{Little Rewards That Don’t Involve Chocolate} A Hanging Faceted Terrarium

{Little Rewards That Don't Involve Chocolate} A Hanging Faceted Terrarium

Do you ever have one of those not so pretty days? When not only is it raining like crazy outside but most of the day is spent washing dirty socks, cleaning someone else’s spit off of faucets, picking up dog doo doo from the kitchen floor? I do. I mean, I love having a clean house so it’s worth the effort. But sometimes you do ALL THOSE THINGS and at the end of the day it’s like someone hit REPEAT and suddenly you turn around and HOORAY you get to do the same thing over again! It is like ground hog day. Only it’s not really. It’s just a regular day.

One of the ways I reward myself for dreary days and hard work is to reconnect to things I love doing, like finding a small but pretty project I can complete. And when I say small pretty project, I don’t mean whipping out the power tools to put together a barn wood wall before bed that night. RIGHT? I mean a LITTLE PROJECT you can do that doesn’t cause migraines or smashed fingers or any real possibility of failure.

{Little Rewards That Don't Involve Chocolate} A Hanging Faceted Terrarium

I was running through World Market a couple of weekends ago and I found this adorable little faceted glass lantern. It was intended for a candle but I was thinking it would be really cute with a little plant. Of course as soon as I got home with it and revealed my plan my daughter told me they have these at West Elm and they are often used as terrariums. So, it’s trendy but WHO CARES? Not me. I just thought they were fun lanterns.

And yesterday when I had one of THOSE DAYS I remembered the lantern.

Instead of rewarding myself with a hot fudge sundae (which let’s be honest, that is what I REALLY wanted to do) I made a terrarium! Not as comforting as hot fudge, I know. The only plant I had was a little succulent but I think it would be really cute with any small plants. It wasn’t really a big deal and obviously required no creative talent what-so-ever, but it was my little accomplishment of prettiness for the day. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get me through.

If you really want to make this project easy, just put the succulent in a little dish or pot first. No need for all the dirt and rocks.

Hope your day is filled with pretty things!


  1. HA — this is too funny. Are we twins, separated at birth?
    One Saturday, I participated in an etsy makers market at the Chicago West Elm . . .
    . . . where we spotted the terrariums + succulents.
    After the market ended, off we go, across the street, to World Market!
    Our grandlad, who came up with Grandpa to retrieve me, + we had fun, making his own terrarium!
    Yes, I’m THAT Grandma. :-)

  2. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who feels like they live in Ground Hog Day.
    Get up, get the kids to school, take out the dog, breakfast, laundry, dishwasher, take out the dog, lunch, laundry, kids come home, dog, homework, make dinner, make school lunches, dog, fall asleep on the couch watching TV, go to bed……REPEAT. Thankfully there are a lot of hugs and laughter mixed in to make it all worthwhile.
    Getting to complete a cute little project in there is definitely a bright spot….Also, the thrill of a great find at a thrift shop or in the clearance aisle.
    Love your terrarium!

  3. Wendy Hayden says

    Love the terrarium, so easy but it looks gorgeous. I to feel like I go around in circles sometimes. The problem with me is I work full time so cleaning is an ongoing challenge. I’ve now learned not to tell people “sorry for the mess”and just let them except me as they find me.Keep up the good work, I love reading your blog.

  4. I love this idea, but I’m so fearful that it would break in a windstorm. I know myself and I would definitely forget to take it inside :(

  5. How fabulous is this. I would never think to hang a terrarium. It looks amazing.

  6. Hi
    Just to tell you how cute the lantern came out with the plants. Although I must agree Hot Fudge was my first choice also, but then I would regret that later on.

  7. Sometimes, after a day of drudgery, you just need to find a little beauty. ;)

  8. Hi Melissa! I just found your blog… it is really inspiring. Beautiful home and I love your full-of-lifeness : ) with children, animals, design and writing!


  9. Those are times when I want a mani-pedi, or a hair appt. It feels so good to be pampered. I look better, feel better, and I am refreshed and ready to take on the world.

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