautiful merchandise in their shop! I love to set out snacks for the moms to enjoy if they want to stay during the girl’s Literature Club, or if they return early. This would be gorgeous on the coffee table with beautiful snacks for them. :)

  3. Laura

    So beautiful!! I would put anything from cookies, fruit, or even just use it as decor in my house!! I love it!

  4. NC

    Lovely merchandise .. I would serve cheese and crackers for the monthly girls night in that I host … A bunch of us get together once a month to talk over some food and wine and catch up …

  5. teresa

    Nothing like a beautiful platter- I most likely would serve- walnuts, figs, assorted cheeses topped with honey.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Jenna

    Love! I’d serve up Brie and crackers like in the photo… My fav!

  7. Jill reneau

    I think a bread loaf would be great. Rather than in a basket, I could show off this beautiful platter.

  8. Shannon

    This would be perfect for Christmas entertaining, I would use it for appetizers such as cheese just as pictured!

  9. Frances

    Love the artwork with the butterfly and elephant. Great items.

  10. Frances

    Love the artwork. The ones with the butterfly and elephant are so nice looking. Great items.

  11. Kristin

    Love this. Would use to add a bit of warmth to new living room while serving as a reminder of Bk, where I see it’s made (& where we recently moved from!)…and, of course, use to serve up some favorite foods, like grilled-cheese sandwiches with a dry Riesling. Yum!

  12. Sarah S.

    I would serve some yummy fruit and dips with cheese and crackers.

  13. Yvonne

    lovely…….goat cheese, fresh fruit, or to use it to elevate jars, bowls, flowers, etc

  14. Sandy A

    This is beautiful–I would serve fruit, cheese and nuts during the Holidays…

  15. Lesley E.

    I would serve up some delicious cheeses and Italian meats with glasses of crisp rose wine on my front porch this summer. That platter is so dreamy!

  16. Melinda

    That platter is beautiful! Perfect for serving appetizers or drinks!

  17. Geri Pendle

    I would serve fruit pizza because that’s what the grandsons love!

  18. Sally

    Gorgeous! I would serve an array of crackers with our family’s favorite cheese ball!

  19. Teresa s.

    I love their Marquee Letters!

  20. Emily

    Love this tray! Definitely would serve some holiday drinks!

  21. Denysia Yu

    I was thinking that I would love to serve an assortment of desserts on this tray! :)

  22. Shelley

    I would use it to serve sandwiches on and because it is so beautiful would leave it on display on my ottoman in my living area. Would be a perfect tray to hold my cup of tea as I sit by the fire at night!

  23. Christina

    I would love to to use the platter for setting out tea and assorted cakes/cookies during the holidays. It is so beautiful I would keep in out on my coffee table as well.

  24. Julie

    Why I would like to serve something else than cheese on a wooden plate like this one? Well ok I’m not really objective since I’m French and that would be the mainly use of a plate like that! But I would get the occasion to go to a “fromagerie” and get cheeses that I never buy because they are too expensive, but that I miss SO much! A little thanksgiving present for me and my husband and make him discover French cheeses without travelling to France :)

  25. Elizabeth G.

    I would serve different kinds of cookies and coffee.

  26. Kathy

    I seriously LOVE this tray! I would serve fried plantains with a garlic dipping oil. Yum. Thank you for the chance to win!

  27. Lori Heinssen

    I love this….I would serve mini quiches.

  28. Trish B

    We don’t have a fireplace so I would use it to leave cookies and milk for Santa:) Would also love it for appetizers!

  29. Catherine

    I would most likely use it as a display piece, but maybe would fancy up family movie night by serving desserts off of it.

    Thanks for the chance!

  30. Alyson

    What a beautiful piece! I’ve always wanted to have a fancy party with a cheese tray, and this might just inspire me to do that. :) Would also be great for fruit or desserts.

  31. Francine werlinger

    My homemade decorated surgery cookies

  32. Marianne

    I would serve some lovely fruit and cheese!

  33. jennifer {studiojru}

    oh this is gorgeous! i would use it to serve cheese and crackers and fruit!

  34. Kim

    I love the cheese and cracker idea. Trays are my weakness!

  35. Dana Everett

    Would totally use it for the cheese and crackers or possibly bruschetta, a candle centerpiece would be an option too!

  36. mymosk

    French bread, a nice cheddar cheese and grapes. My favorite’s! Thank you.


    Cheese, lots of cheese! Love this!

  38. Suzanne

    This is just beautiful. I would serve cheese/crackers, etc. during holiday dinners.

  39. Heidi

    I can imagine serving cheese and crackers during a family get together, or some desserts!

  40. donna

    I would serve cheese and crackers, or sandwiches, use it as a bread platter. Love it!!

  41. Susan M.

    I don’t know that I would want to “dirty it up” with food! I think I would use it in the guest room. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  42. Lynda

    Perfect for coffee and desserts!

