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One Rug, Three Looks

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration

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One Rug, Three Looks

Chair / Light / Pillow / Stools / Pouf / ArtMy Rug Design (vote here!)

Happy Monday, friend! Hope you had a great weekend. Is anyone traveling anywhere fun this summer? I am headed to the Haven Conference in Atlanta this week to be a blogging mentor, but other than that I think we are pretty much staying home (or at least staying in the NW). I think staycations can be pretty fun, though, especially if you explore where you live like a tourist (which we enjoy!).

So as you might know, we’re involved in a pretty cool rug design competition right now. Only the top ten rugs in the competition (top ten with the most Instagram votes by this Thursday) will be produced and sold by Annie Selke through Dash & Albert.

It’s SUCH an incredible opportunity! But in a very tight competition, obviously every vote counts. Thanks for letting me share these designs with you and for being a part of this experience with me. I am so grateful for your support in everything; please know how appreciative I am! I couldn’t ask for more awesome friends. Truly thankful for each one of you.

Today I thought it would be fun to do a little inspiration board mockup of one of our custom designs, the striped rug with the cross trim border, so you could visualize how it would look with three different types of looks!

I love a classic rug that can feel right at home in different rooms. It’s so great when you can swap rugs between rooms or want a new look and the rug still works! So, check out the three inspiration boards to see what you think.

Also, scroll to the bottom for a little laugh. We couldn’t resist doing a little Photoshop action to see how our dogs would look on these rugs, because that’s important…you know? Clearly we had too much fun with Photoshop :). Our dogs seriously make their way to the camera every time we take pictures so I’m sure they would be thrilled to have our very own rug design to pose on!

One Rug, Three Looks

Bed / Lamp / Sweet Dreams Art / Pink Pillow / Star Pillow / Nightstand / My Rug Design (vote here!)

One Rug, Three Looks

Art / Chair / Table / Flatware / Plate / Chandelier / My Rug Design (vote here!)

I normally don’t get involved any competitive design type of events because I don’t like the pressure of competing. :) But this one was too fun to pass up. How cool would it be to have a rug design produced by Dash & Albert? It would be a pretty big deal for me and my family.

One Rug, Three Looks

The competition will end later this week, but I’m really hoping to get enough votes on my rugs (only the top ten will be produced). If you are on Instagram or able to get an account (even just to give hearts on my rugs) it would mean so much to me! Thank you to those of you who have already voted.

It’s so simple to give a heart, even if you don’t want to use Instagram for anything other than to help out in this competition. Once you click each of the links to Instagram, you just double tap to make the heart turn red on EACH of my three rugs (yep, you can vote for all three!).





Now, you’ll have to scroll down for a good laugh. I’m pretty sure our dogs would have a blast being Dash & Albert rug models. :) What do you think?

One Rug, Three Looks

One Rug, Three Looks

One Rug, Three Looks
HAHAHAH! Alright. Hope you got a good Monday chuckle over these like we did. :) Even though these mockups look so silly, it really would be amazing to see this dream come true. Thanks for your support, friend!

One Rug, Three Looks

Vote for the Stripe + Cross rug HERE!

Vote for the Stars HERE!

Vote for the Floral HERE!


  1. Angela

    Great rugs! Never had a bird in my house, but did have a field mouse once. I think I would rather have a bird.
    I’m a subscriber and your e-mails are always a welcome find in my inbox!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Angela. I so appreciate that! And I totally am with you on the mouse thing, I’d take bird over a mouse anyway. Although I’d rather not have any unexpected critters, ha.

  2. Linda

    Just voted!
    We had a broken screen in our Master Bedroom many years ago. Before we could get it replaced, and had the window open (bad idea!) TWO birds flew in. We couldn’t get them out – it was terrifying – so finally closed the bedroom door leaving the window open. Hours later, we checked back and they were gone. We were left with several spots, (you can guess what they were), dark purple/blue on the pale pink window wall and the beige rug. It required painting the entire room, having to use several coats of primer because the stain bled through. We never got the spots up from the carpet, they faded with time; we have since replaced the carpet.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      OH no! Hahah, that’s horrible! I will probably have bird in the house nightmares forever more. Thanks for sharing your story! :)

  3. Martha

    We had Carolina wrens in our basement a few days after moving into our house. My husband calmly turned off all inside lights and opened the back door then ushered the wrens outside. They’re adorable( but not in our home)! The pair actually showed up in the basement again the next day so my husband did an encore of the ushering job. Not sure if it was the same pair but we did have some Carolina wrens nest on our porch a few weeks later. Love the wrens! Love your rugs and pups and books and blog!!

  4. Susan Elliott

    Love everything you post !!
    We’ve had a Bird in our garage!!

    Thankyou ??

  5. Nicole Monet

    I’m a subscriber. Haven’t had an unusual animal in my home, but my sister had a squirrel crawl into their house through the chimney (which has since then prompted them to get a cap for it!). I think it was pretty comical- trying to get it out. Can’t even imagine….

  6. Leigh

    I hopped over from the subscriber email. I love the new striped rug. I love classic and that one is just what I love.

  7. Kristin

    I voted on the first day! Thanks for the chatty emails–you have such a gift for hospitality, even though email! I’ve not had a creature fly in through a door, but I do have a friend who has had more than one bat get into her house! Maybe screen doors are for more than just bugs. :)

  8. Cori

    I love all three? I placed my vote! Also I love the new email format, its great!

  9. Shari Schempp

    Love the rugs! Right after my husband and I were married we were living in a small apartment. When we came home from work one day, we opened our door and a cat bolted out of the apartment. We never figured out how it got in there. Haha!

  10. Patty

    I voted preciously and have voted again – I hope that is allowed! Loved your story about the bird – I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes!! Only because that is exactly what I would do! :) The pups look so cute on the rugs – they definitely should be rug models!

  11. Rust

    Your stripes/crosses rug is one of my favorites of them all. I voted for yours when the competition began. As for critters wandering in, I’ve had a conn walk in before. Thankfully I am not too scared of them. :) Good luck in the competition!

  12. Christi

    All of your rugs are great designs. Awesome job!

  13. Marianne Hamilton

    Years ago we lived in Reno, NV and one day I opened our back door and our Goldendoodle Phoebe came running in chasing baby quail. I was shocked and Phoebe chased them down the hallway into the back bedrooms and under the beds. What a circus trying to get them out with a broomstick. Fortunately there was a door to the outside in the back bedroom, so we coaxed them out the door. Meanwhile Phoebe was locked in her crate. Very scary, nerve racking moments! ??
    I have voted for all three rugs! Best of luck!

