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Farmhouse Style – Street of Dreams Tour

by | Sep 1, 2016 | Decorating Inspiration, Farmhouse, Home Tours

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Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

For years and years when I lived in Portland (which was almost all of my life) I went to the Street of Dreams every summer. Even as a kid I LOVED that tradition. I haven’t been since we’ve lived here in Washington and I really missed going. They don’t seem to have a tour like that here (womp, womp, womp) but last week I was able to take a quick trip to revive the tradition! It was well worth it.

I took hundreds and hundreds of photos of my favorite spaces and each and every little detail that spoke to me. Even though these homes were like 8,000 square feet and far more luxurious than my little house, I still found so many inspiring ideas and takeaways.

It was extra fun touring these homes since we are gearing up to remodel our kitchen in just a few weeks, as well as dreaming of other projects around the house. The homes really confirmed what I love and want to do in my house, as well as sparked new ideas to consider!

I’ll be sharing lots of posts with ideas from these homes in the upcoming weeks, but today I thought I would start by sharing just a sampling of the images from one of my favorite houses on the tour, the Mon Coeur! This house was the closest to my own style (or at least what I dream it could be someday, shrunk down to more modest-house size, of course) so it’s definitely the one I felt the most at home in.

So, enjoy a look at some of the photos from this Hamptons inspired/modern farmhouse-style home!

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

Interior design by Colleen Mihalik, CM&D Design. Interior decorating by Tiffany Edmondson of The Urban Coop. More info about the house (including a floor plan) can be found here!

Farmhouse Style - Street of Dreams Tour

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  1. Andrea

    I love this house! Thanks for sharing. Seattle used to have a Street of Dreams tour every year, but for some reason stopped doing one around 10 years ago. I remember taking my oldest son when he was a toddler to it and he’s 12 now. It was always a summer tradition to go every year and dream about the houses! Maybe I need to start driving down to Portland in the summer!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I’m wondering if it is because of the lack of affordable land here? I would be happy if they did a Street of Dreams with smaller houses and smaller lots and just made them really cute :).

    • Khaug

      I think the last year they did it, it was out near Maltby and there were “Eco Terrorists” who set fire to the homes after the show. :( The houses were gorgeous that year. I think that was 2007 or 2008, so maybe they did it a few years after that show? I used to love going to it too and my dad used to take me when I was little. I will have to drive down to Portland, didn’t know they had a Street of Dreams!

  2. Kay

    Beautiful, of course. That black stove + hood probably cost more than all our vehicles combined. Just wondering: who determined that balls of cotton would be a ‘thing’? Stuff like that has always interested me.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      True on the cost, it’s a beauty! I’d rather have that than a fleet of cars, though hahah!

  3. Lisa D

    So besitiful! Can’t wait to see your new kitchen ;-) thx for sharing

  4. Karen

    Thank you for sharing with us. Such a beautiful tour full of lovely details.


  5. Cathy

    Thank you for the great photos of a beautiful house! There are lots of ideas in there that work well for real life. I look forward to seeing the other homes on the tour!

  6. Summer

    This place is beautiful! I love the tables ♥

  7. Gail W.

    Wow ! And is the kitchen backsplash painted brick ?
    Question – have you ever seen ship lap paired with a pale blue ceiling, or is that ‘too much’ ? ( for a mudroom, not a porch)

  8. Calypso in the Country

    So beautiful! I had to restrain myself from pinning every single picture!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ha! I’m the same way. I had to restrain myself to not take multiple photos of EVERY SINGLE ANGLE. :)

  9. sandyc

    My late husband was from lived in Portland as well as his daughter and son-in-law and 3 grandkids. His daughter and son-in-law had purchased a lot on a gated side road (maybe room for 6 or 8 homes) in Bend, Oregon, in Broken Top – gorgeous street up above and overlooking the golf course way below. For years they did the Street of Dreams in Portland with plans to build their dream home there when they retired. Being very blessed, they were able to retire early with a great income, they had saved years of ideas and they custom-built a gorgeous home, absolutely perfect for its setting. I think Cathy’s right – one looks for “ideas that work in real life”. So different from the HGTV house of the year that throws every possible idea into one house that some “lucky person” wins. When they showed off this year’s house, and the gal opened the front door, I felt I was looking at the entire first floor all at once – looked like a huge furniture showroom with tons of little vignettes. I think that was right around the time you showed us your original open plan for your first floor and I though “Oh, NO! That’s just not Melissa” I was so happy when you found your true self again. I’m about to take some baby steps in my kitchen finally and I’m so eager to see your plans – no matter how different our homes and their rooms, I always find so much inspiration in everything you do and every photo you show.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks, Sandy! I do love to share ideas people can enjoy in their “real life” homes (whatever size and style they love!). We don’t all live in Street of Dreams houses, obviously, so it’s so fun to share ways to make even a more “modest” house a home. I’m always thrilled to know people enjoy what I share here and the projects I do in my own home, too. Thank you for your comments and encouragement!