  43. Erin Buchanan

    What a lovely gift. I could find so many uses for this, possibly a nice spot for bread and dipping oil to set on.

  44. Brenda

    I think I would serve pizza or maybe a cheese ball and crackers.

  45. Sallie

    For me, it would have to be tea – by the fire. Sigh! And then I would just have to leave the tray out all the time to admire its beauty. What a great way to “UPcycle” old wood!

  46. Katie

    I would do a cheese platter with crackers and fruit.

  47. Mary

    What a lovely platter! I would serve cheese and crackers alongside a glass of wine.

  48. Beth

    I would serve baked brie with cranberry relish and crackers. :)

  49. Michelle

    Manchego Cheese and Spanish Chorizo

  50. Jennifer

    I would serve some christmasy treat. Like decorated cookies and hot chocolate.

  51. Julie S.

    This is a perfect gift to give someone!

  52. sandyconnolly

    Cheese and crackers I think….though I like the sandwich idea also!!

  53. Nikki

    What a great giveaway; the platter is beautiful. I have a major sweet tooth so I would serve cookies, candies, or petit fours! And some coffee to wash it all down with.

  54. Robin

    I would serve some yummy Gorgonzola cheese drizzled with honey, apples and pears.

  55. Barbara

    I’d serve just about what you have pictured – brie, some cranberry or fig relish, some really good crackers and a little chocolate something.

  56. Rhonda

    This would be perfect to serve just about anything, but I think I’d use it first as part of a hot cocoa station for my girls!

  57. Erika

    I would serve my homemade pizza to 3 hungry boys. It would be perfect! I love how rustic it is!

  58. Darla

    The slate cheesestand is very classic. The shape would be helpful when you’ve got a bit crowded serving space. Thanks!

  59. Rita Mayle

    I would serve cheese, crackers, some fresh grapes and oranges and an array of savory meat tidbits. Its’s a wonderful piece, by the way!

  60. Darla

    I think a dozen or even 24 cupcakes would be darling served on this board! Thanks!

  61. Julianne


  62. Maureen Duffy

    I would serve an assortment of homemade cookies and mugs of hot chocolate .

  63. Lori

    As Gomer Pyle used to say, “Well, golly…” and “Shazam!!” Those are gorgeous!! I would love to have one of those beauties to use for all sorts of occasions. Even though they’re probably not Gomer’s style, they are definitely mine. My husband and I decided together to combine our styles and start decorating/purchasing items that would fit. We called it “farmhouse industrial glam” and this tray is the perfect fit!!

  64. Jenn F

    I’d serve pizza (just like you suggested!)

  65. Patricia

    Some yummy appetizers! Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. Theresa

    I’d serve a variety of Italian meats with cheese and crackers!

  67. Aimee

    Oh I love this! I would use this to serve trail bologna and cheese from the Amish:) I would use it to service pizza too. I can think of a ton of things I would use it for! It definitely would not be stored in a cabinet. It would proudly sit on my counter. Too pretty to put away:)

  68. Katie

    I ADORE this giveaway! Would be perfect for slices of bread, cheese, veggies and fruit, and little dishes with yummy dips. PERFECT for entertaining or a romantic night in.

  69. Carole H

    I really love the Alice in wonderland nesting dolls and the Pearl drop earrings are gorgeous!

  70. Robin

    I would serve delicious Christmas cookies.

  71. Gena

    I would serve cheese on it, it would also work for a centre piece to display a collection of snow globes. The possibilities are endless!

  72. Cindi Summerlin

    What a beautiful piece of art just by itself! I would serve hot chocolate and chili on cold winter days, cold lemonade and cucumber sandwiches on hot summer days, and lots of love on every day in between.

  73. Marie @Substance of Living

    The perfect platter for cheese and wine, pizza, appetizers for a party, or a rustic lunch or dinner outside.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  74. Colleen

    Your setup is my dream. I’d love to host a wine tasting and use this try. Add some dates, grapes, and a few more cheeses and you’re good to go!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  75. Robin Bass

    Hmmm. I could see it as a great snack tray to lay in the middle of the bed as my hubby and I watch a good movie.

  76. Kate

    Love this! Pizza would be perfect!

  77. jo wyrosdick

    I would serve assorted crackers and cheeses and maybe add a dip. I like their domes.

  78. Morgan

    Oh my word! GORGEOUS. I would serve anything I could on this gem. Pizza, cheeses, deli meat, cereal…ok, maybe not cereal, but I would certainly try!

  79. Jamie

    I’d serve a classic cheese board!

  80. Melissa


  81. Alyssa

    I would serve assorted fresh fruit with dip.

  82. melanie

    I would definitely make a cheese plate to go with some wine for a late night picnic behind closed doors,

  83. Miriam

    I love the wood, would serve many things different seasons of year, apples, cheese and crackers…..cheese ball and crackers, etc…..mmmmm

  84. Carrie

    Although I would love to keep it for my own, it would make the perfect gift for family friends who moved back to France! Beautiful..

