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Get To Know You: Design Trends

by | Jan 6, 2016 | Decorating Inspiration, Get to Know You

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Get To Know You: Design Trends

Get To Know You: Design Trends

Let’s chat today! Since we are just getting into the new year, I wanted to pause for a moment to thank you for your support and friendship over the years. Your comments and visits here (and on social media) always mean so much to me! Even if it is just a short update on what projects you are working on or a “me, too!” comment, it is so nice to know you are out there. It can be a little strange to type into this screen and have no idea who is going to be on the other side, so I really love reading your cheery hello’s, responses to my questions or even your questions back to me because they really do remind me that you are out there! You are such a positive and encouraging group. I just love that, so thank you.

I know there are so many people one can follow on social media these days, and millions of blogs offering inspiration and great content, so the fact that you take the time to visit here means a lot. Thank you.

One of my favorite things about blogging is having the opportunity to get to know YOU. In previous “get to know you” posts I’ve asked you to tell me about your home, and to share what your decorating style is. I really enjoyed reading through all the responses and hearing a bit more about where you live!

Today I thought it was a good time to ask your thoughts about current design trends. I enjoy so many styles (and I don’t really like to get pigeon-holed into any one style so I can keep my options open) but it is fun to at least be aware of what’s out there. I think it’s important to incorporate what you like, whether it is currently trendy or not. Fortunately there are many design styles, so we don’t have to all have a cookie cutter look. I love that there are many unique ways to express individuality and creativity.

I’m curious about your thoughts on the evolution of home decor and design styles. Do you feel like you are evolving along with the most current trends, or are you just sticking to what you’ve always loved? There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s just a fun discussion. What do you love most right now? What furniture style (or general look) appeals to you? What colors are you drawn to? What are some of your favorite design elements right now?

Even if your own home doesn’t reflect what you currently love in the design world, I’d love to hear what you think!

Let’s discuss and get to know each other better in the comments!


  1. teresa

    I’m kind of in the white and light stage…but then again I have always loved white kitchens…my first white kitchen I painted in 1980.
    I went through a stage of bold colors…which I like….but with the new home we are building….it will be wood floors, white kitchen, wood beams, white walls….and vintage tile- adding color when needed in the accessories. (I may paint the master…a dark muddy color =)
    I always find inspiration when I come here! Thanks for being you! Happy Day

  2. Kristen

    My style has evolved as I’ve become more comfortable identifying what I like, and incorporating it into my home. I used to have “my mother’s” decorating style, but realized that wasn’t who I was. I prefer traditional pieces with some element of “glam” or “chic”, although I’m drawn to many different styles. I like a little color and an element of fun. And I love incorporating meaningful objects and things with history (even if it is someone else’s history- I’ll take vintage or antique over store-bought any day!).
    I love all the personal touches you incorporate into your homes – that has really inspired me over the last few years. Looking forward to more Inspired Room in 2016!

  3. Carole

    I love the industrial lighting trend – I wish I could find flush mount ceiling fixtures for my kitchen that reflect that but it’s tricky.

    • Sallie

      Carole, we just bought a cool industrial looking light for our kitchen from Lowe’s. Item number is 409771. We love it!

      • Rebecca

        I just bought that light too! We put it in our entryway. I love it. :)

    • Heather Picinich

      Try under their ceiling& flush mount section. I think they’ll have what you’re looking for!

      • Carole

        Thank you, I will!

  4. Kelly

    I like a combination of old and new…when I first set up my home 20+ years ago it was out of necessity but now I enjoy bringing vintage pieces into my home, sometimes it needs recovered or the wood oiled…but the eclectic collection of a marble topped eastlake dresser as my bar or the button tufted MCM couch in my great room make my home cozy and comfortable…it seems to be a trend to upcycle but for some of us this has been our style for many years ? I like reading your blog, it’s well written with supplemental images these days it seems like everyone is shifting to shorter posts and/or Instagram. This is fine for ideas but is too similar to Pnterest and Houzz …Thanks for maintaining a traditional blog.

  5. Tracey

    I’m liking a little bit of the mid century modern look but not too much of it. Just a few pieces here and there are nice. I love the indigo blues and warm wood tones together. White kitchen cabinets are my favorite because they’re so classic and timeless.

  6. Stacey

    I find I like the modern rustic/industrial look. I am not completely rustic because I love a bright room and the wood is sometimes too dark for my taste. I love lots and lots of sunshine. I am drawn to brighter colors but have my walls neutral (gray and peanut butter) so that I can adds the pop of color – yellows, oranges, and I must confess – red has been luring me.

  7. Cindy williams

    I love mixing gold and silver. I have been doing it for years. I also love white, all shades of it. I live on the coast and get to decorate with the colors of the ocean. Also like working with black and white. Classic and fun.

    Enjoy this site and love your book. Look forward everyday to your posts!

    Cindy from Cape Cod

  8. Jann from Newton Custom Interiors

    I’m pretty traditional in my decorating style. I try to decorate with things that I like, and they seem to go together. I love lots of fabrics in window treatments and pillows, and tend toward bright colors with white.

  9. Sharon

    I don’t follow trends at all. I just decorate my home with things I and my family love. I’m very sentimental, and you’ll find a metal cross that my son made hanging on my wall along with a fancy cross that I got as a gift, right beside each other. lol I do like earth tones (tan, beige, cream, slate blue, sage green (that’s our kitchen) as well as forest green (in small doses). I love old (not antiques, the really old things, from my grandmother’s kitchen, things I find at a thrift store). I like cozy, comfortable, lived-in. I love looking at ideas on Pinterest and of course your blog! (by the way, LOVE your books!) to get inspiration, but I take a small idea here and there and make it my own. Nothing modern for me. Give me old/vintage and comfortable and cozy!

  10. Linda Stoll

    light and bright and wide open

    layered with

    primitive pieces, quilts, candles, books


  11. Meghan

    I think right now a very popular trend is a rustic elegant look. Most rooms I see today I can spot a few pieces of furniture I’d consider elegant, and at least one that seems rustic.

    After moving and getting rid of most thigs to restart, my house defiantly does not reflect what I like right now.

  12. Cheryl

    I find that, although I can enjoy lots of decorating styles, I am rarely influenced by trends in my own decorating. We have lived in this old farmhouse for 30+ years (I feel old just typing that!) and “colonial farmhouse” is here to stay. That said, I have certainly simplified my look over the years….from Kountry-with-a-K to a more uncluttered colonial style.

  13. Laura

    I’ve been reading your blog for 8 years, and you are my first “blogstop” each day! I appreciate your faithfulness in posting frequently and in still being “you” in your style. My style incorporates a love of white that has baffled my mother for more than a decade, plenty of blues and greens, and lots of previously-loved items collected during 25 years of marriage. It’s sort of a Scandinavian-farmhouse-on-a-beach-in-Cape-Cod look, and it works for our family!

