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How To Bring on The Cozy with Textures (+$500 Gift Card Giveaway!)

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration, My Basement, My Living Room, My Seattle House

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How To Bring on The Cozy with Textures (+$500 Gift Card Giveaway!)

Sponsored by Arhaus

You’ve likely heard me refer to transforming a home for fall with a cozy element known as “texture.” I sometimes get questions about what that actually means. I know that it might not always be super obvious or intuitive how to do it, but today I’ll share some designer tricks and tips to add more textural interest to your home this fall. In this post we’ll be talking about the types of textures that will enhance your home all the way until spring and even beyond.

How To Bring on The Cozy with Textures (+$500 Gift Card Giveaway!)

I think it’s important to incorporate a variety of patterns that coordinate well together to make a statement without overwhelming a space. As I was looking for some new textural items to add to my home, I fell in love with these gorgeous pillows from Arhaus.  (If you aren’t familiar with Arhaus, they have gorgeous furnishings and accessories with a focus on quality, functionality and sustainable materials. I’ll share a few more items from Arhaus in this post plus I created a Pinterest board with other favorite finds from Arhaus here).

Because I know I’ll keep quality pillows for years, I look for a nice heavy weight insert (down is preferred) with a soft removable fabric cover in a classic pattern.

How To Bring on The Cozy with Textures (+$500 Gift Card Giveaway!)

By incorporating a variety of organic, unique and opposing textures to your space, you can add more interest and warmth. In the fall, I focus particularly on adding layers of more heavily textured fabrics and materials. Cozy textures can be added through accessories, pillows, poufs, baskets, throws and artwork. Each one should have a unique texture.

To bring the textural impact of each piece up a notch, I’ll hunt for unusual or striking details such as tassels, stitching, or even an distinct pattern or variety of patterns on one piece.

Textures can be found in a variety of colors to suit your style, but I’ve always be drawn to organic textures in muted shades of blues/grays/greens/whites/blacks and with wood and metals.

How To Bring on The Cozy with Textures (+$500 Gift Card Giveaway!)

This pouf is a great example of a beautiful mix of textures, details and patterns. It’s also super practical, it is solid enough to sit on comfortably. You can also use it to prop up your feet or to set a stack of books nearby while you’re curled up on the couch.

How To Bring on The Cozy with Textures (+$500 Gift Card Giveaway!)

This navy striped dipped basket is a winner in the color, texture and function department. To really enjoy your home, make sure each item you have to touch feels touchable! Besides being an striking piece to look at, a basket like this is handy for storing throws, projects or anything you want to contain.

How To Bring on The Cozy with Textures (+$500 Gift Card Giveaway!)

How To Bring on The Cozy with Textures (+$500 Gift Card Giveaway!)

Accessories can make a statement by being a textural feast for the eye! I LOVE the mix of these organic rattan balls in a beautiful basket with leather handles.

How To Bring on The Cozy with Textures (+$500 Gift Card Giveaway!)

Art work and wall hangings can be another opportunity to add warmth through unique textures. These botanical art pieces hung in our basement (found here) are printed on beautiful handmade paper. The paper itself is such a soft gorgeous texture, no frame was needed.

How To Bring on The Cozy with Textures (+$500 Gift Card Giveaway!)

The organic texture and print softens the wall and quiets the space. Texture can make a beautiful style statement without screaming at you.

How To Bring on The Cozy with Textures (+$500 Gift Card Giveaway!)

Jack thinks he adds the best texture in any room. I don’t blame him. He’s a pretty cozy guy. But even if you don’t have a furry friend, you’ll find that adding texture to your room with your furniture and accessories can make a space almost as cozy.

How To Bring on The Cozy with Textures (+$500 Gift Card Giveaway!)

Below you’ll find a collage of all the beautiful items I found at Arhaus! Each one is beautiful on its own and together they create such a cozy vibe.

How To Bring on The Cozy with Textures (+$500 Gift Card Giveaway!)

Sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14

All items are from Arhaus


To enter to win a $500 gift card to Arhaus, comment below on this post with one item you’d love to have.

Arhaus employees and their family members are not eligible for the giveaway. Giveaway ends Thursday October 19th, winner chosen at random.

This post was sponsored by Arhaus.


  1. Ruth Stiles

    Thank you for this post. Very beautiful. I love the muted look. My favorite is #14


      All of the pieces were beautiful. I really liked #8, the pouf.

    • Lina

      My luck struck when I spotted a couple of beautiful bamboo chairs on the side of the road available for someone to take this summer. Since then, I have sanded, stained, and replaced the webbing straps, and now am in search for the PERFECT pillows. LOVE the pillow featured in #1!

  2. Jeannine

    I love that two tone basket. I am totally basket deficient and think that would be a great way to bring texture into my space.

  3. Kathy

    How can I pick just one? First, I would update the pillows on my couch and add a cozy throw.

  4. Lauren

    I want the pouf!

  5. Betsy

    Love the variety of pillows!

  6. Lori H

    I need all new pillows and I love all the throws!!

  7. Emily Murray

    I love the throw blanket (no. 14)! I can just imagine curling up by the fire with a book, wrapped in that cozy blanket.

  8. Hannah

    I love the pouf. I’ve been looking for something just like this for my twin sons’ bedroom. I need a foot prop for my nursing chair!

  9. Julie

    I love all things navy … so the Navy striped dip basket is great!

  10. Hannah H

    Love the navy dipped basket – perfect neutrals.

  11. Teri

    I would love to have #6 – the hamper!

  12. Linda M.

    I love the pillows! #1 is my favorite. I feel like I want to touch it!?

  13. Maria C.

    I’d love to have the fern print.

  14. Carrie

    I was just at Arhaus this past weekend looking at the Landsbury sofa! I love the first pillow – #1.

  15. Kelsey G

    Number 8. THAT POUF… neeed

  16. HeatherB

    Albi side chairs for my family room would be nice :)

  17. Edwina

    Thanks for this great giveaway! I love all the pillows-especially #1. Coveting some of their pendant lighting…..

  18. Tricia weldy

    Would love the Paxton sofa!

  19. Kathryn Mueller

    Love it all, but the pouf would be a nice addition to my room.