  85. Suzan

    Oh the possibilities …
    Cookies and milk for Santa
    Rustic breads and herb butter

  86. Jennifer

    I would serve Brie and toasted french bread one day, and cookies and milk the next.

  87. Shannon

    It is so pretty–there are so many things I would serve on it–crackers and cheese snacks for the kids, pizza for dinner, even as a platter for a fun birthday cake!

  88. Brittagne

    The wine and cheese sounds good to me – easy! I don’t think I could put anything too dirty on that for fear of staining it or messing it up! Maybe a white serving platter on top to carve turkey or ham.

  89. Deziree

    Nuts, hummus, veggies. No bread or dairy for me!

  90. Michelle

    i love a classic cheeseboard with honey! i have a small pot that would look perfect on this board for dipping!!

  91. Alison

    Love the simplicity. So many uses!

    Thanks for the offer:)

  92. Christy

    Wow, what a great giveaway. So many possibilities. I love the cheese and crackers platter, maybe add some fruit and we’ve got the perfect appetizer server.

  93. Molly L.

    Beautiful platter! I’d have to serve yummy cheeses and crackers of course.

  94. DeidreSH

    I would probably serve a yummy cake or pie on the platter. It is gorgeous, love the wood and hardware!

  95. Shanna

    I would serve a great holiday dessert but the possibilities are endless!

  96. Nicole

    Cheese fruit and crudités with meats would be heavenly on this beautiful piece! Love it!

  97. Terry

    I absolutely love The Love Feast Shop, especially their velvet pumpkins! Wow, there are so many ways I’d use that gorgeous serving tray. For thanksgiving, I’d probably arrange an assortment of crackers around baked Brie with apricots in a puff pastry crust. Happy thanksgiving!

  98. Mary S.

    I would serve cheese and crackers! Love this giveaway!

  99. Vicki

    Wow! What a great site! I will be visiting them again soon. I would serve honeycomb with brie surrounded by berries, grapes and apples and some gourmet crackers on that awesome board.

  100. Anna

    I would serve either cheese and crackers or dessert on it. Such a great platter!

  101. Shana

    I’d use it with cheeses and dried fruits or a teapot and gingersnaps or next to the bath with an assortment of bath salts . . . It’s beautiful!

  102. Kay

    I can see using this on my tufted ottoman to hold magazines and drinks! :)

  103. Stacey Richards

    Lovely platter. Love the rustic look! Could use for cheese or desserts.

  104. Jeanne

    Oh Gorgeous! I would serve every meal I could on that tray! It’d be perfect for an antipasti tray.

  105. erin @ House Envy

    great give-away item! the shop is super cool. they have a great array of gifts and unique items. Thanks!

  106. Kenna

    I love it!! I would serve every meal possible on it. Thanks.

  107. Vicky

    Love the vintage, rustic look!

  108. Shannon

    I would serve assorted meats, cheeses, and olives!! Yum!

  109. Erin

    My husband and I have a special “staying in” date we’ve been doing since we were dating. We get cheeses, salami, strawberries a big loaf of delicious bread and wine and picnic in the living room! This platter would be the perfect addition.
    Btw the Heirloom Leather Photo Album in the LoveFeast shop is gorgeous!

  110. Tara

    Oh I love the platter! I am engaged to be wed in June and this would be such a lovely piece to entertain with! My fiance is from South Africa and his mother has an amazing toasted fruit & brie recipe that I would serve with afternoon tea and biscuits.

  111. Holly F.

    I think it would be really fun to decorate with! That website has lots of fun items on it. I need to go look some more. :-)

  112. Kristi

    What would I serve on it? Everything and anything! I could see using any excuse to bring it out

  113. Nan

    I love the way it’s set up in the picture…what could be more perfect than cheese, crackers, wine, and some fruit? Stunning!

  114. Rita

    The spoon letter charms on the Vintage Pearl website are lovely…. a spoonful of charm!

  115. Lucy

    I’d use the platter as an excuse to have a wine and cheese tasting party! I’d get many different kinds of cheese and serve with different wines, crackers, fresh fruit, and chocolate.

  116. Michelle D

    Since this tray has handles I would love to use this tray to serve my husband a surprise hot chocolate night this winter. i’m thinking nice mugs, with options to add like mini caramels, peppermint sticks for swirling, marshmallows, maybe some whipped cream, cinnamon and cocoa for dusting.

  117. Stacia

    Their site has some divine gift ideas… I’d love to serve up some cheese, crackers, fruits and wine. But I can just as easily see using it to hold Christmas cookies and milk for Santa.

  118. Lisa

    Brie with cranberry compote…delicious and beautiful on this GORGEOUS tray!

  119. Amy

    Wow, this is a great piece. I think I’d serve cheese and crackers for our little Christmas gathering, but I might just leave it on our coffee table all the time. Love it!