  14. Melissa Osigian

    I’m excited for you and hope one of your rugs makes it to the top 10! Just a few days ago my son said that he saw a lizard run in to our house when the door was opened, but we never did find it. ?

  15. Gwen H.

    We had a cute bird fly in the front door on Christmas night. We left the door open and it flew back out though cold air was coming in!. However, in the summer a black snake crawled in my garage and that did freak me out! Love the striped rug.

  16. Donna Nebelsiek

    We found a bird stuck between the front and screen door, no idea how it got there! I’m a subscriber to your emails :)

  17. Nancy Schipper

    Love the inspiration boards. Your striped rug works everywhere. Especially love your pups on it. I voted! Good luck,

  18. Lori

    The only creature I can remember coming in our house was a snake. Found it in the basement. Thankfully it hasn’t happened again. :-)

  19. Deanna Titzler

    Love all three rugs! Can we vote more than once? I already did a week or so ago. Btw, I love the new emails I get as a subscriber. So fun. No critters have flown into my house, but I’d be freaking out, too!

  20. Megan S.

    I’m a subscriber and I loved all of your rug designs. I voted for them on the Instagram site. thank you for filling my inbox and Instagram with beautiful design and perspective!

  21. Mary Kathryn

    Just voted! No birds, but bats in the attics!

  22. Cathy Brandenberger

    Beautiful rugs! I freak when there is a mouse in the house!

  23. Cookie

    Love your rugs and the different looks. I like all but love witth the stars. Don’t do instagram yet.

  24. Patti

    Last week I went out in the garage to put something in one of the plastic bins I use to sort recyclables. Just as I started to drop the can in the top bin I saw a mouse sitting in it. I thought it was dead because it was like a statue … not moving at all. I came back in the house and told my husband and he said “Well, did you throw it away?” I said “No, I hoped you would do it.” With a look of irritation on his face he walks out to the garage and I hear an *expletive*. When he came back in, I asked him what happened and he said the mouse wasn’t dead and it moved just as he reached in to get it! I tried not to laugh because it serves him right for acting all disgusted with me! ?

  25. Debbie

    love your posts

  26. Shirley

    Enjoyed this post. I adore all three of your rug designs, and would be thrilled to have them in my home. And, yes, I did vote for all three! Good luck and best wishes.

  27. Barbara Jansz

    Love all your rug designs. Hope you win!
    Creatures in house include bats and a birds. Make sure your chimneys have protection from critters!

  28. Pamela

    I’m a long time subscriber!!
    Other than the usual flies and such, no visitors. Sounds like I’m missing all the fun ;)

  29. Bambi Mayer

    Voted for you great rugs–good luck in the competition! Creatures in the house–birds, bat, red-headed centipede, scorpions, granddaddy longlegs, gekos…….that’s the only ones I can think of. I live on a ranch and just goes with the territory.

  30. Lisa

    I just voted again using my other Instagram account. Hope you win!
    When our kids were young, we were eating dinner and we kept hearing something brushing against the closed door down to the basement. When we opened the door, a bird flew into the kitchen. We had no idea how a bird got in to our basement, but we were all TERRIFIED. Of course the bird was scared, too, so we had a horrible time catching it. As I recall, my brave husband caught it with a fishing net and took it outside while the rest of us locked ourselves in a bathroom and screamed :)

  31. Patricia

    You live near(ish ) to my daughter outside of Seattle. I subscribe and Send her posts I think she might like. Best wishes on the rug competition !

  32. Sandy Ross

    The closest we’ve come to a critter in the house was a bird making its nest in a space under the eaves that should have been closed when the house was built but wasn’t. We heard chirping coming from the wall above our bed very early in the morning, had to wait until the babies flew away to close up the space.

  33. Debbie

    You are my favorite blogger! I look forward to your posts and emails every day! I love your rugs but love your pups more!

  34. Eileen Riley Simon

    I Love the striped rug. It is gorgeous. ! The only critter we get is a lot of lizards !!

  35. Brenda

    I haven’t really had any loose critters in my house, but my friends hamster got loose once… it actually chewed through the water line into their fridge and flooded their house! No joke! Could you imagine?!?

    I love this blog so much! So much that I subscribe through email. It is my favourite, and I absolutely love following Jack and Lily’s funny business. My favourite rug is the striped one — I think it would look lovely in my own home.

  36. Rosemary

    I voted for your darling designs, and hope you and the pups win!! All delightful!!! ???

  37. Cathy

    I’m a subscriber. Your dogs are so adorable on the rugs!! I had a bird nest in my attic. The cap on the bathroom vent broke off somehow and the birds found a warm place to live. They were very noisy in the morning. Thank goodness the birds never flew into the house!

  38. Claire

    Hope your rugs make it!! Don’t think I’ve ever had a bird, but definitely unwanted pests like cockroaches! Ugh.
    I’m a subscriber and always enjoy hearing from you! :)

  39. sara

    voted for the stripes! love eye versatility and cannot thank you enough for always including a shopping list ?

  40. Jacquelyn Mosher

    I love the striped rug and have voted for it!! Have a wonderful rest of your summer!

  41. Suzanne Croft

    I’ve had birds fly into my house in Virginia through the open sliding doors. The poor things were so scared and confused. It took some time, and opening every door in the house, to get them back outside. And there was the the clean-up :-(.

  42. Patty

    I truly hope your striped rug wins, I love, love that rug. I am a subscriber and I would love to win your little gift box. I have all your books except the last one so that would be my choice.

  43. Linda Grubbs

    Fingers crossed for you in the rug competition!!! Again, I sure wish I could vote more than once! I love all three… but my very favorite is the stripes. Love it!!
    Oh my ….a bird in your house. That is a bit scary…. but I’d take a bird over our usual visitor, …bats. It FREAKS me out when it happens. In the 15 years we have been in this house we have had maybe 4 bat visits. I know they mean us no harm and are probably not happy about having ended up in our home….but holy cow it is creepy when it happens. Well again, best of luck in the competition… I’m pulling for you!!!!

  44. Jill

    Love your striped rug! I once had a chipmunk sitting on the dashboard of my car!

  45. Tracy

    I can so relate! Had a neighborhood cat in our house and I ran around like it was a rabid beast! It wandered in through an open patio door and freaked me out! Thanks for the chance to win, love your style.

