Our Trip to Tybee Island:: Mermaid Cottages {Out to See}

Our Trip to Tybee Island:: Mermaid Cottages {Out to See}

Our Trip to Tybee Island:: Mermaid Cottages {Out to See}

I‘m feeling sorry for some of you stuck in the snow all winter! A little snow is fun, but wow, NO ONE NEEDS SNOW ALL WINTER LONG! It’s FREEZING here (no snow though — YET!) so I’m right there with you hoping for some warmer weather. I think we could all use a summer beach vacation about now.

Our Trip to Tybee Island:: Mermaid Cottages {Out to See}

How about hanging out for a week in an ocean front cottage on Tybee Island? Yes? I thought so. I aim to please. But while I can’t take you all on vacation in real life, I can show you a little peek at the cottage my girls and I stayed at awhile back and you can enjoy a virtual summer holiday with us.

Our Trip to Tybee Island:: Mermaid Cottages {Out to See}

My two girls and I had never had the opportunity for a real “girls’ getaway” before, so early this Fall I decided to make that happen! I was traveling a lot for work and realized that in between a trip to NYC and another one to Tybee Island, I had about five days off. So instead of zig zagging across the country from NY to Seattle and back to Georgia, I invited my girls to come hang out with me for a week on Tybee Island with some day trips to Savannah!

Our Trip to Tybee Island:: Mermaid Cottages {Out to See}

Not only did we have a blast hanging out together, walking on the beach, eating, shopping and just having fun being tourists (I’ve got lots more pictures of our time in Savannah to show you in another post!), but we got lots of work done!

My girls and I love planning business goals and dreaming up creative ideas together. I couldn’t ask for more supportive, enthusiastic and insightful daughters! While I wish I had them all to myself full time, but they are so busy with their own jobs at Amazon and Restoration Hardware that it took flying them on a trip across the country for us to have five days together! :-) WORTH IT.

Our Trip to Tybee Island:: Mermaid Cottages {Out to See}

We stayed at Doyles on the Dunes, which is one of the Mermaid Cottages. It is a sweet ocean front cottage with an amazing view and a beautiful beach just outside the door. It was everything you’d hope for in a casual beach cottage getaway — we had such fun! I got to spend some quality time working a big project, too!

Here’s a little tour!

Our Trip to Tybee Island:: Mermaid Cottages {Out to See}

Our Trip to Tybee Island:: Mermaid Cottages {Out to See}

Our Trip to Tybee Island:: Mermaid Cottages {Out to See}

Our Trip to Tybee Island:: Mermaid Cottages {Out to See}

Our Trip to Tybee Island:: Mermaid Cottages {Out to See}

Our Trip to Tybee Island:: Mermaid Cottages {Out to See}

Our Trip to Tybee Island:: Mermaid Cottages {Out to See}

Our Trip to Tybee Island:: Mermaid Cottages {Out to See}

Our Trip to Tybee Island:: Mermaid Cottages {Out to See}

Our Trip to Tybee Island:: Mermaid Cottages {Out to See}

The Mermaid Cottage folks were so sweet to us and we had an amazing visit to Tybee! Good memories with my girls too. Our Trip to Tybee Island:: Mermaid Cottages {Out to See}

I’ll be sharing more soon from our trip to Savannah and ANOTHER awesome beach front house I got to stay in on Tybee Island!

Even if it is freezing or snowy, at least we can dream about summer beach trips, right?

So, are you ready for winter to be over?


  1. Joanne Hrycak says

    Well those pictures sure made looking out at all this snow longing for spring Here in NYC we’ve had more snow than we needed to have. THANKS took me away even for a little while. Your girls are adorable glad you had time to spend with them. Adorable in a grown up way……

  2. I love your post! Tybee Island and Savannah is our family vacation spot so it was really cool to see your email pop up. I have heard about the Mermaid Cottages and we are going to have to check them out. I don’t know what it is about Tybee, it isn’t fancy at all, but it is such a neat place. I’m glad you all enjoyed your trip and your girls are lovely!

  3. what a beautiful place!! I especially like that old door headboard.

    this summer will be the 4th summer that me and my girls have taken a trip together with just the 3 of us. I love having that time alone with them. your girls are gorgeous Melissa!

  4. Savannah is one of my favorite cities and yes, I’m ready for a beach vacation. One where I do ONLY what I WANT to do and not what I HAVE to do. I”m so tired of breaking ice, being cold and winter, I could lay down and cry.