  120. Angela Fehr

    That platter is beautiful! I might just use it to display some of my own beautiful stuff – an arrangement of candles, or a Christmas centrepiece.

  121. Megan

    I am loving this platter, indoor picnic here I come!

  122. Sara

    I’m in love with their “Come in the evening” sign! The platter would be lovely hanging on the wall in between servings. I’d be traditional…cheese, crackers, cream cheese with hot pepper relish topping, grapes….

  123. Laragh Dooley

    I would definitely use it to serve fancy cheese platters on christmas eve but also tailgating apps for football Sundays. Fingers crossed!

  124. Pamela Bolton

    I would use this lovely platter to serve pears, crackers and Cambazola cheese. Yum!

  125. Shary

    I would serve cheese and crackers or veggies and dip. We host an open house for our church each year (my husband is a pastor) and this wold be lovely to add to my setting!

  126. Kris Mapes

    The 365 Gathered Thoughts reminds me of the daily bread bible verse box we had from my childhood. :-) Sweet memories. I love the platter. I would put chesse and crackers on it. Happy Thanksgiving!

  127. cindy b.

    Christmas cookies!

  128. Angela L

    I’d serve salami, cheese, and a baguette. Or I’d serve hors d’oeuvres on it – like shrimp tostada bites!

  129. Karen

    The platter is beautiful!

  130. Angela P

    Cheese, cheese and more cheese paired with great wine – that’s what would be on this gorgeous tray!

  131. monica

    This player is GORGEOUS! Definitely would serve cheese, fig spread, bread and crackers.

  132. janie johnson

    I would love the platter and use it all the time with family and friends

  133. Julie

    The platter is gorgeous and would be great for an array of cheeses with fresh fruits and bread!

  134. Heather Kempka

    Absolutely gorgeous! I can see some gruyere cheese, goat cheese, and some delicate crackers on this platter. Or maybe some coffee mugs and creamer dish gracing it on my counter. Love it! Thanks for bringing us these giveaways!

  135. Karen Miesner

    If you are looking for a very unique gift item there are several to choose from. I love the serving platter!

  136. Jenna

    Love this platter! I’d serve christmas cookies, or cheese on it!

  137. Brandy E.

    If I was being practical I would out appetizers on it for family dinners. If I was just feeling like being decorative I would put some pretty candle holders on it and put it on the table. Such a beautiful piece. :)

  138. marly z.

    I’d serve cheese – maybe with the Fromage Dome from LoveFeast.

  139. Erin

    I love the Nesting Bowls!

  140. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

    I would serve biscotti and bruschetta along with espressi and cappuccino for our favorite friends. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  141. Kerry McCaffrey

    LOVE this platter. Would use it to serve homemade hot chocolate, peppermint schnapps, marshmallows…

  142. Toria Davis

    I love the message board!!! That would look so great propped up on my desk with messages and pictures of family. This tray is GORGEOUS!!!!!

  143. Jill B.

    Homemade breads!!

  144. Courtney @ A Dash of Coco

    I would totally serve up a little hot cocoa platter on this amazing piece. Love it!

  145. Martha

    hot cocoa and warm cookies

  146. Kristin

    I would serve a selection of cheeses with some fig spread to go with them… yum!!! The serving tray is beautiful!

  147. Ellen

    I’d leave it out on my ottoman all the time!

  148. Amie

    I would serve up some bread, cheese and jellies. Or some pickles.

  149. Kathi

    Cheese and Crackers:)

  150. Marilee

    A beautiful spread of charcuterie – meats, cheese, nuts and dried fruit with some great crusty warm bread!

  151. Kristin

    Cheese, cheese and more cheese

  152. Lori H

    A full cheese platter with flatbread and fig jam. Love this platter!

  153. kathleen grace

    This is a gorgeous tray! I would set out a beautiful selection of appetizers for a rustic evening by the fire.

  154. Amy Beth

    Goat cheese!

  155. Laura

    I’d absolutely serve a cheese platter (no such thing as too much cheese in my house!), along with meats, nuts, and olives to round it out.

  156. Cindy Trimble

    Some fun appetizers! Thanks for the chance!

  157. Ashley

    Warm, melty camembert with fruit … but of course. ;)

  158. Peggy awald

    beautiful platter I would leave it on my kitchen island to serve family and guest’s wonderful homemade cookies,cake or my favorite cheese ball and crackers it would be used every weekend for family dinners thank you

  159. Judy

    Hmm, think I would start with some cheese and crackers, and the next day pizza, and maybe the next day some warm chocolate chip cookies.

  160. Beth Moore

    Oh my! I’m pretty sure anything served in that platter would be delicious! I would use it for sugar cookies & hot chocolate while we decorate the tree for Christmas :)

  161. Brooke

    Homemade pierogi. :)

  162. Carla Morey

    antipasti for sure. cheeses, grapes, figs, cured meats, warm crusty bread!

