Organic Thanksgiving Tablescape {and video!}

Organic Thanksgiving Tablescape {and video!}

Happy November! Welcome to the Thanksgiving Tablescape edition of the Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours! I was so honored to be invited to join up with these fine ladies to show our Thanksgiving tables.

At first, I’ll admit, I was a little sad because we moved in our new house and I don’t have a pretty dining room to share yet. I MISS MY OLD DINING ROOM! But after a moment of sorrow, I realized how silly I was being. We have a table and I can set it. If we can’t invite friends over until we have everything done or all perfect, we are focused on all the wrong things.

So, WELCOME, friends! :) Come in. Our room is pretty bare but my table is NOT! :) I had fun with it. We made you a little video so you can feel a bit more like you got to see the table in real life. Just hit play or you can click on it on You Tube and watch it bigger if you want to! :)

I really like to mix unexpected things together to create a unique tablescape. It’s just more fun for me to try something a little different. We decided to go with an organic rustic casual vibe for our Thanksgiving table, with a little splash of gold to jazz it up.

Organic Thanksgiving Tablescape {and video!}

Organic Thanksgiving Tablescape {and video!}

Organic Thanksgiving Tablescape {and video!}

We already had plum cloth napkins, a green runner, a set of blue Denby salad plates and a set of gold rimmed dinner plates, so we thought we’d just use what we had to start out. It was a random mix, but we thought it would be fun to pull all the colors and textures together with organic elements, so we just went for it!

Organic Thanksgiving Tablescape {and video!}

We wouldn’t have thought to use those salad plates with the gold ones, but with the plum napkins, it worked because of the plum edge to the plates! We layered the deep green runner across a Turkish towel (that happens to have green stripes). The criss cross layering of the linens brought some great textures and softness as well as setting a more informal look to the table.

Organic Thanksgiving Tablescape {and video!}

For the centerpiece, we picked up an assortment of fall vegetables and flowers in our color scheme of plum, green, white and from our local market, plus a couple of things we had around the house like pine cones, antlers, plush pumpkins and birch candlesticks to make the table feel lush, festive, lively and mostly organic.

Organic Thanksgiving Tablescape {and video!}

Once the Thanksgiving dinner is ready, the serving dishes could be passed and then set on a console table behind the dining table so there would be plenty of room on the main table for the place settings and the centerpieces.

Our kitchen is so small that extra people around the stove makes cooking challenging, so
we thought providing some appetizers right at the table would draw guests to gather around the table rather than right in the kitchen, while Thanksgiving dinner is being prepared and served just steps away so the chef can still participate in conversation.

Organic Thanksgiving Tablescape {and video!}

We decided that in addition to the organic centerpieces that would decorate the table, we would let the appetizer plates be part of the experience, too. So yeah, I guess you could say we are those people who pick our menu based on the color scheme of our table. But, it works out. The blocks of colorful cheese, the crusty round bread loaf, the pumpkin seed crackers, the olives, peppers and jelly were so pretty on the table, besides being tasty.

It makes a visual feast, as well as a tasty one!

Organic Thanksgiving Tablescape {and video!}

My husband has been known to grab a big artichoke or cabbage up from the table and put it on his plate (even though he knows it is just a part of the centerpiece). You know, just to make everyone feel awkward and embarrassed for him, assuming he didn’t know it was the centerpiece. :)

Organic Thanksgiving Tablescape {and video!}

Organic Thanksgiving Tablescape {and video!}

Organic Thanksgiving Tablescape {and video!}

Organic Thanksgiving Tablescape {and video!}
velvet plush pumpkins from Love Feast Shop

Organic Thanksgiving Tablescape {and video!}

Organic Thanksgiving Tablescape {and video!}

Plum napkins / Gold Name Plates / Marble Board / Birch Bark Candle / Flatware /  Napkin Rings / Amber Glasses / Crackle Wine Glasses / Terrarium Candleholder

Organic Thanksgiving Tablescape {and video!}

Thanks again to all of your who have been so supportive of The Inspired Room book, I’m so excited that as of TODAY it has officially been published and launched into the world! You should be able to find it at your local Barnes & Noble, too! Let me know if you see it in a store near you?

*For those of you who are saying tablescape smablescape that’s all great but when are you going to tell me what is going on with the painter’s tape around the door in the dining room? :) I’ll be back with the tale of the dining room this week, I promise. :) The mystery will soon be revealed.

**Before you go, make sure you’ve check out Lindsay’s beautiful Thanksgiving table at The White Buffalo Styling Co (our hostess for the tour) and then you can head on over to the next LOVELY table on our Blogger Stylin’ Tours, via a new to me blog UK blog called Swoon Worthy! And then follow along at The White Buffalo Styling Co. the rest of the week to check out all the links to all the participants. Enjoy!**


  1. This is just dripping with delicious goodness. So pretty. I used some of the same elements for mine but it looks much different. Love yours!

