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Quiet {Day 2: Loving Fall}Magnolia Rouge – Gooch and Gawler – Photography and Styling by Sarah Gawler and Hannah Gooch

I love the quiet beauty of fall. There is a certain peace in getting back into our routines and appreciating the slowness of fall rhythms. In addition to my own routines, what I’m sensing around me right now is how we experience fall organically in the Northwest. Perhaps fall feels different to you, wherever you are in the world. But still, I think there are lessons to be found in the seasons no matter where you are.

Quiet {Day 2: Loving Fall}Town & Country

I love the dropping of the leaves and the kaleidoscope of changing colors that are normally associated with fall, but we have a lot of evergreen trees in our neighborhood that quietly offer us lush greenery year round. We are surrounded by mountains that haven’t yet been covered in white snow, but they are there quietly forming the backdrop of every day in all their majestic beauty.

It can be easy to take for granted or even miss the quiet beauty right here in front of us as we are rushing about our day.

Quiet {Day 2: Loving Fall}

There are bodies of water all around us all the time, but this time of year the waters are more still without all the activity from boats and summer recreation. The rain hasn’t moved in for good yet, so we don’t hear the pounding drops on the roof or the puddles on the sidewalks. There are definitely some gradually changing colors and dropping leaves, but many organic things have simply paused for a moment.

There is a certain quiet stillness around us that is almost like a gentle reminder to slow down and notice, to see all that is good and beautiful right now.

Even the wood piles outside the doors tell a story, all stacked and ready to warm our houses as the chill in the air grows more crisp. Their quiet message is meaningful and even symbolic, reminding us it is time to settle in and provide a warm and safe place to nurture our families.

Quiet {Day 2: Loving Fall}Sand and Sisal

The softening shades of whites, greens and browns of fall are a quiet nod to the changes of the season — not too much, not too fast, and not too little. It’s a good reminder that what we have right now is enough.

Quiet {Day 2: Loving Fall}

The hydrangeas have quieted down, evolving from their brighter energetic hues to the most beautiful soft shades of green-blue and soft pink. The changes come so slowly and gently but if you don’t stop long enough to look and appreciate the beautiful simplicity, you can miss these fleeting moments of all that is lovely right now.

Quiet {Day 2: Loving Fall}Christiane Lemieux – Dwell Studio

We are invited to a fall table to slow down awhile so we can savor scents and tastes and enjoy the company of good people.

Quiet {Day 2: Loving Fall}

Puttering around the house adding textures and cozy elements is a quiet and simple pleasure we can enjoy no matter how the seasons change or evolve around us.

Quiet {Day 2: Loving Fall}My daughter Kylee’s Instagram

The quiet sound the leaves make as they crunch and float around the sidewalk whisper a gentle reminder that change is in the air, but savoring what we have right now is how we prepare for all the good things that can come through a new season.

Do you enjoy the quiet beauty of fall?

Quiet {Day 2: Loving Fall}

If you missed day one of Loving Fall, you can find it here! This is a special periodic series going on through October and November!


  1. Anne-Marie

    Perhaps fall should be renamed ‘drift’ or perhaps ‘gather’. I’m an English lass so it’s Autumn where I’m from. Though living in Switzerland, so it’s ‘Herbst’. Love this season! The colours, the smells, the tastes, the pace, the textures, the cosiness of it all.

    • Faith

      Beautiful words; lovely sentiment. Leaving the beach today after a girlfriends getaway and appreciating your words as I listen to the quiet of gentle waves.

  2. Leah Faye

    Oh my goodness I am super excited for fall! I love these pictures. Especially all of the logs in the pile. I wish we had a fireplace so much!
    Leah Faye
    the clover field

  3. Brittney

    I love the way you’ve displayed the branch of leaves on your mantel! Also, where is the charcoal colored pillow from? The one in the chair next to your fireplace? Sooooo cute!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you Brittney! I got it a year or so ago at West Elm! I don’t see it there anymore…but maybe they’ll have something similar :)

  4. Kelly

    I love fall almost as much as you do! Such a lovely post.


    Such a beautiful post! I pinned away and I too love the softer, quieter side of Fall!!!
    Happy Sunday and here is to a great week, Melissa!!

  6. teresa

    I love fall…I usually need to drive up in the mountains to get my fix….in are area fall visits for such a short time…we usually go from summer to winter…still in the 90’s all this week =(
    Thanks for sharing your fall. Love it

  7. Diane

    I really enjoyed this post ! Especially loved your all white fall display, really lovely.

  8. Brenda Kula

    Lovely words and photos. We don’t have many leaves down yet, and no pretty colorful ones. Still warm here in OK. Simplicity to me is the luxury of life.

  9. Rose L

    Ah, what lovely pictures. Fall is a rush where I am. Putting up the last of the garden vegetables and doing the big clean up. Weeding the flower beds and mowing one last time. Preparing meat for the freezer. Cleaning the house after a summer so packed full that nothing else got done inside. A real rush it is! We love every busy minute of it And then the first frost comes as it did two nights ago and suddenly it’s winter. Now we can take it slower and appreciate all that the past seasons have gifted us with. Counting our blessings!

  10. Manon Bourassa

    Hi, Could you please tell me which paint color you used on your mantle? I love it! Thanks!

  11. Jaime Lopez

    Such beautiful imagery, words and thoughts. I love how fall makes us slow down and enjoy all the elements around us, thank you for taking a moment and recognizing that. Love your blog!

    – Jaime

  12. Mariah

    Beautiful words and beautiful pictures. As I have gotten older, fall has become one of my favorite seasons. I love the smells, the scenery, the coziness and the sense of peace. Your pictures and words give me great inspiration to create more of a cozy environment in my college house this season. I look forward to reading more of your blogs!

  13. Christina Rodriguez

    What a beautiful post! It makes me want to visit somewhere further north so I can experience actual Fall weather.

  14. Brindusa

    Oh, yes, yes, I so love the fall season… The leaves, the colors, the fruit, the crisp air, the cozy feeling of home, of a fire in the stove, a hot cup of tea, a lit candle… Lots of things to like about it! :-)


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