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Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch

This post is in partnership with World Market

Can you believe Mother’s Day is only a couple of weeks away? What do you have planned? My family loves to make breakfast together, so we quite often make plans to host a brunch during the holidays. We had a family brunch on Easter and we’ll be having another one on Mother’s Day. But we don’t wait for special occasions to have brunch, any ordinary day will do!

We’ve been craving waffles forever, so this past week I seized a carefree morning to dig the waffle maker out from the basement. The girls were over and we didn’t have a big agenda so WOO HOO! it was a great day for pre-Mother’s Day brunch.

Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch

The week before, my girls and I had stopped in to World Market to see what was new. I’m so glad we did! They have so many great things right now, but I have to say we were were OBSESSED with all the blue and white linens and table settings! It all spoke to us. So we filled up our cart and brought some of our favorites home. And it was perfect timing, we had so much fun setting the table for our brunch.

Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch

Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch

Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch

Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch

Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch

Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch

The mix of blues, whites and organic elements just feel so right for our table (and our house).

I have to tell you how much I LOVE the dishes!

Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch

The bowls are the perfect size for so many of the meals we make these days (we used them for our yogurt bowls this time, but I know we’ll use them a lot. We love to make rice bowls with avocado, garbanzo beans, sweet potatoes and other tasties).

The plates are such a nice weight, I’m kind of picky about plates and I like them to be a bit heavier! These are winners, plus the soft colors and pattern make such a lovely statement on the table.

The wood handles on the silverware, the woven napkin rings, cutting board and centerpiece brought an organic wood vibe that I just love with the blue and white.

Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch


We found this really neat wood bowl at World Market for the center of the table. They also had some faux succulents and plants that made it so easy to whip a centerpiece together (and yay for plants that don’t die).

Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch

These adorable little patterned bowls are so fun, they come with tight plastic lids so you can microwave or store them in the fridge.

The juice glasses are my faves! We haven’t had great juice glasses for a long time. Again, it was the heavy glass and pretty details that won me over!

Now, let me tell you why these serving bowls are SUPER special! They aren’t just gorgeous to look at, they are HANDMADE, you guys! I knew they were something extraordinary right when I saw them.

Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch

Blue and White Tassel Pillows / Macrame Pillow

I love all of the new throw pillows for the banquette (and two navy velvet ones for the woven chairs).

As many of you have observed, we switched our dining room table and banquette to this side of the room before Thanksgiving.

I’ve shared a few photos of the room here and there, but I haven’t yet officially explained the change.  Our original plan was always to set up the table on this side of the room, just like this. Yet the only wall where our glass doored cabinet fit was on the shiplap wall, so it made sense to leave it there (while it was in the dining room) and move our table near the window for a closer view of the backyard.

Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch

We really liked the cozy feel of the banquet and table under the window, but I still felt like the ideal was to have the table on the other side of the room.

I also had a vision for quite some time of the glass doored cabinet being in our bedroom, to make it feel more cozy library-ish.

Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch

Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch

Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch

You know how sometimes it’s you might hesitate to try something that is not the norm, because you feel like it might be “wrong” or at just not be the right choice? Well, I finally told myself…”self, stop over-thinking and go with your heart. :)” Just to be safe we measured the cabinet and found it was the perfect size to fill the bedroom wall! And voila! My heart was right. I love it there.

Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch

And so that change opened up the wall space so we could flip the banquette to the other side of the dining room, putting the table in the spot where I originally envisioned it. It’s so nice when your furniture starts to find it’s way to the best spot for it!

Speaking of furniture finding its true home, I’ve been dreaming about ways to rearrange the living room. :)

Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch

Anyway, we had such a great brunch with our family this weekend (and loved setting up a pretty table for it!). We’ll for sure be having another brunch for Mother’s Day in just a couple of weeks! I hope you feel inspired to host a Mother’s Day brunch at your house, too.