  20. Michelle L

    This neutral loving girl appreciates all the texture and interest that can be found in the items you chose to feature. I would love to have the pouf for our basement remodel.

  21. Mikayl Raber

    How does one choose just one item? I would love to have them all of course!:) I really like the pillows or the leather handled basket most of all tho I do believe.

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    The botanical prints are beautiful! Love that they can be hung unframed!

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    Everything is beautiful. I would probably pick the throw. Love it!

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    My bathroom needs the hamper basket!

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    I’m loving the basket with the leather handles!

  31. Danielle

    I’m a big fan of the cozy throws and pillows to warm up my couch for the fall and winter months.

  32. Sallie

    Wow – these items are BEAUTIFUL! Baskets or pillows, I can’t decide!! Will check out their website right now! Thanks for sharing this post!

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    Ooohhhh, love love love the covered basket. The whole room and house look soooo inviting.

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    All are great options, but I love no. 10 – the two-toned basket. That throw looks great though too!

  40. Shannon

    Love this as I am now just trying to figure this texture thing out in my house throughout. Love the throw and fern print! Thank you for the fabulous lesson here!

  41. Kathy

    I would love all of it! If I had to choose it would be the pouf.

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    I’m not normally a grey girl but i love the pillows.

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    What a beautiful room! That pouf is fantastic, and the ferns – swoon!

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    RACHELLE LARGE CABINET to hide all my hubby’s games in

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    Love all the textures. I was imagining my crocheting yarn in the rattan basket with the leather handles (#7), but I’m absolutely loving the Mercer pouf (#8).

  49. Jill

    I love the striped basket and I’m always looking for ways to contain toys!

  50. HB

    I would love to have the cushions and the throw. They are simply gorgeous!

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    I love the pouf! The pillows are beautiful too.

  59. Mary B

    First off, I love this room. That leather sofa is what my dreams are made of. Ok, down to business….. but, to be honest giving just ONE item, is REAL tough. I think I’d say the throw (but really love that poof).

  60. Anne

    I have window shopped in Arhaus many a time. They have so many wonderful things. It is hard for me to choose just one….so I need to list three :). 1-The pouf is gorgeous and such a fun way to add extra seating. I love the different textures and patterns within the pouf and I don’t have one! 2-I am a blanket girl! My collection is ever growing and changing and I love them all. My family each has a favorite. 3-Pillows are one of my collectables items. The patterns on the ones shown would add some depth to my rooms.

  61. Katie

    I love the two-toned basket! I’d love to keep warm blankets and scarves inside.

  62. Amanda

    I’m not much of a pillow person, but I can’t resist a good throw. I love that cotton-weave, nubby-looking one you linked to. I didn’t know about Arhaus, and now I can’t decide if that’s a good or a bad thing :)

  63. Jenna

    I love all of that! I need to remember Arhaus more often :) I especially love the pouf and the pillows!

  64. Katie

    #12! I also love the Fresco Drapes in Belmont Metal from their website!

  65. Jenelle

    The Toluca round basket is gorgeous! It would be so fun to change out the contents for the seasons – shells, wicker balls, pinecones…

  66. Monica

    The Throw, The Throw #14!!!

  67. Amy Tong

    They are all so wonderful! I would love to have the navy striped dipped basket #6! Just what I needed in the living room. :) I need a new set of sofa too. Thanks for introducing them to me and hosting the giveaway. I gotta go browse around their site for my sofa now. :D

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  68. Rebecca

    The basket #7 .. for my kitties!

  69. LYDIA

    Really like the lovely prints.

  70. Julie

    I would love that basket! Perfect to hide some of my clutter. :)

  71. Carly

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  72. Ashley C

    I’d love to get a few poufs for our living room, they look comfy!


  73. Charlotte

    Ah so gorgeous, I had never heard of this brand before! Number 1 is probably my favorite for the pillows, and I adore all of those prints

  74. Heidi Witzel

    I LOVE the Pouf!

  75. Sharon Finnegan

    I would love to have the throw for my home, it’s beautiful!

  76. Sharon Finnegan

    I would love the throw for my home, it’s beautiful!

  77. Beverly

    #11 the throw is beautiful, but I love the hand knotted rug Emma on the site. Wow!

  78. Robin Y

    Toluca basket with leather handles is gorg!

  79. Valerie H

    I’d love to have the square gray pillow, it’s beautiful!

  80. ikkinlala

    I’d love the Fresco Black Voile Queen Quilt.

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    The two tone blue baskets are awesome!

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    I’d love the pouf!

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    Love those seagrass balls!

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    Pillows are beautiful. Love the prints as well. It is difficult to decide.

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    I love the Mercer Pouf!!!!! It’s so unique and versatile!

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    I love it all!!! But I think the Onyx pillow is my favorite! :)

  87. Shal M.

    The big pillow sham is my favorite, after Jack, of course. :)

  88. Nicole Zerbini

    I am loving the Celtic Knit Throw! It’s beautiful!

  89. Mandy Campbell

    I love the Cotton Weave throw

  90. Alissa Andrews

    The big basket for storing blankets! (:

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    Number 7 does it for me. The textured basket plus leather handles?

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    I’m obsessed with the basket with the leather handles – would be perfect for my front entry table!

  93. Charity

    I love everything that you displayed and then I went to the website and discovered a new favorite place to shop! I really loved the Luxe Ivory Faux Fur throw.

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    Pillows!! I love pillows and having some new ones to switch out with all the ones I have would be perfect.

  95. Linda Stoll

    absolutely anything blue!

    * sigh *

  96. Lucy

    So hard to pick just one favorite! But I guess I would choose the beautiful cotton weave throw; it would look just perfect on my sofa for the chilly days ahead.

  97. Kaye Waters

    I would love to have the #1 pillow as it looks like daisies. Functional for fall with the colors but as for the spring. Of course, I really like the #8 pouf. Thanks Melissa for giving me an example of a pouf, I was curiously wondering what it was. Thank you for all your talents and insights you so lovingly share with all of us. I just got your new book and cannot wait to read it. Have a blessed Thanksgiving season!

  98. Denise Pike

    Never heard of this company, but love all their featured products here — just my style!
    Pillow #1 is so classic and neutral — would never tire of it!

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    I would love that pouf! So versatile and a great texture piece. It would look great with our hard wood floors.

