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The Heartbeat of the Home {The Value of Being Present}

by | Sep 25, 2015 | Decorating Inspiration

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The Heartbeat of the Home {The Value of Being Present}

I was recently invited to Germany to attend IFA (the leading trade show for consumer electronics and appliances) as a brand ambassador of Samsung Home Appliances. While of course I practically leaped out of my chair at the thought of escaping the moving boxes for an adventure in Germany (I was last there so many years ago, I would love to go back!), I didn’t go. AHHH!

I really am thrilled to have a creative outlet that has been built around my passion for the home and am so grateful that time spent on it makes sense to our family. I’m grateful that what I do not only helps other people but it provides for our needs so we can turn around and invest what we have in what matters most to us, like our family and church. My life is so happy in part because of I LOVE what I get to do everyday!

But the jobs we do to provide for our family or the everyday housekeeping tasks we do around the house aren’t the legacy we leave for our family, it’s our presence and the love and heart we invest in our people that count in the end.

This event would have taken me away from home the first day and week of school for my son. He was starting a brand new school where he knew NO ONE and I bet you mamas will understand this, my heart was already in a million little pieces. 

The Heartbeat of the Home {The Value of Being Present}

So even though my son is 15 (!) and doesn’t need me to pack his lunches or pick out his clothes and doesn’t even want me walk him into class anymore or take his first day of school picture at his desk (waaahhh! all the tears!), I’m still his mama and being near him on the first day of a new school meant a lot to me. Because I’m a still mom, even when the kids are old enough to fend for themselves.

Being present sometimes means sacrifices, like saying no, or not yet, to even great opportunities elsewhere. But the truth is, there was no place I’d rather have been than right here in my house. I do feel fortunate to be a mom who has been able to stay home with my kids, but it isn’t always easy to make the right choices! Moms do what they have to do along the way to provide and be there for their kids.

The Heartbeat of the Home {The Value of Being Present}

(With that said, I have to thank Samsung for graciously inviting me to go and then allowing me to miss the amazing Germany trip that was slated to be a part of our partnership! I am so grateful they understand the need to prioritize time for family.)

I’ve been writing about the home for over eight years because I’m passionate about our family and how our home impacts our life. While I missed out on the trip to Germany, I was really intrigued by the new innovation Samsung introduced at the event. If there’s one thing that frustrates me in a home it is an appliance that doesn’t work for efficiently when you need it to. These days, we all definitely rely on appliances and features of our home to do their work so we can focus on what matters most to us.

The Heartbeat of the Home {The Value of Being Present}

Which brings me to a flustering appliance situation that just happened this week at our house. When we moved to Seattle, we made the decision to sell our hardworking-never-failing six year old Samsung washer and dryer to save the hassle of moving them. Plus our new house has a gas hook up, our old one was electric, and there happened to already be a washer and dryer left in the house.

It seemed like a good idea to sell the old ones and just use what was here, that is, it was a good idea until our dryer in this house STOPPED WORKING! We’ve only been here a couple of weeks!

Now we have invested many hours in researching a repair person to see if it is even possible to fix it and then if it isn’t possible, we’ll be trying to find or order a new one. This setback wasn’t in our plan for this week.

Meanwhile, every day, more laundry piles up all over the laundry room floor while towels are draped on every surface, hoping they will dry. I guess I’m just glad we have a big laundry room for all that dirty laundry! HA! Nobody’s got time for appliances that don’t do their job. I had forgotten how frustrating and time consuming inefficient appliances can be.

Samsung’s goal is to create appliances that will enhance your life, because of how effortlessly their appliances do their work behind the scenes. Amen to that.

When appliances aren’t doing the job we expect for them to do, mamas can’t do their jobs. When our home is not efficiently set up for our needs, WE don’t feel efficient or present in what counts.

We are the heartbeat of the home, so of course the function of our home affects how we function.

The Heartbeat of the Home {The Value of Being Present}

At the IFA event in Germany, Samsung talked about how bringing the Internet of Things to life will revolutionize our home. I know I’m really interested in this innovation: the Samsung SmartThings hub allows you to easily monitor, control and secure your home from anywhere right on your phone. Now we really can have eyes on the back of our head, right?

