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Fall Traditions with the Pups {Day 8: Loving Fall}

by | Nov 2, 2014 | Decorating Inspiration

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Fall Traditions with the Pups {Day 8: Loving Fall}

Seriously, I just can’t even. 

We have several long-standing fall family traditions. I know this one is kind of silly, but since our kids were small and we had our pup Winston, we would sometimes dress him up in funny clothes and costumes. My daughters called him “Fashion Hound.” We get such a kick out of funny looking animals. Dogs just make everything more fun around our home.

So every Halloween, we dress the pups up in a costume (perhaps it humiliates them, but they are good sports) so we can get a great big laugh. When the kids were little we would walk around the neighborhood with the pups, to spread the cheer far and wide. People always loved it.

This year Bella, Jack & Lily’s cousin, wins for best costume. Life can be so serious, it’s good to get a good laugh. Happy November, everyone!

Fall Traditions with the Pups {Day 8: Loving Fall}


  1. Liz

    So cute !! Funny idea..Should do that with my little one :) xx Liz

  2. Seana Turner

    I so agree with you about life being serious. I try to do funny things and keep up a lot of traditions as well… it gives us all a break from the stress, something “warm and fuzzy” to look forward to. I love your tradition!

  3. Linda

    Too cute!! our kids dressed up their dogs as well for Halloween.

  4. Shelley @ Calypso in the Country

    Oh, that picture is just darling! What a cutie! We dress our golden retriever up for Halloween each year. She is not thrilled but is a good sport about it. Happy November to you!

  5. Julie

    Cutest thing! Thought it was a creative grooming trick at first!

  6. Kendall | Lucky Dog

    How cute! My dog doesn’t particularly enjoy dressing up for the holiday – but I do it anyway! I just can’t resist how cute he looks. He was a dragon this year – a big hit.

  7. Angela Wells

    That is the perfect doggy costume. Love it!

  8. Maria M.

    Lol! Too funny. I had to do a double take — the little lion is quite convincing. :-)

  9. Patty

    Absolutely adorable! That is the cutest “Lion” doggy I have ever seen (smile)! Blessings, Patty


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