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    So hard to pick! I’m in need of a little pillow pick-me-up, so I’d probably have to say that. Beautiful finds.

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    Love that pouf with all the texture! ??

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    Beautiful items! Love the cute rectangle pillow…. #9!

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    I would love to have the throw pillows! I always get so nervous and overwhelmed when thinking about mixing colors and patterns that I avoid the pillow aisle in every home deco store!

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    My pick would be the cozy throw. Winter is coming!

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    Beautiful pillows!

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  122. Lisa

    I love the Mercer Pouf.

  123. stacy young

    wonderful advise and style! i’m inspired by your blog and in the process of turning our 1st house into a home :) I love love the basket (#10) for putting extra blankets for fall/winter nights on the couch watching tv

  124. Mary

    I love the pouf and the throw!! Just beautiful. I think I need to go to Arhaus :)

  125. Kenia P

    I love the navy striped dipped basket! You can use for many things, like hiding my twins toys when company comes over!

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    Whoa! Hard to pick! If I had to make only ONE choice, it would be the basket with the leather handles #7. You are rockin’ the texture thing!

  127. Leigh

    I love the 3 drawer Addison dresser and the Mercer pouf above. So beautiful!

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    Loving the cotton throw….could use it right now here in PA….temperatures are dropping!

  129. Cynthia G.

    Love the pouf (#8). Thank you!

  130. Lynn W

    Definitely #14!! This throw looks soft and yummy. Perfect to snuggle with on my couch :)

  131. Caroline

    I adore #12 & #13.

  132. Melody

    We’re shopping for a new leather couch. And I’m already dreaming of the textures I can incorporate with pillows and throws. This post is full of inspiration.

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    Thanks for a great explanation of how to add texture. My favorite item is the first pillow!

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    The pouf! Gotta be the pouf! I’m loving the increased presence of poufs showing up these days.

    Thanks for your ever enlightening, warm and friendly posts. You bring a bright spot to my days.

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    All of these items are beautiful and would go wonderfully in my home; however, if I had to choose one it would be #7.

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    I adore that basket with the leather handles- it could have so many uses! Touches of leather really warm up a room and it would complement my leather sofa. I, too, love Arhaus as well as all the great decorating ideas from Melissa at The Inspired Room.

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    I love the rattan balls in the basket with the leather handles, but what I most love is the puppy texture! Everyone needs a doodle in their home!!!

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    I would love bedding for our master, side tables, or chairs for our dining!

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    Jack is my favorite out of everything, but the pouf is my second choice. Thank-you for sharing.
    Have a good day.

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    • Deb M.

      Textures are all wonderful but I am loving the pillows!


    The pouf says it all. Perfect blend of colors and fall textures ; )

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    Love this post….thanks!

  178. Erin Clouse

    Gosh! It’s a hard decision to make, but I love the onyx floral square pillow. Honestly I have heart eyes for everything in your room. It feels cozy and inviting. I love how you tacked those botanical prints up. It gives the room a very bohemian type of vibe.

  179. Sally Ross

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  184. Mardi

    I like the pouf the best #8 and the Navy dipped basket # 6 is great too. But my all time favorite for texture is Jack. He doesn’t seem to be in the giveaway though. :-) He is just so cute, and love that he is featured in your books and blogs.

  185. Priscilla Smith

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  186. Laura Thorne

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  188. Emily

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  189. Jennifer G

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  190. Lisa Johnson

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  191. Andrea

    I love the botanicals! #2 is my favorite!!

  192. Emily

    I’m loving the navy striped dipped basket! it would be perfect to throw my daughter’s stuffed animals, blankets, and pillows she drags downstairs.

  193. Emilia

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  194. Debbie Yaeger

    I would love the Hidalgo Floor Basket!

  195. Ryan Lynn

    #1, the pillow. It would look great on my couch. (Actually, I love it all!!)❤️

  196. Emily L.

    I would LOVE all of those throw pillows!

  197. Karen

    Love the botanical prints! Never would have thought of unframed paper but it suits the botanicals to a T!

  198. Kat

    I love it all…but those prints…and no frame needed for me steal the show…less is definitely more! Thanks for the tips on using various textures.

  199. Hope B.

    The pouf to prop up my legs while reading or on the computer. Wish I had it at this very minute.

  200. Tiffany

    They’re all great and hard to choose between! I could use #6.

  201. Genie Krivanek

    Wow! Just one? Okay but I wouldn’t mind having all of them. So, if I have to pick one, I’m going to pick the pouf. Don’t have one and would LOVE to have that one!!!

  202. Rachel McKernan

    I love everything but am especially drawn to the branch art. LOVE LOVE LOVE how you simply hung them with push pins so you get to see/feel the texture of the paper.???

  203. Jo Jo

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  206. Patty

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  207. Marilyn Barcena

    While I found all the accessories to be beautiful it is the rattan balls that really caught my eye. They would really pop in an open weave silver bowl on my espresso tower.

  208. Scarlett Huffman

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  209. Terren Lenzen

    Love it! # 14 or one of each!

  210. Lisa

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  211. blbc

    Organic rattan balls in a beautiful basket with leather handles ~ it is “talking” to me! Perfect, uncomplicated.

  212. Rachel

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  213. Darlene

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  214. Stafford

    That pouf is calling out my name!

  215. Luisa

    I love the pillows! I love adding pillows to my sofa. It makes it feel so much cozier. It’s were our family spends the most time.

  216. Jane Huey

    Love the prints… so organic in the paper and art subject.

  217. Sean C

    The TOLUCA ROUND BASKET WITH LEATHER HANDLES would look stunning in my Living Room.

  218. Morgan Presse

    This whole post is beautiful! But #1 is my favorite!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  219. Jessica Oliver

    I would love that pouf! Beautiful colors and it looks so inviting.

  220. Becky abernathy

    What a great giveaway! I need those botanicals in my life!! ❤️❤️❤️

  221. Gail

    Without a doubt, I would love to have #6 (the basket).

  222. Carolyn

    I love the way you have your living room decorated. I really like the pouf! (Also in second place
    I love the fern print). Although all the items are beautiful. And Jack is the cutest!

  223. Sara

    Those botanical prints are so lovely!

  224. Katie C.

    I love the Tayten rug!

