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Save the Date: Fall Nesting for the Homebody

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration, Fall Decorating, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

Save the Date: Fall Nesting for the HomebodyTerrain

Hi sweet friends! This is our “last week of summer” before my son goes back to school! Are you already back to your fall routines? I’m so glad we still have one more week. While I really will hate to see these lazy summer days end, y’all know I’m pretty excited about what comes next, right?

Dun dun dun….

We are just ONE WEEK AWAY from …



Save the Date: Fall Nesting for the Homebody

What is Fall Nesting you ask?

If you’re new around here you might not know this but pretty much every year since the dark ages of blogging (2007)  I’ve been hosting a fall series here on The Inspired Room called Fall Nesting.

Fall Nesting is a celebration of ALL THINGS FALL + HOME + COZY.

Save the Date: Fall Nesting for the Homebody

Even if you aren’t ready for autumn yet, this series will give you a little inspiration!

Be sure to mark the date on your calendar so you’ll be sure to join us for all the fall fun starting next week.

Or even better, subscribe to receive my FREE newsletter and I’ll REMIND YOU to visit! Plus, I may or may not have some fun fall surprises in store for my besties. :)

To subscribe to my emails, go to my right sidebar on the blog and enter your name in the subscribe box. Hit enter. Then when you receive an emailed notification of the subscription, just confirm and you’ll be all set! I don’t send out lots of emails, I promise, but I try to send out a few a week to keep my pals in the loop (when I’ve written a new blog post or have some other fun news or idea you might enjoy).

So, who is as excited about fall as I am? 

Save the Date: Fall Nesting for the Homebody

PS. Praying for safety for my readers in Texas! <3


  1. Paula

    We are in Texas in a suburb outside of Houston. Please continue to pray for this area. So many people have lost their homes and everything they own. We still have at least another day or two of rain and flood waters rising, so the devastation will only increase. We are blessed at my house. We have yet to take in water and fortunately we still have power. Things could quickly change. Prayers are needed!

    • Dawn

      Paula: praying for all in the storms path. We are in the Hill Country area… So not hit this time! But we are praying fir that storm to move on and stop tbe destruction!

  2. Jo Jo

    Funny you should post this , I was looking at your archived Fall nesting posts the other day because I was Jonsing for fall nesting! Even tho it is still very much summer here and will have mild summer-like weather for a few more months, I am excited about slowly getting house ready for those cozy fall/winter days. Love, love, LOVE Fall!

    Our prayers continue for Texas. ?❤️?

  3. Missy

    Perfect timing! I pulled out a few fall touches this weekend! Just a bit of transitional seasoning here!

  4. Deanna Rabe

    Woo hoo!

    We’re praying for Texas too!

  5. tina

    I guess it’s different if you don’t have school kids. Summer doesn’t end till later in September. I’m in the South and we love our outdoor/water activities and the longer days of summer. I’m hanging on kicking and screaming! (My prayers go out for Texas also.)

  6. Ann C

    I’ve been reading you for some time, before you were an author! Have all of your books, except the coloring book. Recently came across some of your TIP posts from some time ago. Loved each one! I live in Michigan and fall will be here before I’m ready, but then so will Christmas! Enjoying summer as long as I can even tho fall is my favorite time to decorate.

    Continued prayers for Texas and the other states who will be affected.

  7. Christine

    Autumn is my FAVORITE time of year. Although living on the sun in Arizona, I have to travel north to see the leaves change color. (like in Flagstaff or just north of Sedona in Oak Creek Canyon.) But I decorate my home for the fall to bring it more inside, since it is blazing hot outside.
    Praying for those in Texas, too.

  8. Diane

    I am a long time reader from Texas and I just wanted to thank everyone for your prayers. This is truly a major disaster but the response of our neighbors and friends has been incredible. We hope to get to the other side of this and greet a beautiful fall. Unfortunately many will not be in their homes. Please pray and give!

  9. Kathifrom IL

    Where do you live??

  10. Chris

    I’ve been reading your blog for a year or so before you published your first book. I always enjoyed that you would shop your house for some changes that you wanted to make in some of your rooms. You didn’t always spend a lot of money. I have enjoyed your makeover of your Seattle home. It has been so inspiring to see what you have done. Fall is my favorite time of year! Praying for Texas and so proud of those people!

  11. Pam

    I found your blog around the time you moved to your current house, I think. I love the styles and colors you are using in the house, so I make sure I always look at your posts.

  12. Yvonne

    I LOVE Fall and all the house cozy that goes with it. We moved from Virginia to New Orleans (my hometown) 2 years ago and I’m missing Fall more than I can say. sigh. Enjoy, y’all.