Scroll through the links below to find the items we got for for our table (hurry as many pieces were on an awesome sale!).

If you would like more inspiration for gathering people together, you can find my book Simple Gatherings here!

Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch

Dining Room + Mother's Day Brunch


  1. Margo Morgan

    Did you paint the table leaves? Everything looks gorgeous! ?

  2. Patty

    So lovely – as always! And the waffles look delicious – now I’m craving them! But of course, that Jack – I smile just thinking about him (and Lily, too)! :)

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you so much, Patty! (and these pups make us smile real big every day! I love being able to share the joy!)

  3. Marilyn Khadduri

    Being a lover of the blue and white combo, I enjoyed seeing your table; very nicely done! I am
    also a lover of waffles, and feel like whipping up a batch right now…the power of suggestion! :-)

  4. Melinda Young

    Love all the blue and white! And I am so in love with your cutie pup in the photos. Adorable!!!!

  5. Pat M.

    That poor pup looks so disappointed that you are more interested in taking photos than you are in getting down to the business of actually eating and sneaking bits under the table for him. I love that you include your dogs in your photos. Makes me know that your house isn’t “perfect” all the time, since I have two of my own and know from experience that dogs and perfect do not co-exist in the same house.
    Your table is beautiful with your new dishes. Thanks for posting.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      It’s worth the imperfection to have the pups a part of our lives! They’d love to eat at the table but alas, they know there are limits ha!

  6. Wrapped In Rust

    Your home is ABSOLUTELY breathtaking. I love everything about your home. I love all the cool colors, the patterns, and textures. This is stunning. I love all of it!

  7. Deanna Rabe

    I love it all. I am a big fan of World Market, sadly there is not one near me. Although it’s probably best for my wallet!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      It’s such a great store! Have you ever ordered online? I do that sometimes!

  8. Jillian Garfield

    Good morning! Where did you get your chandelier and stool? Also, your dog is such a lovely dear.

  9. Sue

    I love your home and all the colors! Hoping to get some insight for my home…:)

  10. Chistine

    The blue bowls with lids are out of stock already! I guess everyone on the east coast ordered them and by the time I get the email in AZ, they’re all gone! (I assumed that the emails go out in batches and not all at once. Some broadcast emails work that way.) I put my email in to be notified when they are back in stock. It’s great that they have lids! I love blue and white, too. :-D I like how you have mixed patterns, too. It would be something I would do.

  11. Cindy

    I love the table runner!

  12. franki

    I was curious about the table runner, too…wouldn’t you know!! Looked fab!! franki

  13. Joanna

    The first picture looks like the dog is waiting to be served at the table. Love it! I also love the air plants! I had been wanting one for a long time and finally bought one and hung it from our industrial pipe bookshelf in our study.

  14. Laura Fox

    Such a sweet little nook! I love it!

  15. Di

    It is so warm and inviting. This dining room simply takes my breathe away. I am going to go to World Market when we arrive back in the USA and tell them your blog sent us there! They should HUG you for this superb post. Where did you get the striped couch against the wall? I did not see the source. I am being pulled away by four kiddos as we are packing for our move, so I apologize if you posted and its obvious. We just purchased a 100 year old farmhouse and I was feeling a panicky looking at other blogs about kitchen updates. Big islands. Walk in pantry. Breakfast nooks. You know the drill. Then I saw yours. Small, stunning, thoughtful and so so lovely. When I finally finish our kitchen and dining room updates, I shall send you such a big bouquet of flowers for yours. xoxox

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ahh so kind of you, Di! I’m glad you feel inspired here! <3 The striped couch is from Ballard Design, it’s one of their banquettes so it’s perfect at a table. You can customize the fabric! We love it! Good luck with the move and keep in touch, I’d love to hear how your projects go.

  16. Rebecca Fry

    Your home is stunning! Every single room is absolutely beautiful! Can you please tell me where you purchased your dining room rug? Is it soft enough to walk on barefoot? Thank you!!

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