  225. Bev Neuhaus

    Love all of it…especially #14…can never have too many cozy throws!

  226. Jennifer

    Love to have the pouf!!!

  227. Beth B.

    The cozy throw would be appreciated!

  228. Alina

    That room is stunning! I’d love to get two poufs for my great room.

  229. Michelle

    Such lovely choices!!! My throw blankets are in need of an upgrade so I’d definitely shop for those! Love baskets too:)

  230. Christina

    I love the leaf wall art!!

  231. Vicki

    The pouf would work just fine, although all of these items are beautiful and they all seem to have the texture you mention, I don’t suppose that Jack is a choice? Lol, thank you for great blog and opportunity to win.

  232. marly z.

    There’s an round outdoor table at Arhaus, gray and classic. I love it so much! Of the choices above, I’d take the two botanical prints. They are beautiful. And classic!

  233. Suzanne

    What a welcoming room!!

  234. Terri H

    Love the COTTON WEAVE IVORY BLUE THROW. Thanks for the chance to win.

  235. Emily Hambrick

    I’d love that wide basket! ?

  236. Scarlette Chapman

    Hard to choose one item, but I do love the throw, which would look perfect on my living room couch.

  237. Martita

    Oooh! The Hidalgo Blue Hamper Basket is both pretty and practical. Our house is small, so decorative things must count.

  238. Catherine Goodfellow

    I have been looking for art print like those forever!!! So pretty!!!

  239. Kristen P

    Oh I adore that pouf! Thank you for the chance!

  240. Cathy

    I love all of it! I would especially love pillow 1 AND pouf 8 AND all if the botanical prints!!

  241. Amy R.

    I’d love to have the round basket with handles!

  242. Liz mannenbach

    I love it all! If I had to pick one I love pillows or throws!

  243. Liz mannenbach

    If I must choose I would choose a pillow although I love throws too! It’s all beautiful

  244. Liz mannenbach

    Pillows! Beautiful and cozy. Love the throw as well.

  245. Vanessa

    These are lovely and amazing in your space! I think I would most love the two-tone lidded basket but it is hard to pick just one!

  246. Carhy

    I really like the textured pillows and the rattan balls:)

  247. mrsben

    Number 14, the cotton throw is my favourite but knowing myself, I would be tempted to re-purpose it and use its fabric to cover two bench seats that I have ….. ☺. Might also be able to make a toss cushion as well.
    P.S.: Your fur baby Jake is such a handsome lad!

  248. Lisa M.

    I LOVE the pouf! Also the hamper style basket. Really everything you chose is perfect, but the first thing I’d choose is the pouf. Thank you!!

  249. dorothy grant

    I love the Pouf!

  250. Catherine DeForest

    The dipped basket would be perfect for my sewing projects!

  251. carol clark

    This navy striped dipped basket id love to have MADOC BLACK TABLE LAMP is also pretty

  252. Cindi Hoppes

    Greetings! I am such a huge fan…
    The three canvases, are definitely items that I would love to hang in the loft area of my home!
    Actually, any cozy home goodie that
    would appear at my door from you,
    I would adore…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  253. Joan Andrews

    I would love the navy stripe dipped basket. It would look wonderful and be so functional for storage in my grandson’s room in my home. Just beautiful!

  254. Lisa van den Brink

    I LOVE the pouf! Number 8, first and foremost!

  255. Kesha Cagle

    It’s hard to pick just one thing I’d like to have from Arians! ? I love those pillows, the baskets, and the throw!!

  256. Karen U

    Oh my goodness, it’s so hard to choose! But I do love that onyx floral square pillow and those amazing botanical prints are so beautiful!
    And I do love the texture Jack brings to the room!

  257. Christina

    Oh my word! Each item is so amazing! I totally love them all! I love love the puff! I would be my number 1!! And the pillow! ❤️ love!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win !

  258. Nicole

    I’ve been looking to update my throw pillows. I particularly like #12, but love the idea of mixing and matching ?

  259. Amy Jupin

    Beautiful choices! And such a beautiful shop!!

  260. Linda

    Just ONE? No can do. I love the botanical prints and the Mercer Pouf. What I could use are the lovely baskets, the floor basket and the hamper basket especially.

  261. Gail

    My first choice is the pouf but I have a couple of other very close second choices !!

  262. Beth

    I would love to have #7. The woven bowl would be awesome in my bedroom on the dresser.

  263. Kathe Lehman-Meyer

    I am loving the texture of the fabric of all the pillows and the pouf, especially!

  264. Nancy Camley

    I love the pouf & the throw!

  265. Elizabeth

    Love #10!

  266. MaryG

    The seagrass balls are terrific!

  267. ELLEN F

    That basket. In black. Love it!

  268. Lynette Lavin

    I just love all these pillows! Such a fun way to add color and texture to your room. I really like Jack the BEST!! But, my next favorite is the Onyx Motif Rectangular pillow, second is the Onyx Striped Rectangle.

    Thanks for posting all these wonderful ideas!! Happy Fall!!

  269. Randi Heimert

    Love the pouf! Awesome!

  270. Monica

    I love #1 – that pillow is stunning! And those rattan balls are super awesome, too. Love everything you picked, everything would definitely add some cozy factor to any room! Great ideas!

  271. Mary Stewart

    Thanks for the chance to win. I love the ONYX FLORAL SQUARE PILLOW. It would look great with my gray sleeper sofa!

  272. Diane

    The throw listed as #14 caught my eye. It looks like the same colors in a patterned chair I have. It would look nice on my leather sofa. All the items are beautiful, though.

  273. Anne

    It is ALL beautiful! If I had to pick one thing, it would be the botanicals…or maybe the pillows…and the pouf would be great. LOL Thanks for sharing!

  274. Stacy

    Love those botanical prints!

  275. Denise James

    Love the beautiful basket with leather handles!

  276. Susan Dennis

    Well, the array is gorgeous! I think you can’t go wrong with a pouf that’s somehow both unassuming and eye catching. And the rattan balls look so touchable — a great color, with interesting texture. Thanks for letting us enjoy seeing these things and the way you have arranged them. :)

  277. Lori

    Oh my gosh, the pillows. They are really beautiful. I can’t choose a favorite! Okay, #1. Stunning!

