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Create a Winter Sanctuary

by | Jan 14, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration

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Create a Winter Sanctuary

This post is in partnership with World Market

The sun came out in Seattle yesterday and I have to say, it was glorious to get a glimpse of spring. January is usually a pretty gloomy month around these parts!

I think that’s one of the reasons I love being a homebody. It doesn’t really matter what the weather is outside, you can still enjoy creating a comfortable and happy sanctuary.

Create a Winter Sanctuary

White Lamp / Rattan Lamp Shade / Wood Serving Tray with Feet

Yet a homebody in January can become a bit too focused on a home’s flaws, because you’re spending so much more time looking at them. So instead of obsessing over things I cannot do, I often have to find the balance between fully embracing the imperfection in my home and looking for the small improvements that can be made.

I may have to put in a little extra effort to boost the mood, but it’s all worth it. A winter house should be a cozy house, and what’s not to love about that?

Create a Winter Sanctuary

Green Velvet Pillow / Similar Tassel Pillow

Create a Winter Sanctuary

Runner rug

So is there a secret to cozying up your sanctuary, when maybe you just don’t feel particularly inspired?

I sometimes start decluttering the surfaces, and then moving things around until I get in a groove. Other times I give myself a gift of indulging in a few new things that will inspire me to look at what I have in a brand new way. It doesn’t take much!

Create a Winter Sanctuary

Wall basket / Rug

One of the things I love about making a quick trip to World Market is it is not only a fun way to get out of the house, but I always come home with a few affordable treasures. I never feel like I have to spend a fortune to update my house. The right accessories can be so impactful and often offer just the inspiration I needed to feel refreshed.

Create a Winter Sanctuary

Here are five ways I like to create a cozier winter sanctuary:

1. Put a lamp in a dark corner.
2. Bring in a small table to hold a cup of tea.
3. Rearrange your throw pillows.
4. Add pops of color to unexpected places.
5. Bring in warmer accessories, like velvets, woods and rattans.

Create a Winter Sanctuary

Wood Accent Table / Marble Mug

Create a Winter Sanctuary
Create a Winter Sanctuary

If you’re snowed in or maybe just a homebody like me and would like to shop from the comforts of your home, I found lots of cute rugs, furniture and accessories I think you’ll love!

Scroll the arrows below for sources from this post and more of my finds, and be sure to check out World Market’s Sanctuary Collection!

Create a Winter Sanctuary


  1. Debbie - MountainMama

    I love World Market, they have great items. If I had one near me I’d be in big trouble!!

  2. sandyc

    Melissa, how very delightful – everything you brought into your home added to that sense of sanctuary, but even if you had added nothing, bring in a doodle or two and you have instant and absolute cozy.

  3. Ms Maggie

    We are on the hunt for things that purify the aid this month. Big haul of furnace filters. Floor filters. Plants that act az filters too.

  4. Jo Jo

    Really like your new additions to cozily your winter home. I like to do a winter refresh after the Christmas decor gets put away and I leave out or bring out decor that says Winter ( like my sofa throw pillows that have cardinals and tree branches and pine cones on them) and keeping color scheme with a little green and god and a bit red accents because come spring I bring out the blues corals and pinks…that’s what I love about my neutral furniture and lends itself to color switch ups seasonally.. my home is my sanctuary year round but winter it seems the coziest of all. Thank you for your post. ❤️

  5. Susan

    Love your posts, and look forward to them! Do you have the rug in the last picture linked anywhere?

  6. Sue

    If I lived in your house, I’d snuggle up to those beautiful dogs! The room with the fireplace and the bookshelves is such a cozy room.

  7. Sue

    I just had to tell you that I have been admiring your wooden Advent House that you use for storing your essential oils. I have been looking at it since before Christmas but it was just too much to spend on myself right before Christmas. Imagine my surprise today when I looked at it again it was on sale for $9.99! I got the last one. It was the gold one but I may paint it. It will be great for storing my essential oils. I always appreciate you sharing your shopping links and I have purchased several things through them because of that. Always happy to score a deal. I preordered your new book and am anxious to see it.

    Sue in Florida.

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