    • Carolyn

      I love your style description — Scandinavian-farmhouse etc. makes me smile!

      • Laura

        Thanks, Carolyn. It’s usually a happy place!

  14. Candice from Georgetown, Ontario

    We moved into a Cape Cod 6 years ago and have been decorating every since. White floor to ceiling bookshelves were added to the living room wall opposite the fireplace. Much of my 1980s Ethan Allan furniture has been painted black with the occasional piece having a maple coloured top. The soft furnishings are traditional with wing chairs and feather sofa upholstered in reds and carmels. I’m aiming for cosy!

    • Suzanne

      Sounds nice, Candice! (btw, I used to live in Acton, Ontario;) Suzanne, in Arizona

      • Candice

        Small world . . .

  15. Susan

    Textiles are always what draw me to make a change. Right now I’m into “worldly weaves” and am interested in creating a very layered bed in my master bedroom. I have some keepsakes from my mother and grandmother I want to mix in. I am also loving the rose gold metals and geometric trends going on right now. I’m experimenting with mixing metals in my great room.

  16. Suzanne

    I don’t like the trend towards white, light and neutral. I am a person who likes bright, deep, saturated colors in my home. I am redoing my home as we have had it rented out for the past 10 years and cannot wait. I have lots of antiques and goodies purchased on our travels. I love the colors in Italian pottery, Morrocan tile and beautiful oriental rugs. I just can’t go with the light colors!

    • Amanda

      Sounds beautiful:)

  17. Judy Whitaker

    Good morning! My name is Judy and I live in Virginia. I love so many design styles…modern rustic or modern country is my favorite. I love incorporating antiques, antique glass and repurposing furniture. My favorite color is green. We have a second home on the water which has been furnished with vintage finds. I have white painted and distressed furnishings there as well as the colors of aqua, blue and natural fabrics. How I would love to decorate a Victorian era home too. Thank you for inspiring us every day!

  18. Emily D.

    I really like the industrial look of mixed metals and woods and have made a few key purchases in that arena when designing our new-to-us house, like the Emerson Highpointe ceiling fan in vintage steel. I admire mid-century modern pieces, but can’t seem to afford what I would want…

    I like the white trend as well, but have found it is quite impractical for my toddler and dogs. I’m so disappointed–I don’t know where else to turn! I had bold colors at our old home, but really want something more neutral.. that doesn’t show dirt..??

  19. Susan

    I live in a 10 year old home in the middle of a vineyard. The style of my home Has more a “Provence” look. I still love white and taupe, but mix it with a lot of iron and wood. Furniture has to be be comfortable and beg me to touch it. I am a mix of styles, but I do like a lot of the new contemporary styling I see out there. I just haven’t figured out how to blend it in with what I have. Thanks for asking, love your blog.

  20. Vickie Hutchins

    My home is my own personal bed & breakfast. It’s a lifestyle, not just a house. Farmhouse-style, it welcomes me home and keeps me safe. Situated on 3 acres with the river in my backyard, my view is ever-changing. Inside, I’ve never tired of the color pewter on my trim, doors, cupboards. Black is always in style and anchors each of my rooms. Wide board floors, waxed never sealed, are mellow and worn. Vintage finds, years of collections, and layering of personal mementos brings joy to my heart every single day. Oh, and my little log cabin is the perfect place to host friends and family for holidays, gatherings and seasonal get-togethers. My life and lifestyle are ever-evolving.

  21. Ms. Maggie the Elder

    I also enjoy this time to get away and do what I (we) love~ thank you!!!

    I am trying to add more depth of color (hello deep bronzy gray) and our style to the rooms in the city but keep them very functional as far as seating and comfort and movement around the room. I am also trying to update the small items that sometimes we get used to: mismatched decor, used-up area rugs, broken toilet handles, etc. And working on safety as far as electrical and heating, etc. And more green with recycled and nongasing products like bamboo and cork. And new plants for the spindly ones. Driving the hubby nuts; he gave a big explosion the other day but he is onboard again… I want it to be better than just okay and “if it is not broke, do not fix it”: I told him he could never say that again. Never. He will now go with the PLAN since we had the electrician (our first and reviewed so fine!) find a frayed wire in the attic space that was giving a switch a hard time. No future fire- thank goodness… He now sees that looks must be put with function and safety- the total package. And change is good and should be done after 22 plus years on a 1971 city home. PS seems like he likes to work on the island home more… but it has a large garage and we only have a workroom here. But I have done some magic there so maybe he will feel more comfortable there now.

  22. Jody

    I live in a very traditional brick center hall colonial black front door and all. I like to give the house the style on the inside that matches the outside. So my style is pretty traditional. I have a very tight color palette of Camel, brown, grey and black and white with Metallic accents of all kinds chrome, antique brass, aged pewter (i mix them all). I bring interest in with texture and patterns that are mainly men’s wear inspired (all boys in this house). I do throw in a sheepskin, hide rug or animal print for me. I do have a slight fabric addiction. The trend I am really digging right now is meaningful collecting/gallery walls. I have a really neat gallery wall that has my dad’s antique fishing lures in a case, black and white old family photos, a printer’s box filled with rocks, feathers, shells and shark’s teeth the boys have collected and watercolors of nature/landscapes. My house is very Ralph Lauren inspired, but Jayson Home and Garden in Chicago is my inspiration. I could live on the floor in a sleeping bag at that store!

  23. Donnamae

    Morning! You will find blue in our home of 32 years…by choice…it’s my favorite color. I mix my metals….always have. In the early years of our marriage, our furniture consisted of whatever was available at little to no cost! As we moved along in life, somewhere along the way, we decided to buy what we liked…not what was the popular item of the day. It is also filled with family pieces that we hold dear…so ours is an eclectic home! It is filled with what we love…not what the guru’s are telling us to love! ;)

  24. Kristin

    I enjoy different styles but am frugal and try to stick with things that will stand the test of time. I’d love to be brave enough to go all “Sarah Richardson”, with beautiful fabrics and bolder colors, but furniture lasts longer than my desires and I’m afraid I’ll get tired of it. I think that’s why I’ve been so drawn to the neutrals that have been so popular the past several years, and the “Joanna Gaines look”. If you came to my home, though, I don’t know that you’d see either… I feel too committed to things, particularly if we spent a lot of money on them. I have some “grown-up” furniture from Ethan Allen that was such a BIG DEAL to buy at the time (15 years ago…?), but I don’t love it anymore. Still, I can’t justify getting rid of it. And the few pieces of upholstered furniture I have in prints, I now regret. I think my loyalty to furniture sometimes paralyzes me. I’m afraid of wasting time and money, of changing my mind, or of replacing things just for the sake of doing something new. I’m too practical to be any fun….