  46. Lavana

    Love the striped rug, especially with the pups on them. And yes I totally get the intruder anxiety. We had wolf spiders (HUGE ones) when we moved in our house 3 yrs ago. Horrible but I made new friends – the pest company guys. Good luck with your rugs! I always look forward to your Facebook posts and emails. Especially the pups pix! They always make me smile.

  47. kddomingue

    Hmmmm, let’s see…..stray cat, stray dog, birds, lizards, mice, a snake and a slew of baby possums (the mama had a litter under the house). The snake and the possums were the two that freaked me out and had me screaming and hopping around like a deranged bunny rabbit on speed, lol!

  48. Shelley McCabe

    Melissa, I am forever leaving our back door open. My favorite visitors were 2 blue jays. They flew in to sit atop the French door squawking to get more peanuts. When I tried to shoo them away they flew over to the ceiling fan. Cheeky little beggars! Hubby said just turn the fan on but I had visions of them getting smacked by the fan. So I rustled up some peanut grub for them and set the peanuts on our patio table. They followed me out and proceeded to devour the peanuts. We finally got one of those screens that work for French doors.

  49. Patty

    Love the rug too!
    I have two critter stories. Came into the kitchen one morning to find the biggest lizard I have ever seen, I’m quite sure he rivals those in Galapagos! Thank goodness hubs was home to rescue me from the kitchen countertop. We no longer have a doggie/lizard door. My second is just as bad, maybe worse. We were vacationing in the mountains of Colorado in a condo. The bedroom had incredibly high ceilings where a bat decided to take up residence. Had hubs bring my luggage into the living room. I would not go into the bedroom until the maintenance man came to retrieve the bat 4 days later! Had a hard time sleeping for two whole weeks, was afraid another bat would come to visit.

  50. Beth

    Good luck with the competition! My cat has brought in lizards ? and once a bird did fly into our house. In college a squirrel came through my patio door into my college apartment. Yikes!

  51. Lisa van den Brink

    Love following you on your posts! I had our budgie escape from his cage once! He was mean, so I was just as scared as you! Love your rugs! Good luck!

  52. Melinda Young

    We had a mouse in our garage, it looked as startled as I was! :)

  53. Mary

    Hi Melissa, I just finished voting Your rugs are beautiful! I did have a bird hop into our house a few months ago. I had the patio doors open to let the fresh air in and the little guy just hopped in! He took a look around and then he hopped out and flew off. I was very happy that he decided he could find a better house to check out! Looking forward to hearing you won!

  54. Carolyn

    Yes, I think the dogs would love being models, and fortunately they go with everything!

  55. Francesca gunn

    One of my neighbors in an apartment building had her ferret get loose in the hallway. It was quite the adventure chasing it down and trapping it.

  56. Kris

    Love all 3 rugs! And your dogs are so cute! :)

  57. Arlene

    Love the rugs and the dogs.

  58. Amrita

    I once had 2 sparrows flying around in our house and they refused to leave .
    We left the window open at night and in the morning they were not there any more .Love all the rugs .The star is my favourite. Voted for all of them .Best wishes.

  59. Jan

    Hi Melissa, I love your beautiful rugs and your adorable dogs! I had 2 rotties and a golden/chow at the time when a lost tiny dog somehow got into our backyard and followed my dogs through the doggie door into our house. I was startled to see 4 dogs in the house instead of 3 and thought that I was losing my mind. The dog became fast friends with our pack and we even considered adopting him. We eventually did locate the owner who was visiting from out of state.

  60. Monica

    Hi Melissa! I voted for the striped rug! Hope you win the competition, your doggies look pretty special on that striped rug! Cuties!

  61. Kristen

    We lived in a variety of really old houses and the most laughable is my dad chasing the squirrel that came in our house. Me- frog is the most I had! Your design is so versatile and beautiful! Love all three. You are one of the few I follow after all these years.

  62. Debra Smith Schramm

    I had a bat hanging from a beam in my living room. I don’t know when he came in but I know when he went out!

  63. Paulette Flanagan

    I really hope you win too because I’d love to be able to buy one of your gorgeous designs. I’ve voted for all three. ?

  64. Louise

    We’ve had bats, birds, mice over 38 years of our marriage, oh, and a possum in the garage. Most memorable was six weeks after our second child was born–with my husband out of the country–I was nursing our daughter peacefully in the wee hours, on a comfy low rocker by the window in her bedroom when I heard the sound of something flying around. Hoped it was a bird who would tire himself out and be easier to put a hat over and release, but it was a bat. I decided to exit and let him remain in the room to deal with next day. It was a couple days later that my husband came home and removed the bat, who in the meantime had gone to sleep on a curtain during the day, so could be scooped up and released. Baby was not disturbed during the excitement–but I sure was.

  65. Beth B.

    Hahaha, we’ve had lots of uninvited guests: a bat (twice), a hummingbird, a garter snake (never figured out how it got in), and lots of creepy tarantulas while living in Haiti.

  66. Gina

    Love the mock ups with your sweet dogs. The rug is so cute too! Years ago when my daughter was 3 (she’s now 26) she walked into my husband’s and my bedroom in the middle of the night saying there was a bird in her room. We got up and couldn’t find anything and put her back to bed. She screamed a bit later and said she heard the bird again. We put her in our bed with us. A bit later we heard this swishing sound and realized it was a bat. It was horrible….we were all screaming and pulled the covers up over our head. All I could think of was the bat getting stuck in my hair! We could not fall asleep with it flying around so we tried to trap the bat in another room which was nearly impossible. The poor bat was exhausted (like us) and finally landed on the floor so we were able to put a bucket over and trap him! We released him and finally got to bed about 5 that morning. Our son slept through the whole thing!!

  67. Jacq

    We live in a semi rural area in Christchurch, New Zealand, and apart from my two teenage sons that frequently hide in the hall to scare me, or our Westie dog chases me around the house telling me she wants a treatie, we don’t have much wildlife that venture inside. We do get the odd little field mouse, but I like to try and catch them and release them back into the surrounding paddocks………my husband and boys always laugh at my tender heart as they assure me that the little mice turn right around and head back to our nice warm house…….. I adore your blog Melissa and only wish we had the varied selection and availability of some of the gorgeous homewares you have on your blog here in NZ. I love, love, love the striped rug, in fact I have one very similar in my family room. Keep up the great work, your blog is a treasure to read. :-)

  68. Renee A

    So much fun.
    When I was little, a family of chipmunks moved into our garage. As they were caught and buried, a neighbor made popsicle stick markers… “here lies chip” and “dale was dear…”

  69. Mary Brack

    We had a bird get in down the chimney. Freaked me out! Love the rugs!

