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The Power of Paint – Before & After

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Decorating Inspiration, Kitchens, My Kitchen, My Seattle House

The Power of Paint - Before & After

Before we move on from the focus on kitchens in our Best of the Best Room Makeover summer series and (as promised) look at pretty bedrooms for awhile (we’ll come back to kitchens, though, because there’s so much more to talk about that I couldn’t get to!), I thought I would share about the simplicity of a kitchen paint makeover.

Yes, it’s been fun to dream up the most grand of ideas and be inspired by kitchens that have had far more impressive improvements, but I also love to see more humble makeovers whenever they are possible. I bet many of you do, too.

If a room can be more charming with less effort and money, that’s a dream makeover in itself. So with our little 1950s kitchen, I let myself think long and hard before we made any major decisions, just in case it was something we should simply “makeover” rather than remodel. I didn’t want to leap to the gutting and redoing without considering the potential of what was already there.

The Power of Paint - Before & AfterPaint Red Wall to White

One thing I kept thinking about as I was weighing the options is that I always have to remember the power of paint. Even though we did eventually decide that it would be better in our case to redo our kitchen and do it sooner rather than later (I can’t wait to share more about our project!), I still kind of wanted to see what it would look like if our red wall wasn’t so vibrant and the oak cabinetry wasn’t so, well oakey :).

When a reader asked if I might show an “in between makeover,” I thought that was a splendid idea. Why not? I was actually REALLY CURIOUS myself about what a can of white paint could do for this side of the room. Nothing wrong with colors or wood in a kitchen if you prefer, but together with the yellow wall it just felt like there was a lot going on for my personal taste. Especially in such a little kitchen and all in this one corner where each color came together.

A little makeover in this corner would appease my curiosity and give you the fun of seeing what paint could do. When Glidden announced their new stain blocking paint and primer called Complete, I knew it was the perfect paint for this quick project.

The Power of Paint - Before & After

Glidden Complete acrylic paint covered the red wall and the oak with ease. The paint dried really fast and the end result was SO FUN to see! I didn’t really didn’t want to take the time or energy to paint the entire kitchen, but you can see how the fresh coat of paint certainly calmed and unified this side of the room giving it a whole new look. It looks so much fresher, I’m really pleased with the result.

For your enjoyment, check out the before and after below to see the power of just a paint makeover!

The Power of Paint - Before & After

Phew! I feel like I can finally take a deep breath and just relax in my kitchen. I love the clean simplified look. Honestly, if my remodel was going to take any longer to begin, I’d be painting the entire kitchen and it would be worth it.

The power of paint is amazing, isn’t it? If you have a kitchen that needs a makeover (or any room or piece of  furniture that just isn’t what you want it to be), paint might be your answer or at least a great first step!


Here’s a few facts about Glidden Complete paint and a paint giveaway sponsored by Glidden, below.

  • Stain Blocking
  • Exceptional Hide
  • Highly Scrubbable
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Low Odor/ Low VOC
  • Tintable to any color on the Glidden color palette
  • Available in the following sheens: Flat, Eggshell, Semi-Gloss GIVEAWAY TO ENTER: Leave a comment to enter a giveaway for 5 Gallons of Glidden Complete Paint in the color of your choice.THE RULES: You do not need a blog to enter and winner, open to U.S. residents only. Winner will be selected at random, the giveaway will end on July 13th.What paint project would you like to do?


This project and giveaway was sponsored by Glidden, all opinions are my own. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that support The Inspired Room! 


  1. Tara G.

    We close on our new house next week…the floor is wood and the cabinets – orange undertones- are wood, & the walls are orange. It’s like being in a pumpkin. That’d be my project. STAT. :)

  2. Pam Moore

    The difference in your little kitchen corner is amazing. I love what a difference a simple can of paint can make. I am ready to freshen up our bathroom. A fresh coat of paint is just what the doctor ordered.

  3. Jacqui

    What a difference! Looks great. Our garage walls – I am converting to an outdoor room!

  4. Judy

    Hi Melissa, thanks for showing the power of paint. My husband and I just bought our first home. It’s a 1950 Cape and it is a fixer upper. The kitchen needs help! I am living with it to feel it out (yes I am reading your books!). I have been contemplating painting the cabinets instead of remodeling since they have “good bones”. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Priscilla Smith

    We have a mud room that has dark paint on the walls. Cabinets will be taken out to add the washer and dryer. There is much to paint and freshen up ! Would love to try this product!,

  6. Jeanne

    That corner is beautiful! You styled it so well. I have a question about your plants, since I would like to add more to my home. Do you plant directly into your pretty pots? I assume they don’t have holes in the bottom for drainage, and is this a problem? What is the one on the left that looks like a fern? Thank you for the always practical inspiration that is also beautiful. Any plant advice for hardy varieties would be appreciated. Thank you!

  7. Cathy

    What a beautiful transformation! It’s impressive to see how well that paint covered the red wall with white. I always like a clean, white wall, too!

  8. Sally Breindel

    Love your blog.Great information for anyone wanting to update or starting out new. My house is 22 years old and in need of a fresh new look,the new Glidden Complete Paint would do wonders for my rooms.

  9. Tracie

    Wow, what a difference! What sheen did you use? When we bought our 1960 Cape Cod, we knew the kitchen needed a remodel, but that was low on the priority list. So we stripped wallpaper off and painted the cabinets and walls. The result was terrific!

  10. Melisa Lewis

    I’d love to paint our laundry room. It’s currently a burnt orange but I’m thinking a pretty pale mint would be a gorgeous change.

  11. Linda Stoll

    Gosh … talk about a before / after miracle.


  12. BLBC

    ” I need me some color in my world” … and I wasn’t even aware until I saw your transformed corner.

  13. Nadine

    I would love to paint our garage and pretty it up. We use it every day and it looks so drab. New paint could work wonders.

  14. Cheryl

    Our hallway has no natural light and is a medium green color. Painting it a light cream would work wonders and compliment the rich vintage floors!

  15. Buffy

    I’m thinking new color in the master bedroom

  16. Linda Thomas

    Love what the paint has done for your space, both here, even if it is temporary, and all over your new home! Next project: my baby is going to be in high school ( ! ) and he wants to take over his big brother’s room and make it his own!

  17. Jessica Moore

    Oh howI would love to repaint my bathrooms in my house. I love your after it looks great.

  18. Kim Hassell

    We are in the process of choosing our new home and I am seeing LOTS of kitchens with “oaky” cabinets and woodwork. My mantra has been “Nothing that a whole lot of white paint can’t fix!” It’s a miracle worker!