The Heartbeat of the Home {The Value of Being Present}

These innovations give me peace of mind as a mom, knowing our family is safe because I can effortlessly keep a watchful eye on the home and our family, from no matter where I am!

The Heartbeat of the Home {The Value of Being Present}

Samsung also unveiled a really cool wash system that I would have loved to have checked out in person, their WW8500 AddWash. It has an extra door that makes it easy to add in laundry even mid-cycle, without splashing water all over the place. I love that, I’m always trying to sneak one more thing in!

The Heartbeat of the Home {The Value of Being Present}

Samsung introduced another pretty neat device called SLEEPsense. It is a thin, circular device that slides under your mattress. The contactless sensor that will track your heart and respiratory rates, as well as how much movement you make while you sleep. In the morning you can check your sleep score on the Samsung app. It will even suggest ways of improving your score!

The Heartbeat of the Home {The Value of Being Present}Free People

No one wants to be a sleep deprived mama dealing with a broken dryer, am I right? It’s the little things that keep mamas and their homes happy, healthy and safe!

I am thrilled to be a brand ambassador for Samsung Home Appliances and this post was created as a part of my partnership, but my experiences and opinions are my own.

What are some things you’ve had to change about the functionality of your life and home, or simply say ‘no’ to, in order be more present in what really matters?


  1. Debbie from MountainMamaOnline

    I purchased a Samsung washer and dryer for my master suite renovation and I couldn’t be more pleased with them!

    And as a mom I completely understand your need to be near your son for his first week in a brand new school. You did the right thing!

  2. Ms. Maggie the Elder

    After 911, I said no more saving for a grand event. Now is that grand event of living our daily lives. Out came my wedding stoneware and the everyday went to charity. We drink from nice glasses that are in great shape or they are out and eat from nice plates in both places. Out with any chipped dishes. I use my family hand painted dishes at the island home too. Heavy silverware to hoist our food that match at both places (easier is a goal as you said). Candles at dinner. Good paper napkins or cloth are used. Lots of vegetables and fruit. Good bread.
    I have to remind myself of it and put out all the lovely things that I have to use on a daily basis. And new entry mats and small entry rugs each year. Live for today and smile when it is tomorrow.

  3. Tammy

    I appreciate this post so much! I have been debating whether I should find a job outside the home. The thing is, I really don’t want a job. I love being at home and always being there for my kids, even though my youngest is 11. So thank you for helping me see that I am not the only one to choose this way of life!

  4. Kim - The TomKat Studio

    As a fellow blogger, I know how hard it is to turn down incredible opportunities, but you couldn’t be more right! Family first. I am so proud of you for realizing the importance of being there for the start of school and all of your children’s important days. It took me awhile to learn this, but I’m happy to say that I’m there too. There will always be more work opportunities, but you can’t make up for missed moments with your loved ones. xoxo

  5. sharon /

    I said ‘no to Not having homemade dinners waiting for my men when they got home. To be honest a clean house means not nearly as much to them as me … but real food, the smells, the ready’ness ~ has been a Huge home maker to my peeps.
    Good luck on the dryer fixing or buying! ~so reminds one how blessed they are to have their own machines!!

  6. Linda Grubbs

    Loved this post Melissa! I think you made an excellent choice…..oh, and good luck with that dryer!

  7. Gaynor

    You did the right thing Melissa, staying home. You have still been able to promote Samsung’s new products, as if you were there AND you were there for your son.
    How great is the idea to have another door to add forgotten articles after the wash cycle has started. I know you won’t believe this, but I still have my old top-loader in our tiny beach house, so that I can do that vey thing.
    Good luck with the dryer! I don’t use one at all – but then I don’t live in damp Seattle. I still have the luxury of hanging the sheets and towels outside in the sun and fresh breeze.
    It sounds as though you are coping well even though laundry is piling up. It is easy to cope with life when things are going well, but it is how we cope with the adversities that show our true mettle. Well done!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, I cannot imagine not having a dryer here, nothing would ever dry! HA! And yes, I feel so fortunate that I can stay home with my son and still do the work I need to right from here. Thank you for your encouragement, today, Gaynor! Means a lot.