  5. Sooner or later, I’m going to need another headboard. And now I KNOW that it’s going to be a fabulous old blue door.

    I just KNOW it …


  6. First, that blue door rules my little world.
    Second, today — for the first time — I have the winter blues.
    Time to grab the dogs, hop in the car + point the car south!
    Can’t wait for Savannah pics!

  7. I live about 1 hour. North of Tybee and have been there several times, we also visit to Savannah too! Too bad you didn’t get to visit Beaufort, SC, voted the happiest seaside town in Southern Living 2013.

  8. So enjoyed the Tybee Island pics. The rejuvenated dressers really caught my eye as both my daughter and son had similar ones in maple. The paint really gave them a wonderful up-dated look. I’m looking forward to the Savannah pictures. My daughter and I visited Savannah a couple of years ago and fell in love with the charm and history. We’ll have to add Tybee Island to our list of future getaways.

  9. What a lovely get-away! Gotta love the beach, turquoise, and yellow! :)

  10. We have been trying to plan our summer vacation this week because we are so tired of all the snow we are getting here in Ohio. We were leaning towards going back to Charleston, SC but after reading this we are going to check out what Tybee has to offer. We went to Jekyll Island one year on our way from FL back to Charleston and loved it even though we only spent a couple hours on that little island. We haven’t done much exploring in Georgia but I think it would be a lot of fun!!!

  11. You’re close enough to Charleston to take a peek…That’s where I am. Love Tybee Island.

  12. We LOVE the Mermaid Cottages! Our photographers went up there last spring for a Coastal Cottage shoot. They are incredibly accommodating and have such an amazing aesthetic. So glad you got to experience them!

  13. Did you shop at One Fish Two Fish while in Savannah?

  14. Oh! I’ve been wanting to visit there ever since Layla from The Lettered Cottage did some decorating there! Plus, my son is at nearby Fort Stewart. Maybe someday….

  15. Speaking as a Southerner (Chapel Hill, NC) relocated to Seattle, I can only say, THANK YOU for showing what a real beach looks like! tYour photos capture the airiness so vital to interior spaces on the SE coast. The humidity is so weighty and confining that, sometimes, space is the only desirable accessory. A freshly-painted dresser with a great shape is the perfect way to add zip without pilfering precious airiness :)

  16. Beautiful! Have fun!

  17. Teri Verkaik says

    Lovely pictures and lovely ladies :)

  18. It looks like you guys had a great time! I have wanted to visit Savannah and Tybee Island for a while. Can’t wait to see the rest of your pics! And yes, I am soooo ready for warm weather!!

  19. I would love to know what the colour is on the piece of furniture under the window? I want to repaint my Grandparents cupboard & love this colour! Looks like you had a wonderful time with your girls :)

  20. What a fun girls’ getaway, thanks for sharing your vacation pics!! My mother-in-law and her sisters stayed at Doyles on the Dunes last fall, it looks like the perfect place to relax! I love Tybee, and Mermaid Cottages are the best!

  21. It looks like a lovely trip. Somewhere I have wanted to check out for some time since moving to the south. And I love that blue dresser under the window! I too would love to know the color. :)

  22. looks like you girls had a wonderful time, nothing like a great girl’s weekend.

  23. Have you ever read Mary Kay Andrews books? They are set in this area and part of the books focus on antique shops, yard sales and decorating. I could only imagine what the area looked like. And now, I stumbled on this blog and there you are. Pics and all. Thank you. I need to venture down there some day all the way from sunny California.

  24. I’m more than ready not only for spring to come, but even for summer! :-D

  25. Oh Melissa how wonderful for you and your daughters…they are stunning! I love when I can get away with my daughter! Happy Day
    and I think you just pushed me over the edge…in need of a beach trip soon!
    Thanks =)

  26. YES! I am so ready for spring. Winter just keeps hanging on here in WI. I keep reminding myself only 6 more “weeks” {because that sounds so much better than “months”}. Darn groundhog. Love the photos, especially the wood walkway to the beach-I wanted to jump through the screen and RUN!

  27. We go to the beach every other summer, usually to Outer Banks in NC. Two summers ago we wanted to try something new. I had heard of Tybee from Layla at The Lettered Cottage, and it seemed like a good fit. I like that it has more history than so many other beach towns. It’s also nice that Savannah is so close, for some city exploring as well. Doyles is one of the cottages we looked at but it wasn’t quite right for or needs. Unfortunately we had horrible weather most of our trip (106 temps with humidity, or a tropical storm) but it was still a nice stay overall.

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