  19. Julie

    We move into our new house July 20th. It has not been remodeled since the 1970’s so there are a lot of areas to be painted. But my first project would be the kitchen with its dark orange walls and dark cabinets.

  20. Stephanie

    I love the power of paint!! We are moving to a new house in 2 weeks and I would love to try gliddens new paint!!! Thanks, Melissa!

  21. Heidi

    Definitely the master bedroom needs paint most, especially where the pine crown molding is bleeding through and where we had an attic leak. That white certainly freshens up your corner!

  22. Beth P

    I would totally paint my kitchen cabinets. My kitchen has a great lay out, but the cabinets need a refresh!

  23. Beth B.

    I love seeing the transformation that paint can accomplish! I am itching to freshen up our guest room (your recent guest room is my inspiration!) and our basement family room – still in its sad “builder beige.”

  24. Pam

    I’d love to try Glidden Complete in my kitchen, too. It’s time for a refresh, and it sounds like Complete will help me do the job beautifully!

  25. Janice C

    I have several pieces of furniture I’d like to paint. Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. Amber

    Love your mini transformation! I’d love to try out the paint on some furniture pieces I’ve been wanting to makeover.

  27. Beverly Neiswanger

    Love the clean look and burst of green on the little stand. Going to paint my kitchen to brighten it up.
    Stain blocking would be the perfect paint to have above the stove:) Thank you!

  28. Terri M.

    That’s so much nicer. It calms down the area and brings the eyes to a lovelier spot! I need to paint my kitchen and some ‘oakey’ cabinets. Long overdue – they are from the 80s.

  29. Christie G

    We are looking to brighten up our kitchen — the walls are done, now come the cabinets…….
    Thank you for all the inspiration!

  30. Melissa

    This is an amazing transformation! We removed popcorn ceilings from our house right before we moved in two years ago and had someone come and texture them. However, it has not been in the budget yet to have the ceilings throughout the house painted. This would help it feel finally completed. Thanks for the lovely inspiration.

  31. Leah

    We are getting ready to completely remodel our kitchen and master bath so 5 gallons of paint would be super helpful! I agree that paint makes all the difference. Our house is colorful (each room a different color) and I love it!

  32. Melissa

    Can you please tell us the name of the white paint you used?

  33. Sara

    We are moving at the end of July and my son’s new bedroom is currently pink – not his favorite!

  34. Kathy

    We downsized to a condo and have a small kitchen with big problems. We have yellow-colored laminate maple cabinets against orange walls. Need I say more?

  35. Rya

    My tastes have changed so much since I redid my kitchen 5 years ago – oak cabinets, black & brown speckled granite tops, yellow walls. UGH! I want whiter, brighter, and more cheerful, but I feel guilty spending more money. This would be a nice gift!

  36. Holly Krajewski

    Nice look! I’m a fan of chalk paint but this paint does cover well, from the picture anyway.

  37. Lois Layne

    I love how paint is so transforming! It can make most anything go from blah to wow in one coat!

  38. stacy Foley

    I would love to try this new paint! My two story foyer has been on my “to do” list for sooooo long! It’s such a big job but getting rid of the beige and making it a brighter color would change the whole feel of our home! Thanks for such a great Giveaway opportunity! I love seeing your transformations!

  39. Tiffany Voeller

    I love to paint! I’d repaint our bathrooms to update those rooms after 15 years.

  40. Martie

    What a difference!! Looks so nice! Have many places in my home that could use a little refreshing.

  41. Diane Finocchiaro

    we purchased a turn of the century home recently and have 6 more rooms plus a grand staircase, back staircase, hallway and grand foyer to still paint (we have 3 rooms done) A 5 gallon bucket of excellent coverage paint would be a blessing for this ‘ol lady.

  42. Cathy Hughes

    I rent so I can’t repaint the walls, but I am considering repainting some of my furniture. I would love to win some paint!

  43. Hayden

    Would love to use this on my cabinets. Love the in process updates!

  44. Kathy Amoroso

    I have JUST such a kitchen in our newly purchased home that I’m planning to paint! The walls are a mucous green and the counter tops are a wine color. Who on earth came up with that combo? I know that paint will do a world of good and it’s my “everything’s better with white” summer project. Thanks!!

  45. Julie

    Oh, how I love paint and it’s power! I love how calm and airy your little corner of the kitchen has become with the simple stroke of a paint brush.

    I have been eyeing my kitchen cupboards up for a paint job the last couple of months. I am slowly getting my husband on board. Seeing yet again, by your post, how powerful a little paint can be has re-inspired me. I will definitely being showing the hubby your post. This may be the one that finally has him saying “go ahead and paint em”.

  46. Christina Greiner

    We just moved into our new house 3 weeks ago and omgoodness — every single room needs a fresh coat of paint. The previous owner really enjoyed her dark colors, mixed with faux finishes, so the primer with paint is a must for us. I love how fresh and clean your little corner looks — can’t wait to brighten our house up, too!

  47. Cynthia Makos

    We just moved into our dream home from dear family friends. We LOVE it but the entire interior needs to be painted…and 5 gallons would help us make it ours.

  48. Genie Krivaenk

    We are slowly re-doing a house built in 1967 and there’s a massive amount of painting in this 2,000 sq ft home. We inherited problems we have to paint and the new Glidden Complete would solve our problems with coverage! PL. Love your work!!!

  49. Donna Olander

    In the hunt for our next home I’m dreaming of a new kitchen, but get hung up by my champagne taste on a beer budget. What a helpful post!

  50. Julie Bresette

    I love a good makeover!

  51. Cassie

    I would repaint my living room and hallway.

  52. Deanna Rabe

    I just did a refresher in my bathroom with just paint and a new shower curtain and mirror! Amazing the difference!

    I love how that white paint looks rather than the wood and red and I am a huge fan of the color red! Great transitional makeover!

  53. Delores McPherson

    Would love to redo the colors in our den and living room.

  54. Angela Madison

    Want to redo my bedroom and this paint sounds perfect!

  55. Linda Salvatore

    Thanks so much for sharing your before and after pictures of your recent project! It looks beautiful and it inspirires me to want to do something about my own kitchen! Painting my kitchen cabinets would make such a huge difference in the way it looks now. It would brighten it up so much giving me (and my family) a feel-good feeling every time we were in the kitchen!

  56. Bethany P

    Oh this is wonderful to see a stain blocking paint?! Wow! I have really dark cabinets in my kitchen & would love to lighten them up. Plus with this paint I could skip a step!

  57. Janna

    My son’s bedroom is all unpainted sheet rock. It would make his day if I could paint his room for him.