  70. Christine

    A chipmunk. It was fun for no one but our pointer mix who thought she’d gotten the best toy EVER! Luckily, everyone got out safely!:)
    Good luck–I’m headed to vote now!

  71. kerry

    Love the stripes!
    I’ve had a mouse in the house once – terrified me!
    I’m loving the subscriber emails – a bright spot in my day.

  72. Lisa Stevens

    Just voted for the Stars and Stripes rug. Beautiful. The only bird that ever got loose in our house was our own Macaw, Captain Morgan. He would fly directly to our refrigerator and throw all of our magnets on the floor. Of course this was before stainless steel refrigerators that you can no longer put magnets on, thank goodness. ?

  73. Federica

    Love it

  74. Michelle

    So cute!!! Love all three looks. As for animals coming in the house, my Doodle is as wild as it’s gotten (but he is plenty)!

  75. Joanne

    Great way to start the day Jack and Lily a bird scare (had a camelback cricket ugh couldn’t believe I could jump that high without killing myself ha) and your beautiful rug designs. Your emails are the best. Love both rug designs but I do have a special feeling for the star rug. You have a great day ❤️

  76. Dorothy Kinkopf

    We live out in the country, so having creatures in the garage and on our porch is common, but the funniest incident happened just after we moved in 20 years ago when we had young sons. My children played on our screened porch often, especially with playdough and other messy adventures. One evening I went out to the porch to pick up a little from their day’s adventures and reached for a plastic basket which already had some plastic reptiles inside. Just as I picked it up, one of the little “plastic” snakes started moving, so my first reaction was to scream, then throw the basket. Everyone came running and their first question was “did you catch it, mom?” Oy, life with boys!!! The poor frightened snake got away and the poor frightened mother made a new rule that her children would clean up the porch every evening before dinner.

  77. jeri

    I voted on the first day as well. I’ve had plenty of birds fly into my ‘sun room’. Very upsetting to my kids as they always want to save the frightened critters! I do too, but I mostly want them to leave quickly; the critters, not the kids haha!

  78. Kim Hassell

    Hi Melissa! So one summer my family lived in a lovely cottage on the lake as we were staffing a Christian camp for college students. My littles 7,5,3 at the time slept in the loft where there were at least 3 BAT break ins!!!! First one occurred when my husband and I were awake and 3 screaming kiddos came running down the stairs. So what did I do? Joined the screaming of course and then herded the kids into my bedroom which had a door! Second time it was the middle of the night same result. Next morning my 3 year old son put on a cape and got his butterfly net and decided he would protect mom and sisters while dad went off to work. ? All day long, while the bats slept of course, he was on bat patrol just in case! Third night yet another break in!!! It’s like the bats were enjoying “our show” ugh!!! Next day there was a full crew working to find every little nook and cranny these bats could possibly be entering through and boarding them up as this mamma had threatened to pack her bags and return to the city!!! I’m happy to report no more bats after that!!!

  79. Jessica

    I love this rug! The only creature I ever had in my house was a chicken, one of my kids didn’t shut the door tight and next thing you know a chicken wandering around like he owned the place! I am a subscriber and I love your posts!

  80. Tracie

    I love the mock-ups with the dogs and “Look #2.” The most surprising creature to enter our home was a wood duck who came down our chimney. It was quite a process to get that bird out! (And messy.) When the duck sought shelter in a corner of the bathroom, my husband was able to wrap it in a towel and carry it out. Whew!

  81. Jen

    I would definitely purchase this rug! So versatile and pretty! I am a country girl, born and raised, but a beach girl at heart! This rug can fit both of my personalities. and yes growing up in the country with the doors open to let the fresh air in, I have experienced a bird or two in the house. I can deal with that better than a snake or spider!!!! Good Luck with votes!!! God Bless!

  82. Kathy-Anne Carr

    I like the striped rug and voted for that one. So classic! I’ve never had a bird in the house, but we have had mice (not lately) and a family of squirrels.

  83. Heidi @ Decor & More

    Fun to see your pups on that beautiful rug! We’ve had birds in the house before, but the strangest was when a squirrel fell down our chimney into our family room fireplace! Talk about FREAKING OUT! Lol… the hubs had to scoop him in a net (kicking and thrashing) and get him outside.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Melissa – good luck with your rug and at Haven!

  84. Amy

    I like all 3 scenarios you designed! We have had multiple birds in the house because they always seem to nest in the wreath on the front door, so when I open it, they take a second to start moving, and by then they are facing inside the house. We have also had a large black snake (non-poisonous) slither behind our stove in the kitchen. It was no fun evicting HIM! I did scream for that one, as I hate snakes.

  85. Lori

    Hi Melissa,
    I’ve always been a bit wishful for my cottage by the sea and your inspiration keeps my hopes up that one day I just might get there:0)……We are creating a home with visions of coastal waves, sand and turf thanks to your help. Always a fan of striped rugs so your striped one gets my vote! Love the photos of the dogs too…keep em’ comin’!

  86. Debra Eastridge

    Beautiful rugs! Voting complete! Hope it helps! I have actually had a bat….yes, a bat….flying around in our bedroom! So creepy! Our cat brought it in to play with! EEEEEKKKK!!!!!

  87. Linda

    I really like the #1 option (stripes). I can understand your shock at seeing the bird in your home. I remember being completely traumatized by finding a small lizard in my living room and NO one else was there to help me get it out. Talk about screams!

  88. Jennifer

    I once had a bat in my bedroom. I woke up in the middle of the night to this strange chirping noise. I rolled over, turned on the light and there the critter was hanging upside down on a towel hanging over the edge of my hamper. When I finished freaking out and my mind could finally make rational decisions I quickly folded the towel over the edge of the hamper, picked it all up, ran outside and threw hamper and all across the lawn. The next morning I went outside and carefully pulled the towel out and found no bat. It’s a very strange feeling to open your eyes only to see a bat hanging eye level two feet from you!

  89. Karen W.

    I love, and voted for, the stripe rug. Board #2 is my favorite.

