Four Ways to Create Cozier Conversation Areas

Four Ways to Create Cozier Conversation Areas
BHG by Lauren Liess

1. Gather four chairs around a round ottoman.

Four Ways to Create Cozier Conversation Areas

2. Nestle in a corner sectional.

Four Ways to Create Cozier Conversation Areas

3. Replace a coffee table with an upholstered ottoman.

Four Ways to Create Cozier Conversation AreasBHG

4. Arrange furniture into two smaller conversation areas.

 I love cozy little spots for conversation, don’t you? 

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Four Ways to Create Cozier Conversation Areas


  1. Melissa, these are great examples of cozy conversation areas. To me (an avid reader), they all look like a nice cozy place to read a book!

  2. Dear Melissa,
    I have just completed your book Love the Home You Have and tried to put a review on Amazon I am posting it here(I hope that’s okay.)

    ‘Love The Home You Have’ is a book that you might find hard to put down. It is written with a soothing tone that helps you to visualize the potential of a home that you can grow to love. Melissa walks you through step by step helping you believe in your goal without having to uproot your family. Her honesty and humor make it all that more enjoyable to read this book.
    Thank-you Melissa you are a true gift.

    Sincere and warm regards,

    Penny B

  3. have always loved the comfy ‘chairs only circle,’ for the convo corner. i have the chairs, but still need seating for the masses these days, lol. thanks for the gorge pics. always a pleasure here!

  4. jennifer says

    Can you please clarify if the four chairs in the first option were all the same, or if you would do two the same or all different? I love the idea and want to incorporate into my new home. Thank you!

  5. These are really cute ideas!

  6. Absolutely adoring how warm this interior feels! Like your favourite cottage when you were young but revamped and modern :)

    xx, Mel

  7. I’ve always loved ottomans as coffee tables. I am also loving the idea of breaking up a larger room into smaller conversation areas. Those two wing chairs in front of the fireplace are great. Makes a cozy reading (or knitting!) nook too.

  8. It’s pretty easy to arrange a cozy seating group in a small room. The larger rooms are where these are particularly needed, which I quickly found out when we moved into the home we have now. I love the upholstered ottoman in place of a coffee table.
    P.S. Thanks for ‘Home Love Stories’!

  9. Darlene says

    Can anyone tell me if they have used fieldstone by Benjamin Moore on their walls? Does it look blue gray or green? Any help would be appreciated.

  10. I just love it!

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