  278. Valerie

    I love the art prints!

  279. Wendy Dewar Hughes

    Lots of nice ideas here. The dog is definitely the coziest texture in the room, though.

  280. Nancy

    I would love pillow #1. It’s graphic in a soft cozy way.

  281. Carly adair

    The dipped basket is amazing! Would love to add that to my home.

  282. Melanie Harbin

    Love this post! The Mercer pouf would look amazing in our home! Thank you!

  283. Jinger Lamanna

    It’s all beautiful! I especially love that basket.

  284. Karleen Miller

    The throw is my pick as I find I can find many ways to use them.

  285. Linda Bevec

    I love the botanical prints! So beautiful!

  286. Sarah

    Definitely the first pillow pictured! I just love it!!

  287. Wendy Cruttenden

    I’m so loving the throw you have on the back of your leather sofa. Looking for one for my bed and that one is perfect. Don’t even get me started on that pouf but alas could only pick one. ?

  288. Jessie C.


  289. angie ebersole

    Everything is SO SO beautiful! I have been looking for a soft throw blanket – the grey and ivory melange or the one in your list look cozy.

  290. Shannon

    I think #6 would be my pick. I love the sleekness of the tall, skinny shape. And the natural tone with just a bit of blue at the bottom is just right!

  291. Mandy B

    I really love the botanicals, I think #5 is my favorite!

  292. Heidi B

    The pouf! Would be perfect for a reading/coffee area I hope to have….

  293. Lorrie

    It’s so hard to choose from these lovely things. The botanical prints would probably be my first pick, to go above our bed. Then the basket, followed by the blanket. I know, you only wanted one thing.

  294. Kathy Wagner

    Great post featuring beautiful items. Curled up on the sofa with a good book wrapped in a soft throw like No. 14 would be a comfy way to spend an evening during the cooler nights.

  295. Mary Ellen Berg

    I love navy so I would pick the navy dipped basket. Thanks for the giveaway.

  296. Kimberly A White

    Adore all of the beautiful items but would love the pillows for a couch update ?

  297. Jackie Ludwig

    Can I have the dog? Hehe
    I love the tree photos!

  298. Lynn Bartlett

    My top choice would be the dog, but since I can’t choose him, I’d choose #2.

  299. Mandy M.

    Beautiful! I love #13, the onyx striped rectangular pillow.

  300. Julie P.

    I love the #14 throw!

  301. Sharon

    I love the basket, #6, and also the DESK LAMP WITH LINEN SHADE IN BRONZE from their site.

  302. Megan M.

    If love to have a new cozy blanket and some throw pillows so I can cozy up, read a book, and watch the snow fall.

  303. Pamela Archer

    Oh so gorgeous and quite the challenge to decide but when it comes down to it, I’d love #14 throw. What a great textural addition,

  304. Michelle

    The throws are gorgeous……so are the pillows, basket, etc. Love it all. Makes a beautiful room.

  305. Amanda


  306. Linda R

    Wow everything is lovely but I love #6, the blue dyed hamper. I could use it in so many places!

  307. Andrea

    So hard to pick a favorite out of all these beautiful products but I would say # 14, the Cotton Weave throw! Thank you for the opportunity to add texture and interest to my home!

  308. Rena

    #6 would be amazing to put the kids toys in! I love that it has the cover for the top :)

  309. Rebecca Musser

    I’m a fan of fall cozy texture, too! You collected some beautiful items. I especially like the artwork, and #11 in particular

  310. LuAnn Rosendale

    The number 12 pillow would look great with my Moroccan rug.

  311. Elaine Corbett

    #12 is super cute!

  312. Cheryl Miller

    I love the pouf!

  313. Ellette

    Love the pouf! Would look great in my son’s house.


    I love the Mercer Pouf! I love the color and the shape. Looks so comfy and elegant!

  315. Stephanie

    I agree, it’s difficult to choose just one. I do love the textured print though. I have two counter chairs that I purchased front Arhaus when we lived in Cleveland over 25 years ago. They have stood up to daily use over the years in three different homes and still look great.

  316. Ruth Ayyash

    I would love to have the pouf, it’s gorgous and so functional. Adds seating and so much texture!

  317. Ivory

    I love them all. If I had to choose it would be hard to do, because I would be happy with them all, or any one.

  318. christina purvis

    I would love to have the hiladgo basket to round up some of our living room things.

  319. Shannon Ross

    I love the throw and pillows!

  320. Connie

    Wow! It is all so pretty! I love the pillows best!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  321. Tara

    The basket with the leather handles! perfect for seasonal items, throws, scattered books. It’s a “catcher of all the things”. And love this post, by the way!

  322. Emily Hansen

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pouf! It just screams comfort to me. I love your blog! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift!

  323. Cindy Dickey

    Oh my goodness… I absolutely love th botanicals. I’ve been looking for along time for some that look vintage and I think these do. It would be such a blessing to be able to get them. ?? –thank you for th opportunity to win!!

  324. Dani M.

    I’ve been wanting new pillows for fall/winter and I love the options you chose!

  325. Lisa Slawson

    I love the pouf!

  326. Judy


  327. Pam

    the pouf has the most amazing textured fabric that’s my first choice but those baskets are pretty darn good

  328. Martha Beck


  329. Patricia

    I love the botanical art panels. A classic turned modern with simple designs on natural paper. Love!

  330. Lauren H

    That throw blanket! It’s screaming at me to take it home!

  331. Lisa Bickley

    I love the pouf! Gorgeous!

  332. Debbie Epp

    I love #7, the TOLUCA ROUND BASKET WITH LEATHER HANDLES. Great basket!

  333. Debbie Holley

    So hard to pick just one , love everything, but especially love # 9 pillow.

  334. Debbie Holley

    So hard to pick just one, when it is all so cool, but I especially like #9 pillow.

  335. Julie

    Any of the pillows would be lovely- love the fabric!

  336. D. Epp

    The round basket with leather handles. Beautiful!

