The Plate Wall

The Plate Wall

 Just thought I’d let you know I finally took down the crunchy Christmas wreath from the dining room.

And, I found some plates to fill in the awkward blank wreath-shaped area on the wall.

PHEW! Crisis averted.

I know you’ve been losing sleep over how I was going to solve that decorating dilemma.


Anyway, I’m making progress on getting back in my groove after the flu!

Yay me!

Carry on.

*For tips on creating a plate wall like this, see the post on How I Hang Plates.


  1. Maria Stephenson says

    I love plates on walls, mine are roses but I do love the photo of all white plates.

  2. What a lovely collection of plates and trays with so many different shapes and textures!
    Could you offer advice about how you hung the plates without plate hangers showing?

  3. And you can’t even tell where the wreath hung! Good planning…or was it one of those happy coincidences?! (: I love when that happens.

  4. Love your plate wall, it looks amazing. Hugs, Marty

  5. LOVE the white on white on white …

  6. Looks great! You’d never know there was a wreath hanging there. I love the mix of the white plates with the industrial, rustic table/decor below them. And I hope you get back to 100% soon – what a nasty winter for illness, it seems.

  7. So pretty, love your wall of plates!

  8. Looks wonderful! and love those baskets too :-)
    great mix of textures!
    glad you are feeling better…one thing about bed rest…you get to do lots of thinking and dreaming and pinning!

  9. Melissa, So glad to hear you’re on the mend. I actually love the look of those white plates against the white wall. It makes the shapes and textures of each plate stand out. Guess I’ll have to take my Christmas tree down now. LOL!

  10. I love how you keep everything in perspective with humor, Melissa!

  11. Love the plate arrangement! I have done several over the years. Here’s a hint…super glue sawtooth picture hangers on the back. I have hung platters this way and they hold up for years! Learned it from Martha :). One comment about the width of the arrangement…it goes beyond your table base. Maybe you put chairs on either end of the table and they just weren’t in the pic. I always tell people, wall arrangements should draw your eye up like a triangle with your base being the widest element. Thankful a friend put me onto your blog…we are both pastor’s wives who decorate!

    • Thanks Patty, yeah the photo doesn’t really show that there is a bench there to the side. And actually I’m looking for a buffet or cabinet for that space so I don’t plan to leave that particular table there. Good advice though and nice to meet you! :-)

  12. For the record, I appreciate the “random and reckless” approach. Gives me hope. I have too many blank walls, fearing if things weren’t situated exactly I’d end up having to move them and then have random, fresh nail holes all over as well. So, “one day”… Your work gives me hope! (Seriously though, it’s beautiful!)

  13. I love the plates! What do you use to hang them with? Like you, I like to change my walls and my space, but I’m always concerned about how to hang things without damaging the walls on my apartment.

  14. I’m in love with that table and the baskets you have underneath! Can you tell me where you purchased those items? I recently bought two end tables for my living room that are very similar looking to your table. I really love the combination of wood and metal paired with the texture of the baskets.

  15. Ohhhh I love love love plate walls (and the one you show is especially pretty!) – thanks for sharing :)

  16. I have used plates on walls forever. My mom did it before me. I have a blue and white master suite with accents of red with the curtains and bedding in toile. My plates are blue and white and have come from everywhere. Some are gifts, some expensive, some are one of a kind pieces from France that my Daughter bought when she went on a trip in high school. One plate I found at a flee market and it commerates the centennial of the town in New Jersey where my husband grew up. They used to be above the bed. Now I have them opposite the bed surrounding the flat screen TV with a large print of a house at the beach directly below the TV. So when I lay in bed I can watch Tv or look at the print and think about being at the beach and being surrounded by all the beautiful blue and white colors that are so prevelant. I plan to do al wall of white plates and platters in my next home in the dining area. I am looking forward to doing that.

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