  58. Katie

    We’ve been painting our new-to-us home and I agree – a new coat of paint makes it feel like a brand new house! And definitely more OURS :)

  59. Jami Hemmenway

    Our master bedroom is bright turquoise (even on the ceiling!), and the adjoining bedroom is swine pink. The bathroom between is gray. We’re thinking of selling soon and need to repaint. Advice, please?

  60. Becky

    We are building a new farm house and will do the painting ourselves so would love to try out Glidden paints

  61. Dana

    I would repaint my kitchen. Love how the white freshens everything up!

  62. Gwen Howard

    I would love, did I say love, to win the paint. I could see some changes coming to my dining room/family area. Color??? Probably a coastal blue green.

  63. Peggy

    I’m looking forward to seeing what a huge difference paint will make on my knotty pine wood v-groove paneling.
    I can’t wait to see what you’ll be doing on the rest of your kitchen!

  64. Becky

    My kitchen could use some reviving – now that I see yours! But I would also like to paint my fireplace brick!

  65. Rebecca Turbwcille

    Wow! Your corner transformation has convinced me that I’ve lived with my dark stained kitchen cabinets for too long! I am blessed with a large kitchen and lots of cabinets, but the thought of all the prep involved with painting them white has always overwelmed me. This gives me new hope of accomplishing the task. Thanks for sharing this new product. I would love tontry it out!

  66. Nechama levin

    I would love to try this paint in my new home!!

  67. Jane

    thanks for sharing before and after pictures – we would paint our oak kitchen cabinets & transform the room!

  68. beth ellsworth

    It would be the kitchen! A new coat of paint would definitely freshen it up – maybe even inspire me to get back in there to cook up something new. Your makeover is inspiring.

  69. Anne Berry

    We just moved into our forever retirement house last week. I’m still unpacking boxes and completely overwhelmed by what needs to be done! Seeing your small paint project was such a positive reminder that paint can go a long way to transform! Where did I pack my paint clothes…

  70. Lynn

    clap clap clap for the little corner that looks SO much calmer! Just finished painting a sunny bedroom, and now I’m ready to tackle the dark red room in my home.

  71. Victoria Shepherd

    Sutton Place Gray – 10 years of working too many hours and finishing my MFA, finds my house neglected. Starting with dining room – it will be the easiest which will fire me up for the harder work of refreshing the rest of the house, a charming 1949 brick 1.5 story.

  72. Debrah

    my son and his wife divorced and he got the house ~ along with the orange walls in the kitchen. He can’t wait til he can afford to repaint…and start “fresh”. I would love to surprise him with a gift of paint from Glidden.

  73. Terri Lea

    Would love to give a fresh look to my kitchen cabinets!

  74. Debra

    My paint project would be my master bedroom and bath. Been is this home three years and it has been on my to do list. Now’s the time. Thasnks for the chance.

  75. sallie

    This paint sounds like an answer to quite a few of my upcoming painting projects! Thanks for sharing!

  76. Shyra

    What a difference! Looks great! My living room needs a facelift and some color is just the ticket! ?

  77. Andi

    Every day I get closer and closer to painting all of the cabinets in my kitchen… I love how this turned out!

  78. BamaCarol

    I would use the paint to do over my basement. It was done around 20 years ago and could use a freshen up with some paint. Thanks for the opportunity!

  79. Hope

    This paint by Glidden sounds perfect for painting my kitchen and dining room.I would love to try this product- low VOC,fast drying, primer included,and the availability in all sheen levels are what I am most interested in a paint product.

  80. Rachel

    I would use the paint in my kitchen which is just so sad…& in desperate need of help!

  81. Mishann Lepley

    I am dying to redo my laundry room & guest room. Having a great paint would be awesome!!!

  82. Wanda @ Just Vintage

    I was going to comment even before I saw the giveaway. :-D Yes, I’m forever amazed at the difference a good coat or two of paint makes. Your project was definitely a good place for paint. Love the display, too.

    I really need to paint a bathroom. (Both, actually.) But the one company sees has had the same wallpaper in it since the 1980’s. *I* don’t think it’s all that dated, but it’s definitely time for a change. Especially since it’s peeling at the seams. LOL

  83. Taylor First

    This looks great! I’m about to paint my laundry room. Thanks!

  84. sandyc

    Ultimate plan is to paint my oak kitchen cabinets white but not a DIY project for me. However, I could try painting the one, now doorless, cabinet between the sink window and the patio door. That cabinet will eventually be coming down for open shelving a la your inspiration from your previous kitchen. And I could play around with painting the oak bathroom cabinets for now (they will go for new vanities once I do my floors). Your results are so dramatic in just that tiny space and the Glidden product sounds like a dream to work with..

  85. Ana

    What a beautiful difference that made! We are getting ready to redo our youngest girls’ room and have to paint over dark purple. This looks like the paint to try!!! Thanks for such a wonderful blog!

  86. Laura

    Love before and afters. They are so satisfying. I would definitely paint our kitchen cabinets.

  87. Susan

    Love the uncluttered look.

  88. Patti Rose

    Wow! What a difference a little paint makes. I am living in an older home and trying to decide what to do with the kitchen cabinets. There was a 1970s wallpaper still on the walls so we stripped that and painted the room a soft yellow/beige. Now the cabinets don’t look so bad. I may keep them!

    Thank you for this blog. I look forward to seeing them.

  89. Christine Delgado

    I love to paint!! I have, just about, painted every room in my house. It’s amazing what a little paint can do…

  90. Kate Salley

    I have some old furniture that I’d love to revive with some paint and this would make it so easy!

  91. Jennifer C.

    I would love to paint my porch!

  92. Ann

    I move into my new house in three weeks! I could really use thirteen gallons of paint! We need to paint the entire house, it’s our first project in our new home. I have learned so much from your blog. The most important is being patient and weighing options while making improvements along the way. I think we all get caught up thinking we need HGTV sized improvements NOW. Your blog has taught me to slow down, enjoy the process, and have realistic expectations for my home! Thank you so much!

  93. Carol

    Really amazing difference! I would paint my kitchen cabinets and the oak trim that still exists in our upstairs and in the basement – thank you for a chance to win!

  94. Erin Ellis

    I’m itching to paint our master bedroom! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  95. Gail Russ

    That really is an amazing makeover! I’d love to tackle my guest bath and guest bedroom with new paint. Now, if I could just get you to help style it! (Well, I can dream!)

  96. Cheryl Anderson

    Thanks for the info and inspiration. We are preparing to remodel the kitchen in the next couple years, and I’m thinking of painting to freshen things in the meantime.