  337. Sherry M

    I moved into a townhome in July and I have been making it my own. I had waited 5 years to find just the right downsized home for me. During that time my husband was dying from Lewy Body Dementia. I could not take care of him, work and realize my dream of a retirement coastal cottage at the same time. I finally found the right townhome and took a leap of faith that it would all work out. My husband passed away this past Saturday. The house is keeping me moving forward and I know it was the right decision. While not actually on a coast, the home is situated a block from the Niagara River near Buffalo, NY, I am decorating it with a coastal theme. The throw (14) with the blue and grey would be beautiful draped across the grey green leather recliner which faces a microfiber grey velvet Bassett Sectional with cuddle. My fireplace is being remade this week to include shiplap above where previously it had stopped above the mantle.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss, Sherry. I hope your home brings you all the peace and joy you deserve, it sounds like just the right place to settle in.

      • Sherry M

        Yes, the new home is a place of peace for me. Getting it and my self ready for the next chapter in my life.

  338. Marian Oakes

    I love the baskets❤️!

  339. Londen

    Love the pillows you chose! If I had to pick one it would be the #1 pillow, so cute!

  340. Katrina

    Such neat items. I would enjoy the throw, #14. It would go with my decor / colors and after the rainy, windy, chill of a day like today bring some extra coziness.

  341. Jenn wong

    Love the basket #6 but really everything and your dog!!

  342. melbajo

    I love the round basket with the leather handles. And the botanical prints. Sorry, I couldn’t just choose one item!! :)

  343. Bridget

    Arhaus is great, I love #14!

  344. Amy

    Don’t make us choose! But if I absolutely had to, #6 (HIDALGO BLUE HAMPER BASKET) might bring some much-needed calm to the chaos that is currently my foyer!

  345. Deb Blessing

    I love the pouf!

  346. Kelsey Ensz

    How fun! Thanks for the chance to win! I would love new pillowa for the couch. I’ve been on the lookout for winter ones actually.

  347. Sandy

    I love the throw! We recently moved in to a new home and I am trying to cozy it up to feel more like home. Thanks for all your tips and inspiration!

  348. Rana Durham

    i love number fourteen because its cozy and perfect for fall.

  349. Cynthia Hilliard

    I love everything! But my the onyx square floor pillow.

  350. Dorene

    Everything is so beautiful that it is hard to choose a favorite, but if you insist, I think I’d have to day the pouf. It would look gorgeous in our family room and add a cozy feel as well as function as our family gathers around the fireplace during the cooler months that will soon be upon us. Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful vendor…I am enjoying browsing their site and dreaming of ways to update our home.

  351. Leilani

    Loving the tall basket with the blue rim. Thanks for the giveaway!

  352. Heidi

    I would love some of their beautiful pillows like the ones you have, plus their onyx medallion beaded pillow. Thanks for the giveaway!

  353. Helene

    I love number 7, the basket with leather handles.

  354. Angie

    That pouf is so gorgeous and would be so useful in our living room!

  355. Karen

    I have a love affair with poufs, so that would have to come home with me!

  356. Julie Perun

    That number 7 basket-oh my! I would love to have that and a couple of pillows to boot!

  357. Mary

    So hard to choose – but the I would love to have that Pouf! Thank You!

  358. Audrey Grey

    I love the idea of adding botanical prints for texture and color! It wouldn’t be hard to add those into existing design styles, because greens seems to go with everything!

  359. Carol

    I’m crushing on the tall basket! Thanks for the opportunity to win the gift card.

  360. Linda Dominick

    I love the cotton weave ivory blue throw (#14). This would go well in any room in my house.

  361. Maureen

    Oh my goodness it is difficult to decide which one item I would want. I love them all….. really… every single one. So I am going to say the poor. I have been looking for a long time for the right poof. This is the one. Love the color, texture, size and possibilities it could bring into my home. Thank you for the opportunity to bring it home.

  362. Theresa Van Eck

    I LOVE texture and you nailed it here. The Arhaus items are all so nice. I especially like the pillows! Jack is definitely a great addition. Theresa

  363. Lori

    So hard to pick one thing. I love all of the items, but my most favorite is the Mercer Pouf. The Hidalgo Blue Hamper Basket is right up there too. Enjoyed learning from this post.

  364. Lenora Everett

    Thanks for introducing us to Arhaus! I had been looking for indigo and white pillows and throws! The patterns they have are wonderful!

  365. Lisa

    Personally Jack is my favorite! And the Arhaus item I love the most is the basket with the leather handles, especially the way you styled it with the seagrass woven spheres.

  366. Amber Lewis

    I would love to have #2 the fern print in my home! It has a very calming vibe and would bring in such a strong natural element. All of the tones and lines in this collection are so versatile, great basket shapes.

  367. Marla L

    I like the baskets, any baskets I love actually!

  368. Jill

    I love the botanical prints. They are neutral and would work in very room of my house. I also love the texture of the pillows.

  369. Stacie

    I’m loving those botanical prints!

  370. lori

    Thank you for your lovely post!
    I would love #14.
    It would be a versatile piece for a few different room in my home! (But I could use everyone of of those pillows too ;) )

  371. Rosanna

    The pouf…..most definitely! !

  372. Paula W.

    That pouf!
    And pillow #9.
    Lovely all!

  373. Laura Behling

    My favorite is #11 with #10 as a very close second!

  374. Elizabeth Hargett

    I don’t even know what I would choose, I love all these items. But would probably have to pick some new pillows to freshen up and add texture to my living room!

  375. Amy

    I want ALL the pillows!! Would definitely get lots of mileage from a gift cert here. When I saw the pouf I immediately thought, oh no, my dogs would rip those tassels right off! I’m impressed that your pups aren’t that mischievious :) Thanks for sharing!

  376. Jenessa Blomme

    I think Jack is definitely the best texture in the room. : )
    In all seriousness, everything is beautiful because of the mix of textures all having similar tone. I would absolutely love to have the navy stripe dipped basket. The color block is perfect, as it’s not too bright and bold but so stunning to really make a statement.

  377. Louise Masters

    The pouf! It matches my color scheme perfectly. I need it in my life.

  378. Beth

    I just love those gorgeous fern prints!

  379. Sara Sparhawk

    I would love to have the blanket! Cannot have too many warm, cozy blankets living in the Midwest.

  380. Leslie Parker

    I love them all. But if I have to choose I love the pillow #9. I’ve been looking fora nice pillow for my family room, I have two matching leather chair this pillow would look nice on.