  8. Jan

    Hi Melissa! So glad you stayed home with your boy for his first week of school. Can’t get that time back. I’m curious about something. I honestly thought that when you were an ambassador for a company they would provide you with all new appliances so that you could actually talk about their products. So I’m stunned to hear that you’re stuck with an old dryer when you’re an ambassador for Samsung. I was so excited when you mentioned to us that you were going to be their ambassador and the reason I was so excited because I thought you were going to get a house full of new appliances! Hang in there and hugs to you.

  9. Ann

    I love this post. But then again, I love all your posts. I’m also surprised Samsung hasn’t gotten you a new dryer. I have a Samsung dryer and so far I like it. I’ve only had it for 6 months. I also have a Samsung TV and a Samsung fridge, and the fridge I like, but the ice/water dispenser I hate. The fridge is one of the kinds with the drawer above the freezer and a French door top. To me it’s pretty fancy, and I like it. (40% off at Home Depot!) But the ice dispenser is really bad and now it stopped working altogether. It’s just one of those little life annoyances that you have to deal with and get taken care of. But the fridge is less than a year old and it’s disappointing. Anyway, I’m sorry if it’s not your job to listen to our opinions of Samsung!

    I am so much enjoying reading about your new home. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Sharan Cook

    Thank you for posting this. I pray more mothers would put their families in priority spots. Home is our haven. I’m sure your teen son was happy to have you at home for his new venture — new school, new routine, new friends… Moms are important!

  11. Cathy

    Our moves are so similar it’s crazy. We sold our fairly new front load washer and dryer when we moved also. We had top of the line washer and and dryer at the new house. About 3 weeks after we moved in, the washer stopped working. I had wished I never sold mine. It was an easy, but expensive repair though and all is good in the laundry world now. As far as Samsung goes. We bought all new Samsung appliances for our kitchen Reno shortly after we moved in. The dishwasher, though it works well, stinks, so badly and I wash everything with hot soapy water before I place anything in it.I have called Samsung so many times but keep getting people from another country who can’t understand. They are of no help and wished I had listen to my husband and went with a different brand on all appliances. Enjoy making your new house a home. It sure is fun, isn’t it? ?

  12. Jo-Anne

    I love technology, when it doesn’t add to my load. In the interests of minimalism and keeping my power bill and carbon footprint as small as I comfortably can I accept that my dryer is a luxury. One that I am never without mind you, as I live in the tropics and when we have a wet season it upgrades to a necessity however I struggle to understand why hanging clothes on a line to dry is such a forgotten art.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Having a dryer is indeed a luxury. I would love to hang clothes out on a line in the yard. But yes, with the rain we have here in Seattle we’d have to time with it the warm sun which is really only out enough during the summer. I do try to hang as much as I can inside though!

      • Jo-Anne

        I hear you Melissa…our wet season is a real doozy some years. I am lucky enough to have lines installed at the back veranda which does the trick. I always appreciate my washing machine and dryer and wonder how our fore-mothers coped…tough women for sure.

  13. Shannon

    What is worse? No refrigerator, or not being able to do laundry? I’ve had to deal with both. I’m going to go with the washer/dryer situation. Because you can always live out of coolers for a few weeks, but hand washing and line drying (in the rain?) is a lot harder! (we did the cooler thing when our new fridge leaked and flooded our house.) Hope you get back in the laundry game soon!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ha! I think I would have to agree. Thank you, I hope I get it all straightened out soon, too!

  14. Carolyn

    I first read the graphic as “you will never know the valve of the moment…” and thought, “huh?” Ha ha!

  15. Elizabeth

    Not for a second would I have thought that your laundry was in the basement by looking at your photos. It’s so bright and airy!! I can’t wait to see what you do with the space. It’s wonderful to have such good bones to work with and a blank slate. Liz

    • Elizabeth

      Oh no! Somehow my laundry room comment ended up on the wrong post! Sorry about that :(

  16. Ruth

    Melissa, so sorry about your dryer. I have a GE that we’ve had a VERY long time and one of the knobs on it broke about a week ago so my husband ordered another one. I could still use the dryer but had to use some pliers to turn the knob which was very hard to do but I managed to do it until my part came. So I know how frustrated you are. Hopefully you can get it fixed soon. I also stayed home for the majority of when my kids were home. They are grown now and have kids of their own. I don’t regret a single minute of it! Then I worked for 11 1/2 yrs and am now back at home. Love it! and love your posts! Keep up the good work! Like another reader posted– You can’t get that time back! Enjoy!


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