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Fresh Cut Spring Flowers in a Door Basket

by | Mar 29, 2015 | Decorating Inspiration, Entry, my house, spring decorating

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Fresh Cut Spring Flowers in a Door Basket

I  took a little jaunt to the market the other day (such a strange word, jaunt?). Anyway, there’s a market up in Poulsbo not too far from where I live that I love shopping at. It’s mostly food but they have a fun little flower area. I love looking at their spring blooms. They had such beautiful colors and varieties of flowers and greenery I couldn’t help myself. I kept picking up new stems, trying different combinations and texting photos to my daughter Courtney showing her how delighted I was with all the colors and shapes. She’s used to my exuberant texts when I find pretty things and is always so gracious to stop what she is doing and have fun discussing important matters like flower combinations with me. Soon I found just the right ones!

Note to self: PLANT MORE SPRING FLOWERS IN THE YARD for cut flowers. Must.

Fresh Cut Spring Flowers in a Door Basket

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When I got back I removed the winter stems out of my door basket, filled up three jars of water in the basket and put the springy blooms in. Instant JOY, it just looked so pretty! I was so inspired by the door that I cleaned up the porch and got rid of some random things that were on it (including a moment of shame, a tiny shriveled moldy pumpkin hiding behind a few planters, awesome — that’s happened two years in a row now!).

It only took a few moments to spruce up the porch and door, but I was so glad I took the time. Sometimes I feel like we are so quick take care of everyone and everything else that we don’t always take the time to treat our home or ourselves to the TLC we deserve.

So, if you haven’t already, let’s say goodbye to winter!

Go treat yourself to some pretty flowers this week.

 If it’s still snowing there (I’m sorry!) you definitely need some spring blooms on your table.

Fresh Cut Spring Flowers in a Door Basket

Fresh Cut Spring Flowers in a Door Basket

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  1. Tara @ Lehman lane

    Melissa, the flowers in your basket are gorgeous!!! I have always wanted a basket on my front door but I have one of those all glass storm doors and I haven’t found a basket depth wise that will fit. I have actually asked my husband to take down the storm door so I have more options but being that it’s still really cold right now in Pa I am not sure it’s ever going to happen:)

  2. Kay

    Oh, every Spring, I, too, make notes to myself about planting more bulbs in the fall.
    As hard as it is to believe, however, every fall I find myself a tad burned out + tired . . . meaning I don’t always get those bulbs planted!
    Oh, well. Here’s to best laid out plans!

  3. Nancy

    Melissa, I love that door basket. ! I have been purchasing fresh flowers for a couple of weeks now as it is still snowing here and we all need a pick me up. My eye couldn’t help moving inside to your gallery wall and that fluffy throw over the banister. Combining different items to create such magic really turns my crank! :)

  4. Gina

    Pretty! I plan on going to Trader Joe’s this week for some blooms for the Easter table. I like the idea of using a jar inside of a basket. That gives me a great idea for my centerpiece!

  5. Jennifer Probst

    Beautiful! We are getting ready to move in to a home with a door like this so I will definitely be buying a basket for the front door :). Question for you, can you post a photo of the space above the stairs (its kind of in the background of your front door photo)? Curious how you decorated that space.

    Thank you in advance,

  6. Barb

    I loooove that door basket!! Great idea as I always prefer fresh over fake when I have the choice. That could work inside too, no? Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Lauren@SimplyLKJ

    So pretty Melissa. I have the same door basket. I think I will put some fresh flowers in it for Easter weekend.

  8. Jo

    That, my friend, is a thing of beauty! Great job Melissa and thanks for inspiring me to pick up a few bouquets for the dining room table and the entry way dresser! Already began planning a cutting garden in our new home (once we are settled. :-)

  9. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Sweet willow baskets like yours always make my heart sing. I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for those that would be perfect to hang on my house filled with soil and summer flowering plants. The willow baskets handle the elements fairly well and have just the perfect natural look.

    Your flowers are gorgeous!! I hope you bring your basket inside to enjoy, too. I couldn’t bear having those lovelies holding guard on the front door all by themselves. ;)

    Happy Spring, Melissa!!

  10. Karen on Bainbridge Island

    Were you at Central Market? I love the flowers and the basket on the door.

  11. Becky Cunningham

    I totally adore your basket full of spring blooms!! It’s gorgeous…and your front door is amazing :)

  12. joanne

    I have a similar basket and never thought to put fresh flowers in it. duh. I love the Gerbera daisies, so very pretty. Yes, it’s Spring!

  13. Cristina Festa

    Nothing like fresh flowers to brighten things up. I buy a big bunch and full up multiple Mason jars and put them all over the house in every room. I collect mason jars and little vintage vases from garage sales. I Love them for flowers.

  14. louise

    These look amazing! I’d love a door basket but have no idea where I could find one in the UK!

    Louise x

  15. Robyn

    Oh, I miss that market in Poulsbo…..Your flowers are beautiful….

  16. Seana Turner

    That arrangement looks so springy and cheerful. It’s still below freezing at night around here… it actually snowed this morning, which has got me DEPRESSED! But I did guy some flowers at Costco today because I just have to bring some fresh life into this space. I’m laughing about the baby pumpkin – I think our squirrels would have devoured it long ago… made me smile!

  17. DonnaS

    Oh my gosh, those are beautiful flowers. You did a great job arranging them–I would want to just look at them all day!

  18. Maria Newell

    Hi Melissa! I love the idea of fresh flowers hanging on the front door. So pretty & Inviting! Your display of flowers are so beautiful, I just makes me want to smile :) Love your front door too!

  19. Jill @ The Rozy Home

    I have seen this, I have shared this and now I am doing this! It is gorgeous and I’m heading to the market tomorrow so I can do it on my front door. What a stunning display!

  20. jenna

    I have this same front door and just love what you’ve done! What’s the brand/name of the paint? I really want to create this look it’s amazing!

  21. paul

    where can i buy the door baskets from please.

  22. Elizabeth

    Lovely door basket, even with fake flowers that would be a nice addition.


    I have a full glass door and I put a basket on the door with artificial blooms in it… I do the artificial ones because of my allergies to pollen and numerous other things… I love the look of the basket… your basket is gorgeous


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