  97. Michelle

    Fun! I’d like to paint every wall and the ceiling of my dining room. I inherited a paint job that’s not quite “me” and I’m excited to update it eventually.

  98. Terry

    Wow! Looks amazing. This is so inspiring. I want to paint our whole kitchen white. Could you give me a suggestion on a specific shade? There are so many different whites! I definitely want a true looking white (not cream) but I’m afraid of being blinded if it’s too white white! I noticed the pic of primer you posted is egg shell. Is that the actually paint color you use too?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I used swan white, same shade I used in our guest room and hall makeovers! I love it!

  99. Deb Pelton

    A…maxing what paint can do to transform a space, and all things considered it’s a cheap investment of both time and money.

  100. Jane Hyden

    I have a red accent wall in another room that has to go. This helps me visualize what it could be.

  101. JulieK

    Always love seeing what paint can do! Nice interim makeover.

  102. Molly S.

    You had me at “highly scrubbable” … I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a paint described like that. We are desperate to repaint our living/family room. It was painted pre-3 kiddos in FLAT paint.

  103. Angela G.

    Love the power of paint… hate painting… but I guess I provide job security to professional painters. :)

  104. Sarah

    With a new baby in the way I am desparate to paint the guest room, our walls are so thirsty for paint!!

  105. brenda gossett

    I love the power of paint and am planning to repaint my newly remodeled master bedroom and a new walk in pantry I am in the process of building!

  106. Debbie Fitch

    What an amazing and beautiful transformation!! It’s hard to believe, but the paint made that corner brand new! Brilliant!

  107. Maggie

    Love it! Did you paint all of your cabinets or just this little nook? About to undergo a kitchen transition revamp myself!

  108. VikkiD

    We are repainting the interior of our house and 5 gallons of paint would take care of the bedrooms very nicely! I always enjoy reading your blog and books. Your ideas are so clever. We are also renovating our kitchen so I especially enjoy blog posts about your kitchen. Thanks for the contest opportunity!

  109. Katherine

    Love the clean and tidy look that you achieved with the paint. I would love to paint the back kitchen in our old farm house. And our bedroom could use a spruce up too, but not sure I am up for all that painting but a win could change that mind set.

  110. Sandra M

    What a difference the paint made in that area. It is simply beautiful. I am moving into a small basement apartment (from a huge 3 bedroom) and I think that painting it all in a bright white color would make a big difference in such a dark space.

  111. Melissa

    I’m so ready to paint my bedroom and bathroom. I wasn’t happy with the color right from the beginning and now I’m over it. Would love to transform my space :)

  112. Julie goolsby

    I will redo my kitchen. The yellow color is out of style. Love this gladden paint.

  113. Liz

    Wow, what a difference! I will be repainting my bathroom, enclosed porch and bedrooms. I can’t wait to see what some paint will do to transform these rooms!

  114. Lana Manis

    I’d love to try this paint! We have had cream walls for years and I’d like to repaint the living room, foyer, dining room and kitchen a very light gray. Which color did you use for this project?

  115. Sherri F.

    I love the power of paint. I have a powder room and kitchen just screaming for some updates and freshness. Melissa, you really inspire me!

  116. Hillary

    Awesome! We just moved into our first home a few months ago, and I’ve had the hardest time deciding on paint – this is just the push I need!


    I love the power of paint. My grandmother used to say, “Paint covers a multitude of sin!” And, as I moved from one rental to the next during the first years of my first marriage, I learned the truth to that statement! Now, I work for a paintbrush manufacturer (NOT PAINT) just brushes – it’s no wonder I love to paint. Project? Which one should I mention. HA!!!

  118. Lisa H.

    I’m eager to paint my master bedroom. Thanks for sharing your wonderful makeover. It’s amazing what a wonderful transformation this paint has made!

  119. Robynn Frame

    I would repaint our family room. The color I picked is to dark.

  120. Catherine Kelly

    I am so excited to renovate 2 bathrooms. both will use Glidden Dove white as the accent and trim color. The Powder Room will have Glidden In the Navy walls and the full bath will use Afternoon Siesta and Tropical blues to balance the exiting tan fixtures.

  121. carol clark

    id like to do the laundry room and the dining room both need a major upgrade

  122. Pat Kleinmaier

    I need to do win the. My dining room really needs a make over. Right now it had burnt orange on 2 walls and something we nicknamed squrill on the other 2 walls. It was a left over paint we found when we ran out of orange. It was supposed to be antique white, but me thinks it was a little old.
    Anyway it’s past time.

  123. Janna C

    Your makeover looks great! My teen daughter is itching to makeover her bedroom.

  124. Diana R

    I would like to paint my kitchen/breakfastroom. Thinking the gray would be lovely. Love your
    upgrade on your cabinets.

  125. Amanda

    We’re trying to decide whether to do the whole kitchen, or a “for now” re-do, and as a result we’ve had neither for two years :) Some paint may do it some good. Thanks!

  126. Laura B

    We moved into a fixer-upper a couple years ago and we’ve been fixing the things that need repaired but aren’t so pretty (replacing a 30-year-old electric water heater, wiring, plumbing, installing a wood stove, replacing the roof, replacing dying appliances …). I’d LOVE to paint my kitchen – remove the old, stained wallpaper and freshen up the walls with paint, and paint over the oak cabinets. It feels so busy right now, and I’m ready for a clean slate :)

  127. Becca P

    Paint makes me so happy! I can’t wait to finish painting our home.

  128. Heather

    Our living room needs a paint makeover badly! It’s a mustard yellow, which isn’t terrible, but the room doesn’t get enough light, so it looks darker than the room should.

  129. Diania Abernathy

    I have several end-tables in my living-room that could really benefit from a paint make-over to bring cohesion to my space….now what color to choose?

  130. Alicia

    I am a youth minister and I think this paint would be perfect to paint our youth room. Right now the walls are this ugly blue and the kids would like to paint a pale yellow but I know unless I get paint first with a primer, the blue will show through. Glidden Complete would be perfect especially with the primer already in it.

  131. Carol Sawyer

    My family room is a tired deep maroon color. There’s not much natural light, and though there is relatively small “wall space” due to two arch openings and a fireplace wall and a French door wall, nevertheless, it’s still way too dark. This paint plus primer would be perfect to cover the very dark color. Love your mini-makeover, Melissa!

  132. Lauren H

    I would like to paint my kitchen cabinets. Also my dining room and hallway! That’s a lot of painting!

  133. Sandy @ Shady Meadow Cottage

    What a difference a little paint made to your kitchen! It look’s great! I’m not sure which project I would do, there are so many. It would probably be between painting the kitchen cabinets and painting our laundry room. Right now they are very dark wood which really makes the room very dark. Some paint would make the rooms look brighter and more inviting.

