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Curb Appeal: 3 Memorable Exteriors

by | May 15, 2014 | exteriors, Gardens & Outdoor Rooms

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Curb Appeal: 3 Memorable ExteriorsTraditional Home, Architect Jeff Murphy, Photography by Werner Straube

Curb Appeal: 3 Memorable ExteriorsBHG

Curb Appeal: 3 Memorable ExteriorsBHG

I love homes with great curb appeal.

My favorite exteriors grab your attention and draw you in.

These homes that would stop me dead in my tracks and force me to whip out my camera if I was walking by.

Pretty walkways, enchanting gates, charming houses, and lovely landscapes.

It’s a great time of year to ramp up the curb appeal!

Don’t you love a charming exterior?


  1. Sallie

    Yes, yes, and YES! We are working on ours this spring…but it won’t quite look like these. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Faith

    Oh so reminiscent of your drive-by days of old! I particularly love the rose arbor on house #2.

  3. Kay

    Nobody loves the charming exterior more than I do . . . + this brings up the subject of “busy” front yards.
    I am a fan . . . BUT the Smart Home 2014 from HGTV has foundation evergreens ONLY.
    So is that a “thing” again?
    Just wondering.

  4. karen on bainbridge island

    For those of us who love to look at other peoples’ homes, it’s all about the exterior, because the people who live in the much admired homes rarely invite us in!

    We try to make our home as appealing on the outside as it is on the inside. On HGTV, we loved the old Curb Appeal show, and the more recent Curb Appeal:The Block. I wish those shows were still in production.

  5. Linda

    Even though these lovely front yards are nothing like mine seeing beauty spurs me on to finish up my own front porch. My furniture painting has been slowed down by rain and more rain! Soon…have a good day.

  6. Jill @ Still Keeping On The Narrow Way

    I’m a sucker for unique architecture and a beautiful yard. So pretty and inspiring! Plus if the outside looks that good can you just imagine what the inside looks like?

  7. Esther

    Is that wood stacked up on the porch in the first picture? If so, that is hardly “curb appeal.” The other two pictures are gorgeous.

  8. Rebecca

    Hahaha. I’m totally that person that whips out the camera at a great house. I’ve almost been busted by the owner a couple times. Oops.

  9. Julie @ Creating This Life

    I love curb appeal too! It’s one of the things we loved most when we first spotted our home. I really love the shingles and front door on that first photo.

  10. Barbara (WA)

    Hubby and I were at Ocean Shores yesterday and the home we visited had the most beautiful landscaping & curb appeal. Perfect plants for ocean front with winding paths of gravel, lots of stone & shells. I wish I’d snapped a photo.

  11. teresa

    Nothing quite like a charming neighborhood…. I wish in my area it was so hard to keep things alive.
    There should be a rule…don’t build it unless its got character and charm….just saying =)

  12. Brindusa

    Beautiful exteriors, all three! Climbing roses, wooden gate, lanterns, all that rock… lovely! Our house is not quite finished yet, so yes, we have some work to do in this respect! :-)


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