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Back to School Organization: Homework & Home Office

by | Aug 15, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration, Offices, Organization | 10 comments

Are you in need of some back to school and home office organization? I know I am! 

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Fall is almost here and that means back to school season is upon us. If you’re like me, you’re probably realizing about now that it’s time to get back into the swing of things inside the house. For us moms that means we’ll be once again signing homework papers, permission slips, trying to keep up with school schedules, family calendars and trying to juggle ALL THE THINGS. Am I right?

Even if you don’t have kids going back to school, it’s always good to feel inspired as we return to regular schedules and home organization this time of year. So today I’ve found some pretty organizers, desk areas and simple spaces that will hopefully offer us just the inspiration we need!

Scroll to the end for some shopping sources!

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Are you ready for “back to school” season?  Scroll below for sources!

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PS. I accidentally reversed the post links in my recent subscriber email, so if you’re lost and looking for the Drive By, it’s here! So sorry about that :).


  1. Theme Builder Layout

    I love command center type organizational things. I can’t wait to have a home that will fit one!

  2. Theme Builder Layout

    I definitely needed this, and I’m currently trying to make an area for all important items, homework station, and mom this can’t wait type of stuff. There were definitely some favorites that you listed.. As always thank you for your home inspiration …

  3. Theme Builder Layout

    I love buying office supplies during the back to school sales, it is a great time to stock up for a home office.

    I will never be as organized as you are Melissa, but I always implement some of your ideas and find them very helpful. I’d rather just write than organize things, but a good environment is more conducive to the creative flow!

  4. Theme Builder Layout

    I don’t see the Highland Park drive-by. Where’d you say it is? Thank you.

    • Theme Builder Layout

      Ok I just informed that I reversed the links to the posts in the email, whoops! So sorry! It’s right here >

  5. Theme Builder Layout

    Links were reversed. The one on Highland Park took me to the organization page and organization link took me to Highland Park.

  6. Theme Builder Layout

    I so need the “Do Now,” “Do Later” and “Pending” cubbies! And I love those bars with all the hooks to hang coats and purses. Lots of great inspiration here. :)

  7. Theme Builder Layout

    This post has literally just “inspired” me to do a new project in my kitchen! I don’t have a lot of space for what I like to call a “drop center” — drop everything when you come in the door. But I think I have just thought of a solution based on one of these photos. :) Love it when that happens!


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