  163. Sue

    I would serve a flavorful Pecorino Cheese and whole wheat crackers along with various fruits, nuts, honey and jam.

  164. Kelly

    What a gorgeous platter! I would probably go with a classic around here of simple cheese and crackers-maybe upping it a bit with some grapes and apples.

  165. Chelsea

    I would serve a baguette and some specialty cheese. Love it!

  166. Shama

    A trio of brie, figs and salty crackers! Thanks for the giveaway.

  167. Melanie

    That platter is gorgeous! I could see serving hors d’oeuvres or individual desserts on it, or even some mugs of hot cocoa with a little bowl of mini marshmallows & peppermint sticks.

  168. Elizabeth

    Wine and cheese, clearly! :)

  169. Judith M.

    Assorted cheese, crackers and some pepper jelly.

  170. Lucy

    This platter is just begging for some delicious chunks of cheese to be served on it… with some fruit and fig jam for company and some chewy rustic bread to carry the yumminess to my mouth I mean my guests’ mouths.

  171. Katy

    Ohhh yes to cheese and bread and crackers and grapes and wine :)

  172. Terri

    Of course Wine, Cheese and Crackers! I must say that anything served on this beautiful platter will be greatly enjoyed!

  173. Vicki Elder

    Definately cheese, crackers and salami a family favorite.

  174. Gina

    How beautiful! We have a store here called Central market that has a fabulous cheese shop. I would load that baby up with cheese, fruit, nuts, and a bottle of bubbly. (:

  175. Judith Johnson

    I’d serve mini tomato tarts and stuffed mushrooms with pecans. If there were any left after my seven grand children ‘sampled’ them, I’d then serve them to my guests.

  176. Christine

    I would head over to Whole Foods and pick up some really nice cheese that I have never had, plus some grapes and a bottle of some excellent dry red wine. Maybe even a claret or a zinfandel. Some cracikers or even a wonderfully fresh artisan bread. Ah! I know…I’d roast a head of elephant garlic and spread a clove on the bread with brie. I had that once and boy was it good.

  177. Lorrie

    What a gorgeous platter. Hmmm, so many ideas of what to serve on it – a fresh, crusty baguette to start, some Brie baked with honey and walnuts, clusters of grapes, a wedge of blue cheese, and some dried apricots dipped in chocolate.

  178. Jessica

    How lovely, practical and resourceful all at the same time!! I’d serve goats cheese rolled in rosemary, rice crackers, grapes, pistachios and of course a bottle of great red wine!

  179. Paige

    I love this and if I could bring myself to part with it, I would gift it to my wine loving sister-in-law. I’m sure she would love to server cheese and fruit on it during her wine tasting parties.

  180. Aimee Porter

    Gorgeous! I’d load it with hot artisan bread and local butter, plus some homemade goat cheese spread. Yum!

  181. kerri


  182. Liz

    Hot french bread, copious amounts of cheese, grapes, and Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc served in front of a roaring fire. It would not be complete without candles and a twinkling Christmas Tree and all my family visiting while sitting around and enjoying the food, fire, and conversation.

  183. Deb

    I would love to serve up a homemade margahretta pizza!!!!

  184. Jennifer Rae

    In our house, I’d serve mugs of hot chocolate and cheese and crackers. Favourites of my three boys.

  185. Kay

    The tray is wonderful; I just love the warm wood and the sturdy iron handles…so would use it to serve anything and everything whenever I had the chance! Specifically, cheese with fruit, or bread from the oven with seasoned dipping oil, …or for serving a few bottles of wine for taste tests with friends.

  186. mcgrathinnola

    I would set up King Cake and café au lait in preparation for Little Christmas to enter the Mardi Gras season!(NOLA’s next holiday after Christmas)….Laissez bon temps rouler!!!!

  187. Lindsay L

    The tray is such a beautifully unique piece! I’d use during our Sunday show night for chips and dips as well as cheeses and crackers. What a lovely shop, I own a few pieces that they sell…since we have similar taste, I bookmarked them. Thanks!

  188. Linda

    Love the platter to serve french cheeses and bread to my son who just returned home from a mission for our church in France. It also makes a lovely tray to sit on our family room ottoman. Spoon letter charms and the messy nest (5 eggs, please) …love it all! xoxo

  189. Emily

    This is such a cool platter! I would give this to my mother for Christmas! I know she would love it! She would bring it out when family and friends come over and serve white cheddar and gouda cheese with french bread and wine. Maybe at Christmas we’d serve my grandmother’s baked brie on it!

  190. cynthia

    The cheese and crackers looks perfect on this beauty! I might also add some salame and sliced apples

  191. Amy raney

    I like it for the classic combo of grapes and cheese

  192. Meghan

    If I won that gorgeous platter, I would fill it with local goodness. In my neck of the woods, Duluth, Minnesota, we have a great smokehaus and many local cheese makers…I’d definitely choose some bison pastrami, salmon pate, whitefish pate, and pair it with some locally made cheese like Sassy Nanny’s Lake Effect goat cheese, and plenty of brie. I wouldn’t forget some red wine either! Now I’m hungry…

  193. Julia

    What a gorgeous platter! I’d love to create a spread of local cheeses, cured meats, and olives- and a nice bottle of pinot noir!