    Now for my animal story. Over thirty years ago a good friend at our church passed away. On a beautiful fall day, the church service was held and the front door was open for the sunshine and fresh air. A squirrel decided to join us and skittered frantically under the pews throughout the nave. We all still remember watching…fascinated by the squirrel’s adventure. Even at the time, we knew Emily would be giggling along with us.

  90. Darlene Del Prato

    Hi Melissa, I only recently discovered blogs and yours is my favorite. You always make my smile and I love your inspiring style! As for critters in the house – yes! A few winters ago, on a cold snowy night, I asked my husband to build us a fire. He did and a few minutes later just as we were settling in to enjoy it, we heard a loud thud, and then a second thud… what the heck was that we asked each other? My husband quickly realized that two squirrels had fallen into our fireplace – poor things had built a nest in our chimney :( – but it was too late, there wasn’t anything we could do. He carried them out of course but the smell in our home was awful!

  91. Kristen DeSimone

    Oh I feel for you with the bird in the house! Been there done that with the critter in the house thing, except in our hour it was a squirrel!!! Yes I said squirrel! Eeek! And our dog is a Beagle, so, though we don’t hunt his hunting instinct is strong nonetheless. After a chaotic all-nighter trying to get the squirrel out we finally had to call a wildlife expert in the morning to relocate our little houseguest. Good times…! :)


    What a great treat with those little puppies ha!
    I live in the country so you just can imagine the creatures that welcome themselves into my front porch and/or inside my house – – Thank God for my cat and dog (who I think he was a cat in a previous life lol) because they sure help me with these uninvited guests.

    Love your emails every morning in my inbox!
    Thank you so much for your work and inspiration

  93. Kelly

    Just voted! On a girlfriends getaway we were sitting around the table drinking coffee in a old stone home we rented in the country. My friend heard a little noise and opened the fireplace screen. All of a sudden a dark thing came swooshing out and flew over heads. The five of us screamed and ran. We thought it was a bat! It flew upstairs and two brave friends went to find it. It was a bird trying to get outside. My friend threw a towel over it and released it outside. The next day another bird did the same thing!!

  94. Dawn

    Love the Dogs on the rug! You are so talented and imaginative! You challenge me to try new things! I had a lizzard in my house on a wooden blind, bright green… That would not have been quite so funny except our family hides fake lizzards in each others houses when we visit! I thought my daughter had left it there, my huge surprise was when it jumped as i was going to pick it up! Yes, the scream was heard far and wide! what event is this you will be in Atlanta for? Dawn

  95. Linda k

    I love your blog, FYI!! When I first read the question, I thought I don’t think I’ve had any cr atur s in the house, but that was me trying to block from my memory! I’ve had one large snake in the attic, one large snake hiding behind my refrigerator, two birds on two separate occasions, one tiny snake in the bathroom, one bunny (compliments of my cat)! Note I do not leave in the country, all of these were in suburbia!

  96. Jenni Hudson

    I’m subscribed! We did capture a whole family of squirrels in our attic this past spring. We caught the dad, then the mom, and then four little baby squirrels one by one before we were finished! Unfortunately we split up the family by releasing them in different parts of the city. Just glad they haven’t found their way back to us….

  97. Katy

    I love it in each and every one of these looks! I used to work as a florist in a garden center, we were CONSTANTLY getting birds in our floral shop (and baby raccoons, squirrels, mice, bunnies, etc etc…). It was crazy.

  98. Marisa

    I am a super indecisive person so of course I love all three rugs! I totally understand how you felt about the bird in your house, I have had a bird, mice, snakes, and lizards all come to visit at one time or another :-( oh and my older sister who has decided to never leave…lol

  99. Linda Salvatore

    Hi Melissa
    I had to laugh when I read about your critter incident. Years ago I noticed a field mouse in my finished basement. I caught him in a box and literally took the box down the road to let him out in the woods. Upon my arrival, low and behold there was another one in the same room! I love birds but enjoy looking at them in the birdbath and bird feeders OUTSIDE! Ha-ha
    Thanks for sharing!
    Also LOVE the dogs on the stripes rug! ?

  100. Beatrice Birdsong

    One Thanksgiving, right in the middle of fixing the meal, a bird got in. My husband was able to chase it out. No, it wasn’t a turkey! :)

  101. Missa D

    Just last evening, when I got home from work, I opened the door to walk into my apartment and a little frog hopped in right before me. He was the cutest uninvited houseguest I’ve had in a long time. He only stayed for a couple of minutes. I think it was too cold for him to be comfortable, so he hopped right back out the door.

  102. Regina

    Love your dogs! I also voted for the stripe rug!

  103. Susie

    Love the rugs and your blog! And I recently had a bird fly into my house too – same exact thing happened. I have twin 4 year olds who thought it was hilarious that a bird was flying around in our house though. :)

  104. Carrie Wurz

    Love the pups!!

  105. Leslie Wallace

    I love all three rugs! My favorite though is stripes + crosses and under the dining table works so well! Of course the dog pics are just the best and definitely worthy of a catalog. (:
    The only uninvited guest we had in the house was a bat! Not sure who was more surprised but he made it out safely and I lived to tell about it so it was all good! I am a subscriber and love getting your emails and posts. You’ve really helped inspire me to find my style after years of trying to figure out how to get there so a big thank you for your beautiful inspiration!

  106. Karen Q

    This morning I signed up on Instagram so I could vote for your beautiful rugs… and yes, I love all 3! I am a subscriber to your blog, which I absolutely love and glean from to decorate my own home. I was having trouble with my porch, so I purchased the rugs you featured on your porch makeover… next I need the fountain! And a few fish!! Well, the only animal that comes through our door would be our 5# Maltipoo named Taffeta Pea! xo Wishing you the best in the rug contest!

  107. Lily

    We’re in Florida, so lizards in the house have become pretty much normal haha! When I lived in Virginia we had a hummingbird feeder on the side porch, and they came in through the kitchen window a couple those are hard to get out!!

  108. becky

    I voted! Love the rugs – my favorite is the stripes. Enjoyed your mockups!

  109. Deb Weber

    Voted. I love the stripes and the stars! I’ve had an occasional bird and even had a squirrel get into the house while away on a weekend. It knocked things off tables, breaking a lamp, vase and shredded my custom blinds. It was an ordeal to find it and get rid of it. We can laugh about it now. :)

  110. Laurie

    What a great experience to create a rug with Annie Selke! I voted on instagram and love all three but am especially smitten with the stripes and crosses. You had me at the bedroom mood board but saw how versatile this rug would be in many rooms in my house! Great job! As for animals in my house I have had a bat fly in which was distressing for all including the poor little bat. Lucky for me my husband and a broom were able to encourage him out! It’s a closed screen door policy here after that. Good luck on the contest and thank for the opportunity to enter your contest.

