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Vision for The Entryway {My New House}

by | Sep 14, 2015 | Decorating Inspiration, My Entry, My Seattle House

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Vision for The Entryway {My New House}
Inspiration photo from Studio McGee – Midway House

When we first saw our new house, my mind started spinning with questions! What could this house be like? What does this house want to be? What do I want this house to be? If you buy or build a house that is the exact style you want it to be from the beginning, or one that you plan to preserve as it is, you maybe don’t ask those kinds of questions because the answers are more apparent. But with this house, I felt the questions helped me to think through how we would transform this house into our home.

Being open to ‘what could be’, and not just stuck in ‘what is’ is part of the fun (and challenge) of designing a home. Fortunately, this house already had a great start with good bones so it didn’t take long before I saw the potential to enhance what it already had going for it and still make it our own. This solid little 1950s house would be a perfect shell to add our own eclectic touch and style, inside and out!

The house itself is in great shape so fortunately it doesn’t need to be gutted or changed dramatically from its original 1950s structure. It’s a solid house that has a good feel to it already, so at this point we plan to leave the original footprint and basic layout intact while having fun with its personality.

My dream is to retain its original good bones but allow it to evolve into a what I guess I’ll call an unexpected modern/farmhouse/tropical/British Colonial/coastal/midcentury home (haha). I think my own influence on this home will work well with what the house wants to be. We’ll get along just fine, I think!

Vision for The Entryway {My New House}

Vision for The Entryway {My New House}

Vision for The Entryway {My New House}

Vision for The Entryway {My New House}My new entry. A blank slate!

Since the entry should set the tone for the rest of the home, I thought we would start by talking about the entry in my house so you could see what I have to work with, and what I envision this space to potentially be!

Of course, the exterior of the house can set the tone for the interior, too, so we’ll be working on making the home feel cohesive inside and out. But first, let’s talk about the entry!

Let’s start out with some pros and cons:

    • I am thrilled that this home has a designated entry (many of the homes we saw had doors that entered directly into the living room, so even though this is more like a hallway, it’s still nice to have a separate space.)
    • The hall is ready for a fresh coat of paint. While the color almost looks like swine, my daughter Kylee says it feels a little more like…hog.
    • The front entry is a bit dark, long and narrow but with a little brightening up of the paint and accessories, and possible wood paneling, we think it will be charming!
    • I love that the entry hall has slate floors, so they will be staying.
    • The front door is pretty enough for now, but in all likelihood we’ll be changing the door down the road.
    • I for sure will be changing the hardware on the interior doors (it’s not original hardware).
    • There may be a change to how you enter master from the front hall, more on that later.
    • We will update lighting. Since the ceilings are a normal ceiling height, we probably choose flush mounts.
    • Even though the room is narrow, there is enough room at the opposite end of the doorway for a small bookshelf or shallow cabinet.
    • There will be other potential changes to the adjoining hall, more details on that later.

Vision for The Entryway {My New House}

Vision for The Entryway {My New House}
The images you see below (and the inspiration photo at the top of this post) are not necessarily rooms that are the same size or shape as my own entry, but there are parts of each I can visualize potentially incorporating into the space we have. You’ll probably recognize familiar elements of my style from my old house; we don’t feel we have to change our style to fit with a house, rather we can allow the house and our style to evolve into the perfect mix.

Vision for The Entryway {My New House}Justin Bishop Interior Design

Vision for The Entryway {My New House}Studio Mcgee – Midway House

Vision for The Entryway {My New House}original source unknown

Vision for The Entryway {My New House}Jenna Sue Design

Vision for The Entryway {My New House}Emily A. Clark

Vision for The Entryway {My New House}
Traditional Home

Vision for The Entryway {My New House}
original source unknown

Vision for The Entryway {My New House}
Studio McGee (Lynwood Remodel)

I can’t wait to go room by room to show you the elements we are working with and dreaming about for each space. If you missed our video tour, it will give you a good overview of the whole house. Thanks for following along!

