Lakeside House: If I Lived Here

Lakeside House: If I Lived Here

Lakeside House: If I Lived Here

Oh, hello, cute blue house on the water. How charming you are!

I  know. It’s me again with another beautiful house. #sorry #notsorry. You know I can’t help it. I just LOVE houses, I just get all giddy when I see one that takes my breath away and I just have to share it with SOMEONE. And that someone is you guys :). Isn’t it amazing? GLORY! I’m sure you feel the same way!  I mean. Honestly, isn’t it perfect?

Maybe this is just like your house. Maybe it IS your house. It truly is beautiful. It’s so fun to look and dream, but then I just smile and nod and say, how wonderful for them. That’s certainly their dream house, alright. Ha.

Lakeside House: If I Lived Here

Then after I gaze at how beautiful it is, I go back to my own little corner of the world, sulk for a moment (I KID!), tidy up the kitchen and remind myself of what I love about what I already have. I am not settling for anything less than exactly what I need and love. The people I love are here, the memories are here, the home we are building together as a family is right here. That’s more than enough.

Lakeside House: If I Lived Here

But, let’s just be honest. I also wouldn’t mind a house that looks like this. Ha! And if you want it, it is up for auction this Tuesday with no minimum bid! If you bid and get it, will you invite me over? I promise to do the same if they would accept my bid :). The house is on Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

If I lived here, I know I’d be out on that dock right now sipping fruity drinks and dipping my toes in the water. Living the life! I grew up in a wonderful waterfront house, so I know it’s awesome. I would happily return again if that was the next chapter in my story! My mind is always dreaming, but my heart is truly happy to be right here in this place and this moment. That’s really the best place to be, isn’t it?

Lakeside House: If I Lived Here

Here’s a little peek at the inside (below) just so you know it isn’t just pretty on the outside. It has an amazing view, an indoor AND an outdoor pool too. So, really, it’s like a resort. You’d be on vacation without even leaving home!

Lakeside House: If I Lived Here

Lakeside House: If I Lived Here

There are tons more photos of the interior here.

So what do you think? What would you be doing right now if YOU lived here?

Remember, we’re just having fun with this! If I lived here, at least in my dreams, there would be no financial worries and no maintenance involved. Let’s just dream a little!

Lakeside House: If I Lived Here

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  1. Oh Melissa, thanks for making it ok to dream about wonderland houses! The little loft play spaces in the kids rooms? I die! Each room I come to on this tour I think, I would never leave here. And then I see the beautiful Wisconsin autumnal countryside. So yes, I would happily leave for a day out on the water, then come back for a tasting party in my wine cellar!

  2. swoon!

  3. Ohhhhh mah gooooodness!!!!! All of those windows! All that light!!!!! Squeeeeeeeee!

  4. Wow, these are gorgeous!! I really love the blue!
    Happy Weekend!

    ~Lor @

  5. Definitely a dream home :)

  6. I suppose I’d be lounging on the back patio, under the pergola, next to the large stone fireplace!
    Since I just finished lunch out there, I might have a little nap on my my wicker chaise lounge with the blue + white ticking stripe cushion.

  7. If I lived in this beautiful home….I would take over the gentleman’s turret and make it into an art studio…lots f light and a great view of all the world around me!

  8. What a stunning house! Absolutely perfect!

  9. Marijean says

    I live a few hours away from this beautiful home. They showed it on our local news the other night. I love it top to bottom !!!!!

  10. Gorgeous home! I am not envious though because it’s not really cozy. This house needs a crowd to enjoy it and fill it up. It’s beautiful but I would rather putter in my own kitchen–columns not required. ? definitely stunning though.

  11. I live near the river and we have houses along the bank that are of this ilk and splendour, I love riding past on my bike wondering about the people who live there. If I lived in this house I would have a lovely window seat and be tucked up in it with a good book, occasionally looking up to admire the view or the boats going by. Thanks for the day dream!

  12. Not only would I read for hours on that porch, I might actually cook. That looks like a house to cook in!

  13. Love to look at these houses, but if I lived here I’d be cursing the property taxes!

  14. I am such a sucker for HUGE porches and LOTS of windows. This house is definitely swoon-worthy! Do you think they would mind if we stopped by just to take pictures? ;)

  15. That is a gorgeous home. So many beautiful details.. it really is a piece of art! What would I be doing if I lived here? Maintenance:)

  16. If you lived here, could I come and live with you?

  17. Umh, this is my dream home. Love everything about it. Who says $$ can’t buy happiness !

  18. I LOVE this house, I could definitely move in tomorrow. They blue is gorgeous and those floors! AH I want it!

  19. Melissa, Can’t tell you how this warmed my heart as we were in Lake Geneva 5 years ago. My grandparents lived nearby and we spent every summer there (we live in California). The homes on that lake are magnificent and the best part is that the public has access to a walkway through the backyards on the lakeside! Of course, you have to stay on the path, but I have photos of this home. So fun to dream about owning one of these homes. Thanks for the happy memory:)

  20. If I lived there… I would be throwing parachute men over the banister.

  21. Oh my…What a wonderful house! What can I say? This really is a dream house. I am going to work all of my life for such a house or may by I am going to win it from the lottery? Who knows? Miracle happens every single day! Thank you for sharing your dream with us! If I had this house I won’t leave it and I will play with my dogs all day long in it!

  22. Wowsies. Cute houseeeeeeee!
    My boo and I like to be perpetual dreamers too, we always talk about spending our future together and what our dream house would be like.

  23. Grand Estates Auction was thrilled to have the pleasure of representing this home. The buyer couldn’t wait to move in! He closed just 8 days after the auction.

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