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I designed a rug and I need your help! :)

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration

I designed a rug and I need your help! :)

Hey friends! Remember the Dash & Albert rug design competition I mentioned being a part of? Well, TODAY is the day when voting begins on Annie Selke’s Instagram (Note: You can even sign up for Instagram and vote from your computer, so check it out here!).

Designing a rug wasn’t as easy as we (my girls and I) had thought it might be, but it was way more fun than we expected, too (once we got rolling, ha). Here’s the thing. There are millions of rugs out there, but it became clear as I considered options that my favorite rugs (and the ones I’d love in my home) would have a classic pattern with a twist.

So that was the starting point for the design of all three of the rugs we submitted! You can see them all below. There will be ten rugs chosen from the Annie Selke competition to be produced and sold through Dash & Albert next year! Wow! It would be so exciting to have one of my rugs chosen; I can’t even imagine how thrilling that would be.

I’d be so grateful to have your vote here! You can vote for any (or all!) of my rugs by going directly to each of my designs via the links here, here, and here.

Here are my three rug designs!

I designed a rug and I need your help! :)

  1. Starburst – The first rug we designed (above) is a small scale pattern that would work well in just about any room. We decided to come up with a simple but fresh design for a pattern, using a small “starburst” shape all over the rug. As you step back, I love that the pattern would be easy on the eyes and would play nicely with so many other patterns in a room. For another twist, rather than a traditional fringe or no border at all, we added a small flat rope fringe.
    I designed a rug and I need your help! :)
  2. Playful Pattern – The second rug is our happy pattern, a playful interpretation of a traditional style rug. I would probably choose this rug in a neutral gray and white mix, or even a mint or blue, but I can imagine it in so many pretty colors! Dash & Albert rug colors are always so gorgeous. You can scroll to the bottom of this post to see some of our different colorway ideas.
    I designed a rug and I need your help! :)
  3. Stripes + Cross – The third rug (above) is one of my favorites because I always LOVE striped rugs best of all. But for a unique twist on a classic traditional stripe, we added a simple cross band trim on the ends of the rug to add a unique detail. Scroll down to see this rug in other colors, too.

If you aren’t familiar with Dash & Albert rugs, they have been my favorites for as long as I can remember! I love to go to my favorite local home shops just to look at the Dash & Albert rugs in person. Many of their rugs are made of a soft indoor outdoor flat weave material that make them so easy to take care of. I have five or six Dash & Albert rugs all over the house. They are perfectly suited to any room and last for years and years.

Below are some fun color ideas we put together for our rug designs.

If you can hop over to Annie Selke’s Instagram to vote, I’d so appreciate your support. It would be such an honor to have one of my rugs produced by Dash & Albert! You’ll have fun seeing all the other lovely contributions, too.

Thank you, sweet friends. Have a great day!

I designed a rug and I need your help! :) I designed a rug and I need your help! :)I designed a rug and I need your help! :)

>> Vote here! <<<

You can vote for ALL my designs if you’d like (not limited to just one!) and you can go directly to each rug to vote here, here, and here.


  1. Hanna A.

    I’m sure. I vote for number three, because I love striped prints. It is a beautiful design!


  2. Melinda Young

    I love them! You did a great job and put a lot of thought into each one. I am headed over to cast my vote!! :)

  3. Debby

    Melissa, I love all of your designs, but the stripe + cross design is the best of the competition in my opinion! I hope it becomes reality because I have a spot in my home all picked out for it. ;)

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Aww, thank you, Debby! I want that rug, too. If Dash & Albert doesn’t want it, I’m going to have to find a way to make it myself, ha! :)

      • Debby

        Please make two! ;)

  4. Denise Kass

    Omg!!!! Love them all! So gorgeous!!!! If I had to pick it might be the starbursts… with that said I would buy each one!!!!! Congrats!!!!!