    Not sure how long I’ve been following you, Melissa. Before you moved and before your first book (I have them all). Love your style and your pups and nice to see your daughters working along with you now.

    Praying and sending love Texas! We know what you did for us after Katrina. Our hearts ache for you.

  13. Debbie

    I’ve looked forward to your Fall Nesting series each year since I first started reading your blog! It’s become a part of all that is autumn for me. Thank you for so much inspiration over the years — cannot wait till next week! :)

  14. Sherry

    I found you about 3 years ago and love the inspiration. Your dogs make me smile and I love that you love the Lord and live it in such a way you don’t have to preach we just know.

  15. Catherine

    I’ve been following you for several years now. I love your style! But in addition to that, I like the way you approach decorating. You take in to account that there are limitations to decorating at times—budget, space, season of life. And even though these limitations can be a challenge, you come up with classic but fresh ideas. Love how your kitchen turned out and have enjoyed following you in your new home!

  16. Garden, Home and Party

    I’ve followed you since before you sold your home in Oregon. I love your sense of style and your encouragement to live a gracious life. Not dependent on the latest trends, but urging us to find our own style and enjoy it. I also share your absolute joy for the season of autumn! It’s always a pleasure reading what you’re up to.

  17. Barb V.

    I’ve followed you for many years and love your homes, your kids and most importantly, your dogs! I keep a smiling picture of Jack on my desktop and look at it when I need a lift! I also like your positive attitude toward change.

  18. angie ebersole

    Hello, Melissa!
    I have followed you for many years – through 2 kitchen remodels/houses. I like your comforting style and positive attitude about making a home. I also love seeing how you use what you have. I am kind of a “stalker” – I watch where you move your big glass jar, turquoise horse heads, lamps, mirrors, rattan shelf, etc. I might know your stuff as well as you do. When I see you how creative you are, it makes me want to “use my things” in a better way – especially seasonally. I can’t wait for fall and your inspiration!

  19. laney

    …have been with you since the tudor house…the first post i read was asking how would we display a tiny pair of children’s shoes…i responded…and you wrote me a sweet email…love your gifts and talents…both visual and written…but love your sweet spirit more…blessings…laney

  20. Linda Grubbs

    I’ve been with you a while now. Not sure how long….but to be honest at first it was sweet Jack who caught my eye! Of course it didn’t take long before I was crazy about his whole family!! I think the first post I read from you was when you were at the Cannon Beach home. (Beach house)… we had recently been to a Law Enforcement Conference ( my husbands profession) in Portland, so this California native who is living in KS now for many years… made a stop at Cannon Beach. ( loved it there, by the way) And loved your post about it. Long story short … I was hooked! I very much look forward to your posts!! ?

  21. Dawn

    Well in Texas we are definately in Fall yet, maybe by the end of September! We have a Lonnnnng summer!

  22. Kathy Weisner

    You asked how long we’ve been reading your blog–About four years for me. I’m basing that guesstimate on when I bought your first book.

    I’m so looking forward to Fall Nesting.

  23. Pam Cates

    I have been following your family since your house (before you moved to Seattle). I love your decor but I’m a little more Farmhouse drawn. I am obsessed with your tribe of dogs. My husband and I have 2 Schnauzer sisters that are our”children” now that our children are grown.Our oldest daughter has a brother and sister from the same littler. It’s hilarious when they are together. We live in Oklahoma and I’m looking forward to fall.

  24. Brigitte Moore

    Like Linda, I have been reading your blog since the days of your family’s Cannon Beach cottage. What first drew me to your blog was your location, then I continued reading because I was smitten by your simple, elegant, cottage style with a bit of beach thrown in. I live in a small community a few miles north of Victoria, BC, and absolutely love the Pacific Northwest. For years every spring we would take the Coho and drive the coast highway to spend a week at Cannon Beach. Dare I say that, although Tofino and BC’s Long Beach is wonderful, Cannon Beach is better? Well, maybe not, as they have a completely different vibe. But what I really want to say is that your decorating style and philosophy speaks to my heart, and my love of this beautiful part of the world we are blessed to live in. Oh, and I love Jack’s antics–your pups are a hoot!

  25. Mrs Mike

    I love your blog, and as someone living in Houston, I need some normalcy back in my life. I’m incredibly blessed to still have a home to decorate for this fall. I’m not sure how long I’ve been reading, but it’s been several years now. I look forward to this years inspirations!

  26. Nancy

    Once you live thru a disaster you look at people going thru them with different eyes. You are so much more aware of what they are feeling . Having loss everything in Sandy,my heart goes out to the people of Texas. They are in my prayers.

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