  25. Katherine

    Thanks for your home inspirations. I have both of your books…love them. My daughter got me your newest one for Christmas. We live in an old farm house on a working farm…so that has set a bit of the style for me. I love white, green and nature. I tend to like pops of color and whimsy but that can sometimes cause confusion for me. Also I am a sentimental decorator….pictures, stuff from grandparents and parents permeate the house sometime for good sometimes not. I don’t follow trends but sometimes wish I could. Most furniture we have is old/antique by choice…as we went to auctions when setting up house keeping over 25 years ago. I am ready for some change though and looking to you for inspiration. I do wish you could come to visit and give me some tips but must settle for visits to your blog and books routinely.

  26. Natasha

    I am in love with the collected look. I know the trend is now leaning into a minimalist style but I love a home filled with interesting collections and antiques. I am certainly more drawn to a home that tells a story and a well filled home makes a cozy environment. Farmhouse style mixed with Victorian era home that has flea market finds and feels like it was collected over time is my kind of home.

  27. Adrienne

    Hi Melissa!
    You are asking such a good question! I find that design trends help me to narrow my focus and keep things simpler. I love several different styles, minimalist, modern, and vintage. I also love light neutrals. But it’s often easy to say/think that, and then purchase objects that don’t fit within those guidelines or go together easily. Looking a design trends helps me to pick items/styles that look good together, while mixing and matching what I like. I’m a very visual person, so I need to see images of items or styles in use before I can really image them in my space. In this way, trends are really helpful to me because of all the guides/images that I can find online.

    Does anyone else find this helpful?

  28. Robbie Zeller

    With a large family I have leaned towards a practical home that I like to think is warm and welcoming. Because I dislike dusting, I tend not to gravitate towards collections and shelf items. I have noticed that beautiful windows, lovely fabrics, elements of nature and a few meaningful family antiques appeal to me. I like using in fresh ways what I already have, putting together a not too decorated look. You have been a great inspiration Mellisa!

  29. Melinda young

    Thanks for asking! I have to say it’s a blend of clean lines and lodge warmth. We have a 1950’a ranch house and transformed the kitchen into a white crisp space with a warm butcher block island. It’s a dream come true! The crisp white shaker gets all warmed up with the natural wood. When I look around, that’s what I see crisp and warmth. I am sucker for plaid and an occasional deer antler. My husband loves traditional style, so I saved our curvy nailhead sofa and added a cozy throw and some pillows I love. It’s evolving into something I love more and more. Again, tanks for asking and thanks for blogging. I’ve enjoyed your blog for many years.

  30. Kathy

    Hi there!
    I love your site and communications so far, so looking forward to how I can be challenged to get out of my comfort zone and make my home better. I love color and taking risks – my master suite has white walls and a black vaulted ceiling, while the bathroom it flows into has black walls and a while ceiling. It’s all tied together with white trim and looks amazing. It’s glamorous and really versatile since you can add just about any accent color. My kitchen has red walls and black and white floors. So definitely not a wallflower, but not garish. My biggest challenge is decorating the walls – definitely too little in that area and tend to overthink. I’d like to make some lighting changes as well – where I’ve done this well it makes a huge difference. I told my daughters that 2016 is my year of going hard on the DIY decorating, so looking forward to your tips and your book is on the way!

  31. Kristina

    We live in a 40s-50s ranch (it’s been added on to so many times, it’s kind of like that Johnny Cash song about the guy who smuggles parts out of the Cadillac factory “It was a 49, 50, 51, 52….”). But it’s the house on our walnut farm, so here we stay. We remodeled about 5 years ago to open things up and make sense of the floor plan, but chose not to make it any bigger. I’m fortunate to have a partner who is also interested in design and has his own opinions about things, thankyouverymuch. If we tried to follow trends too much, we would be hopelessly muddled. He favors modern silhouettes and I like more old-fashioned things, but we’ve hit on a sort of cozy, clean-lined country that doesn’t try to make this old ranch house into a French chateau or a Tuscan farmhouse or some other sort of thing it isn’t — lots of natural wood, metal, leather and cozy textiles, plus, a little of the old curiosity shop thrown in with a lot of books, guitars, ukuleles, tambourines, horns, a piano and other various musical paraphernalia thrown in for flavor. (It’s noisy around here sometimes, but it’s fun at parties, which we host often.)

  32. AZDanetta

    I love to combine classic with period. For example, I have a neoclassical living room with Roman, Greek, and Etruscan decor, a classical dining room with Egyptian motifs, a cottage office with Indian motifs (rugs/pillows), a country French bedroom with jewel-toned linens, a very modern kitchen with black appliances and Renaissance wallpaper and decor, etc. I love mid-toned warm colors most: grey, corals/apricots, sage, ochre, light rust, and soft yellows. I do not follow trends, but wait (sometimes for a long time) until my colors and styles come back in again.

  33. Susan

    I feel totally paralyzed because I love the cottage look – planked walls, white wood work – with some whimsy thrown in, but I live in a very traditional colonial with cherry woodwork that my husband does not want to paint. It is so hard when every inspiration picture has white trim! The wood in my house is beautiful but I feel like it really limits my options for changing things up.

  34. melissa

    We just moved to a new home, smaller and modern in its updates (kitchen, baths). I am incorporating a rustic/industrial look with the modern and light colors along with teal and red. My own style really but there are lots of ideas out there that I love.

  35. Beth Hart

    Most of the inspiration for my own home comes from Charleston, South Carolina – the warmth provided by exposed brick, rustic wood tones & black iron lanterns paired with crisp & clean coastal hues and textures. I’m a designer in Nashville, TN – helping my clients discover and fine-tune their own style, so I have the privilege of exploring many trends and design preferences… variety is the spice of life! Thanks for inspiring others and encouraging a sense of community on your blog :-)

  36. Christie

    My favorite look includes simplicity (fewer decor items and neutral furniture), authenticity (vintage, few trends, daily life on display), and natural elements.

  37. Chris Rohwedder

    Greetings from wintery Iowa!
    I’ve been following your blog for about a year now and have never commented. I have so enjoyed your posts and how you are in the process of making your new home yours. Makes me want to move. :). My style is eclectic at best. It’s got traditional elements with a bit of farmhouse and a little cottage……and even a bit of craftsman. Oh my. As I sit herecandclook around I guess it’s quite a hodgepodge but I love it all. I never buy anything just for the sake of filling a space. I have to love it or I won’t get it.