  194. Lisa P.

    Fresh fruit, cheese and crackers!

  195. Leah

    scones and fresh fruit

  196. Jennifer Jackson

    In honor of the holidays I would serve hot coffee and slices of pumpkin pie.

  197. Jo O.

    Cheese, meat, olives, crackers please and thank you!

  198. Adrienne

    I would serve cheese and crackers or cookies and mugs of hot chocolate by the fire!

  199. Kim Bond

    oh gosh! We would definitely serve homemade pizza at our weekly get together. My husband makes pizza for several neighbors and the tray would be perfect to serve them on! Love this platter!

  200. Sasha

    Baked Brie!!

  201. Brenda

    I would display wine and glasses at our next party! Rustic and beautiful!

  202. Marie Valum

    Cheese crackers and a glass of wine by the fireside

  203. bobbi look

    Loved all the beautiful items at Lovefeast Table! This platter is gorgeous and I would too use it to serve a variety of cheeses with jams honey crostinis and fresh bread. You could serve so many different things on Provencial Platter and it would look amazing!

  204. pendy

    Gorgeous! I’d serve a special cheese roll on it (and probably never put it away; it’s really fabulous).

  205. Gayla

    The tray is beautiful! I would serve homemade pizza on it! How fun!!!
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  206. Hollie @ I'm Busy Procrastinating

    I’ll stick with the cheese theme and say a baked brie wrapped in puff pastry, topped with preserves. Oh, my mouth is watering.

  207. Kathryn Wind

    I love the rustic quality of this platter! This would be great for a tradition we have in our family: “snack meals”. Snack meals are cheese, crackers, summer sausage, smoked fish, and apples. We usually have it during busy times (like the night before thanksgiving!) and it is inexplicably delicious! This tray would also make a great base for arranging vignettes of flowers and candles and books….when it’s not serving me delicious foods, that is!

  208. samsmom

    Hmmm, I would serve dark chocolate, dried fruit, and walnuts or some obey gooey dessert

  209. Valerie

    SO many gorgeous items…wow!! Well…I would serve a delicious array of fresh fruit on this awesome platter…..many thanks and cheers, sincerely, Valerie :)

  210. Mary

    The platter is stunning!! I would cherish it!

  211. Addie

    Fabulous platter! It is perfect for serving fruit, cheese, crostini, and olives. I like the pure beeswax on the site. Thanks for the giveaway.

  212. Krissy

    This platter is beautiful. I think an assortment of desserts would look beautiful on it!

  213. Lisa Barron

    Wow is that a fabulous platter! Very handasome and looks like it would last forever and age beautifully. A GREAT gift for man or woman. Maybe you could even serve a birhtday cake on it too?

  214. elz

    Cheese and crackers. I’ve been looking for a cheese platter and this one is lovely.

  215. Heather

    I love the French platter! We travelled as a family to France this past summer and left our oldest daughter behind to study for a semester. She is bringing home her host mother’s recipes…I’m sure we’ll serve one of her traditional French delights!

  216. Jeanne Thelwell

    I would serve a nice crusty olive and sun-dried tomato peasant bread with a fresh goat cheese and olive oil for dipping.

  217. Caroline

    I would love to serve an assortment of mini desserts on this awesome platter! Fingers crossed I win so I can get the mixer out! :D

  218. Fonda K

    I would serve warm crusty homemade bread with some herbed butter.

  219. Heather

    I would serve cheese!!

  220. Autumn

    Wow, fab cheese platter, would need to get the from age dome to go with it! I love it. I recognized the name though, and went searching for soft velvet pumpkins or acorns….and found their luscious inviting pillows. I love love love the Lavendar touched velvet pillow. I cannot imagine anything cozier than that!

  221. Autumn

    Silly autocorrect, should be frommage dome, not age dome!

    • Autumn

      And on this comment should say rouched, not touched…..ugh autocorrect is getting turned OFF!

  222. S.B.

    I would serve an assortment of gourmet cheeses, fresh fruit, bread and crackers on this lovely tray.

  223. Jo

    Love this! I would serve a warm crusty loaf with Parmesan wafers, a Brie with a fruity mustard spread, and my signature caprese garlic bread crostini. The board is just lovely,


  224. courtney

    I love making cheese plates for craft night with the ladies. Usually brie (my fav), figs, pecans, irish cheddar, and some yummy crackers.

  225. Linda Bevec

    I would serve a variety of flat bread pizzas and cozy up with a glass of wine!

  226. lisa

    Beautiful! Huge lover of cheese so i’d be going that route with my book club.