  111. Terri Lea

    Love your rug design… best of luck to you!! If I forget to shut my door I frequently come around the corner to meet one of my 4 chickens who are always trying to hang out in the house!

  112. Jennifer

    Hi Melissa! I was laughing at your critter story. We have had birds–but only in the garage. But the heart-attack moment for me was a squirrel that got into the (2nd story) wall of our master bedroom. I heard the scratching and then saw a hole with insulation coming out of it. I will NEVER forget that beady little eye looking at me through the hole. I never heard my husband he was so quick running up the stairs at my blood curdling scream!!! LOL!

  113. Judie

    Years ago we had a raccoon fall into our kitchen through the skylight, we had forgotten to close it ( last time that happened) he was walking on the screen, he was too heavy & fell through, landing in the hanging planter, swung on that & then started wandering around. My husband heard the commotion,came downstairs, got it out in the screened in porch, the raccoon panicked,ripped a hole in the screen getting out,by this time I heard all the noise & yelled down “what’s going on? He says,you don’t want to know,don’t come down ” well of course I had to then & find him in his underwear holding a baseball bat, an image seared into my mind forever! What a mess, dirt all over where it had been swinging on the plant, screen from the skylight on the floor,big rip in the porch screen.
    Good luck with the rugs,
    I had a hard time deciding,they’re all nice.

  114. Laura Callaghan

    Your email made me laugh! My sister’s cat brought in a mouse the other night but didn’t kill it! She had an uninvited guest visiting. She left a window open the other night and put flour on the windowsill so that she could tell that he left (footprints). Fortunately he decided to move on. Pretty smart sister!

  115. Lenora Everett

    The rugs are great! I hope that at least one of yours are picked! I particularly like Stars and Stripes, with their grays, white, and the blue on Stripes. The pillow in the first look is fantastic with Stripes!

    I have three of your books, which I love! It would be wonderful to read them all!

  116. Stacy

    The rugs have such a wonderful cottage style. They create a clean and open appearance to a room.

  117. Kathleen

    We had only been in our new home for a couple of weeks when something big & black flew through our kitchen, rounded the corner and flew up the stairs. Thank goodness I had a witness to it–my son was with me & even our cat reacted to it. We never saw it again and even to this day (I’ve been there 5 years) I’m still afraid I’m going to come upon either the bird or its bones!

  118. Donnamae

    I am a subscriber! Love those rugs you designed. We’ve never had a bird in the house…but we’ve had a bat…twice! So…your screaming reaction? I can totally relate! I herded my three little boys into a room…closed the door…and left my hubby to deal with the bat! And…waited for the all clear! Lol! ;)

  119. Rose Ann Krueger

    I have had a snake, a possum, and a turkey in my garage! Several times when I went through the garage to put something in the trash can, I thought I wasn’t alone. I would pause and listen then run into the house. The next night I turned the light on and glanced around. Hanging from a hat up on a wall was a grinning possum. I screamed loud enough to wake the dead. They aren’t pretty creatures, especially when they hiss at you!
    Love your rugs.

  120. Paula

    First off, love the rugs and have voted! We have never had a bird in the house, but one summer as we were getting ready to head out, our dog chased an alligator lizard into the house! It was huge and to make matters worse, my husband is TERRIFIED of lizards…..I felt bad telling him there was a huge lizard in the house! Took some time but we finally caught it and got it outside!

  121. Barbara

    I’ve had a couple of birds fly in. I’m a subscriber and absolutely love your blog. Thanks for keeping it going for so long!

  122. Mrs.T

    Trying again to post … I like board #2 the best. Tried voting for your rugs but not sure it worked… the heart only turned white, not red. We’ve only had birds, mice (a rat too, only once, years ago), and gigantic spiders. Plus one memorable flying squirrel.

  123. Sarah

    Subscriber here!

  124. F. Hummert

    I’m a subscriber and love your blog!

  125. Rachel

    Love the rugs!

    When I was a child, we had a pair of owls in our chimney.

  126. Jill Stroud

    Loved all the rugs! No birds, but several bats!! Scared me to death!! Went screaming out of my house and went to my neighbors, as my husband and kids were away that day! Poor neighbor had to attack the bat himself as I was no help whatsoever! Later another came into the house! Long story short, we had a family in the attack!! Had to call an exterminator and pay a hefty price to get rid of them, but no bats are living in my humble home now! They have moved on to other accommodations !

  127. Linda

    Never had a bird but have had bats and mice. Would totally freak if a bird came in the house.

    I voted on the rugs. Love the stars/

  128. Jen

    Good morning! I really enjoyed looking at your photos on the blog – they help me forget the lovely squeaky “friend” in our kitchen behind the stove. I haven’t seen him, but it seems – from looking over the other comments – that my “inconvenience” in “dealing” with the mouse is a lot less pesky than other peoples’ problems! ;) Love the star patterned rug! Good luck with the contest!

  129. Natalie

    Just vote! I love the rugs! Yes, I had a bird fly in once and I was screaming, too. Poor thing went up into our skylight and we had a hard time getting him/her to come down. My husband had to use a ladder and a broom to coax it out of there. Once down, that bird made a beeline for the door!

    • Natalie

      That should say, just voted!

  130. Vanessa

    I love these rugs and your styling ideas! So lovely. Growing up we had a chipmunk get into the house once!!!!! It was a bit too exciting! We (all 6 of us, two parents and all of us kids) managed to “herd” him toward a box, dad popped it over him, and then he drove him about two miles away and let him go. So crazy when animals get inside. ?

  131. Carol Elkins

    Voted! I love Look #2 on your inspiration boards. I’m looking for a bed like that for my guest room. The only bird I’ve ever had in the house was a parakeet that we had growing up. I think I would’ve freaked out too! Love your new email format (I’m a subscriber)!