    While some of the new wallpaper is beautiful, I doubt I’ll ever go that route. I guess I’ve had to remove too much of it over the years. I will also probably go the modern or mid-century route. I lived mid century and modern just doesn’t exude the warmth I like, although I will say I think some of that design is beautiful.

    Keep up the good work. And thank you for the time and effort you put into keeping me company each day.

  38. Patty

    I don’t follow trends. My favorite decor is primitives, but before I moved into this house I had to sell most of my primitives, they just wouldn’t work in this house. What my style has evolved to is comfortable with a mix of a few antiques and some small primitive pieces. I love white and bright and bring color in with pillows throws etc. I have a huge collection of hammered aluminum that I have decided to sell I have no place to display and no longer use it and I can’t stand it being boxed up in the basement.
    My kitchen is kind of odd no real wall space 70’s cabinets in walnut and my husband thinks they are beautiful as is and won’t let me paint them.
    I’m going to plank a wall in our bedroom and cover a window that is poorly placed and makes it impossible to center our bed and the plank wall will give our room a warm cottage feel with the beautiful antiques I have in there.
    I love your blog and your books, and your style. You have a wonderful family and funny, great dogs.

  39. Jessica

    I live in the PNW also, and I think that has really influenced my style over the years. I have always leaned towards a more masculine look: leather, wood grains, substantial-sized furniture, and earth tones. I am lucky to have a gorgeous view, so I try to keep things to a minimum so I don’t distract, but I have cozied up the place with kilim pillows, plush throws, and artwork that tends to nod to nature. My husband is Latino, and since we got married we painted the otherwise neutral kitchen and dining room a lovely saturated blue/teal-blue and I was surprised at how versatile color can be: it reminds me of both his tropical homeland AND of the gorgeous waterways of our current town. One trend I like is the dark room. We painted our master a dark gray, hung gray silk curtains, and kept the artwork on the darker side, and I really love it. It feels dark, quite, cozy, but also sexy and trendy. Maybe this year I’ll go bolder with paint somewhere else in the house!

  40. Angela Boone

    I love the farmhouse style. I don’t usually get into current trends but tend to go toward timeless and classic looks.

  41. Janelle@The Peaceful Haven

    I am a mix of both…In one sense I still decorate with the things I love…blue and white! But I find that over the years I am continually inspired by new ideas and trends. The ones I love I implement the ones I don’t get left behind. I live in a 1903 farmhouse that lends itself to the eclectic farmhouse style I have always loved. Thanks for all you do and I have never been able to get enough of your blog!

  42. Tina

    I like things organized and cozy- which is one of the reasons that I really enjoy your blog. I prefer lighter neutrals- Revere Pewter on walls with white trim in many of my rooms! I also enjoy changing things up and continuing to evolve. My husband seems more content with clutter and keeping it the same! I just change things slowly and hope he doesn’t notice! :)

  43. Victoria

    I like a mix of styles that I try to convey via accessories and possibly small pieces of furniture otherwise switching can get really expensive. Since my style is what I would call Mid eclectic industrial farmhouse French because I am really all over the place! I live in Colorado so I am also influenced by the snow and sky so lots of blue and white. It is always sunny here and in the summer we live an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. I use to have a lot of knick-knack’s and accessories but recently I’ve been paring things down a lot and getting rid of things and going to a more sparse accessory style. I try to stay away from ‘fads’ and stick to classic furniture pieces and antiques. I do look at the new trends and see if there is anything about them that I may like but I usually wait and see if something is going to hang around. I do tend to be ahead of trends, I’ve had my kitchen cabinets painted gray for years and now the gray trend is really catching on… maybe blue will make a big comeback! Thanks for starting the conversation! Victoria

  44. Cathy L

    I live in Williamsburg, Virginia and have a fairly traditional house. We have always had traditional furniture, and when we moved here years ago we painted our walls traditional colonial colors in yellow, green and dark blue. Last year I started to get into modern quilts which have lots of bright colors with white/neutral negative space, and just fell in love with the look. Most modern quilts are displayed on neutral furniture, with often light gray or white walls. I started to crave the modern farmhouse/ industrial rustic kind of look to combine with some modern quilts. I found your blog about the same time. I talked my family into painting the walls a very light gray, and we started to transform our house. We have reupholstered our formerly floral chairs with solid fabric and have added colorful pillows in modern prints along with modern quilts. We have added some modern colorful artwork to the walls along with some large dramatic wall clocks and mirrors, and have added texture with baskets, plants, and stone accessories, along with a few candles. There are some rustic pieces as well. I feel like I have walked into the sunshine and out of the darkness. I am just amazed at what a transformation it has been over the last year. I appreciate all the tips that I got from your blog!

  45. Sheran Steading

    What a great question and it really has me thinking. I guess I am fairly traditional, but I have always been eclectic. I shudder at the thought of painting any of my cherry or mahogany furniture, but then one of my favorite pieces is a large antiques Chinese chest that is red and chippy from age. I cannot fathom having open kitchen cupboards that would always need to be neat and “show-worthy”, My collection of serving dishes and casseroles has evolved over nearly fifty years and while useful, do not display well all together. I love my white kitchen. I have always loved to style coffee tables. I love to use throw pillows in decorating through the seasons, and I seem to go from traditional to boho. I don’t like heavy window treatments – never have- even through the eighties when all my friends and neighbors were spending bundles on lined drapes, jabots and cornices. Looking forward to fewer Mason jars in the future!

  46. Anne

    Hi :-)
    I like white walls, and lots of blues and a little turquise and gold/brass accents. And plants and flowers! And natural light, no heavy curtains. And no busy patterns, preferably solid colours. And lots of books and some candles. And did I mention plants and flowers?!
    I don’t look for trends, don’t want them, not even if I could afford to change things.
    But I do love to look at what others do to find inspiration – and THANK YOU so much for the inspiration you have given in your blog and your books !

  47. Melyssa

    I’m not sure what style I would call our house but it’s definitely decorated with things and colors that we love! We live in Phoenix, AZ so we have to be able to shut out the sun in the summer time and ceiling fans are a must! And with 3 school age kids some days it’s more about just keeping everything picked up :). I like to use our family photos to decorate with. I also love the color purple! We even have a deep purple painted on our kitchen walls! I know they are not as “in style” anymore, but I also love a chevron print so I’ve added lots of chevron accents around the house. Thanks for you blog! It is a great inspiration for me and I can’t wait to see what you will do with the new house!