  381. Jeanne Boardman

    I love texture all year round! I am particularly taken with that pouf. Love it

  382. Tina Bower

    So hard to choose….but if I have to I would go with the throw (#14)!

  383. Meg S

    I love the pillow that’s #1! Gorgeous.

  384. Lindsay

    The pouf! And ALL these pillows are just divine!

  385. Sue Reed

    It’s hard to choose just one!! I LOVE them all! If I had to choose then it would be the botanical prints!

  386. Judy van houte

    I really love pillow #1…..and the botanical prints

  387. Denise P

    I’m in love with the Mercer Pouf! It would not last long in my house, though – the cats would think it was a custom designed scratching cube.

  388. Shawn Bartz

    I’ve learned so much from you about bringing texture into my home, so thank you, Melissa! I would love any of the items featured, but my favorite would have to be #14, the lively throw to add texture to my coastal home! I’m excited to check out all that Arhaus has to offer!

  389. Katy

    I love everything, but I’m definitely in need of some new pillows and theirs are gorgeous!

  390. Claire Dressler

    I love all of it! But in particular, pillow #1 and the pouf, #8.

  391. Leslie Bellanca

    All of these items are beautiful and could work in any home! My favorite are the throw pillows. I feel like throw pillows can make any boring couch into a cozy place to snuggle with the ones you love and bring warmth to a space.

  392. Jera Collinge

    I would love the Mercer PUFF- the Taos one is beautiful too!

  393. Pam

    Such a pretty room! My living room has pale greige walls, and white and navy furniture and accents, so all of the Arhaus items would go well in it. As we are getting out lots of cozy throws, the Hidalgo tall blue floor basket would be perfect to keep extra comfy throws at bay when we’re not using them.

  394. Diane

    I love the nature inspired artwork. I also love the CLAUDETTE CHANDELIER on their website.

  395. Marilyn

    I would love the print #11 to complete the home and cozy vibe I’m aiming for my home.

  396. Kim @graysattic

    The pouf. I’ve never had one and they look so fun!!

  397. jan

    I have the perfect spot for two of the mercer poufs.

  398. Karina Caballero

    Love them all, but if I have to choose the pillows are gorgeous.

  399. Jill

    Great post!! I LOVE the bowl(#7) and the pouf(#8)! If I had to choose one, it would be the pouf…love it…adds wonderful texture!

  400. Syndi McCabe

    We just moved into our first “our” house. We DOUBLED our square footage and our living room is white with just our leather sectional and round coffee table. I LOVE the throw pillows and I think they’d make a huge impact in making our place homier!

  401. Darla

    Love the striped throw.

  402. Beverly M

    Those lovely botanical prints would surely have a prominent place in our home. Thank you for this opportunity to enter.

  403. Jen

    Everything is beautiful, but I love pillow #1.

  404. Caroline

    Oooh, please pick me, pick me! Haha, shameless begging but I love, love, love every one of these pieces and am transitioning not just to a new season but a new interior “look” and am on an extremely limited budget.

    As always, love to see how you’re doing Fall right! Thanks, Melissa, for letting us have a look and be inspired by your lovely interiors!

  405. Ashley

    That poof would be wonderful! I had a similar one from Target, but it got too many holes and had to be pitched.

  406. Michelle

    Loving this texture reminder, thank you! Crushing on #14!!

  407. judy p.

    The pouf speaks to me and would look good with our navy blue couch!

  408. Lori

    Through all the stress of our recent selling of our home and new build, I enjoy reading The Inspired Room and the selections such as those from Arhaus….it is the Calgon to my stressful day:0) Looking to buy for the new home decor, the Hidalgo Hamper basket would solve my storage issue with throws per season, the Cotton Weave throw and the Botanical prints are wonderful ideas and makes the fall coolness much more appreciated. Perfect ideas! Thank You! and Thank you Arhaus (we love our sectional we purchased a few years ago..still going strong!)

  409. Jill Tunge

    Love the Arhaus Poof!

  410. Kate

    Great blog today, just turning cool here and cozy is on my mind. My one item would be the botanical fern print, however I love all 3 of them as a group! I love that you let Jack on the furniture, nothing better than a sofa, a blanket and a furry being to lay your head on.

  411. Kathi Bragdon

    I’d love to have the #8 pouf especially if it was colored with muted greens. I can picture myself relaxing with my feet up! Great way to add texture.

  412. Heather

    I love the BOTANICAL PRINTs. What a beautiful site. Thanks for sharing.

  413. Susan Hatcher

    I love the organic rattan balls in a beautiful basket with leather handles. Thanks.

  414. Lucy P.

    I admire Arhaus’ commitment to sustainability and their use of natural materials. So many beautiful things! I’d love that Mercer Pouf in my living room!

  415. June Hill

    Love the pouf!! The prints are pretty special too.

  416. Jen Black

    Oh man! How to choose only one item as my favorite?! I love the whole collection that you posted. I’m a sucker for pillows, I feel like they add the most bang to the eye… I would say I would love to have the pillows if I chose one thing.

  417. Jen Black

    Oops, just one number… #12 specifically for the pillow collection!!

  418. Nicole H

    I love those pillows! I am always gravitate towards matching pillows, but I think some unique patterns really look awesome!

  419. Stella

    I love that dipped basket! Also I just bought a pillow from target that looks just like that pouf!


    #7 please! AND, Jack.

  421. Rowena Graham

    I would love to have the pouf!

  422. Alison

    The floor basket!

  423. Nita in SC

    I love the basket with lid. That would have so many uses!

  424. Claire

    Oh my, I’d love the pouf! Have been wanting to get one for our home and that one is just lovely!!

  425. Tina Manore

    Hard to pick just one! Have loved Arhaus for years. I think the pouf would work great in my living room. Thanks for the giveaway!

  426. Christina P

    I absolutely love the look. My favorite is #1 followed by #7 but then I think I love all of them. Silly me.

  427. Julie noelle

    Love the pouf, #8!!! It would be great in my new gray, navy and orange house!! thanks for sharing!!

  428. Lisa S.

    How very fun, hip and current is that Pouf. That would be my choice. Thank you!

  429. Peggy

    What a fun giveaway! I love how you’ve decorated for fall, as usual. My favorite item is number 7, the woven basket with leather handles. It’s gorgeous and it would be fun to change the items inside seasonally. Thank you for always being generous to your followers!