  132. savannah

    Great story! I’m a subscriber/blog reader/Instagram follower, so after this I’ll head on over and vote! We have wildlife tales, too! We’ve had a bat, in the house, removed by the husband humanly! Most recently, it’s been small anoles! They’ve slipped in and slipped out, but as the good husband says, “They eat skeeters and spiders, honey, so they do their bit!” xo

  133. Andi

    I love your mock-ups with your pups on the rug. Cute! I think the funniest creature that has snuck into our house was a small lizard. I was little, so I just wanted to catch it and keep it as a pet. My mom was on the counter screaming! Good times haha

  134. Lori

    Your ideas in photos and words are inspiring! I love your style. We are closing on a new house on a large lake next month and and looking at your book to inspiration to make it a wonderful retreat and future retirement home. I love the stars rug! Would be perfect in my new screened porch <3 Lori

  135. Mandy Ferguson

    Oh this striped rug is so lovely!! It certainly would be perfect for our Pacific Northwest coastal homes.
    I really like the new conversational tone of your emails. I know a lot of us begin our day with coffee, checking emails, so it is nice to have something friendly rather than just information overload. Speaking of, wouldn’t it be perfect to be checking email in the seat of your look number one? I love it. I hope everyone votes for the stripes and cross rug.
    Thank you for the time you spend thinking of ways to connect with and inspire all of your readers, and I hope the birds stay outside where they belong.

  136. Kara J McGill-Meeks

    I love the rug in the bedroom. It is a soothing color combination which is perfect for relaxing.

  137. KKnapp

    Subscriber here! My least favorite animal visitor was a half-dead mouse my cat brought proudly inside, only to let it go and chase it around. :) I love your striped rug!

  138. Beth P

    Love your rug design. Good luck

  139. Cathy

    LOVE all 3 rugs! Voted for all!
    Also in love with the inspiration boards – many ideas gathered from this information.
    Kitty likes to bring “dead” chipmunks inside – not dead – but playing dead. Many screams and adventures getting these creatures back outside!

  140. Linda

    I think you would have received a chuckle out of the comment I left about (shameful) behaviour of mine when I tried to vote again for you while I was enjoying the antics of the Monday group because you have come well up in this design competition and I wanted to nudge you up a wee bit more. What else is friend to do, I ask myself. Anyway, spent some time in the time-out corner for bad behaviour from a woman of my age who should darn well know better!! These computers are damn good little detectives because they caught me the moment I hit the heart!! I do hope this dream of yours is fulfilled and specifically for a special reason. There is never a regretful moment of speaking “down” to those who cannot afford the lifestyle but who can appreciate and celebrate the beauty you ladies add to the world each in your own unique style. Beauty never goes out of fashion, Melissa.

  141. Kari

    Love all 3 striped looks, but if I had to pick only one, then Look 1 is my fav. Good luck, and I’ve voted for you on IG! And no major critters in our home, other than mice (and spiders… eek! Hate those!).

  142. Kathy Mulsow

    I love the three looks above…but I especially love the pics with the dogs! I voted for the rug I like the best…good luck! A bird in the house would make a terrible mess, if in there too long, but I would rather that than a snake, which unfortunately I find way too often in our (finished) basement. My husband tells me it’s good they are there because they are eating the spiders and other small creatures. While it may be the circle of life, it scares the jeebers out of me and I run screaming!

  143. Kim Leister

    Love the puppies with the rugs. I had a bird come in the house in the middle of the night once during a storm. Neither of us were pleased with the situation!

  144. Karina C.

    Love the rugs!! And your dogs are so cute.
    I lived in a tropical country for a few years, and we some “visitors” inside our house: 1 birds, 1 snake, 1 mouse, 2-3 scorpions and lizards.

  145. Anne P

    Love the rug designs and have already voted. And I am a subscriber. And we have had a bird in the house who came down the chimney (which I found way less freaky than when we had a mouse!)

  146. ~ Jess Brubaker

    I really enjoyed seeing the three looks you pulled together for the striped rug, very inspirational. And I loved the dogs Photoshop scenes, so cute!

  147. Megan

    When we first moved into our present home we had a squirrel jump in an open window. Luckily the door was shut but we chased him all over that room till he finally jumped back out the window and slid down the roof to his tree. It was quiet an unforgettable moment. I am glad your guest left without to much pressure.

  148. Trish Barnett

    Love your designs! The only critters that have made their way into the house are geckos. Unfortunately, they don’t need an open door; they can squeeze in when the door is closed. Gah! If only they were as cute as the Geico Gecko! : )

    Thanks for the new personal emails. I’m a subscriber.

  149. Darcy Elizabeth Neal

    I loved the West African poof/footstool in your first mockup. We used to have one that my parents brought home with us after we had lived in Ghana for three years in the 1960s.
    This year it’s a staycation for us as I am undergoing chemotherapy treatments and need to stay close to home. But Quebec City is a beautiful place for a staycation so I’m not complaining!

  150. Margaret Armour

    Hi! I love both rugs & I really love the bedroom design elements you shared. I always look forward to your emails :) Good luck!

    • Margaret Armour

      Oh! Oops! Forgot to say I’m a subscriber…. but you probably got that from where I said I look forward to your emails!!

  151. Sally

    I’m a subscriber. I love your rugs! I lived rurally for 21 years so have had many creatures in our home. Some we had intentionally, baby chicks, baby ducks, baby bunnies; and some not so intentionally, mice, birds, and bats. One time a bird made it through some pipes and showed up in the toilet when my 3 year old daughter opened it to use.

  152. Susan Shipe

    I have voted and have been a subscriber for years! Oh yes, we’ve had random birds in the house and it seems whenever it happens I’m home alone and have to do the rescue thing by myself!!!

  153. Penny Huck

    I’m a subscriber and I love all three rugs almost as much as I love your kitchen, :) but I think the striped is my favorite. I don’t think we’ve had a bird in the house but the other day my husband cut some of our beautiful dahlias to make a bouquet for some friends. When he brought it in to add water earwigs began coming out of the blossoms. Yes, I freaked. Just hate those things. :)

  154. Bettsi Ledesma

    Hi Melissa, I love that rug! I’ll keep voting for it because I would use it throughout my house. We used to have cats- they loved to bring over “play dates”- yuck!

  155. Pamela k Castaneda

    Love your rugs……love the color, the design…….everything about them!

  156. charlotte robertson

    thanks so much for the great blog, love to see it in my inbox. I hope you win the rug competition, if for some reason not. at least you had fun doing it and love the dog mock-ups! the only thing I have to worry about is lizards…I’m sure they wait at the thresholds just for a chance to get in. only had it happen once but that was enough. when we remodeled our kitchens and baths, I am sure the workers talked about the crazy women yelling about leaving the doors open and her lizards! again hope you win.