  134. Fonda Rush

    We have a whole house to paint!!! I would like to start on the dining-room-become-library then to the connected living room. We will be using two different colors. Right now EVERYTHING is beige, and we are not beige kind of people!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  135. Rebecca Turner

    Thanks for the visual lesson, Melissa! Your kitchen looks SO much better! I’m doing my best to ignore mine, but maybe I should follow suit and open a gallon of paint

  136. SoCalLynn

    We have scheduled the week of 7/14-21 to paint our living room and family room (open floor plan) They haven’t been done in about 12 years. I dread the thought of doing it but also can’t wait to get it done. When my hubby said he was sick of the current colors I knew it was finally time! I have color choice paralysis, but I’m leaning toward light grey.

  137. Hallie Fry

    I’m getting ready to paint some unfinished cabinets for a weekend cabin. The Glidden paint did wonders on your kitchen mini-makeover and I think it would be perfect for my cabinets. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  138. Missy

    5 gallons of paint and I could paint each of my kids bedrooms, now that they’ve all moved out. One is red, white and blue (KU – Kansas University colors) one is baby blue and the third has an ‘accent’ wall of yellow, red and green stripes (when my son went through a Rastafarian phase). 5 gallons of paint could go a Loooong way in soothing my eyes from opening their doors! And I will need the stain blocker. These are all hyper saturated, primary colors that are just so very…..colorful. My walls could not be a better example of the stain blocking ability of this paint!

  139. Ileana

    What a transformation!! Love the change!

    The walls in my front room and dining room are currently agave green and I’m SO ready for a change!! I’ve been dreading having to put lots of coats on to cover it, so this sounds like a great product to use in this space. Five gallons would be fantastic – thank you for the chance !

  140. Karen F.

    Following the changes in house serves as inspiration. We moved here going on six years and living with the previous owners color choices. It’t time for a change and the Glidden paint would serve us well. Thanks.

  141. Jacqueline Morris

    Wow! That is amazing from just a coat of paint. It really makes the room more peaceful and clean looking.

    I bought my first home about 6-7 years ago for me and my children. It was a foreclosure. I have been taking it one project at a time. I too painted most of the house to try and update it. Currently the paint colors in my house are a little all over the place. Lol! I didn’t have a clue about choosing paint colors at the time.

    I am ready to take on my living room/dining room combo and also a kitchen makeover. Currently my cabinets are painted a red and black color as they were a nasty poop brown color.

    I would love to win some Glidden paint to makeover my rooms. I am all for painting one or two coats and being done.

    • Jacqueline Morris

      My twitter name is inspireyoungmom without the (s) on the end.

  142. Michelle Stoneman

    After 4 remodels paint is our secret weapon. It’s changed our attitude and plans many times after we’ve seen the results. We just bought our 5th house and the Glidden paint will do wonders to bring it out of the 70s!

  143. Bridget Raach

    Oh my gosh, I am so encouraged reading everyone’s posts! I have lived in this house 20 years, have NEVER painted a wall 1) because I don’t know how; 2) because I’m afraid of color! Well, afraid of making a mistake. I admire my friends and their beautiful homes and interiors – maybe this paint is more than what is currently being advertised – maybe it’s also the paint of COURAGE!
    Thanks everyone :)

  144. Susan

    What a difference! I needed this inspiration. Thank you.

  145. Diane

    Moving into a home with dark blue on the kitchen walls. I’m more of a soft yellow type of gal. GOOD COVERAGE with fewer coats sounds marvelous

  146. Danna

    I am just wanting to bite the bullet and paint my oak kitchen cabinets. I have been researching to see which paint all these lovely blogger ladies recommend. This sounds like a winner! Pick me, pretty please! :)

  147. Paige

    Your paint job is amazing. My whole kitchen has been in need of a new coat of paint for 18 years but I can’t convince my husband. Maybe this new Glidden paint would be the very thing he would say yes to! I can’t wait to go and try it for myself!

  148. Debbie

    What an amazing transformation – isn’t it incredible how a little paint does so much? I think I would paint my little garden cottage interior – it needs freshening up after a busy spring gardening bonanza!!

  149. Glenda Wall

    I want to paint my kitchen……ceiling paint is peeling off….and I’m way overdue for a do over ……want to have a pretty kitchen instead of an eyesore……thank you.

  150. Cyndi J

    I’m painting the living room, dining room, and kitchen walls as soon as my new sofa arrives (hopefully in a couple of weeks). I can’t wait to get started!

  151. Missy Robinson

    I very much need to paint!

  152. Linda

    I love the new clean look! I’ve painted lots of our “colorful” home white this year and we are enjoying a brighter, more spacious looking home.

  153. Melody Aldrich

    I have been contemplating painting my kitchen cabinets since I moved into my home four years ago. It is such a big project and I’m afraid to mess it up but I know they would look fantastic with my black granite counter tops. I get so many great ideas from your blog that give me the confidence that I could really do this.

  154. Sharon

    Oh yes! My kitchen needs a redo, but it will need to wait a few years. Maroon walls and 1980’s stained cabinets would look lovely painted!

  155. Lynn Goose

    Terrific change! The paint sounds great. I’m going to have to change my red room too.

  156. Jodi

    We are moving across the country and will be painting most of the new house!

  157. Judith Houle

    I want to take a patchwork of paint downstairs and unify the spaces for a more cohesive flow. This would save me a ton of time!

  158. Cathy Oaten

    WOW – quite the change and to me looks so much better and updated! I’m getting ready to start re-painting the kitchen/bathroom cabinets – so many projects – so many paint color choices! <3

  159. Carmen Gomez (Lilly)

    I’m dying to paint my basement white. It’s my work shop and it’s very dark and dreary. I feel like painting the unfinished walls a nice bright white will freshen up the space and make it lighter overall. I can’t wait to tackle that house project next!

  160. Sheila Osman

    We are just a couple of weeks away from completing our kitchen/dining room/living room+ hardwood floor remodel. Everything has been jammed into our home office/my getaway. I’m looking forward to having a room of my own when all is done and it needs a splash of color!! Navajo white reminds me of my 80’s apartment.

  161. CKeesus

    I would paint the inside of our boathouse…something dreamy and romantic and girlie. I want this space for myself!!