  2. LaNelle Schaffhauser says

    Lovely colors for a great table setting…..enjoy your first holiday of Thanksgiving in your new home many blessings…..

  3. WOW! this table is stunning! love the colors and textures and i want to come eat some cheese with you! :)

  4. Robbie Zeller says

    Your table is lovely and inviting! Hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving in your new home. I was so excited to receive your book on Saturday in the mail. It is just beautiful! When I opened it up it was a fun surprise to see that you had dedicated the book to your blog followers….really thoughtful. My son and his family moved to Poulsbo,at the end of August. This week my husband and I are traveling to the beautiful northwest to visit and take in some new sights!

  5. How wonderful to win. Oh to happen .

  6. Wow, this looks great! I’m going to work very hard to make my table looks this good for Thanksgiving. I’m glad I have an entire month to prepare!

  7. I always appreciate your unique and clever ideas! Love the color combination!

  8. I have just found your blog and I’m delighted that I have! What a lovely table you have laid. It was the late David Hicks who coined the term “tablescape” and what a descriptive word that is. We don’t have Thanksgiving in the UK but to arrange a table as prettily as possible, whatever the occasion, enhances the food – even bread and cheese can look good when served on attractive ceramics. I will certainly look in again – your look looks just the kind I shall enjoy reading, too. I haven’t used purple in my home, but it’s certainly a colour to which I will give consideration. However, I do think that sometimes just one or two items that are black can enhance a room, add visual ‘punctuation marks’ to a scheme.
    Margaret P

  9. Your table is just stunning! I love all the natural, living elements and the warm mix of colours. And your video was fab too! So nice to ‘meet’ you in this tour :) xx

  10. I found this delightful and inspiring…just what you do! Thank you.

  11. for me, originally using mismatched napkins and plates came of necessity! (i don’t have 2 dozen matching anything!) but i quite enjoy it now. sometimes it’s all very random looking, and sometimes similar to you, i keep the differences to the top and bottom of the table.
    i am fond of the thick candle you have glowing off-center, but still in the midst of the beauty. #thanksgivingAllmonth :)

  12. That is a gorgeous table for sure, but as lovely as it is, it just wouldn’t be practical for our family! I am Italian
    (by marriage!) where THE FOOD is the main attraction and with a table so decorated there is no room for the food! But yours is lovely to look at and I like how you used what you had and made it work! It’s lovely!

  13. I have been dying to use kale and artichokes and haven’t gotten around to it yet! Your table looks gorgeous! I am such a sucker for a cheese platter!

  14. This look beautiful Melissa! I’m glad you still shared even while in transition – it will be inspiring to so many!

  15. This is beautiful, Melissa. I adore all of the natural elements!

  16. This is so beautiful! And now I’m hungry, because that cheese was making me drool! :) I can’t wait to see what you design in your new dining room…it’ll be perfection for sure!!

  17. Love the colors you used in this tablescape Melissa, and how you showed that even if you just moved or are not in possession of your dream dining room yet you can still create a beautiful, festive, joyful celebration!

  18. I love everything about this. It’s so warm and cozy!! (And I just want to eat that blue cheese by myself ;) ) Love the colors you used and all of the natural elements!

  19. Wow! Every detail is thought out so perfectly!!

  20. I love all the fruits and veggies you used for this table setting. And that cheese plate is speaking to me (it’s saying, “eat me” :)

  21. Ohmygoodness gracious. Be still my heart! This is so beautiful. I just feel so much happiness happen here!

  22. Maria Newell says

    Hi Melissa! Your table looks absolutely amazing! I LOVE the vibrant colors and all the natural elements too!
    I was inspired by the cabbages for my outdoor planters this year, but never thought to use them on my tablescape. I will be posting my vision of my Thanksgiving table soon on “Home Love Stories”. I only wish I used more natural elements. Maybe next time! :) Simply Beautiful!

  23. I must confess I am green with envy regarding the kitchen. I especially love the nester, our kitchen is too small for anything so extravagant and space is at a premium.

    • Meliisa,
      Feel free to delete this comment. I was under the impression that I was commenting on another post. Somehow I ended up on another page. I don’t know if its my connection or the high volume of traffic to your sight, but there is a big delay in my interaction and the pages response. Worth the wait just a little frustrating at times.

  24. The colors, the texture, the perfect ambiance…you nailed it! This is so so lovely. The video was a great touch as well! Can’t wait to pick up your book!

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