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How to Hang Plates, Platters & Bowls on a Wall {video}

by | Nov 5, 2015 | Decorating Inspiration, Dining Rooms, DIY, my house, Reader Questions | 22 comments

How to Hang Plates, Platters & Bowls on a Wall {video}

I love hanging interesting objects on my walls, including my favorite plates, platters and even my Polish Pottery quiche plates in my dining room! But how do I actually get them to hang on the wall? How to hang plates on a wall is a FAQ answered here on The Inspired Room and one I’ve shared in The Inspired Room book, too. But today I thought it might be helpful and kind of fun if I actually showed you, so my daughter Courtney and I put together a little video as a visual. See below (make it full screen if you want to!) or click here to watch on YouTube!

I like to hang plates / platters / bowls with THESE or THESE.

I like to hang plates / platters / bowls with THESE or THESE.

How to Hang Plates, Platters & Bowls on a Wall {video}

Be sure to stop back later, I’ll finally post my latest ideas and a few more inspiration pics for my new dining room! I cannot wait to transform it into a room we’ll love spending time in. 

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How to Hang Plates, Platters & Bowls on a Wall {video}


  1. Ms. Maggie the Elder

    I love putting my dishes and I have even gotten some antique platters from Italy for our second island home since I wanted to go outside the usual cabin/beach look. It is a classic look that adds such warmth and personality as you sure know~~~

  2. Cristina Festa

    I love this look ! I’ve hung plates in my dinning room before. When I repainted I took them down but I’ll have to rehang them soon. I also have these beautiful glass tiles hanging in my kitchen that I bought in Florence, Italy on my honeymoon that I absolutely love.

      • Ms. Maggie the Elder

        Italy is the best for the interior arts!

  3. Melissa

    Melissa, when you share your wonderful inspiration posts about your new home, would it be possible for you to give us the dimensions of the room? It would help me to gain perspective on the space you are working on. ?

  4. S Po

    Adhesive plate hangers! What? Where have those been my whole life!?

  5. Corinne

    I just finished hanging a gallery wall in my home and hung quite a few plates. Great tips in the video. And I love the nail color as well! ;-)
    Can’t wait to see your dining room ideas!


  6. sharon /

    Wow. I’ve never seen the adhesive plate hangers? And I wasn’t even born in a barn! And I have you book! … this is a sign I need more feet up chill book browsing hours ☆

  7. Alberta

    I love how this looks, but I’d be super paranoid about them falling eventually! Nothing like a plate randomly falling and shattering to give you a good spook.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ha, yep that would be scary! I’ve never had that happen. That’s why I get the right hangers, I’d be too scared to risk anything else!

  8. Adrienne

    Love the video Melissa! I’ve never been a fan of plates on the wall, but your gallery looks so lovely i’ll have to give it a try!

  9. Andrea

    Watched the video because I am FINALLY going to get some of my polish pottery on the walls! I had no idea there was an adhesive disc thing to do this! Can’t wait to try!

  10. Tracy

    Beautiful blog, just stumbled upon. Would the adhesives work on large heavy platters (17 inch Staffordshies)?

  11. Rachel

    Such a great video! I loved the DIY plate wall section in the book!

  12. Patricia

    Still haven’t seen the update on the dining room…

  13. Katie @ The Rustic Boxwood

    What a cute video, and how special is it that you made this video with your daughter! :) I adore the look of plates on a wall, too….Some of my ironstone dishes are hanging on our dining room wall — I used the disc hangers and love them! ;)

  14. Ashley

    Just a word of caution on the adhesive hangers for those who have old, drafty houses like me…..I hung 3 plates on a wall by a window. All was fine for months until a super freezing day. The extra cold air that seeped in thru the window caused the disks/adhesive to contract or shrink a bit, and the plates crashed to the floor. RIP to my favorite plates from a trip to Lisbon.


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