8 Tips for a Tidy and Peaceful Bedroom

8 Tips for a Tidy and Peaceful Bedroom

Today I’m over at The Decluttered Home sharing eight tips for a tidy and peaceful bedroom! After a long day, we all deserve to retreat to a bedroom we love to be in. Come on over and get inspired!


  1. hi, just trying to find someone to answer my question:
    I have dust ruffles that hide my box springs on my beds. I would like to get rid of them, because of dust (hence the name?) and apparently spiders love to hide in the gathered folds.
    how else can I cover my box springs? all the bed pics I see of comforters they are not on beds w/ box springs. just the matresses.
    any ideas to give it a cleaner look?
    my master has head/foot and running boards, but my guest room does not.

    • Hi,
      I solved the problem of covering the box spring by buying my comforter a size bigger so that it touches the floor.

    • Linda, Restoration Hardware makes beautiful quilted boxspring covers in classic neutral shades that work well with virtually any change of duvet or comforter. These work well if you are using a bed frame where the metal L-shaped supports are hidden (e.g. by wood), and not just the metal supports (like a hollywood frame). They wash up beautifully, and are sturdier and more effective at hiding the color or pattern on the boxspring than some sheets might be.

  2. You can also buy (or use an old mismatched sheet) a fitted sheet of a neutral color and put it snugly on the box spring. Then put your mattress on top and dress the bed as usual. I just did away with the dust ruffle in my daughter’s room for this very reason. It works great!

  3. Karen on Bainbridge Island says:

    For Linda….If you use a sheet, or fabric to cover the box spring you can also staple it in place if your box spring has wood you can staple in to.

  4. Susie Dean says:

    I need a master bedroom makeover asap!

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