  162. Kathleen

    After reading Diane’s review of this same paint on “In My Own Style” (another blog), I headed to Walmart and picked up a gallon. I’m a fairly picky painter. It needs to go on smoothly, not too runny, not too thick. If it promises one coat, it better do it. While this doesn’t promise one coat, it does promise primer+paint. I used it to paint our dark brown 1980’s wood trim to white–in 3 coats. All three coats went on smoothly. I have also been trying to scratch the paint–since we gave the trim a very, very light sanding. It is holding well, including on the closet door that wasn’t sanded at all. Yeah, I’ll happily use this paint again.

  163. Dawn DeMulling

    We are doing a huge remodel and will end up repainting EVERY room in the house, once the plaster walls are repaired. I am happy once we are ready to paint because that means the room is almost done and ready to be decorated. Our basement family room is a purplish gray – and I am ready for a change as well as the two upstairs bedrooms, one small office and hallways going upstairs and downstairs AND the living room and dining room too – once we install the ceiling drywall and repair those plaster walls. THEN the porch needs a new coat of paint. We have a lot of painting to do so would love to win some paint, please.

  164. KathleenC

    Oh so many places we are planning or needing to paint! But the worst offender right now is the kitchen… the”white” walls have toned to a yellow tinged off white that looks dirty no matter how much you try to clean it. We covered the horrible smudgy fruit wallpaper accent wall with a light blue as soon as we moved in, but the remainder of the dirty yellow-white walls are mocking me still…

  165. Angela Berghout

    I would start with my sunroom. When I moved into this house 8 years ago it came with a sunroom that had been primed but never painted and a wall of white cabinetry opposite all of the windows. I painted in “Lime Rickey” and while I like it in natural sunlight it is garrish at night with the lights on. 5 gallons should cover up that green!

  166. Kathy

    Well, I have a big bedroom that needs painting really bad, but I think I would start with my hunter green walls in my dining room first. I have been wanting to paint it for so long and brighten the room up. My house is old and outdated but this would sure give me the inspiration I need to begin. Love your blog and ideas and I can’t wait to see the finished kitchen!!! I may want to use your idea and change my breakfast area to a corner seating bench with some cute pillows :)

  167. Linda P.

    It’s been 10 years since we did this in our 60s ranch kitchen. We swung the peninsula over to the wall; otherwise it was just off white paint on the cupboards. Even though I know what an amazing difference it made, I have been unable to make the decision that the master bedroom needs a better color. This object lesson you gave us here clinched it for me. Thank you! :) P.S. I am so glad you love your new plan for your kitchen. Can’t wait to see it.

  168. Anne P

    I’d love to cover up outdated rag painting in our guest room!

  169. Stephanie

    Love the redo! My stairs and hallway need an update and paint would definitely help with that!!

  170. Kathy M. Muirhead

    Love how much lighter and fresh the sweet little corner looks! Very inviting!
    My husband has gutted our kitchen and the walls are receiving new drywall and mudding this week!
    We are so excited!
    We have been reading and studying your ideas as you have been making your journey in your new home! We decided we wanted a farmsink…couldn’t believe it…your email came that same week. We ending up chosing the Kohler Whitehaven….love it!

    Next step, I will have to pick the paint color for our new kitchen, dining room and living room…a difficult task for me. I know I would like white…not sure of which white. What color is the white you used?

    My husband would sure love 5 gallons for his next job — my in-home paint master husband! Hehe

  171. Patty

    Why is it that we so often overlook what should be obvious when we NEED A FIX…..paint! Hello! And I also love how this fix is fast and affordable. WINNERS in my book. Thanks for the reminder with this post.

  172. Jennifer Mohr

    The white really makes the the colors of the plants, books, and objects stand out. Since we recently moved, we are looking at paint colors to make our new space seem like home.

  173. deborah

    Love the transformation with white paint. I would love to paint my woodwork white.

  174. Moriah Haefner

    I would love to pain to my stair well and kitchen. My kids have decorated them with crayon. It’s cute and sweet but not the look we are going for ;)

  175. Mary

    Your transformation is amazing!!! Hard to believe the Glidden covered all that color. I would love to use it in several of my spaces!

  176. Holly

    I’d want to repaint my kitchen cabinets. Been looking at a whole bunch of different colors, as I feel white just wouldn’t be good in my kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway!

  177. Missy

    As always, you’ve inspired me to just go ahead and paint the ugly wood cabinets in both my bathrooms already…instead of complaining about how awful and dated they look. I keep thinking that to paint them so it won’t look worse, I would have to spend hours and hours sanding, priming and then painting with a paint gun (that I don’t currently own) and I just give up on the entire idea before I’ve left the couch! Here’s to hoping the new paint products will do all of the hard work for me! :) Keep up the inspiration!!!

  178. Linda F.

    Thank you for such a terrific post! I can’t believe what a difference this makes!!! I have been itching for years to paint my kitchen but have been so scared to do it. I think I’m ready now!!

  179. Monica

    What a change in your kitchen corner! I’d like to paint our tan living room that depresses my husband. The living room is open to the dining room and the kitchen, which has baffled me in the coordination of colors. The white brings a breath of fresh air and a sense of peace.

  180. Dorothea

    I’ve heard about Glidden’s Complete paint, and have been wanting to try it! The first project I’d like to tackle is to change the paint on a pale yellow bookcase to a clean, bright white!

  181. Leslie

    Need to paint our 2000’s yellow kitchen to a more modern gray! Five gallons should do it!

  182. Laurel Libby

    The timing of this post is too funny … I’m 33 weeks pregnant and trying to get myself motivated to tackle painting the kitchen! We moved in 6 months ago, and it’s a brown and cream and yellow eyesore. I know I won’t get to it for many months after #4 arrives, and so your post serves as timely motivation!

  183. Jenni

    I would love to paint my oak kitchen cabinets white on top and maybe a darker color for the bottom cabinets. I’m so glad to learn about this type of paint – sounds perfect for our project!

  184. Robin

    Perfect timing! We are planning a minor kitchen remodel, flooring, counters and painting our existing cabinets.

    Great post, really does show the POWER of paint!

  185. trish smith

    My husband and I are getting ready to move our kitchen and the cabinets are changing color and moving into our new pantry. the dated oak needs a blast of color

  186. Monica

    Love this project! I always enjoy your blog. Really motivating me to get up and get something done! Painting the cabinets!! This is exactly what I want to try for my laundry room. Definitely time for a change.

  187. Terri

    I will be painting my oak cabinets white! My kitchen needs some lightening up! :)

  188. Dana

    Love your blog!! We moved into our new house a year ago and it’s 90s everywhere! I would love to try this in our dining room that is currently maroon.

  189. Iris Dondlinger

    We recently moved into a home that is harvest gold and avocado green in the living & dinning room. 5 gallons of paint would be a great quick fix.