  227. Melissa

    Great site with beautiful wares. I think I would use this similar to your styling – with an assortment of cheese and fruit.

  228. Kathy.

    So elegant! In the south sausage cheese balls and cheese straws are standard fare for many occasions; I’m thinking they’d be perfect served on this platter, maybe with some mugs of cider

  229. April was in CT now CA

    I have an ottoman I’ve been wanting to find a tray for so I can use it as a small coffee table and this would be perfect!

  230. Staci Torgerson

    I’d actually love to turn this into a lazy Susan for my kitchen island so that when my girls are doing homework they can have their snacks served on this since they sit opposite each other. Great rustic look.

  231. Deborah E

    love love love the vintage sack ottoman……….I WANT it!

  232. Linda

    I have an old trunk we use as a coffee table that I’ve been looking for a tray for. This one is fantastic!

  233. Mandi

    Oh, this is lovely! It would be perfect on my coffee table and it looks like it would be great to take to holiday gatherings — covered in cheeses, crackers, and olives OR even in small batches of Christmas cookies and chocolates.

  234. Jackie

    i love the Alice in Wonderland Nesting Dolls

  235. Regina

    This would be perfect to use during the holidays. Absolutely beautiful!

  236. Jon

    I would take the photo’s idea one step up – put baked brie (wrapped in dough, with jam) on the platter to share.

  237. Jennie S

    This is gorgeous! I’d serve blue cheese, honey and crackers

  238. Jeanette

    I would put cheese and crackers on it.

  239. Kelly Gray

    It would be perfect for serving Christmas treats on for my annual goody swap.

  240. Kendra

    Would love to use for apps or snazzy cheese & crackers plate!

  241. Susan Cox

    I would serve cheese and crackers. Pizza is great idea too!

  242. Debra Schramm

    I’d serve salami, cheese and olives on mine!

  243. Heather

    I would serve my birthday cake on it!

  244. Rachel

    Santa’s cookies would be set out in style on Christmas Eve!!

  245. Michele

    I could see it now with two lattes and some pumpkin pie.

  246. Kelly

    I would use the platter for bread, cheeses or charcuterie.

  247. Kari

    Def cheese and crackers!!! :)

  248. AmyE

    What you had on your platter looked perfect. One day when kids are gone, that’s how we’ll eat every night … throw some Italian meats, and olives and we’re set.

  249. tracy

    Baked brie with honey, nuts and crackers on the side. Warm, creamy deliciousness!

  250. Maureen

    I would serve goodies on it for game night with my grandkiddos! We love games and this would add to the traditions even more!!

  251. MaryBeth

    A variety of cheeses, dried fruit, crusty bread and fig preserves. Thanks for the chance to win.

  252. Jennifer

    I would serve everything on it! I love platters and trays and this one is gorgeous!

  253. Shannon

    Since a trip to Italy last year, we’ve been loving olive oil, balsamic vinegar and crusty bread as a snack. Pair it with a glass of red wine, some blue cheese with apples, and a handful of nuts… would be perfect served on this tray!

  254. Memaw 0624

    I would serve an antipasta style spread to start. Then I would quickly rinse and serve breads with dinner. And of course after another quick rinse would be dessert selections…..And I would do this as often as I could…Beautiful Tray!!!

  255. Memaw 0624

    What a lovely tray. I would start by using it to serve an antipasta platter. Then after a quick rinse, I would serve bread for dinner on it. Once more to rinse and serve a dessert selection on it. And I would do this as often as I could!!

    • Memaw 0624

      Sorry for the dup. I thought I deleted the first one….DAHHH

  256. Lisa Spence

    Fresh bread! Thanks for the opportunity!

  257. LeAnn Peterson

    Fresh baked bread with wine and chocolate on the side…for when the girls come over = perfect!

  258. Connie

    Give Away One–I’d serve Pizza

  259. Andrea

    I would do a variety of cheeses one with fresh baked rosemary break and some goat cheese maybe some crostini’s

  260. Sheri

    Wow. . .they have such unique and beautiful items!!

    I would serve appetizers on the tray. . . but there are so many things that you could serve on it!! Lovely!!

  261. Ashley Brown

    How gorgeous! I’d serve cheese as well :)

  262. Shayna

    Oh- this is fabulous! I’d love to use it to serve hot chocolate and cookies! Mmmm!

  263. Leigh

    I’d love to serve different crackers and different kinds of cheese for a girls night in!

  264. Bobbi

    Christmas cookies and hot cocoa! Thanks the the site, another great small business Saturday go to!

  265. Jennifer M.

    What a beautiful heirloom piece! I would try and come up with many things so that I could use this beautiful serving piece as often as possible;). One thing off the top of my head would be Baked Brie, prosciutto and some good old crusty French bread…… Yum!!!

  266. Megan B

    Cheese and crackers with wine for a girls night but that will have to wait until next summer because we just found out I’m expecting!!

