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How to Create a Meaningful Home

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Authentic Living, Decorating Inspiration

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How to Create a Meaningful Home
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been head over heels in love with creating meaningful homes. My passion for the home inspired me over the years to transform a half dozen houses into meaningful places for our family, to eventually to turn my passion into a service helping others to create meaningful homes and then I turned that business into a blog in 2007, which in turn transformed my life and home in more ways than I can count. It’s the heart behind my blog and a topic I never grow tired of.

Recently sweet Jenna of SAS Interiors asked if I would be willing to write an introduction for her blogger series on Creating a Meaningful Home. I  was honored. I can’t think of a subject I’d be more excited to write about, so of course, I immediately said YES.

You can find my Meaningful Home post over at SAS Interiors, I hope you’ll enjoy it and be inspired by the upcoming series!

*Lantern Source: Pottery Barn


  1. Debby

    I love your passion for living in a meaningful home.As far back as I can remember, a beautiful and functional home environment has been been important to me. I’ve always tried to create beauty in my home, even if it’s been with hand-me-down furniture and family photos. I could never live in a home that didn’t feel like “me,” from the furniture styles to the colors to art on the walls. I love having original artwork or reproductions of museum works around me. (Posters from art museums are affordable and framable.) Paint is the absolute best decorating tool. A new wall color, and suddenly, your room feels completely new! What I like most about your blog is the reassurance that we must decorate with what we love, not what’s trendy or what everyone else wants. No stainless steel appliances and granite countertops can make me feel as good as the beautiful raku pottery my mother made or a black and white photo of my children or a landscape painting by my husband. Thank you for the reminders to keep our home lives beautifully meaningful.

  2. Tamela

    Melissa, great introduction!


    Melissa I just read your post, amazing job and you stated beautifully what a meaningful home is and what it takes to get there in our design journey. Great Job!

  4. Sophia Buckley

    Hi Melissa – I love this post and your blog. I really admire your style & sensibility. The curtains in your dining room are fabulous. I don’t see that you’ve posted where they’re from. Could you point me in the right direction? Thank you!!

  5. Laura

    So good to read, especially when I feel slightly guilty about the time I spend making my house beautiful. It’s okay to be surrounded by beauty. God surrounded us with beauty when He made this big old world! But I hope my home helps me to love people better, instead of being a distraction from loving them.

    • Ali Qadir

      No need to feel guilty about spending time on beautifying your home. Do Artists feel guilty over spending too much time on making a painting I don’t think so. Creating beauty isn’t wasting time its the best use of time.

  6. Laura

    Oooh and I got the giggles when reading your old post about the six-year journey in your house, when you described the paint color as “swine pink.” That is so perfect and I will be borrowing the phrase! People! Avoid swine pink at all costs! Even if the House Beautiful designers tell you to use it.


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