  190. Marybeth Kearney

    29 year old Cherry stained kitchen cabinets MUST get a transformation to white!

  191. Julia Molewyk

    I would paint my kitchen. The cabinet doors are losing their finish. I would paint them with a darker gray on the bottom cabinets and a white on the uppers, replacing one block of uppers with shelves. Thanks for the chance to win!

  192. Rana Durham

    i am wanting to make an accent wall for my living room .

  193. Laura Guenzel

    We’ve just moved into a new house where the living room is brown. It’s a pretty shade of chocolate, but happens to be the exact same shade as my couch! I’d really like to paint it a beautiful coastal blue or maybe just a neutral cream…or maybe…so many choices! :-)

  194. Christine

    Wow, what a transformation from just painting. We have a laundry room without any natural light that I would love to lighten and brighten up.

  195. Gina

    Every ceiling in our home needs paint, I do not believe they were ever painted. I did the bathroom ceiling and it made all difference! Paint was the first thing my brother and his wife did when they moved into our parents’ farm house, it is truly theirs now :)

  196. Diane

    The colors of your kitchen ‘before’ are the colors our son picked for his bedroom years ago; he, too, wants to repainted his room in white or a light blue. I always hesitated because I thought NOTHING would ever hide that red easily. Now I know and we look forward to changing to a color that fits him at this time in his life.

  197. Pynpine

    What an amazing transformation.

  198. Karon

    I can’t wait to see your kitchen transformation. I just turned 40 and purchased my first house so I’m excited to draw inspiration from your blog. My soon-to-be home was built in the 30s and never remodeled. The living room is paneled and will be the first walls I tackle. This Glidden paint would be perfect! Thanks for the ideas!

  199. Rachel Maltby

    We just bought our first home and it’s covered in “swine” paint! We have to paint EVERYTHING– trim, walls, cabinets, you name it– and our third child is due in three months. I would love to get this Glidden giveaway! I can’t believe they have a stain blocking paint and primer now. That’s incredible.

  200. Staci Torgerson

    I would definitely paint my kitchen cabinets!

  201. Jackie

    What a huge difference an ts great to use a paint with the primer already built in it . Your kitchen refreshed me to an it’s not even my home. Thanks

  202. Claire

    I’d love to paint our master bedroom! I’m glad to know about this new gliddon paint!

  203. Cherie

    Love it! I need to paint my bedroom. Thanks!

  204. vonda hutson

    Love it. It totally works. I just did guest bedroom and it’s great. Now I would love to do the bath. The quest room is terrific I never did think it would be such a change

  205. susanne

    It was so fun to see the huge difference that paint makes! Your right it does look so clean. I would love to repaint my bedroom from tan to grey.

  206. Karen

    Great to hear about this new paint! I will be painting my oak kitchen cabinets soon, and have been researching the best paint and method for the job. Thanks!

  207. Sandy

    We I’ll be painting our guest room soon. This paint sounds great!!

  208. Sandy

    Your kitchen corner looks great. I’m ready to tackle the upstairs bathroom, including the vanity. Thanks!

  209. Jody

    I really want to paint my orange oak kitchen cabinets. Just have to wait for the Arizona heat to break.

  210. Melissa Rude

    I would love to paint my parents attic!

  211. Ang

    We have a grass green kitchen with brown painted cabinets. It definitely would be where I’d start! Your corner transformation was so dramatic that I’m going to try a quart this weekend, whether I win this or not ! What color did you tint for that ? Was iit pure white? Than you for encouraging folks like me that are afraid of messing up with a paint brush!!

  212. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

    Your paint makeover is wonderful — simple and effective. I am sprucing up our guest house for a permanent resident. Paint would be terrific. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  213. Marla

    Love this. I’m wanting to paint my sofa table white and our bathroom, upstairs bathroom need painted. So many things need updated!!

  214. Cindy A.

    This would be an amazing giveaway to win! I desperately need to paint the 1970s paneling in our living room and hallways. Thank you so much for opportunity.

  215. Susan

    We moved into, a new to us house, in December. The foyer and upstairs hallway are painted the dreaded swine beige. I think of you and how you transformed your last house from the not so pretty to the gorgeous with paint. 5 gallons of Glidden would transform our space. Thanks for your inspiration!

  216. Ann D.

    I always knew paint was a miracle worker but man! This little nook looks completely transformed. It went from slightly dated to perfectly modern! Great post! I’m on the hunt for the perfect paint for our bedroom as well as our kitchen cabinets (oak, just like yours!).

  217. lynn

    I love the simplicity and impact a little paint project can do !! My 50’s bathroom is calling for rescue at present..great inspiration!

  218. lynn

    What a great inspiration…

  219. francesca gunn

    The next project is the living/ dining room.

  220. Katherine Molesky

    We really need to get rid of some of the brown wood in our kitchen and family room. (All of the trim and cabinets.) Five gallons of paint would do it!

  221. Amy

    Getting ready to close on new home. All the trim and cabinets are in great shape. However, they are all natural wood. Which is just not my taste. So, I have lots of painting in my future. Would love to win this! Would allow me to start making changes sooner rather than later. Thanks for the opportunity!

  222. Becky Handshew

    I’m planning a kitchen makeover, including painting cabinets, new blinds and a little re-tiling. I’d love to try using the Glidden paint for the cabinet makeover.

  223. angelface0821

    Paint really transforms any space! I would paint our master bedroom one of the colors in the violet & indigo palette. Thanks!

  224. Clara

    I want to paint the whole house, but that’s obviously an expensive endeavor, so I’d probably start with the master bedroom. It doesn’t feel like a retreat right now, and I’d like our bedroom to be relaxing and more us. Right now the whole house is builder’s beige! I can’t believe what a difference the paint made in just that little spot in your kitchen – it looks like a whole new room!

  225. Erin

    I would love to paint every room in our current home because they are all a dingy, yellowy, off white.

  226. Brenda

    I have very dark oak cabinets, dark rust floors and dark laminate counters. I would love to paint the cabinets until I can afford a complete remodel. I can picture a light buttercream color, which would lighten the whole kitchen.

  227. Rachel

    What a difference the lighter color made! Our youth room was painted red like that at our church. My husband and I painted it gray and added a pallet wood backdrop to the stage– the difference is amazing! I could so use this giveaway! We are painting like crazy to get ready for our baby! Molly want’s a soft pink room. Our bedroom has never been painted– its still flesh colored from the previous owners. :) I’m thinking a soothing deep blue or greige. I also have a hallway that needs a fresh coat of white that leads to our basement. So many projects! :)

  228. Sara

    My kitchen cabinets!