  10. Debby

    What a beautiful house! It has waaaay too much shiplap for me (I love shiplap, but it should be an accent, not the entire-home wall covering. I see plenty of things I would love to have, though! Thanks, as always, for the inspiration. Can’t wait to see more of your home progress!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I love shiplap, too, but I probably wouldn’t be mad to have it covering every wall in my house, but that’s just me haha. I’ve always loved it. You’re welcome for the inspiration and ideas, isn’t it fun to study the photos and find ideas that work for you? I could look at them a dozen times and still find a new takeaway.

  11. Karen

    Wow!!!! Love love love this house!!! Inspiration galore and totally taking it back to your home will be so inspiring!!! Can’t wait to see the transformation!!!

  12. Ann C

    I have to admit I was surprised to see ship lap in such an elegant home from the outside. I guess I always thought it ought to look like a farm house on the outside to be decorated like one on the inside. I have a different perspective now. Love your posts. Love your books.

  13. Ann C

    Decor Steals and Antique Farmhouse have so many of the items that they used to decorate this home. All beautiful reproductions of antiques. Glad to see some affordable items in this extravagant house. Was this house someone’s actual home or was it a builders home for promotion?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I believe it was a custom home for a family, but the items in it were likely staged just for the show. Some of the homes were for sale though!

  14. Sandy

    Man am I sorry I missed the Street of Dreams this year! What a beautiful home, I can see why it was your favorite, it reminds me so much of your style. Just beautiful. One question tho, how did you get such great pictures without a mass of people in them?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      It wasn’t easy :). I spent a lot of time waiting for people to move out of my photos Hahahahahaha!

  15. Jo Jo

    Love these photos! Very much my style too! Looking at each and every one just made me go “ahhhhhh”. Are Street Of Dreams tours the west coast equivalent to our East Coast Designer Showcase home tours? I don’t know if they have them in DE where we recently moved, but they had them in NJ. Thanks so much for sharing these and for the inspiration and I can’t wait to see your progress on your new kitchen remodel!

  16. Judy

    Hi Melissa, what a stunner! I can see why you liked this one the best, many elements remind me of what you did in your last house and are doing now. Very inspiring! I wonder if the home owner follows your blog? :)

  17. Linda

    Great pictures–beautiful homes! Love the “sheds”!

  18. Sue

    I grew up in Bellevue and live in Gig harbor now (30 yrs)….Seattle area used to have Street of Dreams….I remember it….Don’t know why they don’t anymore??? I usually was in an outlying area like Woodinville or such, so not inside the city….


    Wow, if I did not know better, I would have thought this was your home, it truly does reflect your style Melissa!! Thanks for the tour!

  20. susan maclean

    This house appears to have two kitchens…… is there a “servant’s quarters”, then? Melissa – this house does nothing for me at all, and yet, and yet, I LOVE your style, which is why you are on my list of top 10 ever blogs, and I return to you again and again. So rest assured, your style is worth a thousand paid designers!!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Susan! Yes it did have two kitchens! The small one was in a guest wing, if I remember right. :)

      Thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment! I’m so very honored! <3 xoxo

  21. Shella Hinton

    OMGoodness. Those wood floors. I just love them. I mean I literally love everything about these pictures, but those floors just caught my eye!

  22. Patricia

    Was it just me or did it look like Jo Gaines decorated that house? Shiplap and galvanized accents and even the cotton boll branches…

    I do miss the Seattle Street of Dreams and hope they bring them back. But given how hot our housing market is right now, I don’t see it happening soon.

  23. Karen

    Thank you for these photos! I loved seeing them and the ideas. I would have been in heaven going to that tour, I’ll look for it next year. It would be worth the drive from Olympia. I can’t wait to see how your kitchen remodel goes. I know it will be gorgeous and real. Love love love your style and thank you for helping us normal budget types know we too can have beautiful spaces. And that it is ok to for it to evolve and take time!