  48. Debby

    We recently moved out of a smallish three-story townhouse with light maple hardwood floors, decorated mostly with soft greens and greige walls and lots of Oriental-style rugs. Our new place has all white walls, and it has HUGE windows looking over a small lawn and wooded area, so lots of green views and light flooding in! We live in northeastern Ohio in a town established in 1850, but our home is in a 1970s development of homes and condos. All of the floors in our new place have either charcoal gray carpet or natural multicolor slate tile (gray, beige and a rusty brown). We couldn’t afford to replace all the carpet with wood floors, so I put my Oriental rugs on the carpet to anchor furniture arrangements. Our style is and always has been eclectic–new pieces with clean lines mixed with antiques, family heirlooms, and lots of paintings and handmade pottery (my husband, mother, uncle, and son are all artists). I love my style–but I am always updating with color in the accessories. I tend to pull my accent colors from the patterned rugs. Lately, thanks to you, Melissa, I have been incorporating more blue, which I never have used much before. I love the grayed soft turquoises and teals you use! Thanks for the inspiring ideas! But more than that, you convey such warmth and friendliness in your blog writing that I feel like I know you. Reading your blog feels like having a cozy cup of tea with a friend. The best to you and your family in your new home! Can’t wait to see more!

  49. Denise

    After reading your book, I realize that I really do not follow trends. My hubby is into classic and traditional and I am in between classic to eclectic. My husband is Indian, he is drawn to brass with patina, some traditional Indian accessories and British furniture. I love ironstone, plain silver accessories with patina, variety of furniture ( unpainted and painted). I am drawn to vignette. We live in a Cape Cod house, we are stumped as to how we should do with brick fireplace all the way from the first to the second floor and few areas. We are continuing to evaluate , make the list for each room and will work on each room from time to time. Thank you for bringing up the question.

  50. Gina

    I love white and neutrals and a mix of elegant with rustic (old world) and a little (very little) modern. I lean towards a mix of a french country, belgian, swedish furniture with slipcovers. I have a white sofa with white washable slipcovers I’ve had since 1990. The slipcovers just recently wore out. I love Fixer Upper style ( Joanna and Chip Gaines) and Pamela Pierce, Velvet & Linen (Giannatti) with a touch of elegance. I have large windows that open to my flower garden and I like the inside/outside concept. In interject some color (aqua, green, pink) with pillows and pictures. I am also interjecting a few modern pieces such as a clear acrylic chair (in bathroom) and contemporary lamps in great room. I enjoy your blog and inspiration I get from it.

  51. Cathy

    I, too, love white and neutrals, but I also love greens and blue pastels. I like to add colour with accents in pillows, pictures, etc. I enjoy a bit of country but also classic pieces with a few modern thrown in. My style changes often but I try to blend what I already have in with new pieces. I also move my furniture around often and even into different rooms. Decorating should be fun and the end result for me is to be cozy as well. I want anyone who enters my house to feel a sense of calm and relaxation. Love your site and check it often. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  52. Little Yak

    Hello All,
    Only caught up with interest in home decor recently. It took me long to realise what a creative outlet this could be.I used to like a vintage feel to my rooms before (so nice vintage roses, that warm homely feel) although I made no efforts to it whatsoever. Now I am starting to like minimalist and sleek designs, so perhaps more like Nordic inspirations and looking forward to decorate my place with minimalist colour coordination . But I like pop of colours too with Boho feel to it. So I am not too sure how the amalgamation of two will turn out but I am hoping I will find some great ideas and inspirations here. You all seem like a lovely bunch :)

  53. Bambi

    I have followed your blog and FB posts for many years, but have never commented before. But this has been fun today to read the posts. I don’t usually follow trends, but decorate with an informal style that is comfortable and relaxing for not only myself, but for family and friends. I live in a ’50’s ranch, right in the country’s heartland! My home has large windows with lots of light, but if you would go from room to room you would still wonder what my style is! The main living area is in blues, greens, yellows, and white with a beach/cottage look (even though I’m many miles from the beach!). The kitchen leans toward French Country and is terra-cotta with black accents! Master bedroom/bath has a beach look, also, and is done in blues and corals. Another bedroom is in red and whites and the third bedroom is in neutrals! I really enjoy your blog, Jack and Lily, and your books, Melissa. And look forward to 2016 with you.

  54. Alison

    I love vintage and antiques, especially when I know where they came from. But I like to combine them with new/pretty accessories and fun/quirky etsy finds. I love that my home has a personality. Our walls have color–kind of peaceful, calming blues and yellows but I find that most of my friends have white or tan walls–seems to be a bit of a trend right now. My goal for the home is for it to be welcoming and cozy for our family and others, with a story to tell ;)

  55. Lisa Borton

    After living with a gold/brown tuscan style for many years, we are trying to make each room lighter and brighter! We have replaced all of our stained trim with white, and the walls are becoming fairly neutral (warm grays) but with pops of color in small areas such as laundry room, powder room and mudroom. We still have orangey oak kitchen cabinets, but replacing those with white is on the list for 2016. I am trying to get rid of anything we don’t love and replace accessories with something meaningful. My daughter and I love painting, so we have been hanging some of our efforts on clipboards so we can change them out whenever we feel like it! I got Melissa’s new book for Christmas, and I am savoring it slowly. SOOOOO many ideas I love!

  56. Patti

    When I was a young woman I loved rustic contemporary style furniture and had a home that looked like a ski lodge. As I grew older, my family moved around quite a bit so I lived in many homes that were of different styles; traditional, contemporary, etc. I have never followed trends and have always used blues and yellows in most of my homes. I now find myself in a traditional home with a new husband and trying to blend his things and mine. It is an on-going process and the best style I can come up with is “eclectic” but I don’t mind. I love your book and am learning to love and appreciate the home I have now. Thank You. You are an inspiration to me.

  57. Andrea M. Schnapp

    I moved from a house that was built in 1915 to a new build at the beach. My tastes have dramatically changed. I’m still a traditionalist, but I like the coastal look at the same time. I use neutrals with a pop of color, mostly turquoise. I collect Metlox pottery, which is heavy in turquoise, but I am a long time collector of Harlequin dishes, another branch of Homer Laughlin, most famous for Fiestaware. My new Craftstyle house is teeming with tradition while I have my own version of the beach look. Incidentally, I can not stand shabby chic, which is a trend that will not disappear. However, I do like the trend of painted furniture, just no chips. It’s been made easy with the use of chalk paint (not chalkboard paint). I have Chippendale pine chairs beckoning me to paint them gray with a lime wax coat.