  267. Anita

    I l.o.v.e. the nesting bowls!

  268. Jill

    Oh my goodness……this is so fantastic. Would love to serve just about anything on here….. Rustic apple tart…, cheese board. Amazing piece.

  269. Lou Ann

    Oh my! Everything on the site is gorgeous. Love this board! I would serve BREAD amd more !!

  270. Yvonne

    I’d love to serve cheeses on that board!

  271. MaKenna

    Crusty, homemade sourdough bread… goat cheese… figs… olives… yeah…

  272. Shari

    I have always wanted to have a wine and cheese party. What a great platter to display all the cheese and fruits!

  273. marissa rozenski

    OMG I LOVE this! At first I thought ‘I’ll never find anything on their site I’d like better’…BUT- the velvet pumkins! The slate tiered stand!! THE WIZARD OF OZ NESTING SET!!!! I still love this board, but Ohh Myyyy, I’ve added a few things to my Christmas Wish List! What would I serve? EVERYTHING! Cheese and crackers, baked brie with apples and raisins, a collection of Italian cookies and handmade truffles…if it fits, it sits!

  274. Nan

    It is beautiful for a sampling of cheese and figs for our Christmas celebration!

  275. kim

    crackers and cheese and cookies and more..
    its a great tray that i simply adore!!

  276. Michelle

    I would do a full on charcuterie with salami, spinach and artichoke dip, hummus, crackers, and a variety of cheeses!

  277. Joyce

    love this! sure I could many, many things to serve on this!

  278. Joy

    Definitely really good cheese, crackers, grapes and dried cherries!

  279. Susan A.

    Wow! That tray is gorgeous! It looks best with a cheese spread on it, but I bet anything you served on that would look impressive.

  280. Holly

    Love the tray! I would use it to serve hot chocolate and goodies on Christmas Eve.

  281. Hayley

    Love the tray for assorted cheeses like you have it; it’d also be great for a martini/Bloody Mary bar!

  282. Tammy

    I would probably serve delicious warm crab dip with crackers. :)

  283. JuliaW

    Oh my goodness, they have so many beautiful items at LoveFeast! If I won the tray, I think it would be wonderful to use as a server for my holiday pecan pie. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  284. Shawna

    Crackers/breads with spreads and dips

  285. Maria

    The tray is gorgeous. I would serve my crab dip with fresh french bread slices. It would makea beautiful addition to my Christmas table.

  286. Meghan

    I’d serve bread and cheese on it.

  287. Helena Dias

    Very versatile. Cheese and crackers or anything else.

  288. Tabitha

    Nice warm bread would be great on it while serving up some homemade soup!

  289. Jennifer

    I would serve cheese, crackers and lots of olives.

  290. Kari H

    my choice would be to serve cheese and crackers. How lovely is that platter!!

  291. Jody

    I would serve a variety of finger foods…cheese and crackers, grapes, cookies. Yum!

  292. Ruth

    I would serve different kinds of cheeses and different flavors of crackers. Maybe some grapes as well
    and also some summer sausages.

  293. Julie Joy

    Oh. my. This is a dangerous giveaway! I’d love to serve brotzeit (literally, bread time) on this tray – meats, cheeses, and also use one of the handmade salt bowls to add seasoning!

  294. Val Catanzaro

    I will definitely serve cheese, crackers, olives, etc. on this beautiful board!

  295. Peggy Murphy

    I just came across this website today and I hope I’m not too late for the giveaway! This is the loveliest platter I have ever seen! I could imagine using this for almost any occasion, breakfast muffins, a delicious assortment of sandwiches for lunch, or of course more traditional appetizers like cheese, crackers or bread, olives, nuts, etc. It just looks absolutely beautiful!

  296. Janet

    I have loved the sweet velvet pumpkins from the first moment I saw them. The “Velvet Pumpkin Holiday Ice” pumpkins are my choice.

    • Janet

      oops… got carried away looking at the website. I would serve crab dip and crackers or a bowl of boiled peanuts from our local “Timbo’s Peanuts.”

  297. Celeste

    I’d have to be a copy-cat and do a cheese spread too!

  298. kristen t

    It’s Christmas….that platter would definitely be filled with COOKIES!!

  299. Florence

    The LoveFeast Table is an awesome site and has a little bit of this and a little bit of that, very unique. Here is what I will serve on my Provencial Platter: an assortment of cheese (soft, medium hard) with fresh and dried fruits (dates, figs, apricots, etc.) When not in use I will use it as a display on my table.

  300. Jenna

    Cheese, crackers, and fresh fruit. Beautiful platter!

  301. Lauren Michelle

    Ohhh, I would use it for looks, to begin with. It’s gorgeous. Secondly, I would serve dry tapas on it!

  302. janet

    Our spread usually includes chorizo, manchego and brie cheese, fig spread, crackers and grapes. I’d love to win this! It’s beautiful!!

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