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Simply Inspired Holidays: Puttering and Decluttering

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Decorating Inspiration, Love the Home You Have: Simply Inspired Holidays

Simply Inspired Holidays: Puttering and DeclutteringNew England Home

Simply Inspired Holidays: Puttering and Decluttering

I find it inspiring this time of year to do a little puttering and decluttering around the house, clearing away what won’t be needed so there is more room for festive things! My personal goal for today is to remove or rearrange ten things in my home.

Want to join me in an impromptu decluttering challenge? :) What’s your goal today?


  1. LB

    Today I will tackle one (of too many!) junk drawers. One little task at a time…makes you feel so good when you open a drawer that’s organized and rid of miscellaneous crap :)

  2. Colleen

    My goal today is clean out & rearrange the downstairs linen closet AND the countertop next to the refrigerator in the kitchen! I will do it today! Now I feel as if I have a partner or partners in crime (good declutter crime). Thanks for the motivation :-)

  3. Tammy

    I will tackle my hall closet, I keep putting it off. I also want to remove 10 items, thanks for the push and challenge!

  4. Kay

    I love daily goals! Lately mine involve sewing curtains, using IKEA sheers! Today’s goal (besides voting, of course!) involves sewing JOY pillows for a holiday market. My house happiness will have to go on the back burner.

    1) involves sewing JOY pillows for a holiday market in our town, so my for-the-house fun will have to wait a while.

    • Kay

      Sorry ^^ for that ^^. My bozoputer’s been jumping around a bit.

  5. Jo Jo

    My goal for today is to go to Woman’s Bilbe study this morning, then VOTE and then get back to reorganizing my master bedroom closet and purging tired summer clothes and fall clothes and refresh all my sweaters in the dryer! Love home puttering & organizing. ?

    • Lenora Everett

      Do you do anything special to refresh your sweaters in the dryer? Are they wool? I’d love to refresh mine!

      • Jo Jo

        Hi Lenora! I don’t wear wool ( too itchy for me) but my blends and poly sweaters I put in the dryer on low/ delicate for about 10-15 minutes with a small cotton cloth that I lightly spritzed with lavender essential oil. They come out fluffier and smelling great! I think this could be done with wool items as long as the sweater isn’t wet, but I’ve never tried it. Good luck!

  6. Julie

    A perfect goal/ challenge for today. We moved into our house 2 1/2 months ago, but there are still some boxes that haven’t been unpacked. Obviously they aren’t filled with vital objects, but I want to get them sorted. So my goal is to unpack 10 things from the boxes and get them put away.

  7. Kaye Kruetzman

    I have some “decluttering” this week. Now, I’m in the “puttering” mode. Trying to put the “keepers” where they really belong and ensuring that, when I need them, I can remember where I put them.

  8. Cristina Festa

    I’m in total declutter mode!!! Since our kitchen reno I’ve been clearing out everything we don’t use or want. We had boxes in the basement from when we first moved in that we never really went through. It feels so good to clear out stuff. I hate having so much clutter around. It’s liberating clearing it out.

  9. Janet Woodman

    Hi, my goal today was to list 10 things that I don’t need on the local selling application CLOSE 5!!!
    I have already sold almost everything. I recommend meeting some where safe in your neighborhood. Such as Starbucks or Trader Joe’s. Happy Selling!
    Thanks, Janet ?

  10. liz

    Go vote… then tackle my spice and condiment section of the kitchen & refrigerator. I’ll write up a shopping list to make sure I have everything that I need for holiday cooking. And, with some of the older spices, I’ll recycle them into a simmer pot. And, I’ll get out a fall tablecloth and get some mums to put on the table. If there is any time left, I’ll go outside and start collecting those leaves that are falling with every gust of wind.

  11. Dawn

    Starting by cleaning out the kitchen drawers – one at a time!

  12. lisa

    I have just started the process of de-cluttering, prepping for the Holidays.
    That stack of books and cottage magazines have been sitting on the entry bench for, “whoa” nearly a year,
    always cleaning around them thinking I’ll just drop them off at DAV. Well today is the day.

  13. JeanaB

    Today, I will finish up installing boards in the garden shed and pick up some Gladiator slats for organization. I am almost finished with this project and desperately need to move on to the garage so I can get my new ride indoors before cold weather hits. I am SO excited about this. There will be a major clean out, donate and toss happening!

  14. Lisa E

    It wasn’t today but last week. When we did our kitchen reno I balanced frugality and splurges. One thing I didn’t go for was utensil dividers and it’s been driving me crazy for the past 7 months since the reno has been completed. I finally went to BB&B with coupons in hand, bought their expandable bamboo dividers and dove in. I have way too much stuff so ended up with a donate pile and two lovely organized large utensil (spatulas, etc.) drawers. It feels wonderful!

  15. Mary Coakley

    It must be the time of the year,I am only now putting away my summer clothes(very mild temperature) I then hope to get control of all my books,I would be happy with these.Love your lounge,its so cosy.

  16. Pamela

    I’m late to the party so I will de clutter a stack of files and papers on my desk chair. We’re selling our northern lake house and I have to go thru pictures and make of list of things we want to keep plus all my Medicare papers for insurance renewal are also in that stack! Big jobs!

  17. susan maclean

    Just one little job today here, Melissa, not ten…… undercoating and then top coating the two strips of wood that will cover the top area where the roller blinds sit in the living room windows. My two windows have “frames” built round them (not by me but I like them) and we don’t have curtains/drapes, just roller blinds within the frames. These little strips will look like pelmets and will cover the top of the rollers. This is the last “have to do it” job for my room, which we finished this time last year.

  18. Claudia

    I am helping a friend make Thanksgiving cards and hope to treat myself to a manicure. Since it has already been a crazy week a little picking up in my front room is called for but will be an easy task. If the stars align I have papers to file, not my favorite thing to do.

  19. Susan

    Linen closet

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