  58. Mary R

    Hi, Melissa. It’s Mary, the polar bear tree lady. I’m excited to tell you that I finally did it. I bought myself a Chickering Baby Grand Piano. I’ve been wanting one for years and years and years, and I did it. If I knew how to send you a photograph, I’d show you this beautiful piece of furniture (made in 1959 — but lovingly previously owned by just 2 people) that now sits so proudly in my condo. I’m a classically trained pianist, but I haven’t sat in front of a keyboard in nearly 15 years. But, reading your blog every day inspired me to rediscover what brings me joy, and that’s my home and my music and now I can’t wait to redecorate around this stunning little piano THAT I OWN! Thank you! ~M

  59. Lisa

    I finally found my style :) after years of piece-mealing together this and that, I finally know what I want and we’re doing a whole house renovation to accomplish it. I love white, blue and gray with a pop of red or yellow. The “beachy” choice of colors may come from living on an island, but they are my happy place. The one rule we have for our renovation is that we must make at least one thing in each room (dining room will be the table, kitchen will be the island…etc). Fortunately my husband is in construction :) I think I’d describe my stle as contemporary industrial farmhouse rustic

  60. Donna

    I would say that mine is rustic farmhouse with a touch of industrial. I have always loved color and stark white, while attractive, looks sterile to me. I also don’t like all dark and not gray at all because our winters are grey and I just find it depressing. I love texture such as fur throws, cable knit pillows, tile, leather (mine is deep red with black distressing), and wood in every room. I love antiques too. Everything has to be comfortable, practical, inviting, and appealing to my eye and heart. I like Joanna Gaines, but with more color. I have an open home with huge tamarack beams and 18 foot ceilings at the peek. We just added bead board to the kitchen ceiling and I love it. I love black iron mixed with medium to dark woods. My bedroom is yellow and so is my studio as I need the brightness in my life. Love copper and have a copper farmhouse sink. Love floors that are wood or wood look with an area rug here and there. I got rid of ALL carpet and my house feels so much cleaner. I like a tall dining room table with tall chairs. Love oversized furniture with my tall ceilings. We live in 35 acres overlooking a river on one side and mountains on the other so nature is incorporated in my home. I hate any visible TVs or technology. I want my home to feel cozy, yet spacious, rustic yet practical, inviting and yet very clean and organized. I like features such as a window seat in the master bedroom, a walk in doorless shower in the all tile bath, windows EVERYWHERE and lots and lots of light. We have a wood stove in the dining room which is open to the family room and the kitchen. Cherry red appliances with a black and white checked floor for the laundry. Black and white checked tile backsplash in the kitchen. And black and white plaids for accents in the adjoining rooms. I have tiffany lamps in the family room and the dining room in bright colors.

  61. Laureen

    When my husband and I married 41 years ago I was Early American leaning heavily toward country. Through the 80’s and early 90’s I stuck with country. Since then my tastes have evolved to what I was surprised to see was your style. I have a little more black as opposed to white in my decor, but we have allot of blues and grays. I could live in your house! My goal this year is to declutter, minimalize. I want to stay true to my style, but with less “stuff”.

  62. Jeanne B

    Hi! I am one of those that doesn’t follow trends. I don’t care for white walls, I love color. I swore to myself when we moved into our current home I was not having any more white walls and I don’t. I love mid century modern, mission style and the industrial look with lots of metals but I also like a good comfy chair to curl up in. My biggest desire is to have a home that everyone who visits feels comfortable in. I have found over the years that when I buy a piece that I really love, it will work in my house no matter the design style.

  63. Deb

    I’m a cozy & casual kind of girl. i think my style is somewhere between traditional and upscale country. I try to stay aware of trends but definitely keep with what I like. I could never do all neutrals and whites. i’ve got to have color around me, it’s like air to me. I’ve been drawn to greens all my life, but after a move (in June) I’ve found myself drawn to navy blue and gold.

  64. Beatriz C.

    I love that really anything goes when it comes to decorating. Whatever makes you happy. I moved from a brand new home in a not so good area, to an older not so good house in a great area. All my shiny decor from my previous home just wasn’t working in the new older home. Incorporating natural wood tones throughout, and installing base and crown moulding, it’s finally coming along. We’re finding a happy balance of old and new. All my staple pieces are classic lines and solid colors, and though I like posh, I want to add pattern for charm. That’s the hardest for me. I’m scared of patterns! But through pillows and throw blankets I’m easing into it. I guess if I were to describe my style, I’d call it Rustic Glam.

  65. Autumn

    Hmmm this is a hard question! We live in a ranch style home with a sunken living room (think Brady Bunch :0!) When we moved here 9 years ago it was already decorated with paint and wallpaper. We are gearing up to redecorate the whole house now. Basically redoing everything so I’ve been scouring blogs. Trying to determine the best trend to go with, but deep down always wanting a blue/yellow color scheme with accessories. I didn’t feel like that was trendy enough though and also being “embarrassed” about some dated aspects of our home that our out of our control..think sunken den and painted paneling! I came upon this blog and bought the book..Love the Home You Have and it has completely changed my mindset!mi love blue and yellow! Who cares if it’s not trendy? This is my home! Why be embarrassed of our sunken den? It gives our house character and a conversation point at gatherings! I have over 3,000 sq ft in which we enjoy having company and our kids like having people over so no more worries! So do I really have a name for my style? No, not really unless it’s the What Autumn Loves style! Ha!

  66. Liz

    Oh goodness Melissa, I am a little out of it with home stuff right now but I can tell you one thing for sure and that is, I am so happy I found you. I am reading your “Love the Home you Have” book and it is so darn good. I cannot wait to sit with a cup of coffee in the mornings and get my fill of it. I truly am savoring it.
    I am a military wife and have moved every two years for the past 13 years. Yep, one home to another, unpacking, starting over, not taking everything with us, not overbuying, always organizing, we never know what will fit, what won’t, etc. We just moved from Japan 3 mths ago so I have a miss mash of furniture. Guess what though? Not anxious about it!! One reason being we have unpacked 90% of our boxes! Second, we have de-cluttered and organized about 90% of our garage! I am a little tired of moving now. All I want is to make a cozy, simple, easy home one small step at a time. I want the feel of my home to be the way one feels when they walk into a cozy library, bookstore, coffee shop, farmhouse feel. I want scattered books, some worn but cozy second hand chairs, signs of our travels, our maps in a nook, a gallery wall of some of my photography of our travels, layered linen, texture, baskets to corral our everyday life things, and signs of life that children live here, their art hanging in open frames, maybe even a little crooked because that’s how real life is! Washed out grey colored wall, foggy blue sky color, maybe even a deep colored wall, whites that look worn – heck at this point any color, I just want to paint a wall!! It’s been so long! Thank you Melissa!

    • Peggy

      Thank you for your service and sacrifice. My daughter is a military wife and mother, so I’m familiar with moving and trying to make a home on a budget. She’s become very creative and I’m sure you are too. Best wishes!