  5. Christine

    I got this same email about the rugs FOUR TIMES!! What’s up with that?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh no! I’ll go look and see what’s up. It’s automated so it must be having a glitch. Thanks for letting me know! So sorry.

  6. Sandy

    Voted! I seriously loved your designs more than all the others. I could tell which ones were yours in the IG feed before I looked at the names.

    Is it a vote once a day or is it just an overall vote on their one post? Hope you win, I’d buy one! ;-)

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ahhh! So sweet, thank you so much, Sandy! You made me smile. I’m thinking it will be just one vote but if I find out people can vote again I’ll report back! ♥️

  7. Patty

    Oh my goodness you did an incredible job with your designs. All three are beautiful, but my fav. is the stripe and cross, and that is the one I voted for. I truly hope you win because I want that rug in fact I want two of them, that is what I have been holding out for and didn’t know it until I saw it, does that make sense? Great job.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Patty! Ha, it totally makes sense. Ask some friends to vote for it too so we can make this happen!

  8. Penny

    Well done on all of them Melissa, and good luck in the contest.

  9. Linda

    Dear Melissa,
    There may be a wee glitch going on because I have received quite a few of this email. Now, your work is beautiful and it is inspiring but every eye has a limit so I am giving you a wink as a heads up, hehehe.

    All are quite beautiful each in their own way so it is very hard to choose between them but dammit, do we really have to limit our choices…
    I also wonder if it is only my eyes giving me a hard time but looking at the Starburst design on my laptop causes me to feel a motion sickness type of thingy verging on vertigo and I wonder if anyone else notices this. I would not want it to harm you winning the design that you and your girls worked so hard to create. A very find job indeed to you and special kudos to your young helpers. They are definitely keepers.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yes, I’m so sorry about the glitch! I was able to stop it from continuing but many of you got multiple emails today. Technology is awesome when it works, right? :) And you actually can vote for as many designs as you want, you don’t even have to make a choice! Thanks for your kind words.

      Oh and remember computer screens definitely distort this type of design work, it’s hard to translate hand drawn elements on a screen into something that will actually have texture and dimension in order to picture what it would look like as a real rug! :)

  10. Jennifer

    Your rugs are wonderful. I voted for all three. Good luck!

  11. Joanne

    It was a hard choice voted for star burst that would look great in my living room. Great designs❤️

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks so much, Joanne! You can actually vote for all three if you wanted to, that’s allowed. :) But I’m so glad you like the star burst rug! :) I would love to have that rug in my house, too! Thanks again.

  12. Linda Grubbs

    Oh my word! Love all three!!! But my very fav has got to be the stripped one. I’m a sucker for stripes. But I LOVE the versatility of the starburst…..and then there is the playfulness of the patterned one. Good thing I can vote for all three!!!
    Good luck Melissa and girls!!!! ?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you for your support, Diane! I’d love to see that rug come to life!!! XOXO

  13. sandyc

    Great job, Melissa, and I’ve voted for all three. I love the fringe idea for the starburst pattern; unfortunately, fringe is a kitty magnet and my 3 furballs, especially Gus who spends most of his time on the living room floor and would be in chew heaven. (I can relate to Linda’s visual reaction to the pattern and maybe if she could find a actual photograph of a starburst pattern rug, it might help). The playful pattern rug, even before I saw the other color combos, made me think of your green and pink bathroom for some reason – in a much smaller version but a way to bring in a bit of the vintage tile look now without having to make expensive changes. But my favorite is the stripes & crosses because I dig striped rugs as well. If Dash & Albert doesn’t bite and you produce it yourself, add me to the list with Debby to get one.
    Good luck!!!

  14. Sheila Irwin


    What a fun and awesome opportunity to get to design a rug – and with so many other talented bloggers! I voted for your striped one! LOVE it! And I love that you added that little “twist” of stars on the edge. Adorable – and very “Dash and Albert”!!

    Good luck my friend- I’ll be pulling for you:)


  15. franki

    #3 franki

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