  24. Stephanie

    Please tell me where I can find the wooden chairs in the kitchen? I have been looking for some just like these!!

  25. Eileen Williams

    I just love the floors!! Seems to me to be two different kinds though. I especially love the wooden steps-just what I am looking for to install throughout the main floor of our home. It’s not too precious looking so it would work in the kitchen. I am afraid to put wood in the kitchen as I am a messy cook! Question-what do other messy cooks do with wood in the kitchen? Is there a lot of maintenance?

    • zephyr

      Eileen, when we gutted the kitchen in our condo (1911 Chicago three-flat) twenty-five years ago, we found the original maple floor under two layers of linoleum. We decided to keep it; we had it lightly sanded, a very neutral light-medium stain was applied, and then a couple coats of polyurethane was put over that. We found the same maple floor in the adjoining laundry room, and did the same to that. To this day I’m so glad we kept the original maple! When we “bumped out” the kitchen into the old back porch, we added new maple flooring, and the difference between the old and new isn’t even noticeable. Now that I’m getting older, I’ve noticed that the wood floor is much easier on my back and legs when I’m standing for hours (holidays!) cooking and doing meal prep, or baking, etc. than stone or tile would be. And maintenance isn’t a problem at all. I vacuum over it with the floor attachment, Swiffer (dry & wet) over it, wash it with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner every other week or so, and it looks great. It’s been through kids and pets. If something is spilled, we just wipe it up, using a few squirts of a multi-surface spray cleaner if necessary. The floor does have a few “dings” – not dents – in it from heavy items being dropped on it, but they don’t show all that much. I strongly recommend wood floors in the kitchen, as long as they’re properly prepped and sealed. The guy who did ours was fully aware of the abuse it’d get!

      • Eileen Williams

        Thanks for the info. It’s nice to hear the truth from a consumer rather than a floor salesman trying to make a sale! It’s just the two of us here now plus the dog except for holiday gatherings so it sounds like wooden floors likely will survive!

  26. Rachel

    We lived in Portland for 4 years when we were first married and I had never heard of this tour! How lovely! I pinned several of the photos you shared– thanks!

  27. Jan Penner

    This home was my favorite with the Mediteranean style one running a close second. Even after being at Street of Dreams, it’s nice to see the pictures here in small bites. The magnitude of the homes and all the detail they contain (and the crowds) push me to the brink of sensory overload.

  28. Sara Syrett

    What an incredible home! We dont have a street of dreams here but we do have a Parade of Homes. Im guessing its a similar type of event. This home has such lovely farmhouse features and I love that angled shiplap wall! I bet you had so much fun going!

  29. Julee

    I can’t believe how many Magnolia (aka Fixer Upper) pieces they used to decorate! So cool seeing them in there!!

  30. Angelina @ Peonies and Orange Blossoms

    This was my favorite house too!!! When I saw this blog post I thought I was on my own blog for a minute as I wrote about it too! The Street of Dreams has always been one of my favorite things too, yes, even as a kid! I popped on over from your blog post today, I seemed to have missed this post from earlier this month!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh, very cool and a small world! I’ll have to check out your post! :).

  31. Mandolin

    Did this home have 2 kitchens, or were the second group of kitchen photos from a different house?

  32. Ivory

    I love how you pulled everything together. All the right pieces in all the right places. Beautiful!

  33. RF

    I can’t believe I missed this “Street of Dreams”! It looks amazing and much more my style than some of the previous years. Would love to know the name of the granite in the kitchen. Any chance you kept the info that the builders supply on your way out??


    Shiplap adds a warm,at home feeling, but I suspect something else will eventually replace our fascination with it.

  35. Alison Poff

    I’m wondering what the paint color is of the window bench? The blue/gray/green??

  36. Denise

    I recognized the decor as soon as I saw this on Pinterest :) Tiffany is and has always been super talented at decorating. I went to school with her for several years. She has a darling shop. Thanks for sharing this and the Street of Dreams event.

  37. Ashley

    Is all the gray accents like doors and benches and fireplace wall dovetail by SW?

  38. angela

    Where can I purchase that barn door handle?

  39. Amy

    Beautiful home!
    Any info on the sofa pictured?
    I’m in search of a new photo and love that style/color.

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