  67. Julie

    I’ve walked through the evolutions of finding my own personal style, too (much of it being dependent on hand-me-downs or short-term rentals). But we’re hoping this new year brings some major changes to the home and a chance to really change style. I’m craving and white and light and a cozy relaxed look. And while I adore antique/vintage items, (or “old junk” as my husband calls it!), he’s tired of thrift store finds and wants new. It’ll be fun to try to mesh our likes and find out just what we are as a family!

  68. Rachel

    I would describe my home decor design style as ‘Contemporary Zen’. I find that new trends that align with that theme are what I gravitate to. Simple, clean lines. Minimalist accessories. I love gray or taupe walls that will match with any furniture or art work I move in a room. Black and white art work and framed photos are both neutral and classic…works in any room, with any decor and infuses personal memories or inspiration in any space. I’m also a little obsessed with throw pillows lately…is it me or are there tons of great colors and designs out right now? Fun and easy item to change if you are bored with the look of a room!

  69. Cynthia Allen

    I am a Roy Rogers kind of girl. I live in a 1958 ranch. I call my style Western Cottage. Today I added a hair on hide pillow to each of my maple Nichols and Stone Boston rockers. Getting my happiness on.

  70. Diane

    I live in a bungalow or English cottage style home and am very traditional with grays and wine colors with blue accents. I find myself trying to go more minimalist as I get older. Cleaner lines. I am always trying to figure out ways to entertain in such a small house.

  71. Ann

    I’m becoming more neutral in my old age. Tomorrow’s actually my birthday! (: I live in Phoenix, in a big, suburban, tile-roofed stucco home. It’s about 15 years old. I love character and this house has about NONE. But it’s big and I have 4 kids, so when we had the chance to nab it in a short sale, we went for it. Ok, I went for it, my husband just came along to make me happy. (: So we’re slowly adding character as we go along, and as we can afford it. I’ve been into neutrals with pops of color, and trying to carry over some color from room to room, to try to make it cohesive. I really like industrial/farmhouse but just a touch. Plus, unless it’s authentic, it seems phony. And I can’t pay $45 for a sign that says “Farmfresh Eggs”, that may or may not be 60 years old. I’ve always been an up-cycler through necessity. Now it’s just cooler. I’ve also become a fan of textures in a room, and surprising, I’m digging pops of darkened gold, like in a round end table with a glass top. I have both your books and love them so much. I actually started following you, Melissa, when we moved in. You helped me realize a home is a work in progress.

  72. A

    MCM house with neutral colors, clean line furniture, touches of blue. Wish I could do away with window coverings.

  73. Holly

    OK – here goes … I am French Beach Cottage on the Spanish Industrial Farm! There. That covers it. I live in southern California so it is hard to avoid the beach influence but I don’t want to feel like Davey Jones Locker washed up! Or that Marie Antoinette has slipped into my bedroom with all her favorite laces and gold. Or no sterile warehouse look and I don’t have ship lap anywhere in my home. But I do like a little of each. Eclectic. Nothing too much. A little of this-and-that. Just touches. I keep it cohesive with using a couple of colors as the main theme and build. Navy, white, golden yellows with a dash of red lipstick just to keep it bright. It all seems to work well.

  74. Deanna Rabe

    I really like to do my own thing in my house. I am not into following trends. I love color and use it on the walls, and tend to be a bit more neutral in my furniture. I love cozy, lots of books, candles, silver, tea things.

    I’m thinking through the need to refresh my home this year. We’ve lived here for 14 years and while wall colors have changed and so has some of the furniture, I want to think through how we use the rooms, and to update them (ex:bathrooms).

    I’m enjoying watching your turn this house into a home and am glad that you are doing it bit by bit which is how most of us do it!

  75. Sharon

    Hi Melissa, I really enjoy your blog and I’ve heard so many great things about your book so I will be getting that soon…can’t wait! Also I must tell you that I love Lilly and Jack! We are contemplating getting a dog (we lost our sweet Savannah a little over a year ago and I think we have healed enough) and are seriously considering a doodle but on the smaller side like Lilly. Now on to today’s topic…sorry for the ramble…I live in a french style home. Our builder would travel to Europe for pieces for the homes he built.
    I fell in love when we first drove up and saw the gorgeous antique front doors with carved lions heads. Inside I have decorated in neutrals with french and sweedish style furniture.. I’m currently on the hunt for a mora clock that I can afford! I like to follow trends but not be so influenced that I’m actually chasing every new thing but rather adding a few trendy pieces to my base look…thanks for reaching out to your readers, I’m enjoying reading all the comments..can’t wait for the mid century craze to go away…I definitely won’t be adding those pieces in but won’t discourage those who love it…to each his own…

  76. Linda P

    I am enjoying the trend of simple. I.e. fewer accessories, (but larger ones). Less dusting and more room for family and friends. No creativity at all here, so I love reading this blog and book for ideas. My one big “success” was redoing our kitchen about 10 years ago. Painted (eek!) the real wood cabinets off white, took out the peninsula, re-used the uppers along the now empty wall with a shelf below that my husband created (the guy who says he has no design sense) and the whole thing turned out Better than my vision! Lots of simple beauty and Space for all of us to work together. Reading these comments has been so much fun–like receiving a great new book. Thanks!!

  77. Ardith

    And thank you for your wonderful blog, Melissa. What fun it is to read today’s post and all the great feedback. I definitely enjoy following trends, and like others here I integrate those I like and believe will work well in my own home.

    French Industrial Lodge, at least that is what I’m calling my style. It started out as French Industrial back in 2010. But since moving to our new home in late 2014– with ceiling beams in the living room and faux wood flooring throughout–it’s mutated. Cheers, Ardith

    A photo of one side of our living room:

    • Ardith

      Melissa, is there some reason my prior comment is still awaiting moderation? Can I answer a question for you? Thanks so much, Ardith

  78. Missy Robinson

    I have no style, nothing new, still living in the home I inherited when I married my husband. His former wife designed it when they built it years ago, and I’m mashing together what I brought more than two years ago. We have no money for makeovers or new furniture. SO, I love seeing what everyone else is doing and hoping for my own makeover in the future!

    In my mind, I love a clean mountain lodge feel with lots of open space and texture.

  79. Amy

    Gratefully I know what I like and am drawn to, unfortunately 6-18 months later, it becomes the next big trend. So that tells me I have a good sense of style and taste. Example: I’ve loved a 2 toned tuxedo kitchen since I was 22 in my first real apartment out of college….yup they are all the rage now. Or say the fact that I’ve loved a modern rustic industrial look, long back 10 years ago…. and poof it becomes it own entity. So because it happens often, when I love something, am drawn to something, I take a minute to really look at what is inspiring me. Likely it is because it is an example of something I know in my heart I love, so I try really hard to listen to myself. I am 30 and have a lifetime of styles to weave in an out, but I already know I love big contrast with the elements to a room. I love a classic casual finish, we live in our homes! Nothing stuffy, but warm and well put together. I am big into traditional linens, plaids, menswear used to lighten the mood of a neutral space. I love warm wood with depth, next to dark stone, and white walls. Nothing filled to the brims, nothing inauthentic to the owners (Example:I hate when people just buy a moroccan wedding blanket to “bring texture” when the rest of their home looks like any big box stores latest trend. It doesn’t feel authentic to the owners. I love a simple farm house, because I associate it with the authentic history of my grandparents. I love big airy industrial lofts because it reminds me of my hometown. I stick to my roots, and my favorite colors. Then I swap favorites for the seasons and keep myself enough room to have a sense of humor.