Do you ever feel stuck with your house, trying to get it to move from what it is presently to what you’d love for it to become?



  1. Stacey

    You’ve already found some wonderful inspiration! Can’t wait to see where this goes.

  2. Faith

    Congratulations on your new home! Let the fun begin!!

  3. Cathy

    It seems that I like what you like. I guess that’s why I’m following your blog!

  4. Leslie

    Lovely inspiration. I think I see your visiion.;) It’s going to be great! I concur with Faith, Let the fun begin!

  5. Jann from Newton Custom Interiors

    I love these entries. I think I have some of them pinned on my entries board already. Can’t wait to see what you do with your new entry.

  6. Emily Clark

    Thanks for including ours as inspiration. I’m dreaming up big ideas for our (small) entry, too. It seems easiest to start there instead of thinking of how much stuff I really need to do first :)

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ha, yes, it can be overwhelming when every room needs something. Little entries seem like a manageable place to start dreaming. :) Can’t wait to see what you do! xo

  7. Lilly

    When I saw the video tour the first thing that I envisioned when I saw the entryway was ship lap. I love the inspiration photos I have some of those on my Pinterest boards. I’m happy to know you are still loving ship lap and will potentially use it in this house too. Can’t wait to see it!

  8. Debbie

    Love your vision! Can’t wait to watch it change!

  9. Tbauman

    loved the entry on “entry”. I’m rereading to find ways to “soften” our slate-floored entry. Thank you

  10. Kris Billings

    You have incredible vision! I can’t wait to see the end result!

  11. sharon /

    need i say, slate floors AND dark grout! (yippee, yippee). i am of the same opinion having an actual entry space (rather than straight into a living space) is, like, major. congrats on that! all together this is just so dang fun — moving and decorating ‘mentally’ with you. i’m ready!!

  12. Sanni

    The inspiration photos look really fresh, light and inviting – great style!

    My problem is that as a mother of two and as an owner of a long-haired dog the pictures make me wonder, how practical the color white will be. In our household the walls would soon be streaked with mud, fingerprints and evidence of a dog shaking its coat after coming home from a walk in the fields… On the other hand, the surface might be easy to wipe clean.

    You asked whether we ever feel stuck with our houses. I do, I have been feeling that way quite a while now. Do you have a good cure for discouragement?

  13. Debbie from MountainMamaOnline

    Ahhhh you are very fortunate to have a proper entry! That is one of the things that my new home is lacking, but I have a plan for the future to solve that.

    For now, hooks and a nice copper boot tray are my best friends.

  14. Barb

    Now I want to redo my entryway!!!!! Can’t wait to see what you do!

  15. Ms. Maggie the elder

    I like the “empty slate” since that is so true: it has slate floors, my fav!!!


    Love the direction you are headed, so perfectly YOU. How big is the entry hall, measurements? I am such a visual gal I like to know the size and shape! So excited for you. I know your mind is spinning just like mine is. I did a couple of post on the possibilities for my new entry hall, but I know once we move in I will have a clearer vision. I bet you just aching to get going on projects, but I know packing and organizing takes top priority right after a move. Here is the link to my entry post if you want to take a peek…

  17. Angela

    I have the EXACT same front door! Our front door and sidelight are unusually narrow, and that door was one of the few options in the needed size. Can’t wait to see your changes.

  18. chelsea m

    We live in a 1964 split level and are not renovating it so I feel like I can really relate to the style of home you bought. I am looking forward to seeing how you make this home your own! :)

  19. Kari

    Those floors are gorgeous! Love the inspiration photos too!

  20. Maggie

    Very excited to see what you do….narrow halls are a challenge but I know your up for it…I know pendant lighting would be awesome but I don’t think as you say you have the height..they do have awesome flush mounted lights they say it’s all in the details. I know with the headboard or ship lap it will be gorgeous.. New paint will really brighten up too.. Have fun..