  157. Lynn W

    Of course your two cuties are the perfect rug models!!! Love your designs and I hope you win the contest!! Crossed fingers :)

    PS. I’m so glad that the bird left your house on its own. My kitty loves to bring in lizards that she catches….some alive and some dead :(

  158. Hadley D

    I’m a subscriber. No animal home invasions…thank goodness!

  159. Alissa Rieth

    I am a subscriber and I had a bat fly into my house once. I locked myself in the bedroom and sent my husband out with gloves and a hockey mask on to shoo it back out. Yuck!!

  160. Denise P

    I like the Stripe rug best of your 3 designs. It would totally fit in with my decor/non-decor!
    We have always had cats, so we have had a number of critters, alive and dead, brought into our home.

  161. D

    We were woken up by the noise of a bat flapping over our heads in our old house about 25 years ago – glad it hasn’t happened since! I enjoy being a subscriber to your posts.

  162. wendy b

    Living in a rural area, we’ve had one or two snakes find their way into our home… very large python my husband had to remove down to the bush to set him free….was quite frightening. We’ve had birds and lizards that the pets have brought in and currently I have a mouse in my bathroom…waiting for hubby to ‘dispose’ of him (I’ve shut the door!). Lucky we have two bathrooms!! I love receiving your emails and being a subscriber too!

  163. Nancy DiSalvo

    I had a bat (Eww!!!) in our house. Am guessing it came in from the fireplace but it was doing laps in my kitchen, dining & living rooms. My husband grabbed a tennis racket and swatted it into a small rug (not as cute as yours!). They look big when flying, but when he disposed of it outside it was tiny. I’ve since learned it’s not good to kill them since they’re good to eat bugs. . . just don’t want them in the house.

  164. Christina P

    I voted. Love all 3 but my favorite is the stripes. My cat brought a garden snake into the house years ago. I thought it was string & when I found out it was a snake. I panicked. He dropped it. Looking back it was a comedy. I was trying to get him to pick it up again. The snake was heading off into the house. I finally herded the snake out. Sigh

  165. Connie

    I sure hope you win! Your rugs are lovely! Sorry you had a frightening experience with the bird! I have 6 children and over the past 40 yrs, we have had all kinds of critters in our house–some by accident and many on purpose! ❤️

  166. Cynthia Tucker

    When I was younger we had a chipmunk in our vacation home in the Poconos – he was fast and lived there for a while because he had several sightings – not sure how he ever got out. I also got scared and was screaming once when a dog came into my kitchen (from my garage which was open). It was a sweet dog that escaped from the neighbors, but it did scare me to death! I voted for all your rug designs and think they are great!

  167. Isabel Z

    I am deathly afraid of birds and one time a little one flew into my classroom. I had visions of myself cowering under a student’s desk and screaming so I took a deep breath, told the kids I would be right back, and ran into my co-worker’s classroom telling her she had to switch rooms. I refused to go back in until the custodian came and caught the little intruder. Another time, a bird flew into our garage and I ran out leaving my daughter behind to fend for herself. Yes, I hang my head in shame for leaving her but panic set in. And a third time, I went to pick up my van from the garage after it was getting some work done and right before I started to drive away, my daughter piped up and said, “There’s a bird in the back seat!” I had to go get the mechanic and ask him to get it out!!! Birds and I don’t get along.

  168. Fupaladin95

    I have definitely had animals in my house-birds, mice, squirrels…living in the woods is my favorite, but it doesn’t come without cost!

  169. Laura Johnson

    Years ago I hung a pretty wreath on our front door, but we almost always entered our home through the garage door so we rarely used the front door. Unbeknownst to us a bird thought that was a good spot for a nest and when we opened the door to company one evening the bird decided to fly into the house and join the party! Yikes! We had quite a time trying to escort that little bird back outside. This adventure had a positive side though–besides being funny when we think about it now. :) Our daughter was only about two years old at the time and the event made such an impression on her that she told everyone she saw about it. This was her very first story to tell!

  170. Susan Jumonville

    I love your rugs, especially the stripes!! Your pups are gorgeous and make the best models!! You always inspire me! The only unwanted guests in my house have been wasps or hornets or flies.. yuck!! I’m a subscriber!

  171. Jerolyn Hardy

    You were not very far from where we live, “the loveliest village on the plains” -Auburn, AL. Just the other day, I was shopping in a charming ladies consignment shop in vintage downtown Opelika, AL. The doors were quaintly standing open welcoming bypassers inside, well, a poor bird swooped in as we were all shopping! A little disconcerting to say the least!!?

  172. Staci Culberg

    So funny! I’ve never had a bird fly into my home. However, my yellow Lab had caught a bird mid-flight and ate it. Alive. Right there in front of me. Yikes! It was GROSS! But I guess when you’re a dog there is nothing like the taste of fresh chicken!!! Ok it wasn’t a chicken. But still!!

  173. Becky G

    I had a bat in my house once. Caught it with a bucket. But so scary at night while it was swooping!

  174. June Hill

    Mickey, my cardigan corgi is a puppy-ish and is fascinated by geckos…we have a lot of them here in Florida…Mickey followed/chased one in the house the other day and it promptly went under the couch…I understand their good luck…well I hope so. Love your posts over the years – congratulations on your deserved success!

  175. Wendy

    Such fun mock ups, the rugs are lovely too. Years ago we had a bird in our house, it came down the chimney while we were at work. He set off the house alarm as he kept flying into the windows in the dining room. My husband rushed home from work thinking we had been burgled, imagine his surprise when the bird flew past him. There was droppings everywhere and a very frightened bird trying desperately to get out. I was delighted I missed all the fun and the cleanup ???

  176. Teresa Sword

    Good luck in the competition!

  177. Cecilia

    I had a bird fly into my kitchen once. I was in awe but at the same time petrified how to get it back out. Thank goodness it found its way out on its own…lol. The rug designs are all adorable and way #3 I think is my fav. Good luck!

  178. Sarah S

    Subscriber here :) No animals in my house but did end up with a pet frog that came home in my bunch of lettuce from the grocery store!!!!

  179. Donna

    We have had a bird in our house and another time a wounded mouse….we thankfully got both back outside. Pretty sure one, if not both of your rugs are going to end up in my house! LOVE them!!!!

  180. Haley Hopperstad

    I am a subscriber! A bird once flew in my mom’s house, the cat went crazy!

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