  430. Julie Vande Hei

    Beautiful! I would LOVE the onyx floral pillow!

  431. chrisgharmon

    I love the pouf and the dipped basket. So fun!

  432. Lori jones

    The pouf!

  433. Terrie Vanderboom

    I love the woven fabric basket with leather handles.

  434. Kemi Quinn

    The pouf is calling my name although the sipped basket is beautiful and I love baskets!

  435. Jillian

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    But I am really loving the botanical prints!

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  448. Karen Jeanne

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  457. Victoria Conley

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    Thanks for the inspiration.

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    Love all the textures. Very comfy and cozy. I have a perfect spot for that pouf!

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    And if not him ;) I LOVE those botanical art pieces, especially the fern, as it reminds me of my time living in New Zealand and the beautiful silver fern they have as one of their national symbols.

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  505. Brittany Hoffman

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  506. Barbara

    I’ve been looking for a quality, over-sized throw and I think I may have found it through Arhaus. I’ve never shopped in their store and really knew nothing about them until your post. While shopping online is lots of fun (and we do a lot of it!) I want to go to their store and see all the Arhaus goodness for myself.

    Thanks for this opportunity!

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    in #14.

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  534. Becky

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    On another note, please pray for all who have lost their homes, lives, and for the firefighters battling our Northern California fire. While we have been evacuated in Santa Rosa, I consider my family blessed. Our home is still standing. It’s not over yet … deb hayes

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    The POUF!!!! I have at least 5 places in which it would love amazing in my 1970s house!
    Love the Inspired Room and now I love Arhaus. (Didn’t know about Arhaus until this beautiful post!!

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  559. Mary Lee Evans


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  567. Taryn Lowings

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  585. Bobbette Ridley

    I love the pouf #8. I had decided to take the plunge and get white slipcovers. So excited to find your website and the 5 things to know before buying white slipcovers and most definitely Part 2. I am now taking the plunge with my eyes wide open! Thank you!

  586. Danielle Lena

    I have purchased many pieces from Arhaus, always very pleased with them. The quality is so worth the price. I love the changes every season. I especially like all the different textures they are showing right now. My favorite is #1, love the pattern in the pillow!

  587. Stephanie

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    I would adore the pillows, the pouf, and the covered basket all for my sisters Lake House in Canyon Lake Texas.
    Such a wonderful relaxed look for her cozy lake house.
    Noelle O’Connor

  601. Shirley Short

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    Thanks for sharing.

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  616. Angela Hendricks

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  618. Lindsay

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    I’m all about the blankets! Especially now as the cooler months are here :) My favorite is to curl up on our couch after dinner, wrapped in a nice soft blanket, and relax for a little bit before bed.

  625. Julie Johnson

    I love the pillows! They are classy looking and very versatile! I could always find a place for those beauties! #12!

  626. shelly

    The botanical prints are exquisite, but it’s #5 that resonates. As of September 13th, my 2 children and I are living in 3 different states. She in Seattle for college, he in Maine for Prep School, and me in Connecticut for work. This picture shows 3 branches, all intertwining, but all going off in their own directions more and more as they move up the stem. This is my life with my children! Awesome!

  627. Brenda Murray

    I love the look of all these accessories. Especially #12. They’re all beautiful!

  628. Debbie B

    As much as I love that pouf, I would choose #7, the Toluca round basket. I love quality baskets and the fact that it’s artisan crafted and also helps provide the people of that region with an income makes it more special.

  629. Beddy

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  634. Colleen R

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  636. Chris maraccini

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  637. Jen

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  638. Sue

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  639. Meisha Jones

    It’s so hard to choose just one! I think I’m going to have to go with the pouf – #8. Love these texture ideas!

  640. Jess Z

    I need storage for our basement rec room, so far I’m loving the Spencer 48″ Bookcase With Glass Doors in Brown.

  641. jennifer thornton

    They are all perfect texture additions!

    Love the basket- #7 with leather handles…. it’s all in the details!

  642. Terilyn

    #5, the botanical petal print is my fav!

  643. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

    I love the pouf. I need something exactly like that for my reading nook in the bedroom. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  644. Jaclyn York

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  645. Kerry

    love them all but really #7 is my favorite

  646. Micah

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  647. SWard

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  648. Hilary

    How can I pick just one? I love the artwork for my walls… Just moved and they are still bare.

  649. Rebecca Cousineau

    The pouf, #8 for sure – it looks so comfortable and useful!

  650. Jill

    I love the onyx floral pillow…

  651. Susan Barone

    This is my first visit to your blog. I saw your book on simple gatherings on Amazon and then had to see your blog because I do have a board on Pinterest called “Decor to Explore.” I love Jack! Navy blue is one of my favorite colors so I love the touches of blue, including that striped basket that looks like it can hold things like blankets. So cozy!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Susan! Welcome! It’s so nice to meet you, thanks for coming by. I hope you’ll visit again soon :).

  652. Tia Bennett

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  653. Kelly M.

    The toluca basket it my fave!!

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  656. Palak

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  657. Jamee Tobias

    Love the textures, colors – number 1 is my fav!

  658. Rachael

    I would love one of their poufs but as others said, hard to choose just one item. One of my dream Arhaus purchases would be a couple of their Gage dining chairs in tanner for my eat in breakfast nook. Swoon!

  659. Kathie Simmons

    Oh my goodness, I love that poof and that fern print!

  660. Ellen

    What beautiful decor items!! The beautiful botanical Burr print would look lovely in our home!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  661. Christina

    Oh wow! I’d love any of these items they are beautiful! But the pillows and rattan balls are my favorite I think.:)

  662. Christina

    These are all lovely! My favorite is #2, the botanical print.

  663. Sherri Whitney


  664. Tabitha

    I love #8 I need a pouf in my life!!

  665. Gracie

    I would love to win #5 because it exemplifies my style- it’s beauty is simple and delicate and I absolutely love it!!!

  666. Gayla

    The pouf!!! #8
    Love the pillows too!
    Thank you.

  667. Brandy E.

    I think my favorite texture is Jack, but I would take the throw as a close 2nd. :)

  668. Shanda

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  669. LKR

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