  80. sharon /

    Well, I enjoy following you as nothing about your style seems A) insincere or a front to me, and B) nothing blantly over the top. That said, would likewise describe my own decorating style and looks! I Am totally interested in trends and art for art’s sake. Do you remember on The Devil Wears Prada, Anne H’s character feigned disinterest in all the hoopla? Meryl (or Anne Wintour if you choose) ripped into her. All ‘the hoopla’ (laymans terms, lol) …trickles down, even to the belt on a commoner. That’s cool, and relative – I think.
    K. So my point is – it’s all interesting to me. The history, the story, the poetry, -but I am practical too. I want space -even if in certain of my homes that simply meant a hallway one can navigate free of an obstacle course, light, windows or coverings open, the moving of furniture around, white/light and touches of dark to ground a space, hand-me-downs and new purchases, constant clutter control. I like natural wood somewhere. I think the industrial and mcm stuff is overdone now and will simmer down – but leave a footprint, and I like that.
    I believe in being conscious of how your home looks, but also getting along with the others you live with. You know, making a home homey!

  81. Mari

    Your decorating ideas are a main reason why I subscribe to your blog. I have poor decorative sense. Very difficult time choosing colors. Although my home is comfortable, I think one with artistic ability would make it fabulous. So, I have a few blogs that I regularly read, trying to pick up some sense of style and colors.
    we are now at the point where we are going to tear out our kitchen for a redo. I Imagine you would be thrilled with that prospect. Me, I dread having to make all those choices, and then living with them! I still have the lime green dining room that I thought was going to be a pretty, light sea green.
    So basically I’m looking for doable ideas to decorate that require no big budget and no complicated skills. Thanks for sharing!
    Congratulations on your new book!

  82. melinda

    I love it all:) I tend to go with what catches my eye,I have run the gamut on primitive pieces and stored those when I wasn’t feeling it…then the shabbychic look was fun for awhile…I am more conservative now,but I mix it altogether for a different take,it is a fun way to express myself.

  83. Eileen

    The latest trend is right up my alley! White is supposed to be the colour of the year 2016. I have been toying with changing to white on my walls throughout my house (or at least my main floor for a few months now as I am tired of what we have and I would like to brighten up the space. I guess mostly I have questions because I don’t want it to go terribly wrong. Firstly we have Benjamin Moore decorators white for all the trim so I want a white that would go well with it. Secondly I don’t want to change much of the furniture I have so would white walls make my beiges and ivories and dark woods look muddy. Can anyone help me with this transformation? Melissa, perhaps this could be a topic on your blog.

  84. May Meets June

    Both our homes are a bit more eclectic. We mix antiques with more modern pieces, but mostly surround ourselves with things we love. Although we get inspired by trends, we usually only follow small pieces of them, giving our homes a bit of a pop, without entirely changing the style.

  85. Sandra mosolgo

    For budgetary reasons & personal taste, I do not follow trends, but use things I love that have meaning & history. Examples are a grain scoop accent made by my grandfather, a lavaba given to me by my mother-in-law and a globe from my childhood. Neutrals give a backdrop for easily changed accents like pillows.When owls were popular I realized I had a nice terra cotta owl planter that I painted white and am still using when everyone else has gone to antlers. In my kitchen, I have a corner window so I have three curtains,(hemmed rectangles w clips) that I switch out during the year for a fresh look. A house has more life when it reflects the owners instead of the latest trend. That said, I’ve gotten some good ideas from this blog.

  86. Denise Reynolds

    My style has changed over the years from newlyweds 41 years ago with lots of hand me downs which equates to no style, Victorian country, Tuscan, coastal and now I’m evolving in to coastal farmhouse. My heart has always been my home and now that I’m a grandmother of three boys ages 4, 1 and 2 months I want to make my home even more homey and carefree so no one has to worry about messing up anything. Just casual, worn, lived in and homey. I love the farm house style but I want to keep my whites, wood floors but lots of light with splashes of blues and seashell art. I’m a new fan but love what I see. Thanks!

  87. Wendy

    I love blue, white and cream at the moment. I have a big love affair with silver and copper ,bowls, candlesticks and anything that looks interesting. I love your new house and look forward to seeing what you’ll come up with to make it home for you and your family.

  88. Elizabeth

    I haven’t had a chance to fully dissect what I love about it, but Mindy’s apartment on the Mindy Project is amazing! It has sparkle and bling and all of the colors are fabulous. I hate she is thinking about leaving Danny, but I would love to see her back in her apartment!

  89. Marilyn

    Hi Melissa, I never pay much attention to “trends” but use what I like. I’d describe my style as Cottage/Garden Style–and definitely NOT modern. I like light-filled rooms, and don’t really care for the dark “cave-like” rooms–but I LOVE cozy and comfortable. We also have books everywhere.

    I can’t wait to see your new home evolve! I just had a question (or two) pop into my head. Did you leave your map-wall up in your last home? I think you had put them up with push pins, hadn’t you? Just curious. I LOVED that!

    Have a blessed day.

  90. Carolyn G.

    My style has been evolving since moving from South Florida to western North Carolina 2 years ago. We only kept a small amount of our furniture because it just didn’t seem to suit into our home here. Our Florida home was light and bright, whites and off-whites with transitional furnishings. Our current house is a geodesic dome, (think igloo shape) in a rural area, and we have an abundance of wood. The great room ceiling and walls are planked with natural poplar wood with darker walnut floors. My decor must fit in with all that wood. I tend to use log cabin decor as inspiration. Think modern rustic and casual/comfy. I tend to go for neutrals with accents of color, because I can’t commit to one color palette for long periods of time. Accessories are changed out pretty much seasonally. I don’t want my major decor pieces to be “trendy” because then they’ll be passe in a few years, but rather I am trying for timeless classic pieces and incorporating trendy touches through the accessories.

  91. Mrs. J

    I can tell that the trends are changing. When I was a kid my Mom would say ” Look how beautiful this wall paper is.”
    Fast forward 25 years:
    When I bought my house she said, ” Why the heck do you have wallpaper?”

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