  229. Elyssa McDowell

    I’ve been painting my bathroom vanities recently and have been amazed at how much bigger and brighter those spaces feel. I’d love to win some paint and paint over some dark old paneling in my laundry area!

  230. Rachel

    I would love to paint my kitchen cabinets. I’ve been itching to paint them for almost a year! We’ve put it off for various reasons but I’m getting to the point where I’m just going to go for it. Anything is better than what it is now in my opinion.

  231. Teri

    So many room in our home need a fresh coat of paint, but I’d probably start with the family room, located in the basement, it needs some lightening up!

  232. Monica

    I would paint my family room and kitchen. They need it !

  233. Ashley

    This paint would be perfect in our den, where our knotty pine bookshelves are just so … Knotty. :)

  234. Michelle

    I’d really like to paint my laundry room. It’s currently a pinky-beige and I’d like something crisper and cleaner…maybe a calm green or soft blue.

  235. Linda Salvatore

    Wow amazing transformation! I would love to paint my kitchen cabinets to brighten up the whole room. Nothing has been really done to the kitchen since we moved in almost 3 years ago except for painting the walls. I think that it would make a huge difference in the way it now looks.

  236. Debbie

    Wow – I can’t believe the difference a coat of paint made! It looks like a completely different room.
    I would like to paint my bedroom, not sure about color yet.

  237. Laurie

    We need to paint our whole house! I’d like to start first in the master bedroom and bath. Then maybe I’d have the nerve to tackle the kitchen and cabinets!

  238. Judy

    I would paint my kitchen and living room. Neither of these rooms have been painted since we moved in 11 years ago. It’s past time!

  239. Beth P

    I would love to try this paint to paint my dark kitchen cabinets!! Thanks for the intro :)

  240. JoAnn Hancock

    I have my son’s bedroom that I want to paint and redecorate. He painted it in high school and that was 18 yrs ago. I think the room is overdue for a new color since he has been gone since 2001. Thanks for showing us your updates! It all looks great!

  241. Janice

    Great post! I’m planning to paint my youngest daughter’s bedroom this summer and this giveaway would sure help out.

  242. Lisa

    I immediately repaint by YELLOW bathroom….

  243. Wendy Sievers

    This post is making me want to run to the paint store! We moved into our home 11 months ago and repainted all the walls except the kitchen, since we are planning to remodel, The kitchen has VERY dark oak cabinets and a medium dark brown hardwood floor. There are dark granite countertops and mismatched appliances, some of which don’t work very well. We are waiting until after our daughter’s wedding in October to seriously begin the process of remodeling, but it is really hard to wait! I have to really work on being patient until then!

  244. Carla

    I would love to paint our master bedroom a soft gray/blue or our kitchen a soft gray with white cabinets. This giveaway sure would help! :)

  245. Kel

    I’d like to have my stairway and hallway repainted, something brighter and fresher than the current greige. Hope I will ! This new paint sounds divine!!

  246. Alissa

    Neat! Looks like our kitchen update! But there are still plenty of off-whitish walls that could use some paint. (;

  247. Jody

    Our master bedroom and bath are needing refreshed! Then again, so do our stairs. I’m thinking about ripping out the gross carpet and painting them white with a painted runner. Thank you for all the inspiring posts!

  248. Elizabeth

    Wow! I need to do this to my kitchen!

  249. Kowanda R

    I am a teacher and I would love to paint my classroom!

  250. Sharon

    We desperately need to paint our whole interior. It’s still a basic dull white. We need to bring the rooms alive!

  251. amber

    What a difference it made to your kitchen! It looks so much brighter. I am about to start on a kitchen remodel and I am going to do the painting myself!

  252. Lauren Faczan

    Your kitchen looks so much lighter and brighter! Which paint project would I like to do? ALL of them! We just bought a new (to us) house and every single room needs to be painted. Starting in the kitchen or master bedroom would probably be a toss up, but I’m leaning toward the kitchen. Thanks for continuing to be a source of inspiration and for hosting this giveaway!

  253. Colleen Amra

    I want to paint my kitchen cabinets. I have been reading looking and finally tan across this. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  254. paula

    We have a child’s bedroom with heavily damaged walls. Holes, stains, pencil and markers, you name it! I can’t wait to redo this too this summer!

  255. Deb Blanchard

    I, too, am interested in painting my upper kitchen cabinets. I do like how clean the white looks. This paint may do the trick!

  256. Wendy

    Wow I’ve never really thought about the power of paint before, what a transformation!

  257. Stacy Ziegler

    Great Transformation! We moved into a 1962 fixer upper last week…so what would I paint – Is EVERYTHING an option? ;) First though…the red wall that matches the red sofa! ACK! LOL

  258. Pam

    I love the way paint can freshen a room! Your kitchen corner looks so much brighter and more contemporary in white.

  259. Susan

    Wonderful difference to that little kitchen area. I’ve been wanting to try that paint!

  260. Babs

    We need to paint a bathroom and the living room. This would be a great start to the project.

  261. Scott

    My little old house could use a second wind.. Some swanky new color would make for a great start. :)

  262. Ashley

    Last year we moved into a 1950’s ranch house and they have some wonderful built in oak desk in my boys room. I think a fresh coat of of paint would freshen up the rooms and complete change their rooms!

  263. Rita Williams

    Both my kitchen and family room need to be painted. Both look very old and tired.

  264. Trish

    Love the clean, updated space… How fabulous to see what magic paint can work!

  265. Diane

    Nice. I still have to paint the kitchen, bathroom and upstairs great room!

  266. Lisa

    I love paint! Currently, I have both a bathroom and bedroom that needs repainting. What is more fun than picking new colors?

  267. Earlene

    When we moved from KS to WA two years ago, we had to decide on a house quickly so ended up in a new build that’s a cookie cutter house and I’m trying to put our family’s personality into it. I painted the half bathroom recently and need to paint the other rooms something more exciting than the standard builder off-white. At least it isn’t swine color! There is lots of painting in my future :-)

  268. Lucy Sanguinetti

    We moved into our ranch style house 12 years ago. Since then, many,many surgeries have taken the place of home renovations. I have no ceilings or floors in my bedroom. We pulled the cedar planks off of the ceiling and were never able to replace them. Then, the water heater broke and flooded the floors. we pulled up much of the carpet and have concrete floors, which have been that way for years. I would dream of a master bedroom makeover that paint would greatly contribute to. I will continue to close my eyes and dream!!

  269. Terry

    Hi Melissa, I was wondering what your opinion is on lacquer paint for kitchen cabinets. Our painter says is nicer. Do you agree? If so, can you share why? Thanks so much!

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