  21. Maggie

    Bead board sorry

  22. mcgrathinnola

    I see Jack and Lily has a new friend at the front door…..welcoming committee! My cyber world will now have a whole lot more excitement reading and watching you create your new home….it’s wonderful!

  23. patricia

    Your inspiration photos made it very clear where you are going with the entry. It will be fun to be along for the ride. Can’t wait to see the reveal after all the hard work is done.

  24. liz

    Can you make any adjustments in your front entry by building out? It looks like you have a front porch area, so can you enclose it in order to make the mudroom-style entry? You could have some high windows so plenty of light gets in. And, you would be able to enclose that skinny post in the corner of the porch.

    Of course, if you end up using the garage for major entry, then you can have your mudroom down in the basement.

  25. Madonna Phillips

    I love where you are headed with the entry! Can’t wait to see how you put your welcoming touch on it!

  26. Ann C

    I moved into my parents home with them and upon their passing the house became mine. Now to make it mine so I don’t continue to feel like I’m living in my parents home. They were of the belief that if it worked there was no need to change it. So the only updating was removing the tub and putting in a large walkin shower for mom. Even the living room furniture is still in the same spots even tho it’s different furniture. Starting by having the sixty year old cupboards refaced, and new flooring, removing a partial wall. So many decisions and so little $. I’m at an age where I don’t want to or can’t do it myself. Love your inspiration.

  27. Judy H.

    Hi Melissa, I have been living in a house I feel STUCK in for the last 15 years! When we bought this house, I LOVED it, thought it was full of potential and could envision our family living very happily here. It is a 1953 brick raised ranch. It’s in great shape, still needs some updating here and there, but a good house. When we got all of our things in here, I couldn’t make my vision work in this house. Eventually, we purchased a some new, some old living room furniture, some new, some old dining room furniture and a few rugs. No matter what I do, it always feels like the house is working against me. I haven’t even figured out a good way to clean it! I had my cleaning routine down pat in our old house, I can’t figure this thing out…15 years!
    Our children have since graduated from college, one is a school administrator and also got her ASID, our son is an attorney, they both are married and live out of town, we did a great job getting our children on their way in this house, I’m thankful for that, but I’m ready to put a sign in the yard. The hubs??? He loves the house! He has put years in on the landscaping, the curb appeal is beautiful. He works from home and has a fabulous office with a fabulous view and tells me I just need to go with the flow, lay back a little bit. I’ve tried that for 15 years and now my back hurts. Is this a stuck story or what?

  28. Judy H.

    Shame on me and my lack of manners! I absolutely can see your vision for your entryway and I love it. The photos you’ve gleaned inspiration from are great…I can’t wait to see where you decide to go!

  29. Deanna

    I can see it with either beadboard walls or the plank walls! Love the flooring too, very classic!

    Its fun watching you make this house your home!

  30. Wendi

    Thanks for the great inspiration for our house that we our making our home. Excited to see how each of our 1950’s homes turn out.

  31. Patty

    All I can say is I love all of it. You have beautiful taste!

  32. tracey@waterintowine

    Those inspiration interiors are amazing and I know your entryway is going to be so beautiful. I’m making some changes to my entry and hallway so I’m looking for ideas as well.

  33. karen on bainbridge island

    I really enjoyed looking at, and therefore thinking about, the entry of your home. I have a nice enough entry way, but I liked some of the decorating ideas in your inspiration photos. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Barbara (WA)

    Was a curious neighbor cat watching you from the doorway? So sweet!

  35. Amrita Misra

    The way you are planning the home it’s like we are actually able to see them all ready for a cozy winter ahead.Love the way you write. Keep up the inspiration

  36. Debbie

    I just found your blog, so I have only seen your tour…I love an empty slate, so exciting to make it yours. The contrast that you are going to use with the slate floor and white panelling will be stunning as are the inspiration photos you shared. I look forward to the first change!

  37. Monica

    Can you tell me where you purchased the gray tile for your entryway? It is beautiful!


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